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                              Anais Argallos rested her hands on the railing as she breathed in a soft sigh of relief. She hoped today would go by quickly. She felt weird in a dress. Usually, she loved feeling casual in her jeans, riding boots, and flannel shirt. But, of course, it was new recuirts making their way to the camp. A soft sigh escaped from the female's lips as she slowly ran her fingers through her wavy brunette locks. Her gaze was torn away from the beautiful sky by the sound of footsteps. The female's eyes looked towards her younger twin brother, only wondering what he had been up to. She hadn't heard screaming or yelling. And her brother wasn't panting and sweating, which means he hadn't been running from anyone or anything. Shrugging her shoulders, Anais drummed her fingertips on the wood as she gazed towards her twin brother. 'Now what has he been up to?' the female thought to herself as she seemed unphased when her twin brother glared towards her. Anais couldn't help but sigh once more as she shook her head towards her younger brother's glare. There was no need for hate, but of course, Anais never did understand why Calin had such a distaste for her. So, making small talk, the female decided to get down to the very point as to what her brother had been up to.

                              "Lei dovrebbe sapere migliore che lei non dovrebbe fumare, il piccolo fratello," the female spoke in a soft and concerned tone towards her brother. She never did like that her brother had such an obessesion with fire. Frankly, it disgusted her that he was slowly killing himself. "Oh mi morde. E lei è più vecchio da tredici minuti, dunque l'affare grande. Lei non dovrebbe avere le cose migliori per preoccuparsi di?" Anais tilted her head to the side as he looked at her brother with a look of worry and patience. She did have to worry about her brother. If he wasn't going to take care of himself, someone had to. Someone had to be the one to clean up the messes Calin made. And Anais had always been the responsible twin, or so Calin had always snapped at her. "Devo preoccuparsi di lei. Prometto la madre ed il padre farei". Which was true. Before they had left eariler that morning, their mother and father told Anais to keep an eye on Calin and keep him out of trouble. "Così lei gioca il gioco preferito gemello? Il solo gioco che lei potrebbe vincere a. Lei dovrebbe imparare a rompere le regole un pezzetto. Vivere sul lato selvaggio di cose". Drifting her gaze towards the ground, the female closed her eyes for a moment as she placed her hands behind her back. "You sicken me". Hearing her brother's final words and making his way towards his cabin, the female shook her head and placed a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

                              Her head snapped up when she heard the voice of a different male. Anais' wide pale eyes glanced towards the male as he mentioned that she looked lovely. Tilting her brow, Anais shrugged her shoulders at the male's compliment. "Trust me, I was told to dress nice today. If it were any other day, I'd be wearing my usual jeans and a tanktop with riding boots". She gave the male a slow nod of her head. "And you look nice yourself". 'Nothing special right? Males like to recieve compliments, right?' Walking inside and following the male, Anais closed the door behind her and watched the male take the other bed in the cabin. Well, now he was settled. The female pursed her lips into a thing line and clasped her hands together against her lap as she heard the male ask her another question. The female nodded her head as she replied, "Yes. You'll be sleeping with me. Your bed is there. Mine is here". Not catching the sexual innuendo of the male's question, the female gave the male a soft smile and a curt nod of her head. Looking at the male's hand for a moment, the female responded, "Nice to meet you. I'm Anais, your counselor". Giving the male a curt nod, the female shrugged her shoulders as she took a step back from the male. "Oooookay then. Well, why don't you get settled in". Giving the male a soft and courteous smile, the female walked back to her suitcase and began unpacking her clothes.

"Lei dovrebbe sapere migliore che lei non dovrebbe fumare, il piccolo fratello" - You should know better that you shouldn't be smoking, little brother.
"Oh mi morde. E lei è più vecchio da tredici minuti, dunque l'affare grande. Lei non dovrebbe avere le cose migliori per preoccuparsi di?" - Oh bite me. And you're older by thirteen minutes, so big deal. Shouldn't you have better things to worry about?
"Devo preoccuparsi di lei. Prometto la madre ed il padre farei." - I have to worry about you. I promise mother and father I would.
"Così lei gioca il gioco preferito gemello? Il solo gioco che lei potrebbe vincere a. Lei dovrebbe imparare a rompere le regole un pezzetto. Vivere sul lato selvaggio di cose". - So you're playing the favorite twin game? The only game you could win at. You should learn to break the rules a bit. Live on the wild side of things.
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                                      Flint Xantiago Montague
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                                                I'm only getting started. I won't blackout. This time I've got nothing to waste. Let's go a little harder. I'm on fire. I won't blackout. I'm on my way. I'm only getting started. And I can't see your face. Cigarette the wrong way. Inhale at the to- the alarm blared until a hand came crashing down on the snooze button. A soft groan emitted from the black silk sheets as the hand retreated back to under the covers. The figure in the bed turned over in the sheets, another soft groan being heard. As the cloaked figure lifted his hands up, the sheets were peeled off his body, exposing his face and upper body. The male revealed himself to be none other than Flint Xantiago Montague, a famous celebrity on the famous comedy show Friday Night Lights Live. But, if he wasn't out the door within the next twenty minutes, he would surely be known as the previous famous celebrity on the show Friday Night Lights Live. Yes, Fline was on probabtion all because the CEO of the company found out about his sex addiction and was afraid it would put a bad name on the little big bad company's head. Flint grimaced a bit, his chocolate brown eyes slowly flickering open as he looked around his large penthouse bedroom. It was fantastic. But what was not so fantastic was waking up this early in the morning to go to a stupid camp that claimed to help cure him of his addiciton. What was wrong with his addiction? Sex was amazing. So what could be so wrong in having so much sex? Xanti loved the feeling. And it helped him fill the empty void that was in his heart left there by a certain someone he had previously dated.

                                                Hearing another groan from his bed, Flint's eyes widened a bit as he shifted his eyes over towards the figure sleeping next to him. Slowly peeling the sheets off the other's body, Flint noticed it was a male he had never met before. The actor's lips pursed into a thin line as he sighed softly. 'Exactly what I get for drinking too much'. He shrugged. 'Must've come home with me'. Looking down under the sheets, he noticed that he was naked, which only made Flint's brow lift and think about the sex they must've had last night. But of course, Flint didn't remember it. Shaking his head and setting the sheet back down, the male stretched his arms over his head and slowly ran his nimble fingers through his hair. Hearing the male stir next to him, Flint looked over at the other male as he locked eyes with him for a moment. "Morning," the other spoke to the actor. Giving a head nod to the male, Flint sighed softly and pressed his hand to his pounding forehead. "You want me to make breakfast?" the other asked, receieving a shaking from Flint's head. "N-No, actually, I have to get going...to work".The other male in the bed nodded his head and got out of bed, beginning to get dressed. "By the way...last night, you kept moaning some name". Flint tilted his brow. "Huh?" "Yeah, you kept moaning Greyson last night. I know that's not my name and I know you were drunk...but does that name have some significance?" Flint remained silent before closing his eyes and looking away. It seems his most recent ex and the man he loved somehow crept up on him again. If the male wasn't in Flint's thoughts, he occupied the male's dreams. And now, Greyson's name had decided to make an appearance in Flint's sexy time. Flint didn't know what power Greyson had over him, but it was official, Flint was still in love with his ex. After all, they had dated for three years and Flint knew he wanted to settle down with the drug addict. But, a twist of fate was hurled their way. Greyson broke up with him after hearing rumors of Xantiago cheating on him, which wasn't true. The only time Xantiago had cheated was one time when they were in their three month dating period.

                                                Returning his thoughts back to reality, Flint looked back towards the other male and shook his head. "No...no one at all". He nodded. "You must've been drunk as well". Getting up and closing his eyes, the male bade the stranger a goodbye and walked to his bathroom, turning on the shower and stepping inside to wash the sex smell and to inspect the hickeys and bite marks he had recently recieved. After fifteen minutes, the male sighed softly as he slipped on his outfit the day and dried his hair, grabbed his suitcase and walked out the door. Looking over towards his driver, the grumpy sex addict snapped his fingers and got inside the back of the car as his attractive young driver put the car into drive. Small talk was made here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary. His driver asked about his misadventures last night and how the male should see the camp thing as a good experience. 'Sheesh, must be talking to Vincent now'. As the driver drove towards the studio and pulled up, Flint's anger towards the company grew even more as he noticed a big yellow bus with the words Sunnyvale Center on the side of it. This was even now more humilating for the male! They were being treated like children! The male grumbled a bit, feeling the car pull to a stop and stepped out when his driver opened the car door for him. As the sex addict stood up, he was greeted by the cold new york breeze, hitting his face and moving his clothes a bit to expose the hickeys and bite marks on his neck and collarbone. Looking at his driver, Flint couldn't but smirk for a moment before winking towards his driver and giving him a gentle grope on his a** as he said, "I'll be seeing you in a few days. This camp won't be able to handle a son of a gun like me". A soft chuckle escaped the male's lips as he grabbed his suitcase, making his way towards the bus where he saw everyone else waiting. The face of his ex, Greyson, graced his eyes and even his best friend, Gwyndolynn was there. And even better, his special friend with benefits, Caliapee was waiting as well. He knew he could play around with the alcoholic if things started to get boring at the camp.

                                                The male allowed a soft sigh to escape his lips as he set his bag down in front of the loading area, watching his bag being set nicely in the luggage compartment. Flint grimaced slightly, making his way over to his best friend, Gwyndolynn as he gently resting his head on the female's shoulder. "I don't want to go to this camp," he whined and pouted a bit. "What's wrong with having sex? I see no problem in it!" Flint crossed his arms over his chest, his chocolate brown eyes making their way to Greyson as a soft sigh escaped his lips. He whispered to his best friend, "Greyson's name somehow made it into my sex time last night". He paused for a moment. "Apparently, I kept moaning his name. At least, that's what the other guy tolf me". The addict looked towards his best friend, biting the inside of his lip as he spoke, "What...does that mean?" He nodded. "I should hate him. He broke up with me...so why...am I moaning his name? And dreaming about him at night?" He sighed and pouted. "You're smart, Gwynny. What's wrong with me?" Hearing the director usher them onto the bus, Flint rolled his eyes and flipped off the director and yelled, "Suck my d**k. Oh wait, you have". He smirked and chuckled. As he made his way onto the bus, Flint decided that sitting in the middle was best and pulled Gwyn down next to him as he waited for an answer with a confused look on his face. The male couldn't help but absentmindedly play with the platnium ring on his right ring finger. The very promise ring Xantiago was going to give to Greyson on their fourth anniversary, but sadly, it was short a couple of months since Greyson had broken up with him. He could've taken the ring back, but Flint didn't have the heart to do such a thing.

