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AMVs: Liar Liar!

She's Got You High | Choei & Mayoko
My god, this is the funniest and cutest anime I've seen in a while. My obsession for anime kind of deterioated but this anime definitely ignited it back up (well, not so much but I am checking out new animes that came out this year ^^). c: So enjoy this new AMV I have out. It might be a while before another comes out. XD

Song: She's Got You High by Mumm-ra
Anime: Liar Liar! (Girlfriend For Hire)
Program used: Sony Vegas
[LL!] Choei x Mayoko ; Love Like Woe
So remember when I asked for you to give me suggestions for an anime to use? Well, I guess I didn't mention that I wanted it to be something new and what I've never seen before. Out of all the suggestions, only one I never heard of so I figured it was new. To the person that suggested it, THANK YOU. Ohmygod, it is my favorite anime of this year. 8D So I took the time to watch it and it is so cute and funny. I dedicated this video to the main couple, Choei and Mayoko.

The anime is called "Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!" (LL! for short) and it's about this boy and girl who are pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend because the boy (Choei) lied to his classmates that the girl (Mayoko) was his girlfriend and he asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for god knows how long. xD She agrees to and...yeah. I SUGGEST YOU WATCH IT NOW. ANYONE WHO VIEWS THIS VIDEO MUST WATCH IT. 8D

Info at the end of the video as always.
Misery (Choei/Mayoko)
well, other people are using this anime so i thought i would too. ^^ i found out about this anime actually from the official art i found and some fanart. thought both looked cute so i decided to check it out. LOVE ALL OF IT!! ;DD

song: Misery by Maroon 5
anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
All This Time - Choei/Mayoko/Mizuho
PRO-ChoMay, ANTI-ChoMiz. biggrin That's my opinion.

I don't like Mizuho's character, her airheadness is annoying. ;_; Other characters like that make it cute but urgh she makes it annoying! She's cute appearance wise but other than that, BLECH. D: Plus, she kind of acts like a Mary Sue and she looks a lot better with Hikaru anyway.

Anyway, I love Choei and Mayoko. I already know they'll become an official couple. Enjoy the video! :3
Our Time Has Been Running Out... [ChoMiz]
Okay, I kind of like Mizuho (I know everyone else doesn't), I think she's cute but I will agree she's kind of annoying
This vid is not exactly Pro or anti ChoMiz, it's kind of semi (like it's cute but i don't support it) because like many others, I love Choei&Mayoko. smile

Song:Finish Line by Yasmin
Anime:Liar Liar, Girlfriend For Hire
Everything You Want - Kosaku x Yukino
I like this couple :3 I feel bad for Kosaku, knowing that the girl of your dreams like your friend XDD Hence the reason why this song was chose! they're cute together when it shows them standing next to each other, I do hope they end up together once Yukino realizes that Kosaku is meant for her... besides Choei&Mayoko ftw. ♥ or Mizuho I guess lol -_-

Song//EverythingYouWant By Vertical Horizon (also at end of video)
Anime//End of Video
Sato's A Lady [LL! AMV]
Come on, you can't sit there and say this song is not their anthem or something. biggrin

Song: She's A Lady
By: Forever The Sickest Kids
Anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire! (or LL! for short)
Hustle Like A Lady (Yukino Koizumi)
Hahahaha, Yukino is my favorite from LL! (GFH), she's such a spazz. biggrin But that's why I love her!

Aw, there isnt much amvs of this couple so i decided to make one. :3 hope you enjoy!

Little Of Your Time is by Maroon 5
Anime is called Liar liar! Girlfriend for Hire!
My love for you is E N D L E S S. . .
c: Had so much fun with this. Enjoy~

Anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
Couple: ChoMay [[ Choei X Mayoko ]]
Song: Zero Gravity by Kerli

Material copyrighted to the owners of LL! and Kerli's music. smile
Choei&Mayoko || LL! || "...Each kiss gets sweeter."
<3 I love this song & anime so much, I decided to put them together. biggrin

Info at the end. Hope you enjoy. smile
B A N G (Choei/Mayoko)

Besides, the world could use another ChoMay video. (; This was is sososososo much different from my usual vids with this couple (the ones that are all happy and cute). I decided to take a more dark and sexual turn with this one. I'm obsessed with this song. Please enjoy.
Choei/Yukino & Kosaku/Mayoko -- judas.
Believe it or not, I knew it was never going to happen but I kind of wanted these arrangements. D:
Don't worry, I love Choei/Mayoko but not as much as these couples. especially Kosaku/Mayoko - something about it when they stand together or have scenes together make them look so... amazing together.
But you know, fanart and fanfictions are my only source of any of them happeneing. xD

ENJOY. if you don't like the idea, please go away NOW. ><"
Choei x Mayoko [[Vindicated]]
Totally got bored one day and made a vid out of this couple but lost interest in it quick, found it again today and finished it by slapping on an ending. Could it be better? Yeah, but youtube could always use another vid of this couple like someone said. smile

Dashboard Confessional - "Vindicated"
Anime - "Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!"
LL! Couples - All The Same
Like I promised!! wink I was having a bit of trouble with the cut since I'm not used to using rock music so sorry if the cutting is horrible. D; Other than that, I like how this turned out. Enjoy!!