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                            It was just like any other Sunday family outing. It was a beautiful day for a boat ride in the bay. Demetria, being thriteen at the time, watched her older sister, Athena, being seventeen at the time, race towards the boat with their parents following behind them, laughing and smiling. This day was going to be perfect, Demetria could just feel it. "C'mon Demy!" Athena spoke to the younger female as she climbed onto the boat. Demetria smiled and giggled following after her sister as she climbed aboard the boat as her parents got on and their family outing began. It started out like every other boat ride. They were laughing, smiling, and waving to the other people that passed by on their boats. Demetria loved these moments. The wind in her face. The clear blue waters below her. Her parents laughing and smiling. And her older sister standing tall and smiling. "Demi, let's do something different today!" Athena spoke in her usually bubbly tone as she pointed to the bow of the ship. "Remember that boat scene in Titanic? Wouldn't it be awesome to feel like the queens of the world?" "Y-Yeah!" Demetria spoke in an excited tone. But of course, her father said Demi couldn't go that far out since she was too young. And, as a result, Demi pouted but her father wouldn't budge. He said he was very protective of his little girl. So, Demetria could only watched from the bedhind the steel bar that seperated the bow from the center safe part of the ship. Demetria watched with cruious and happy eyes as Athena kneeled at the front of the bow and spread her arms far apart. "I'm queen of the world!" Athena yelled, then looked back towards Demetria. "You would love it here, Demi! It's so breatht-" her sister spoke, but was interrupted as the boat collided against a large tide that caused Athena to be thrown from her spot and over the side of the boat. Demetria's eyes widened as she heard her sister yelling for help as she hung onto the bar on the side of the ship. "M-Mom! Dad!" Demetria screamed as she made her way over to the front carefull, crasping her sister's hands and holding onto her for dead life. "D-Demi, help me!" her sister yelled frantically. Soft tears fell from the younger girl's eyes as she kept a tight grip on her sister. "I-I got you, Athena! B-But, I'm s-slipping!" the female spoke. And as if fate didn't have enough fun with the two girls, the boat coillided with another tide causing Demetria's hand to become loose and slip away from her sister's. And as if in slow motion, Demetria watched her older sister scream and fall back from the boat and fall into the rough waters. Her mother's scream echoed in the background as her father quickly turned the boat around, causing Demetria to be thrown from the boat as well. Demetria remembered how cold she became and how her breath had been taken away when her body collided against the cold water. She remembered paddling the waters, taking big gulps of air, and panicing as she could only think about her sister in the water and her parents on the boat. And in her last moments of conscienousness, she felt arms wrapping around her body and pulling her out of the water. And then everything went black.

                            Demetria, awoke from her nightmare with a scream and sweat covering her face. The female brought her trembling hands to her face, breathing deeply and remembering she was alive. That she was now twenty years old, and she hadn't been taken away by the sea that day. Unfortunately a few hours after everything went black, a thirteen year old Demetria woke up in a Hospital to her parents crying and Athena standing by her bedside, looking as if she hadn't even fallen into the water at all. She remembered smiling to her sister and apologizing for letting go. But whenever Demetria would apologize, Athena would always say the same thing 'You did no such thing'. And it always confused Demetria as to what she meant by that, but of course, she was just happy that her sister was still alive and unharmed. She loved the talks they had everyday. How they would talk about Demetria's career in the acting business. How Demetria would have to find a boy to settle down with at some point. Demi loved when they talked about boys. Ever since that day on the boat, Athena would never go near any body of water, and Demetria could only figure because Athena had been scarred by the day when she had fallen into the cold water. And Demetria wasn't a big fan of water as well. In fact, she hated small and large bodies of water. It was a struggle for Demetria to even be in the shower for a period of time, always panicing that she was going to lose her life by drowning. She never wanted to leave her sister. And in Demetria's mind, fire was water's worst enemy. So Demetria saw herself as they ball of fire, that was always afraid to be put out by fire. She wanted to beat the water hence why she always palyed with fire, to keep the light within her burning so that it would never go out.

                            Demetria closed her eyes for a moment and reopened them, reaching over to her bed stand and grabbing her most prize possession: her lighter. The female watched the flame flick from the device and dance in the dark room of hers. It was around six in the morning, and still dark, so the little speck of light from her lighter only made Demetria smile softly as she slowly glided her fingertips through the flame, watching as it phased the light but didnt' put it out. There was always something interesting about fire. It was funny how one little flame could destroy and entire forest and even bring down a building that was a hundred times its size. Shaking her head from her thoughts, the female got up from out of her bed, looking out the window to watch the sunrise. And once it passed, the arsonit walked into her bathroom and turned on the shower. Taking a few deep breaths, she closed her eyes and stepped into the shower as made her shower last a quick seven minutes. And when she came out, the female breathed a sigh of relief and opened her as she slowly unclenched her fists. As she dried her hair and applied her makeup, the female came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go. The female walked back into her bedroom and grabbed her suitcase, grabbed her keys, her lighter, and made her way out of her loft and out of the doors. She climbed into her car, going down the streets of New York City to her favorite coffee spot before she made her way to the studio.

                            Ordering her usual white chocolate mocha with two pumps of peppermint, the female sighed softly as she sat in the front seat of her car. She couldn't believe it. She was being sent to this stupid camp. She didn't think she had an addiction. So she liked lighting things on fire? So what? It wasn't that bad as some of the other addictions she had heard Vincent mention last night after their show. And now, they were being sent to this camp called Camp Sunnyvale where they guarenteed that if you followed their program, you would get passed your addiction. But for some reason, Demetria didn't want to be cured. She didn't think she needed to be sured. She was fine. She was sane, at least in her mind she was. She just liked to watch things burn. She liked to watch the flickering flames of fire dance in front of her hazel green eyes. It was beautiful in her mind. A soft sigh escaped the female's pale lips as she took another sip of her coffee, checked her phone and began to drive once more towards the studio where she would begin as a camper at this Hell camp. She didn't need help. And she was determined to prove everyone there at that camp that she didn't need their help. She didn't need anyone's help. It was her and Athena against the world. Thinking of Athena, the female looked around, noticing that she must've forgotten Athena at home. Shrugging her shoulders, the female chuckled softly as she pulled out her phone and texted her older sister.

                            To: A
                            From: Demi
                            Sorry sis! I think I might've left you back at home!
                            Besides, I already told you ahead of time that I'm going to this stupid camp thing.
                            Camp Sunnyvale is what it's called.
                            You better sneak out and come visit me every once and a while.
                            It'll be weird not seeing you everyday.

                            Hitting the send button, Demetria smiled slightly as she took another sip of her coffee and blared her radio to Bullet for my Valentine's: Scream Aim Fire. Pulling up into the studio parking lot, the female looked around and noticed a large yellow bus marked with the words 'camp sunnyvale' on the side. Demi could only grimace as she locked her car, arriving in front of the bus and tossing her bag into the open compatment where the luggage went. And it seemed the fremale had been the first to arrive. And slowly, one by one the others started arriving as well. And when Xantiago was the last to arrive, she heard Vincent say that they all needed to start getting on the buss. Demetria let out a soft sigh as she rolled her eyes, giving a wave of her hand as she made her way to the back of the bus and took her seat, resting her head against the window. She sort of hoped Athena would've dropped by to at least say good bye. But, if she knew Athena, which she did, she knew Athena would make an appearance by the camp just for a quick hello and maybe a bit of a tour.

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Burnin' on just like a match you strike to incinerate
The lives of everyone you know. And what’s the worst you take
From every heart you break?
And like a blade you stain. Well, I've been holding on tonight.
What’s the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay.
So long and goodnight,
So long and goodnight,!



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                                                          "I'm so bored," Wolfgang groaned softly as the male kicked a few rocks on the ground with his foot. The sarcastic counselor slowly ran his fingers through his black hair as he grimaced a bit as he glanced towards his best friend, Zinovy. Right now, Wolfgang was givien the job of collecting of taking the oars out of the tool shed for the canoe rides the campers would be riding within the week. The male sighed softly as he ran his fingers through his hair, looking back towards his best friend. "What job were you given today?" the male asked in a bored tone as the male looked towards the sky. The male remembered coming to this very Camp Sunnyvale some time ago on his addiction to alcohol. And now he was back. It was either become a counselor at Camp Sunnyvale or go to jail. Of course, he chose this place and he even convinced one of his best friends to join him as well on this lovely adventure. Why was he at Camp Sunnyvale? He got busted on a recent drug possession. Yes, that was Wolfgang's newest hobby, heavy chain smoking. And now, all his drugs were being taken away. His fate rested in his newest little experiment, or campers, as he was supposed to call them.

                                                          The male looked towards his friend and chuckled slightly, picking up the file he was given. "So my guy's name is Vasily blahblahblah last name I can't pronounce". He smirked and chuckled. "Quite a catch though if I do say so myself. Sort of looks Russian". He chuckled. "Ha. Maybe you'll get a kick out of him, Zino". Shrugging his shoulders and opening the bag of marshmellows next to him, the male chuckled a bit and took one of the oversized marshmellows in between his fingers and squeezed it. And then playfully threw it towards his friend, watching it bounce off of him. "Thanks for doing this by the way". He nodded. "I know you have better things to do than come to this stupid Hell hole again". Sitting up and spreading his legs apart in the standard male sitting position, the German rested his arms on his knees as he absentmindedly took another marshmellow and lightly tossed it at Zinovy. "At least we're roommates," the male said with a small smile on his pale lips as he leaned back a bit, straightened his body and looked at his best friend. He was thankful for Zinovy. When they had arrived at the camp together as campers a couple years back, they had bonded instantly. And Wolfgang couldn't give Zino up after eveyrthing they had been through. Even when Wolfgang was on the breaking point with things, he would always call his friend and Zino always managed to calm the German down. It was nice having a friend like that.

                                                          "You think Kyla's here yet?" Wolfgang asked his friend as he perked his head a bit, looking back towards the camp as the male's eyes scanned for the last part of their ultimate trip: Kyla. Kyla was their bubbly ball of sunshine in their little group while Wolfgang was the sarcastic tough guy and Zinovy was the secretive kind of guy. For some reason, all three of them just fit perfectly together. But lately, it was strange. Wolfgang had been having these dreams lately. Not the nightmares he usually had about Helena. But Helena would be another story. For now, he was stuck on the sex dreams he would have with Zino. And the sex dreams he would have with Kyla. They were both so different. With Zino, it was hard, rough, and passionate. But with Kyla, it was sweet, gentle, and loving. Both completely different ideas with two completely different people. Shaking his head and to keep from a problem from forming in his pants, the male returned his attention back to Zino and playfully chucked another marshmellow at the male. "Catch," the male said with a smirk as he slowly ran his fingers through his hair. Standing up and looking down at his outfit, the male crossed his arms over his chest. "So who's your special little camper you've been assigned to?" Wolfgang asked as he began helping his best friend with whatever chore he had benen assigned.


                                                          BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
                                                          BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
                                                          BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
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                                      𝕴'𝖑𝖑 𝖙𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖊𝖗 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖙𝖗𝖚𝖘𝖙xx&&xx𝕹𝕺𝕿 𝕲𝕴𝖁𝕰 𝕬 𝕱𝖀𝕮𝕶 xxxxbecausexx( it's best to keep me pleased )
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                          It was all so strange now. Everything just seemed perfect. Too perfect in Malikie's opinion. The water was a perfect turqouise blue. The moon's bright reflection shone perfectly above the calm water. The stars were shiny like little diamonds in the sky. The lush green trees were a healthy and beautiful green. The sand below his feet was so lush and easy to walk through. It seemed familar. Too familar, but this was Malikie's first time here. So why did everything seem so familar? He looked around, taking notice that he was on the edge of the cove in between Mermaid's Lagoon and Pirate's Cove. 'Wait...how do I know that?' the male questioned to himself as he shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. Now this was starting to get strange. Eli continued to walk, shoving his hands in his pockets as he continued to look down at the ground, trying tio piece together of these images and why everything seemed familar to him. And then, in a matter of moments, everything clicked. It hit the male like a ton of bricks to the point where the male froze in his step, stunned and staring at the sky.

                          'Neverland!' the male's mind shouted. Everything made sense! The male's brown eyes widened as he looked around, taking everything in sight. This just had to be it. Everything...everything his father said was true. The pirate ship and Captain Hook. Tiger Lily and her powerful band of Indians. The mermaids swimming in their beautiful lagoon. The Lost Boys and their hide out in the sacred tree. Skull rock and the magical orb. Malikie's eyes looked towards the ground, stunned as he tried to comprehend everything his father said. For once, his fater had been telling him the truth. And now, Malikie sort of felt bad for telling his father that they were just stories. Malikie couldn't help but chuckle and run his fingers through his hair, shaking his head slightly. "It's all true," Malikie muttered to himself as he closed his eyes for a moment. Now if that meant he was in Neverland...did that mean he was alone? And if he was alone, how was he supposed to get back? Then again, Malikie wasn't even sure if he wanted to go back or not. He could never grow old here! He could ******** a hot guy and maybe a hot girl as many times as he wanted! 'Then again...that would be extremely awkward the morning after...' the male thought to himself and only shrugged his shoulders as he ran his fingers through his hair. Malikie's eyes looked towards the sky and he noticed it was getting dark quick. He realized there he only had two choices: find a place to camp in this unknown area or scope around a bit just to make sure it was safe before settling down. And, being smart, the male chose to second option. "Let's get started," the male spoke to himself as he continued to walk. Raising his head a bit, Eli dug his hand into his back pocket and took a single cigarette from the package and placed it in between his lips. He brought his silver lighter out as well, lighting the cigarette and taking a few puffs from it before emitting a cloud of smoke from his lips. Oh how he loved the feeling of nicotine entering his system. It was addicting, but Malikie just couldn't help himself. If anything could calm down Malikie's nerves and senses, it would be cigarettes.

                          And then he heard a voice other than his own. Malikie titled his brows and looked around confused. At least he thought it was a different voice of his own. Turning around with his hands in his pockets and balancing his cigarette in between his lips, the male's chocolate brown eyes caught sight of a male and female walking in his direction, holding hands. 'Damn...must be dating. Too bad. The boy's extremely good looking and the girl's cute'. Shrugging his shoulders at his thoughts, the male tilted his brow and shook his head when the boy addressed him as 'you'. You? How original. Why not, 'hey sexy' or 'hey good looking'. Malikie raised his head and shifted his body weight to the side a bit, keeping his hands in his pockets when he noticed the male give him a smile, which Malikie returned with a slight smile of his own. "Hey yourselves," the male said with a head nod as he reached his hand up, running his fingers through his raven black hair. Hearing the male stranger ask where they were, Malikie could only stare in cofusion to the male and female before him. "So you're not from around here, I take it?" the male asked as he took another inhale of his cigarette and tilted his head upwards, releasing the smoke into the air. Looking back towards the two new people, male smirked a bit. So if these new people were just like him, that meant they were connected somehow as well. Now that just tickled Malikie. That meant he would have to do some investigating of his own. Why were they here exactly and who was their connection for being here? But for now, the male would just play it smooth. Afterall, he thought this boy in front of him was very good looking. He just hoped the blonde girl next to him didn't mind Malikie flirting with him a bit.

                          Snapping his attention back to the two strangers in front of him, the male tilted his head to the side as he noticed a blonde female, wh actually looked a lot like the female standing in front of him. 'Could be related'. The male's eyes looked back towards the cute male as he heard him say sorry. And that's when Malikie caught the sight of the male's dirty and stained shirt. "Damn, what happened to you? You look like you were either beaten in the street or went to some crazy fraternity party," the male said as he chuckled slightly, running his fingers through his hair and tilting his head to the side a bit. Eli's eyes widened a bit as he watched the male strip off his shirt. "Well, I didn't think we were this far into an introduction to the point where we'd be taking off clothes". Tilting his brow, the male couldn't help but inwardly smile at the male's body before him. And damn did this male have a nice body. Almost good enough for Malikie to pin the male down in the sand and kiss down his body right then and there.

                          The male's eyes looked back towards the male as Eli noticed he had a new shirt on and was extending his hand, then said his name and the name of his female companion. Malikie eyed the stranger's hand for a moment, noticing the dry blood. 'Interesting greeting,' the male thought to himself as he looked back towards the male now known as Chamois. His eyes looked with the blonde female and he gave her a soft head nod. "What's up?" Eli's brown eyes looked back at Chamois as he gave the male a soft smile. Giving the two a lazy salute of his with his index and middle fingers, the male smirked and chuckled. "I'm Malikie, but just call me Eli. And it's cool to meet you two as well". The male leaned his head to the side a bit, catching another glimpse of the snow white blonde behind them. "And who's your friend there?" Looking back at Chamois, Malikie raised his head as he sighed softly, "So how long have you two been dating? Shame really. You two are both very good looking". He winked to Chamois. Pointing back towards Pirate's Cove, the male nodded towards the two before him. "You two ever hear of a place called Neverland?" Hearing their response, Malikie couldn't help but grin and nod his head. "Well, you're in it. It ain't a dream". He nodded once more. "Anyway, I'm heading towards this Sacred Tree my father told me about. I plan on discovering a few secrets here for myself. You're welcomed to join along if you would like it". Giving them a soft smile, the male crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for the response from Chamoisee and Cerise.

      I w i n y o u l o s e— g e t o v e r i t I p l a y e d—m y w a y a n d c a m e o u t o n t o p!
      C O M P A N Y :xxMyselfxxL O C A T I O N :xxWalking along the coastxxT H O U G H T S :xxWhere the Hell am I?
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    Why can't I leave this prison? A prison so strong, no one can escape it's path; a prison that is known as reality
    I don't want to be something I'm not and disguise with myself with a mask known as deceit
    ████████████████████████████████ ███ ██████


    x x x Party :: Ayden's shadow ⊹ ⋮ ⊹ Area :: The middle of the forest ⊹ ⋮ ⊹ Attitude :: Curious

                                                              Abigail Danielle Montgomery sighed softly as she pushed a few strands of her hair behind her ear, picking up the dirty dishes of the table she had just cleaned off. Setting the bin of dirty dishes on the sink, wiping the sweat from her brow. "Table three need some service!" one of Abby's co-workers yelled to the female. "Got it!" Abby yelled back as she set the dirty dishes in the sink, washing her hands and pulling out her notepad. Making her way back to the cafe, she took the customer's order and gave him her usual happy carefree smile. She placed herself in front of the pastry glass, lifting it up, and plating the banana nut muffin the gentleman had ordered. She made her way back to the male, setting the pastry in front of him. And once he ate and paid, she bad the customer farewell with her usual, "Have a nice day!" And after eight hours of that, the female returned to her house, sighing as she picked up a note on the kitchen counter from her parents. "Another gala tonight?" the female questioned to herself as she shrugged her shoulders. "Looks like I'm eating alone again," the female whispered to herself.

                                                              Making her way up the stairs, the female arrived at her room and sat down on her bed as she pulled out her favorite book of nursey ryhmyes. But her favorite story of all was the story her mother told her of a boy named Peter Pan. Abby could tell how much her mother, Wendy, loved Peter. She could see it in her mother's eyes. Wendy always gushed about Peter. The way his sense of humor and laughter was contagious. His sparkling eyes reflecting against the royal night sky. His green outfit making him look as cute as a button. Those were all things her mother spoke about to Abby when she was younger. Her mother would tell her all sorts of adventures she had with Peter. How Peter took her to see the beautiful mermaids in the lagoon. How Peter saved her mother from the clutches of the evil Captain Hook. How Peter saved Tiger Lily and they all danced at the Indian tribe for a celebration. How Wendy told stories to the Lost Boys. All those things made Abby wonder if there really was a Neverland. After all, she knew her cousin and one of her best friends, Hazel, heard the stories of Neverland from her father, Abby's uncle John. Oh how they talked all the time about what adventures they would have in Neverland especially when they were little girls. Abigail giggled at the thought, turning over onto her stomach on her bed as she whispered the words her mother would always speak to her, "Second star to the right, and straight on til morning". And slowly, the female's eyes closed and she fell into a slumber.

                                                              Feeling the soft breeze against her pale cheeks, Abigail rubbed her hazel eyes with the back of her fist and fluttered her eyes open. Her groggy state, her eyes looked around and she noticied that the sky was such a beautiful blue. The stars seemed closer to her than they normally did from her window. Allowing a soft sigh to escape her lips, the female reached her hand over to grab her cell phone, but she felt nothing. Only air. In her sleepy state, the female groaned and moved her hand to feel around for phone, but still nothing. "Where the Hell did I put it?" the female grumbled to herself as she opened her eyes, looking around. The female's eyes widened as a soft scream escaped her pale lips. She was floating! She was flying! She was actually outside and floating in mid air. Now she had to be dreaming! Closing her eyes and breathing deeply, the female opened her eyes after a moment and noticed she was still in mid air. "This isn't a dream," the female whispered to herself in surprise tone as she looked back down at her outfit. "Well, at least I'm wearing clothes still," the female muttered to herself as she slowly ran her fingers through her auburn hair.

                                                              And suddenly, she was flying towards a tunnel of light that slowly enveloped her. The female's eyes shut tight and soon felt her feet touching the ground. The female looked around and noticed she was in the forest that her mother had told her about. "It's just like in her stories," the female whispered in awe as she pushed a few branches out of her way as she made her way through the forest. "At least the moon provides some light". Abby allowed a soft sigh to escape her lips as she pushed a few more branches out of her way. And she finally found herself in a clearing. "Just like the stories," Abby whispered to herself before a something black caught the corner of her eye. And then it moved so quickly and darted away. "What the..." the female question to herself as she watched the black figure move around. It took her a few moments, but she finally figured it out. It was a shadow. But not just any shadow. It was Peter's shadow. Abigail remembered her mother telling her this story. The day she first met Peter Pan. The female's hazel eyes widened in excitement as she bit the inside of her lip out of anticippation. This was it. If she caught that shadow, she would meet Peter Pan! And maybe they could share adventures together! Oh how it sounded perfect in the female's head.

                                                              Snapping her attention back to reality, the female bit the inside of her lip as she backed away slowly into the bushes and waited for the opportune time to catch the shadow. And once the shadow was close enough, the female popped out of the bushes and caught the shadow by the foot, keeping her grip on him. "Geez you're tough," the female growled as she stuffed the shadow into her backpack with all her might. And when she finallt stuffed the shadow into her knapsack. "Now let's find Peter," the female said with a smile as she continued to make her way through the woods.

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Feel my heart beat
xxxxxxxxxxwith every boom

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDANCING THROUGH LIFE
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxheard through the stereo
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand echo throughout the room
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company: Ayden 『』 location: the middle of the forest 『』 mood: awestruck

Violet struck her last pose as the song ended, keeping her frame tight and her posture perfect as her dance teacher came around and inspected her. "Excellent posture, Ms. Stefani," her teacher commented, which only made Violetta Lelani Stefani smile with pride and give her teacher a satisfactory nod. "Thank you, Madame," Violet spoke proudly with her head raised and releasing herself from the pose. Her recital was coming up in a few days. And in those few days, she would be practicing everyday as the lead role as Clara in her school's production of the Nutcracker. Everything was going to be perfect. She strived for perfection. She strived to be the best. And that's what gave Violet the drive to be her best everyday. You could say Violet was a bit different from the other students in her school. Violetta was half native american and half french. She was fluent in French and English, and her mother was teaching her the language of her people. The same native her mother spoke in the land of Neverland. Violet loved the stories her mother would tell her, but they were just stories right? Violetta smiled softly as her dance instructor bade her farewell as the female sat on the stage, Indian style, as she drank from her water bottle and tried to catch her breath. Vi couldn't help but smile and giggled as she pushed herself to her feet, then walked towards the locker room to get changed and to head back home. She couldn't wait to tell her mother the good news. Her mother, Tiger Lily, is a famous artist that was well known for drawing the most fascinating pictures. Some were for her memories of Neverland and others were of the beautiful landscapes they called home in Iceland. And her father was a well known activist for animals rights and saving precious landmarks that 'the man' wanted to destroy just to make the city more technological. Shaking her head at her thoughts, the female allowed a soft sigh to escape her lips. Sure, the female loved her parents and she wanted to be just like them in some ways. She loved her mother's spirit and her father's courage, but Violetta had such a passion for the arts. She was gifted with a paintbrush and paints. Amazing and fluid when she danced. A voice so presitine and beautiful when she sung. Violetta didn't care what she did with her life, just as long as she would get to live her dreams by getting involved within the arts.

Changing into her clothes, the female smiled to herself as she ran her fingers through her hair and pushed several blonde bangs out of her eyes and behind her ear. Looking up, the female noticed the sun was just beginning to set and a soft breeze was blowing through the sky. "Mother would love this setting," the femal whispered to herself as she gently held the locket around her neck in between her two fingers. The locker her mother gave her that had been passed down in her from through generations. And now it was Violetta's turn to keep the family heirloom safe. The very heirloom that was so important that her mother warned her it could never fall into the wrong hands. Violet allowed a soft sigh to escape her pale lips as she reached through her backpack and pulled out a small wooden box that contained her favorite instrument: her ocarina. Oh how she loved playing her ocarina. The sounds were so beautiful. And it was always soothing. Smiling softly to herself, the female shrugged her shoulders and slid the wooden box back into her backpack as she continued to walk home. 'Maybe tonight I'll take the scenic route,' the female thought to herself with a smile on her face. With a reassuring nod of her head, the female exited the college campus and made her way through the thicket that seperated her the beauty of nature from the technologies of the big city. Well, in her mind it was such a big city. Coming into the view of a small lake, the female smiled softly to herself as she gazed at the sun setting over the water. It was serene. Taking out her camera, the female snapped a picture and nodded, knowing she would have to give it to her mother later on.

And suddenly, something caught her eye. The female tilted her head to the side as she watched a rather old fashioned looking canoe coming towards her direction. Violetta raised her head a bit to get a better view as to see who was in such a thing, but when the canoe had pulled up in front of her, there was no one inside. She gently bit the inside of her lip, wondering if someone had fallen into the lake. They could be in trouble. Looking back at the thicket to make sure no one was looking, the female took a deep breath as she slowly steadied herself when she stepped inside the canoe and took a seat. Grabbing the oar in her hands, the female began rowing to the middle of the lake. Surely someone had to be here. Violet had been to this lake so many times. And had explored all the angles and she knew no one ever came to this lake. So why would a random canoe be here? Shaking her head, the female snapped herself out of her thoughts, long enough to realize she had stopped rowing and the canoe was moving by itself. Her brown eyes widened as she quickly looked back, seeing that she was already too far to swim back to the shore. "Hello?" the female shouted as she cupped her hands over her mouth. "Anyone there?" Now she was panicing. Something was going on and now she had two choice: jump and swim or see where this canoe went to. Biting her lip, the female's eyes widened as she noticed a small tunnel of light that the canoe was heading towards. Violet closed her eyes tightly, covering her head with her hands as she was enveloped in this bright tunnel of light.

And then, it seemed like nothing happened. When hereyes fluttered open, the female looked around and noticed that there was no way she was still in Iceland. The moon was a bright and shining silver that reflected upon the crystal blue waters. In the distance, a pirate ship sat looking as grand as ever. And a forest that was so lush and green rested upon the shore. And off to the side, a beautiful waterfall was cascading into an area with rocks and caves. It was beautiful and amazing. So this...this had to be Neverland. Her eyes widened with excitement as she gasped in sheer shock. As the canoe began to continue towards the shore, the female's head tilted to the side as she noticed a figure in the water. And when Violet got closer to the figure, she noticed it was a female in the water. "You do know that you should take off your clothes before you go swimming right?" the female said with a smirk and a chuckle as the canoe continued. Shrugging her shoulders, she didn't bother waiting for a response for the girl. And when the canoe finally touched land, the female couldn't help but smile and look around as she stepped out of the canoe. "It's even more gorgeous than mother explained it," Violetta whispered to herself as she found out she was somewhere within the forest.

Looking around and taking all its beauty within, the female's head perked a bit as she heard a graceful tune reach her ears. This tune was different and unlike anything she had ever heard before. And as the music played, the female couldn't help but smile as she took a deep breath and began to sing along, making up her own words, realizing she was just near the music player (Ayden) and hadn't realized it. And after some time singing, the female had heard enough of the other player's music and decided she would join in on her own. Pulling out her wooden box and pulling out her ocarina, the female began to play with her eyes closed and the music flowing through her as she continued to walk through the forest. As she continued to play, the female was interrupted by a rustling in the trees (Ayden) in which the female stopped playing and looked around at the forest area she was in. "Hello...?" Her chocolate brown eyes glanced around as she held her ocarina close to her head. "Is...someone there?" the female called out to whoever was lurking.
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Ⓧ𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖎𝖆𝖌𝖔 Ⓓ𝖊𝖒𝖎𝖙𝖗𝖎𝖚𝖘 Ⓐ𝖗𝖌𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖘

                                "Are you sure you don't have any books on the h-". "Very sure". "But...I haven't even told you what I'm looking for". A fake smile appeared. "I'm sorry. I should at least pretend to give a damn. Now what do youy happen to be looking for?" "A book on how to play guitar". "Don't have it". "But it said online, you do". "You were lied to. I bet you're used to that". "Could you check in the back?" "No". "Why?" "Because I don't feel like it. And because I just don't want to". "May I speak your supervisor?" "She's out. Hence why I'm here, genius". The customer furrowed his eyebrows, looking at the badge. "Mister Xantiago, I am trying really hard not to lose my temper, but if you could just ch-". "Look buddy. I'm trying to save you some humilation here. Drop the musician act and try to get a girl another. Trust me, being a musician won't turn up your charm. You need a new look, a makeover, and a breath mint". He smirked. "Have a nice day". And with that, the bookshelver behind the counter put his hands in his pockets and made his way towards the break room to take his hour break, thirty minutes early. The boy named Xantiago crossed his arms behind his head, allowing a soft sigh to escape his lips and chuckle at the scene he had just had. Oh how classic it was. Looking around, Xanti smirked as he picked up a book on how to play the guitar. "Well well well, apparently it is here". The male shrugged and tossed the book behind him, shrugging his shoulders. "Well, seems like that book is now supposedly going to be lost". The male smirked a bit and stood up from his chair, kicking open the back door and lighting a cigarette he placed in between his lips. Allowing the toxic smoke escape his lips only made the male raise his head, letting the cloud of smoke fill the air around him.

                                Sighing softly and chuckling a bit, Xantiago Demitrius Argallos couldn't help but smirk as he raised his head in satisfaction. For the first time in a long while, Xanti was actually content with his life. He was proud of himself for keeping this bookshelving job for this long. He was actually putting food on his table for himself and his dog, Gunner. He was having his usual amount of hookups that were all about the sex and not about future relationships. And he was even getting to go to the raves and high parties where he let loose and didn't care what anyone thought of him. Though, he always did curse himself for partying too much on the day after and not remembering a single thing. Like on that one night last week. He had gotten so drunk and high as a bird, he woke up the next morning in a pair of handcuffs and wearing nothing but a black mask over his eyes. He also had a freshly pierced n****e ring and a few hickeys that were splattered over his body. Now that was a day Xanti wished he could remember, but just couldn't no matter how much he tried. There were pictures on Facebook and from what Xanti saw, it seemed like Xantiago was having the time of his life when he was as blazed as a fire bush in the middle of the desert. Chuckling softly at his thoughts, Xanti allowed the smoke to escape his mouth and through his pink pale lips. Setting the cigarette back between his lips, Xanti's green eyes closed and reopened after a moment as she finished his cigarette, threw it on the ground, and smashed it into the cement. Shrugging his shoulders, the male stuck his hands back inside his pockets and walked back inside the library. He couldn't wait to get out of there. In only a mere few hourse, he would get to go back to his studio and relax for a couple of hourse before going to his night job: escorting. That job was okay in his opinion. He may have been whoring himself out for money, but it put money in his pocket.

                                Running his nimble fingers through his hair, Xanti blew some air through his lips and stuck a piece of gum in his mouth just to cover up the smokey scent. He then sprayed some colgone on to cover the smoke stench. Making his way out of the break room, Xanti's eyebrows raised he noticed that the fellow from eariler had now left the counter. A smirk crept onto the male's lips as he shrugged his shoulders, making his way up the wooden stairs and onto the second floor of the library. Xantiago fished his ipod out of his pocket and placed the earbuds inside his ears, turning the music up to high. And in a matter of moments, the male was pushing a cart of books down the aisles and reshelving them while listening to Breathe Carolina's Get off Easy.

                                "Have a good night," Xanti spoke in a bored tone and waved to his older co worker along with a soft smile, then shut the front doors and made his way to his car. He ran his fingers through his hair and climbed into the front seat, starting the car and making his way to his studio apartment under the Brooklyn bridge. Sure, it did get noisy sometimes especially during traffic, but it was usuall those busy times that Xanti wasn't home. If he wasn't home, he was doing one of four things: working at the library, being an escort to some lucky customer, getting drunk off his a** with his friends, or causing the havoc his other well known and infamous half was known for. Of course, Xantiago Demitrius Argallos was also known as the Insolent Maurauder. Oh the games he loved to play. They were perfect for him, but lately, Xantiago was getting sick of the same old same old. Lately, he had been wanting to up his game. Sweeten his deal a little bit. And of course, that moment had arrive about a couple days when a man approached him while he doing his escorting. And after hearing the man say Xantiago could rule the world, there was no way Xantiago could say no. The world was the world. There no bigger prize than that. To rule the world meant everything to Xanti. Power was the absolutely best thing anyone could want or ask for especially Xanti. Power was everything in the male's eyes. There was no turning back. There was no way Xanti would back down from whatever challenges lie ahead. He was a power hungry beast that would do whatever it took to get what he want. He could finally show all those who didn't believe in him what a true and powerful person looked like. The male could already taste the sweet victory that was ahead of him.

                                Snapping himself from his thoughts, the male's eyes went back to the road, turning just in time and making a sharp enough turn to make it onto the street the male needed to get home. And after blasting the radio and bobbing his head to the base, the male pulled up to the small studio apartment complex and sighed softly. He parked his car in the lot and ran his fingers through his hair, rubbing the back of his head as he fished his keys out of his jean's pocket. Unlocking the door, Xanti chuckled slightly when he was greeted with the faint jingle of the collar on his rottweiler, Gunner. Gently rubbing the puppy behind his ears, Xanti smiled softly and walked towards the kitchen, hearing the foot steps of his puppy behind him and barking loudly. Bending down and changing the dog's water bowl, the male scooped some dry food into the bowl and placed it on the floor for Gunner to eat. Setting the water bowl down, Xanti rubbed the back of his head and allowed a soft sigh to escape his lips as he open his fridge door and looked around. "Not much, Gunner," the male spoke to his puppy, shrugging his shoulders. "Seems like I'll just have to pick up something and head to the mini mart later". Closing the door, Xanti retreated into his bedroom and picked out his clothes for tonight. Tonight, he was feeling some black skinny jeans, a black short sleeved button down, and a silver tie to put the look together. And of course, the male set out his usual black Chuck Taylors.

                                Setting those clothes on the edge of the bed, the male yawned and kicked off his shoes and pants, allowing himself to remain in his shirt and boxers as he laid down on his bed. The Maurauder checked the time and gave himself a nod, setting his alarm to wake him up in two hours. That would give him enough rest to at least last for his night at Badlands. Stretching his arms over his head and allowing his green eyes to close, Xanti felt a soft smile tug at his lips when he heard the pitter patter of Gunner making his way towards the bedroom. Chuckling slightly at the whimper of his puppy, Xanti allowed a soft breath of air to escape his lips as he lifted the nine month old puppy onto his bed and allowed the dog to curl up on his stomach. "And no biting this time. We don't need customers wondering why I have bite marks on my stomach". The male closed his eyes and breathed deeply, letting himself drift off to sleep as he continued to pet the puppy, curled up asleep on his stomach.

                                Hearing the beeping of the alarm clock, a soft groan escaped Xanti's lips as he rubbed his eyes. What was two hours only seemed like two minutes. Yawning and taking a deep breath, the male sat up, disturbing the young puppy from his sleep. "Sorry buddy, Xanti's gotta work," the male muttered as he picked up the puppy, setting him on the bed as the male went into the bathroom and showered. He emerged fifteen minutes later and dressed himself. Looking at himself in the mirror, the male lifted his head for a final inspection, gave himself a confident wink, and chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair to give his hair that tousled look his clients loved so much. Turning back to Gunner, Xanti chuckled slightly as he lifted the puppy off the bed and set him inside his puppy bed, grabbing his things and closing the door behind. "I think you and I both learned what happened last time when I let you into my room". He nodded and chuckled. "You decided to make me some crotchless boxers". Giving his puppy a playful wink, Xanti gently kissed the puppy's head and closed the front door behind him, locking it. Making his way down the stairs, the male yawned and stretched his arms above his head and heard his stomach grumble. He hadn't eaten all day today and he hadn't eaten since lunch of yesterday afternoon. "I guess I do have to feed you," the male muttered as he got into his car, taking off towards work.

                                After grabbing a few hot dogs off the food cart on the street corner, the male hurriedly rushed into Badlands and waved to his boss, showing him that he was here. "Xantiago, a letter came for you". Tilting his brow, the male gave his boss a nod and took the envelope from the other male, going into his escorting room and sat down on the bed that was there. Feeling the silk sheets under him, the male laid back on the bed, opening the letter and reading its contents. The male couldn't help but smirk as he muttered, "Mechanical b***h huh? Better watch out". Setting the envelope in the side drawer, the male smirked to himself as chuckled and raised his head as he watched a group of women come into his room and begin to flirt with him and touch him. Oh how the male loved his job today.

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theinsolentmarauderYou better get up out the way
theinsolentmarauderTomorrow we'll rise so let's fight today,
theinsolentmarauderYou know I don't give a ******** what you think or say,
theinsolentmarauder'Cause we're gonna rock this place anyway!

I suggest you watch your step Mechanical b***h because I'm coming for you !!
        (( Na-Na-Na... )) ☆☆Make no apology, (( Na-Na-Na... )) ☆☆It's death or victory, (( Na-Na-Na... )) ☆☆On my authority, ☆☆☆Crash and burn, ☆☆☆☆Young and loaded.

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                                              "Nice job, Spike!" "You're amazing!" "How'd you do it?" "Sweet ride!" "Can you sign my pass?" Spike couldn't help but smirk in the rearview mirror as she chuckled slightly to herself at the people using her nickname. Yes, indeed, Spike was a girl. Not any girl to be exact. Spike's real name was Nicole Vanessa Danielle Bennet, or Nikki for short. Nikki raised her head and slipped her sunglasses over her eyes, keeping the hoodie close around her head to protect her identity and the fact she was indeed a girl. The female allowed a soft sigh to escape her ruby red lips, putting her car into parking and giggling slightly to herself. "Here we go," she whispered as she wiped off her lipstick and opened the car door, being greeted by cheering people and several camera flasshes as she stepped out of her car, shutting it behind her. Nikki raised her head and smiled softly, waving to a few people as she walked over to the hood of her car and leaned against the hood. Her vibrant green eyes peered ahead of her at the male just now getting out of his car. He looked a few years old than her and even she had to admit, he wasn't bad to look at it. But he did just lose in a street car race to a girl. She smirked at the thought.

                                              "Not bad, Spike". She nodded. "You are as tough as they say". A smirk appeared on her lips as she shrugged her shoulders, absentmindedly waving her hand as she began to walk away. "I wasn't finished! I want a rematch". She chuckled. "Get in line," she muttered in a deep voice and walked away from the male, being followed by the crowd of fans that always enjoyed a good street race every now and then. Being snapped in a few pictures and hearing the same questions over and over again never bugged Nikki, but when people seemed to get to close, Nikki's guard always went up out of fear for her secret being exposed. Even though Spike was her little secret, Nicole had quite another big secret. Like her mother, Amaryllis, she was under the curse of the zodiac. She inherited this from her mother. In Nicole's opinion, that was the only thing since her and her mother were so different. The only things they shared were the curse and the fact that they loved to stand out from the crowd. But now, Amaryllis didn't do so much standing out. Her mother was now dying. Dying from stage four pancreatic cancer that was slowly eating away at her body. Nicole knew this. Nicole never feared for this. She knew her mother was going to die. And she knew how different they were. She heard her mother's stories. Her stories about her mother and father loving her, but protecting her and making her live in the main house with the other zodiacs at the time. Her guardian and forever lover, Remy. The man that ruined her mother's life. The man that Amaryllis was still deeply in love with.

                                              Nikki rolled her eyes at thought, snapping her attention back to reality when she noticed someone was about to hug her. The girl's green eyes widened as she quickly took a step back, sticking her hand out in front of her and blocking the male from wrapping an arm around her. Watching the male, the female muttered, "I'm sick". Giving the male a nod, the female couldn't help but sigh at the close call as she waved her hands to the others and exited the shroud of people. Closing her eyes, the female watched the people disperse as she walked towards one of the cars in the lot where a male was sitting on the hood. "Have a good race?" She smirked. "As usual," she spoke in her normal tone as she took down her hoodie, exposing her bright hair and removed the sunglasses to reveal her green eyes. "Shame you have to hide your beauty". She shrugged her shoulders. "Anything to get me away from my family". Getting inside the male's car, the female searched around for her duffel bag in the backseat and began to strip into a pair of clothes. And once she was dressed, the female opened the car door to reveal her outfit to her friend. "Sexy". "Too bad you're gay," Nikki said with a wink as she nodded. "I'll see you later on. And thanks again!" Waving to the male, the female stuck her hands in her pockets and raised her head as she began to walk back to her street car, noticing not a lot of people were around anymore. "Must've gone to an afterparty," the female muttered as she checked her phone. Seems she had stayed out all night once more.

                                              The female pouted her lips as she shrugged her shoulders, feeling her stomach growl. "Dammit, I need food". And she knew just where to get from. She smirked at the thought and giggled, climbing into her street car and peeling out of the lot and down the road. Her adenline was still pumping from the race. She had an amazing win. Her drifting was perfect. Her turns were on point. She was a speed demon. Maybe her love of speed had to do with her being the jackalope of the zodiac. Nicole shrugged at the thought as she made her way to her mom's house, knowing her other car was still parked outside in front. Nicole may have not gotten along well with her mother, but she still did love her. Her mother knew of Nikki's double life, but as long as Nikki was careful, her mother found it exciting. Then again, Ami found anything exciting. Maybe even paint drying was exciting. Nikki giggled at the thought as she pulled into the driveway of her mother's house, opening the garage door and parking her street car. Making her way inside the house, Nikki sighed softly. "Mother?" she asked. No response. "Mother?" she asked again. Still no response. "Dammit mother!" "In here, Nicole". Rolling her eyes and sighing softly, the female pursed her lips as she walked into her mother's bedroom, raising her head as she looked at her mother, lying in her bed. Her skin so pain and her bones almost showing through her skin. "How are you feeling?" she asked her. Her mother only smiled and nodded. "Better than most days". Nikki nodded. "Well, I'm glad. Is...he coming over today?" And by he, Nicole meant Remy. One of the people Nicole had on her hate list followed by his stupid daughter, Zephy, the buffalo of the zodiac.

                                              Shaking her head, she looked at her mother. "I never know, Nicole. That's always his choice. He isn't my guardian anymore". Giving her mother a nod, Nicole stood up and grabbed the empty plate and empty glass. "I'll go grab you some water and more food". Making her way to the kitchen, Nicole filled the glass with water and set more crackers on the plate as she returned to her mother. "Here. I'll be back later on tonight, all right?" Her mother gave her a smile and closed her eyes. Nicole swallowed a sharp breath and sighed, making her way outside to her everyday car and getting inside. "Time for food," the female smiled and raised her head, blasting her radio as she continued to speed towards one of her favorite places: the local diner. And what made it even better was that one of her best friend, Bayard Bennet, worked there. He was also a part of the zodiac, but he was the cat. And Nikki didn't care he was the cat. He was still a human being in Nikki's eyes.

                                              Entering the diner, Nicole smirked as she noticed Bayard's figure on the counter and resting. 'Perfect,' the female smirked and giggled as she crossed her arms behind her back, making her way behind the way. Pursing her lips and widening her eyes, the female smiled inwardly as she slipped her nimble fingers into the back of his pants and pulled out his wallet. She grimaced. "Only two dollars?" she muttered. She looked through it more and shrugged her shoulders. "You're so lame, BB". She giggled at her cute nickname for him and sighed softrly, slipping his wallet back into his pocket. She took a seat next to the male and tilted her head to the side, poking the side of the male's head a couple of times. "Bayard?" the female asked him. She rolled her eyes and sighed softly, resting her elbow on her arm as she leaned against him, pouting her lips a bit and sighing softly. "Wake up," she spoke in a sing song tone. And after a bit, she sighed and got off the male. "Oy! Wake up!" the female yelled as she slapped her hand down in front of Bayard. "Sheesh you could sleep through a war," she muttered and chuckled a bit as she propped her elbow on the countertop and rested her chin in her open palm.

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                                                            "Daddy...why can't I hug mommy?" Adam asked his father with his innocent gray eyes. "I turn into an animal...and she cries". Adam watched his father, Alexander Bennet, look down at his son and kneel in front of him. "Adam, you may not understand everything that's going on until you're much older". Adam only continued to look at his father, tears threatening to fall from his eyes as he nuzzled his head into his father's shoulder and wrapped his arms around his neck. "I-I transformed today...and Ashy had to erase their memories". He watched his father nod as he let a soft sigh escape his lips. "You know you have to be more careful". Adam nodded his head and lifted his head from his father's shoulder, perking his head slightly when he heard his mother's voice from the door. "Adam?" she spoke as she kneeled next to her husband and placed her hands on her son's shoulders. "Baby, I love you so much". And in an overwhelming expression of emotion, Adam felt himself being pulled into his mother's arms in a one second hug before a loud pop was heard and tan smoke erupted. And, in his mother's arms, Adam was curled up as his mother continued to speak with soft tears flowing from her eyes. "I cry because I love you so much, Adam. You're a one in a million and you'll always be my son". Hearing his mother's words, Adam couldn't help but cry softly into his mother's touch. "Mommy, I love you".

                                                            And suddenly, everything turned into a blur. Adam now found himself standing in the living room of his parents' house, looking at his mother and father as they sat on the couch. "Alexander, when was your...curse broken?" He watched his father lower his head and sighed softly, "I was nineteen when the curse was broken. Adam has the same curse...but the breaking of it always isn't the same". Alexander nodded. "It all depends on the variables". "What variables?" Inching closer, Adam leaned his head forward as he tried to catch the words coming out of his father's mouth, but no matter how hard he tried to hear, he couldn't make them out. As he walked closer to his parents, Adam could only stare at his mother as she held her husband's hand. "I hope he's as lucky as you were". She shook her head. "I wouldn't want anyone to go through such a curse as you did". Alexander nodded and wrapped his arm around Janelle, gently placing a kiss on her forehead. "Sometimes...the curse isn't the bad thing, it's about who the curse affects along with you". Adam's eyes widened a bit as he watched his mother curl up against his father. "He's still my son," he heard his mother whisper. And suddenly, his mother and father began to fade away in front of his eyes. "N-No!" the male screamed as he quickly lurched forward, reaching his hands out to grab any figment of his parents.

                                                            A soft yell eurpted from the male's lips as he sat up in bed too quickly, widening his eyes and losing his balance as he fell out of the bed he was in and found himself landing on the floor with a thud. Adam winced a bit and bit his lip as he sat on his bum, rubbing his head and sighing softly. "It...was a dream," the male whispered to himself and blinked his eyes a couple of times. "A horrible dream". Shaking his head and looking down at his body, the male pursed his lips slightly as he noticed several cuts and scrapes were on his body. 'Great...oh well, at least it's not bleeding'. Two words. Epidermolysis bullosa, a skin disease that made his skin fragile at the touch. Even the slightest scrapes and cuts could make him bleed and require attention. Luckily, he wasn't one of the unlucky ones that were put on constant hospital care and only had a limit of ten years to live. No, he was one of the lucky ones. But of course, Adam took precautions. He carried bandages with him and always made sure to wear long sleeved clothes whenever he was going out. Rolling his eyes and looking up at the ceiling, the male tilted his head to the side in confusion, noticing that the bedroom he was in wasn't his. "Wait a minute," the male spoke to himself as he got on his knees, peering over the top of the bed and noticing his best friend in the bed as well. Adam coudln't help but smile a bit and chuckle softly, ignoring the pitter patter in his heart as he pushed himself onto the bed. Looking over at April, he noticed the male was already awake and staring at him. The jackel shrugged his shoulders and sweatdropped a bit, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry bout that...another bad dream". Giving his best friend a soft nod, Adam ran his fingers through his hair and peered out the window, seeing that the sun was up and the skies were blue. 'How late did I sleep in til?' the male questioned to himself as he leaned over the bed, grabbing the pair of jeans he had worn yesterday and fished out his cell phone. He checked the time, which read 10:10am.

                                                            Looking back at April, the male smiled softly as he rested his hands in his lap. "Sorry, I didn't mean to crash out here". He chuckled and rubbed his right eye with his fist. "I hope you don't mind". He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "Really, all I just wanted to talk about was the fact that I think the family should take a trip or something like that". He nodded and smiled. "Next time I want to sleep over, I'll let you know ahead of time". Looking down at himself, he noticed that he was only his boxers, in which the male couldn't help but shrug his shoulders and smile a bit. "Must've gotten hot in the middle of the night". Unlike some of the other zodiacs, Adam was always warm. Whether it was the amount of fur his zodiac had or the fact Adam always wore so much long sleeved clothing, it seemed Adam rarely got cold. Even when it was in the middle of winter like during this time. Putting his legs over the bed side, the male leaned down and ran his fingers through his hair as he gathered his clothes together. "I didn't mean to wake you. You can go back to sleep if you want to. It's only 10am". Giving his best friend, April, a soft smile, the male nudged his head towards the bathroom and nodded. "I think I'm going to take a shower". He chuckled. "It's nice sharing a bathroom with my best friend. I don't have to worry about a bathroom routine from you". Waving his hand in a casual gesture, the male opened the bathroom door and stepped inside.

                                                            Grabbing a towel and hanging it over the shower door, the male stripped down to his naked self and turned the water on. After getting used to the hot water, the male stepped inside and began to shower himself. It felt amazing. Adam felt like he was washing the bad mojo off him. The doubts. The worry. The fears. He knew his parents still loved him. And he still loved his parents. He loved his family. Well, his father didn't have much of a family. Afterall, Alexander has an older brother named Sebastian was also a part of the zodiac curse. He was cursed with the falcon his father had told him. And then Sebastian got married to the God of the zodiac at the time, August Bennet. And then, they wanted children. That's how Aristotle and April came along. Aristotle was related to Adam by blood since he had Sebastian's DNA. But, April, was by marriage you could say since he had August's DNA. But still, Adam saw April as his first cousin and even like a brother. They had been best friends for a long time. And now that Adam thought about it, it was strange how April and Aristotle could somehow be related and even be siblings. Sure, they had different DNA, but they had the sames fathers, so Adam guessed that's what made them brothers. Shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head, Adam sighed softly as he began to think about the countless stories his father had told him. How uncle Sebastian considered Adam as his nephew, but didn't like Alexander. Adam had come to learn of this after one of the playdates he had with Aristotle and April when he was little. How his father had come to love a boy named Chamoisee Bennet, the cat of the zodiac and Bayard's father. And with how his father explained his love for the cat, it only made Adam worry that he would turn out like that. That he would begin to show feelings for the cat of the zodiac, a person he just couldn't stand nor ever understand what Bayard was thinking. Then again, it was best to never know what Bayard was thinking. Shaking his head, the male snapped his thoughts back to reality as he began to clean himself and treat his graced cuts and scrapes on his skin.

                                                            After a while of cleaning and reflecting in the shower, the male grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist as he stepped out and looked himself in the mirror. It seemed most of the scrapes were not too noticeable and they wouldn't open up. But, he knew April would notice. April always noticed, which always made Adam a bit happy, but he was never too sure why though. Rubbing his forehead with the slightest touch, the male walked back into April's room, rummaging through the drawers and pulling out a pair of boxers and casually slipped them on under the towel. He chuckled. "I promise I'll wash and return them". Running his fingers through his wet hair, the male tilted his head to the side a bit as he walked back to his side of the bed and sat down. "You know...for some reason, I was just thinking about our familes". He nodded. "Like how when I was little, Aristotle never played with us. Or how both your dads would look at my dad differently. And vice versa". He chuckled and waved his hand. "Well, I guess it's just me being curious now". He smiled and stood up from bed as he looked towards April. "So what are you up to today? I know I have to go to the store since I need a few things," the male asked in a slight carefree tone as he threw on his shirt from yesterday and began to make his side of April's bed.

                                                                                      Here's to you, glorify, my darlings, are you satisfied?
                                                                                              here's to you, critisize, my darlings, are you satisfied?
                                                                                                    You build me up just to break me down
                                                                                                        You're being loud without a sound
                                                                                                              You paste me in just to cut me out
                                                                                                                  Hello Fascination.
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                                As Dakota sat in the living room, her mind trying to focus on the book in her hands, she couldn't help but think about the possible illnesses Ashton had told her about. She was positive she had something illness wise because not even she could explain these symptoms. 'Anxiety...or nervousness?' the female repeated in her mind as she set the book next to her, keeping it still opened and sighing softly to herself as she tilted her head back to look at the ceiling. 'It can't be nerves...but maybe...maybe it could be anxiety'. The prarie dog sighed softly and closed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead. 'It only happens around Ashton...but maybe it's because he's better than me'. She agreed with herself. 'He's smarter than me. He's quite good looking too. And, he's the only person who can really make me laugh'. Her head shook at the possibilty of herself liking Ashton as more than a friend. 'That's stupid. I won't let myself go down that path. Not after seeing my mother's mistakes'. She gave herself a confident nod of her head as she picked her book back up again, reading the lines. 'I couldn't help myself to love Mister Darcy,' she read in her mind. And then her thoughts switched back to the handsome playful doctor in the kitchen. 'Though, it would be rather nice not being alone. Or to have someone that I could kiss. Maybe just experience the feeling of his lips o-STOP IT!' her mind screamed which caused Dakota to shake her head and snap herself out of her thoughts. Dakota took a deep breath as she closed her eyes for a moment before reopening them as she tried to focus back on her back. 'Mister Darcy...' the words seemed to echo in her mind as she turned her head towards the kitchen, her eyes widening at her thoughts and she whipped her head back around to look at her book. 'Ashton...could he? N-No! He's not my Mister Darcy! My?! Did I just say my?! Gah! SNAP OUT OF IT, KODI!' her mind screamed, causing Dakota to jump at her thoughts as she closed her book and threw it on the ground. The female stared at the book for a moment before taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She was going insane. This just had to be the answer.

                                Opening her eyes and biting the inside of her lip, the female took another deep breath before pushing herself off the couch and walking over to the thrown book. Her nimble fingers gently reached out with caution as if she was afraid the book was going to bite her. The book's spine rest in her fingertips as she made her way towards her bedroom, quickly stepping in for a moment as she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She had to think out the words for a moment as she pursed her lips in a confused motion, then she began writing.

                                Here's the book I was discussing to you. I found it to be a very good read and, since I've read this book too many times, I thought I would let you read it. That way we can talk about the book. It'll be nice to talk to you since no one else in this house reads.


                                Gently tucking the note into the book, the female closed her eyes as she gently pressed the book to her chest. Dakota poked her head outside of the hall from her bedroom door and nodded to herself as she noticed no one. It wasn't that the female hated everyone in this house, she just wasn't to good with confrontation. She preferred to be by herself in her room filled with candles and exquisite literature. Or with Ashton in the library, reading about the latest feats in medical resources. She was never the type to go hang out at the mall. Or go to the movies with her friends. 'What friends?' the female asked herself in her mind as she shook her head, making her way to Ashton's room. Sure, she could've given the male the book personally in his hands, but she thought it would be better to surprise the doctor of the family by setting the book on his bed. And that's exactly what she did. After knocking a few times on Ashton's door, the prarie dog poked her head inside and walked in as she closed the door behind her. Setting the book neatly on Ashton's bed, the female smiled softly as she laced her fingers together and looked around Ashton's room. It was perfect. The amount of books he had on his shelves. The way his room was so neat and organized. The way his room expressed himself. The way his room smelled of his scent. 'Now that was weird,' the female said to herself as she shook her head, making her way out of the room as she made her way back into the kitchen.

                                And that's when it started. Her dry mouth was coming back when she noticed the way Ashton's hair was standing. The butterflies filled her stomach as he continued to speak wth such properness. Her fingers twitched as she watched the male's eyes sparkle in the light sunlight. Shaking her head and taking a deep breath, the female sat down at the kitchen table. Hearing some movement, the female looked up and closed her eyes as she heard her sister, Nevada, pass her and give her a mere 'ew'. 'Well morning to you too,' the female spoke in her thoughts as she sighed softly. No, Nevada and her were never close growing up. They didn't have anything in common and they were so different from one another. Though, Dakota felt bad for Chandler sometimes since he had to deal with his sister hating one another. Though, people never did believe Dakota when she said that Nevada was her sister. While Nevada loved to go out to party out express herself in the loudest ways, Dakota preferred to stay quiet and fill her mind with knowledge. Dakota liked to think that Nevada received all her mother's genes while Dakota recieved all of her unknown's father's genes. And that made Dakota comfortable. She didn't want to turn out like her mother. Nevada said she was going out, which only made Dakota continue to ignore her. Normally, a good sister would ask her where she was going. Or tell her sister to be careful. But, no. If she would ever voice any concern, Nevada would just tell her to shut up and ask why she cared. So instead, Dakota shrugged her shoulders and closed her eyes as she heard the front door open and close.

                                Hearing another set of footsteps come down, Dakota lifted her head as her brown eyes met her older brother's. "Morning Chandler," she spoke to the male with a soft smile on her lips. Unlike Nevada and herself, Dakota actually cared deeply for her older brother. She had her own solutions to when her brother suffered another heartbreak. While Nevada's solution was alcohol, Dakota's was reading books and talking with her brother. Though, every once and a while she would ask him if he would like to watch a movie to distract himself. But, it seemed Nevada had gotten to her brother first. Hearing Ashton say that Nevada went out, Dakota could only nod her head in agreement. Then Ashton said he would cook the family a new years dinner. A smile graced her lips towards both boys. She watched her brother get up to get a certain utensil and she already knew that was a stupid mistake. Everyone knew not to leave full plates of food in front of Ashton because one of two things would happen; he'd either eat your food or prank it. And as fate would have it, Dakota watched with slight amusement as Ashton placed a fake roach by Chandler's bowl of cereal. Watching Chandler, Dakota couldn't help but giggle softly and smile as she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.

                                "I assumed I was the only one awake this morning, so no, I haven't seen anyone else," she spoke in her usual morning airy tone as she tilted her head to the side a bit. "Oh! Before I forget, Ashton, I left that book I was reading on your bed. I hope you don't mind". She smiled and felt her cheeks glow a bit. "I thought it'd be something we could discuss one of these days". The prarie dog closed her eyes and smiled before reopening them as she looked around at the sound of footsteps coming their way. Her eyes locked with the falcon of the family and Oksana's main guardian, Aristotle Bennet. "Morning Aris," the female spoke and only recieved a narrowing of his eyes and grunt in her direction. She knew Aristotle didn't like talking to anyone unless it was important. She knew he wasn't social. She felt he was misuderstood. She shrugged her shoulders at her thoughts as she bit the inside of her cheek. Hearing Aristotle say that Ashton may have to attend to Oksana this evening while she went out only made Dakota a bit sad on the inside. She didn't want Oksana to be with Ashton. She, secretly, wanted Ashton to herself. She wanted to talk with him. Wanted him to make her laugh. And wanted to even read some of the books in his library while he worked. Shaking her head at her thoughts, the female frowned a bit and cast her glance downwards as Ashton left the room with Aristotle.

                                Looking back up at Chandler, the female smiled softly to her older brother before she spoke in a sympathetic tone. "I'm sorry for what happened by the way". She nodded her head slowly and reached her hand over, gently placing her hand ontop of her brother's. "She wasn't worth your time if she was able to let you go so easily". She gave her brother a small wink and a nod as she stood up from her seat. "You know...I may not be fun like Nevada, but we can always do something together to take your mind off things". She nodded. "Like we can always talk? Or even watch a movie?" She smiled softly and her eyes widened as a bright idea hit her. "Hey, why don't we go to the store? We can do the shopping for the preparations that you and Ashton will need for the dinner. And we can even invite Ashton along when he's finished with Oksana". She smiled softly and giggled a bit as she stuck her hands in her pockets, looking away to hide the fact a small blush crept onto her cheeks as she thought about herself and Ashton shopping for food together. "Whatcha think?" the female asked her brother as she turned to face him once more, tilting her head to the side. Never had Dakota ever been this talkative in a single time she was with someone.

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                                                      An alarm clock awoke the male from his slumber, in which the male grunted and set his hand on the alarm clock. And in one swift motion, the alarm clock was on the bedside table and then collided with the wall in a matter of seconds, silencing the annoying beeping and falling to the floor in several broken pieces. Taking a deep breath, Aristotle ran his fingers through his hair and arose from his sleep, rubbing his eyes as he let the sheets of his bed fall just below his abs, exposing them. His gray eyes scanned the room around him, his lungs taking in a deep breath of air as he ran his pale fingers through his hair. The male glanced at the clock, noticing it was still quite early in the morning. "Oksana's probably not even awake," he muttered to himself and rolled his eyes. Exactly, how did he become the goddess' main guardian again? He thought for a moment, then pursed his lips and nodded. That's right. His father, Sebastian Bennet, was the main guardian to August Bennet, the God at the time and now second father to Aristotle. Sebastian had always told Aristotle that he would be the main guardian to the newest Goddess. One: Because Sebastian was the guardian to August. Two: He was the falcon just like his father. Except, one thing differed, Sebastian may have always loved August, but Aristotle couldn't even stand Oksana in the least. Shrugging his shoulders and blowing some air through his lips, the male shook his head and stood up from bed, stretching and standing on his two feet.

                                                      Going over to his drawers, the male slipped on a fresh pair of boxers and a pair of green jersey shorts for him to wear during his daily morning run. The male lazily messed up his hair some more with his fingers. He slipped on his sneakers and walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind him as he walked down the hallway towards Oksana's room. Raising his head and sighing softly, the male raised his hand to knock on Oksana's door and paused just before his knuckles could meet the door. He paused for a moment and stared at the door in front of him. If he knocked on the door, he knew Oksana would answer and he would have to tell her where he was going. Then again, if he didn't tell Oksana and she found out what he was doing, would he recieved a punishment? Or worse, would she tell his father that he disobeyed her as her guardian? Would Oksana really pull a childish move such as that? He sighed softly and removed his hand from the door, staring at it intently for a moment. The falcon closed his eyes for a moment before lifting his hand once more and knocking on the door a few times. "Oksana?" the male asked before he poked his head inside before looking at the female.

                                                      "I'm going on my run". He nodded intently. "Ashton's here if you need him for medical care. I should be back in an hour or two". Giving a nod towards the goddess, the male retreated from the room and closed the door behind him. Shrugging his shoulders, the male grabbed his i-pod and headed down the stairs as he slipped the earbuds into his ears and turned his music to full blast. He walked down into the kitchen area and noticed no one was awake, which didn't surprise the male at all. Then again, he didn't really care at all. Stepping outside and doing a few stretches, the male flipped on his music and began to run to the beat, keeping a steady pace and maintaining a steady flow of breath. He loved his morning runs. It gave him a break from everything. A break from remembering he was cursed with the zodiac of the falcon. A break from Sebastian's harsh words. A break from being a guardian to Oksana. A break from being around every single member in his family. Though, he didn't mind his younger brother, April. He was protective of him. And he didn't mind his other father, August. He was much closer to him than he was to his own father. For some reason, August cared for him much more and Aristotle felt that he could connect much more with August. August was just nicer. Aristotle sighed softly and shook his head, opening his eyes as he looked ahead of him. He had already run a good distance already and somehow managed to get lost in his thoughts. Another good thing about his morning run. He could easily get lost in his thoughts and not focus on the pain or the fact the cold air was piercing his lungs.

                                                      He continued to run at a steady pace. Keeping himself focused on the goal ahead. Being in tuned with his body and steady rhythm. And once he reached the park, the male walked towards the fountain and rested his hands on his knees, breathing deeply as he leaned forward a bit. Aristotle's gray eyes snapped open as he looked at the ground, sighing softly and standing back straight as he crossed his arms behind his head. The male hadn't bothered with a shirt, knowing full well he was only going to make the shirt dirty and he was going to take a nice hot shower when he got home. He sipped from the water fountain, wiping his mouth with his back of his hand as looked towards the tree, noticing a falcon was looking at him. It was like a reflection that only made Aristotle question himself a bit. It seemed yet another falcon was attracted to him. He remembered growing up that, since his father was the falcon for the previous zodiac, falcons were attracted to Aristotle. His father had told him that the zodiacs always attracted their species of animals. For April, it was swans. For Adam, it was jackels. And for Aristotle, it was falcons. Ever zodiac was like that. Though, he had to admit, he found it amusing when April and himself were surrounded by a flock of swans one time when they were younger. The male chuckled with amusement, opening his eyes as he ran his fingers through his hair. Looking down at his watch, he noticed it was about time he headed back. He had a lot to do so far. Showering. Cleaning his room. Cleaning Oksana's room. Tending to Oksana all day. Spend some time with his brother. Talk to his fathers. And just ignore everyone else that wanted to come along his way. Like Sebastian, he wasn't close to any other zodiac except April. He didn't even like his cousin Adam. Though, he had to admit, he did have a soft spot for Lillian. His father and mother had a very close sibling like bond and had always arranged playdates for the two when they were younger. For some reason, Lillian could always brighten up a bad day for Aristotle. But of course, he could never tell her that. That would be showing weakness. And he hated weakness.

                                                      As the male ran, his mind drifted once more to random thoughts. What would it be like if he wasn't cursed? Could he be able to handle the emotions that love came with? Could he ever open himself up to having others in his life besides his family and Lillian? It felt strange for Aristotle to actual think of these things. In all honesty, it scared him. And one moment he was in the park, and now he found himself standing in front of the house. The male scratched the back of his head and tilted it to the side. "Funny how easily I lose myself sometimes," the male muttered as he shrugged his shoulders and walked inside the house. Walking into the kitchen, the male tilted his brow and walked past Dakota, who was yelling at Ashton and calling him stupid. Though, he swore he saw a pink flush on her cheeks. But, as usual, the falcon didn't care. He grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, not even paying attention to the other two zodiac as he made his way to his bedroom. The male grabbed a fresh pair of clothes and headed for the bathroom.

                                                      A fifteen minute shower later, the male emerged with a towel wrapped around his waist and his head dripping with water. He dried himself off and threw on his fresh new clothes over his body. Rubbing his wet hair with a towel, the male made his way to Oksana's room and gently knocked on the door and let himself inside. "Time to wake up, Oksana," the male muttered as he looked towards the Goddess with an empty look in his eyes, not caring what she said or did to him if he was either waking her up or intruding in her space. He didn't care. The male pulled open the blinds, only a bit of sunlight to at least brighten up the room. The male cracked his neck as he looked towards the Goddess. "What's on your agenda today?" he asked her as he took a seat at the end of her bed, raising his head a bit as a slight smirk graced his lips and a curious twinkle sparkled in his gray eyes.

                                                      User Image
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The Rebellious Emo
    𝕿𝖜𝖎𝖓 𝕺𝖓𝖊

                                                Damien LeSalle slept peacefully in his bed. His limbs in every direction with a soft snore escape his open mouth, in a cute way of course. Damien's black comforter was spread on his body as the male clung to the warmth that he called his bed. And suddenly, it was broken when his ears caught the sound of something breaking against the wall. The emo growled slightly as he raised his fist, pounding on the wall that was connected to his older brother's room next door. "Ngggggh," the male groaned loudly enough to come off as yell, rolling his eyes at the yelled response Wolfgang gave him. "Then don't break s**t," the male yelled back to his brother as a soft sigh escaped his lips. [********] the male muttered to himself as he shook his head. He had gone to such an amazing party last night being thrown by Jess and Dillon. Oh Dillion, the object of his affection and crush of nearly a year. He couldn't help it. The disc jockey was an attractive male. Shaking his head and pushing himself up from his sleep, the male used his fist to rub his eyes awake. A yawn escaped the male's lips as he heard Wolfgang yell when he heard someone pound on the door. Which meant Demetria was awake and he would have to fight for the morning shower. 'Fantastic,' the male's mind spoke as the male pushed himself up from his bed, regaining his balance on his own two feet as he ran his fingers through his hair.

                                                Stretching his arms over his head as the rebellious emo opened his bedroom door, making his way down the hallway to the room across the hall that was Demetria's. Oh how the male loved his twin, but sometimes, he wished he was a single born child. Sure, Demetria and Damien had their twin magic and they would trick people wiith their supposed twin mind reading abilities, but sometimes, the twins knew each other too well. Which scared Damien because there were some things his twin didn't know about the emo male. Shaking his head from his thoughts, twin one knocked on Demetria's door in only a pair of batman boxers. "Demy," the male spoke and was just about to finish his sentence when he noticed his sister open the door wearing a pair of boxers and using her arms to cover her chest. "Demy!" the male shrieked as he turned around, rubbing his forehead. "Jesus Christ! Put a shirt on at least! Some of us aren't wild and free like you!" Hearing his sister's response, the male rolled his eyes as he muttered, "Let's just have Wolfgang flip the coin". Taking the coin, the male sighed softly at his sister playfully yelled at Wolfgang as he handed his older brother the coin to flip. "Tails," the male spoke in a soft tone as he watched the coin flip in the air, then land on the table and show the results. His brown eyes closed for a moment as a soft sigh escaped his lips when the coin revealed to be heads. "Whatever, I'll shower at school after gym," the male spoke with a shrug as he ran his fingers through his black hair, watching his sister skip to the bathroom.

                                                Hearing the toaster pop up their breakfast, the male's nose filled with the fresh aroma of coffee. Going to one of the cabinets, the male pulled out three coffee mugs and began to fill them, in order to give the LeSalle siblings their daily dose of energy for the upcoming day. Looking at Wolfgang when he told the younger to get ready for school, the male gave his druggie brother and made his way to his bedroom. Settling on a pair of black skinny jeans and a plaid shirt with gray converse shoes. And settling for a black and white checkered cap, the male slid it on his head as he walked over to his bedroom door. Grabbing his backpack, the male grabbed his spare bag that was filled with his work clothes that he would need for later on. The male worked at the local music store and he loved it. He would never give it up. The male played guitar and he loved working on new songs while he was there especially when the store wasn't busy. Shaking his head and grabbing both bags, the male walked out of his bedroom, his eyes meeting his twin sister's, who was now dressed and clean. Giving her a nod and shoving his hands in his pockets, the male walked into the kitchen, noticing his older brother wasn't there. But, the faint smell of cigarette smoke was now slowly flooding into the kitchen, which only meant that Wolfgang was outside smoking his morning cig.

                                                Hearing his sister, the male gave his sister a nod as he sat down and drenched the eggo with maple syrup. He began to eat the eggo, drinking the coffee that he had poured for himself and his siblings. But, it seemed Wolfgang hadn't touched either of them. "We have to get going. Grab Wolfgang's eggo and coffee". Hearing a moan of disapproval, Damien only rolled his eyes. "I swear, you're like four sometimes". Watching his sister walk out the front door and yell at him, Damien sighed as he finished his morning breakfast, putting both dishes in the sink before checking the chore schedule. And as luck would have it, it was his turn. Rolling his eyes and sticking out his tongue in slight disgust, the male shook his head and grabbed his bags for the day. Making his way out to the front, the male quickly pushed his sister aside, so he could drive their car to school. It made Damien feel safe when he wasn't in a car with his sister driving. She claimed herself as the 'fun' driver. Fun meaning swerving to the music that played on the radio, talking on her cell phone to her friends, and laughing when Damien clung for dear life when his sister sped to beat the yellow light. Hearing a few mean sentences from his sister, Damien only smirked a bit and chuckled as he set his stuff on the passenger seat, giving his sister, the middle finger, and speed off to school.

                                                Sure, he knew he would recieve a talking to later from Wolfgang and he would be put in for his sister's wrath, but at this point, Damien didn't really care. Blasting his speakers with the music of "Helena" by My Chemical Romance, Damien gently tapped the steering wheel with his hands to the beat of the music. Gently nodding his head to the music, Damien's brown eyes looked up when he noticed the school coming into view. A soft sigh escaped the male's lips as he parked his car, locked it, and grabbed his school bag as he made his way through the front of the school. Running his fingers through his hair, the male walked into the cafeteria, his eyes widening and his cheeks flushing a slight tint of pink when he caught his crush sitting at the table and working on homework. Gently biting the inside of his lip, Damien rubbed his cheeks slightly and shook his head a bit as he walked towards the male and sat across from him. "Hey Dillion," the male spoke as he took a seat across from the male. Running his fingers through his hair, the male chuckled slightly as he shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry...I bet you want to be alone". He nodded and stood up again. "I just wanted to say that you had a couple of amazing parties these past weekends". He nodded. "Demetria and I definitely enjoyed them". He stood up to gather his things and wait for the other male to dismiss him.


                                              You could say I'm feeling... SHY
                                                    But I know I'm at... CAFETERIA
                                                            And I'm in the company of... DILLON
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User Image

The Colorful Drummer
    𝕿𝖜𝖎𝖓 𝕿𝖜𝖔

                                                Demetria smiled softly in her sleep, pushing the plush white comforter away from her body. A loud crash was heard which only made Demetria scrunch her face in a pout at the rude awakening. 'Dammit'. Sighing softly and slowly opening her brown eyes, her eyes glanced around the alarm clock on the bedside table. Another sigh escaped her pale lips as she shook her head, sitting up and letting her dyed blonde hair fall past her shoulders in soft waves as the pink sheets fell just below her stomach. Reaching her hand up, the drummer ran her fingers through her blonde hair as she pushed her bangs away from her face. Stretching her arms and pushing herself out of bed, the female groaned softly and rolled her eyes. "Wolfgang needs to start making breakfast," the female muttered as she made her way out of her bedroom and walked down the hallway, pounding on Wolfgang's bedroom door with her powerful fist. Even though the female was all bubbly and in shape, she never knew her own strength until the amount of damage that was caused. One time she had punch a hole through Wolfgang's door when he was high on shrooms and thought the rabbits in his room were trying to take over his mind. And she even broke her twin brother's nose one time when he dyed her hair blue the week of her music exam. Demetria giggled at thoughts and smirked when she heard Wolfgang growl at her. Shrugging her shoulders, Demetria walked back to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. She hoped her twin brother wouldn't be awake. That way she could have the morning shower and not worry about it. She smelled of booze and the pounding in her head wasn't as bad as it was on other days. Last night was amazing. Her friends, Jess and Dillion, had thrown such an amazing party that the twins and Wolfgang had to go! And they did! Demetria ended up dancing on the tables and partying with all her friends. She didn't care what trouble Wolfgang and Damien had gotten into, but as long as they hadn't broken rules one and two, they were good. Rule one: don't get taken away in a cop car. Rule two: don't tell mom and dad.

                                                Pulling her superman shirt over her head, the female tilted her brow as she heard a knock on her door. Too lazy to put another shirt on, the female just used her arms to cover her chest as she made her way to the bedroom door and opened it with a smirk. "What?" the female spoke in her usual morning tone. Her eyes shot open at the reaction of her twin brother, which only made the female shrug her shoulders in an innocent fashion. This was true. Out of all the LeSalle kids, Demetria was the most open and bubbly. She loved who she was. She loved her body. She love her sparkling personality. And she knew there was no shame in hiding it. Rolling her eyes and putting a shirt on when her brother's back was turned, Demetria lightly hit her brother on the back of his head. "Oh shut up. That may be the closest you get to the female anatomy besides for the science book and porn". Grabbing a coin from off the dresser, the female ran her fingers through her hair as she followed her brother into the kitchen to see Wolfgang. "Flip the damn coin!" the female yelled towards her older brother, sitting at the table as she watched Damien give Wolfgang the coin that would determine who would get the moring shower first: her or her twin. Hearing Damien call it in the air, the female gently bit down on her lower lip as she watched the coin go into the air and the crash onto the dining table. Her eyes widened as she noticed it was heads, smirking to herself and giggling. And without a word, the female literally skipped to the bathroom.

                                                Turning on the water and quickly stripping, the female got inside and slowly let the warm water overtake her body. Oh how she loved this. It was nice getting rid of the booze smell replacing it was th scent of mangos and strawberries. After a fifteen minute shower, the colorful drummer wrapped a pink towel around her body as she made her way to her bedroom to start getting dressed. Sliding on her light purple shorts and her whiskey tank top, the female giggled to herself at her choice of fashion. Grabbing her bad hair day beanie and throwing it on, the female raised her head to pull a few blonde strands in front of her face. She grabbed her lucky drumsticks, sticking them in her back pocket as she grabbed her backpack. Opening her bedroom door, the female's brown eyes came in contact with her brothers. Giving her brother a soft smile, the female closed her door behind her and walked down the hallway into the kitchen. Noticing her older brother wasn't there, the female glanced towards the front door, sniffing the faint whiff of smoke. The female sighed and shook her head. She always hoped her brother would stop smoking and doing drugs. Not only was it affecting his health, it was affecting the twins. But Wolfgang knew better than to smoke in front of the twins after the many times he had been scolded and the coughing attacks Damien would have because of his asthema. "He's smoking outside," the female spoke to her brother, giving him a nod as he sat down and began to eat his breakfast. Grabbing her waffle and pouring powder sugar ontop of it, the female ate the waffle within a few bites and poured her coffee into her unicorn traveling mug. Hearing Damien tell her to give Wolfgang his food, the female pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. "Well why can't you do it?" And then remembering that Damien couldn't be around Wolfgang when he smoked, she rolled her eyes at her brother's comment as she wrapped Wolfgang's waffle in a paper towel and held the mug of coffee in her hand. Gently opening the door and tilting her head to the side.

                                                Handing her brother his waffle and mug of coffee, Demetria gave a soft smile to her older brother. The female twin walked back inside the house, leaving the door open as she yelled at her twin. "Damien! We have to go to school, so get your skinny a** in gear!" Giggling slightly at her comment, the female slung her backpack over her shoulder and grabbed the travel mug. She took a quick sip of it and grabbed Wolfgang's keys, throwing them to her brother who caught them with ease. Giving her older brother a slight smile, the female walked out the front door being followed by her twin as she locked the door behind her. And as she walked to the driver's seat of their car, her eyes narrowed as she watched Damien lightly shove her aside and get in the front seat. "What the Hell?!" the female barked towards her twin. "I mean, seriously! You ALWAYS drive to school! Just because I felt like driving on the wild side, you never let me drive! Ugh! You're such a pansy! Seriously! Like live a little!" She growled as she watched her brother flip her the middle finger and drive off, laving her speechless and standing in the driverway. "HE'S GONNA PAY! I'M GOING TO GO SCARFACE ON HIS a**!" the female yelled as she curled her fists, her breathing becoming heavy as she tried to calm down. Oh now her twin was dead. He would definitely get payback later for leaving her like he just did. Him getting in the driver's seat was bad enough. But this? Oh now this meant war. And she was sure s**t was going to go down in the LeSalle house tonight. [******** little p***k,"
                                                she muttered as she heard Wolfgang telling her to get in his car, so he could drive her to school.

                                                Getting inside the passenger seat, the female huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as Wolfgang began to drive the two of them to school. Hearing her brother's suggestion, the female nodded and her rant began. "Definitely. He's going to remember to never ever cross me again! Ugh! Seriously, why'd I have to have him as a twin? It's bad enough we shared a uterus for nine months! Now, he thinks he's the bad a** rebellion king of everything". She smirked and giggled darkly. "Well this time I won't be nice to him. Leaving me was the biggest mistake he ever made". Raising her head and leaning back into the passenger seat, the female allowed Wolfgang's blasting music fill her ears and pump her up. "He'll be lucky if I don't stick a drumstick so far up his a**, it'll take him years to s**t it out". Rolling her eyes and sighing softly, the female watched Wolfgang pull up to the school in a screeching halt, causing some students to look at them and wonder what the sudden noise was. Waving to Wolfgang, the female took out her cell phone and texted her best friend Dion.

                                                To: Dino
                                                From: The awesome twin two
                                                Msg; Hey! I just arrived! Where are you? By the way, have you seen Damien yet? He had to odasity to leave me standing in the driveway! He gave me the middle finger and left behind me!

                                                Clicking the send button, the female tilted her head to the side a bit as she slowly ran her fingers through her blonde ends. She adjusted the beanie on her head, blowing some air through her lips as she hummed a soft tone. She pulled the drumsticks out of her back pocket, playing a light beat on any surface that would make a good noise to the beat. Demetria had always loved going to the beat of her own drum. Twin two never did care what other people did think. Bobbing her head a bit, the female pushed open the front doors of the school and smiled to herself as she made her way to her locker. Taking out a few books, the drummer giggled to herself, looking down the hall and seeing on of her friends: Rose. Giving her friend a small wave, the female made her way over to her friend, gently bouncing one of the drumsticks on Rose's head. "Hey love," the female said with a smile as she looked towards the other girl that Rose was talking to. Giving the girl a playful wave, the twin smiled towards Rose and stuck her drumsticks back into her back pocket. "Quick! Have you see Damien? I need to get revenge on him!" Tilting her head to the side, the female placed her hands on her hips as puckered her lips in a playful fashion.

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                                              You could say I'm feeling... mischievous
                                                    But I know I'm at... hallway
                                                            And I'm in the company of... Rose & Blythe

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