Song: Sick Puppies - All The Same

The couples within the vid:
ChoMay (Choei/Mayoko) - ♥My Favorite♥
KosaYuki (Kosaku/Yukino)
MizHik (Mizuho/Hikaru)
DaiAyu (Daishin/Ayumi)
Choei Matsuoka & Mayoko Sato - Shattered
i've been wanting to do this video for some time but i had a hard time finding clips that would work. so i was happy when i finally found some that did. anyway, hope you enjoy this one. smile )

i know the anime is happy and dandy but there was a serious and emotional side to this couple that i couldn't ignore. i knew the more i watched this anime the cuter these two would become. gah, have to keep watching to pray they'll end up together!! >.<

info at the end of the video as always! biggrin
Impossible {LL! / Choei&Mayoko}
Man, sometimes I forget these two are pretending to be a couple - mainly because I know they both have feelings for each other. Episode 11 inspired me to do this, especially since Mayoko realizes she has feelings for Choei. smile

LL! -- faith & desire (swing of your hips)
All other amvs of this anime and couple inspired me to do this smile

I forgot about yt ridiculous strict copyright laws so this vid was blocked -.- Thankfully I got a program to pitchshift songs to avoid copyright

Anime used: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
Song used: Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson
Fandom: ChoMay aka ChoeiXMayoko
Mizuho x Ishimoto } T R O U B L E
I think these two look cute together, only because I like Choei/Mayoko together ^^
Please enjoy smile

Song: Trouble by Nevershoutnever
Anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
AMV: Ladder In Mayoko's Tights
I love her character development. biggrin From the prim and proper smart girl to, well... this video! Finding scenes to match the lyrics were quite easy, some proved to be difficult though.

Audio: Ladder In My Tights
Artist: Amy Studt
Anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!

No copyright intended. Let's say it's to promote the anime and music artist. wink
Choei/Mizuho: That's What She Said
this is not exactly a support video. it's just that this song reminded me of their relationship. Me? supporter of Choei/Mayoko all the way. biggrin

I forgot the info at the end:
Anime: Liar Liar!
Song: it's in the title by Friday Night Boys

please enjoy! smile
Liar Liar!// Did You Forget?// Choei X Mayoko
I don't listen to Demi Lovato at all but I love this song and I thought it really fit (there is a story so if you watch the anime, you will understand this video) biggrin

I own nothing. All material is copyright to their rightful owners.

audio: "Don't Forget" by Demi Lovato
Mayoko and Choei ; Perfect

WHOEVER IS DISLIKING MY VIDEOS BETTER CUT IT OUT BEFORE I REMOVE LIKE/DISLIKE RATINGS ALL TOGETHER. Seriously, it's immature. Don't like my videos? STOP WATCHING THEM JUST TO DISLIKE THEM! That just means you DO like them if you come back just to do such a stupid thing. -_-

Enjoy the video those who ACTUALLY LIKE THEM. biggrin
{ LOST IN STEREO♥ } -- choei x mizuho.
I think this describes their relationship. Mizuho ignores Choei because she's too busy (I know she pays attention to him but still). xD My opinions on this couple? Well, I don't necessarily support it. They're cute but come on, Mayoko is a much better match for Choei. smile

All Time Low -- "Lost In Stereo"
Anime -- "Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!"
♥ call me a sinner, call me a saint.
I edited the song to make it sound a bit like a girl since this video is told from Mayoko's POV. You probably don't think it fits, but I do.

Copyright to the owners of Shinedown's music and the owners of LL!.
LL! AMV -- All You Wanted -- Mayoko and Yukino
NOT a yuri support video, it focuses on their friendship. Anyway, I love this anime and I really do suggest it.

"All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch
"Liar Liar!" is the anime (there's more to the title though but that's what it is short)
"A pretty face she hid from the world." (Story of Sato Mayoko)
I couldn't avoid making this video. As soon as I heard the line that's in the title, I knew that Mayoko from "Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire" was destined to be the star. I worked very hard on it to show my favorite megane some love. Please enjoy. smile

[Audio] "Story of a Girl" by Nine Days
[Fandom] Mayoko Sato from "Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!"

This is purely fanmade. I am not making money of this whatsoever.
((LLGFH)) ChoMay - "Everything I Ask For"
Oh decent vids, why wont you ever come out the way I want you to? ;_; Was so annoyed working on it but I guess it came out better than most of my vids that like to spazz out -_- ENJOY!!

Love this couple, song, band...put em all ******** YEAH 8D

My favorite part in this though is the "I'm freaking out because I'm just so lucky" & "Fights turn into sex" biggrin mainly because finding scenes for those were easy, especially the sex part XD
T O U C H I N' }{ Choei x Mayoko
ohai. I think these two are super ******** cute so I got to work. wink
To be honest, I got inspired to do this after ep. 13... I'm flushed just thinking about it. o//o
enjoy, my lovelies. ♥

Anime: Liar Liar!
Song: Touchin' On My by 3!OH!3 (or something like that o_o)
Everything I'm Not [ChoMay vs ChoMiz]

Sorry, fan girl moment. c: So if you support ChoMay, you'll love this vid... but if you support ChoMiz (idk why) then I guess you'll like this vid too? o.e

Song owned by The Veronicas. Anime is Liar Liar! {{WATCH IT!! :3}}
LL! - Mayoko x Choei ; Hot Mess
So like, this song has been stuck in my head and I love this anime so putting them together was the best thing I ever. And I love how this came out! biggrin D Please enjoy and comment/subscribe!

Song: Hot Mess
By: Uncle Kracker
Anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
JustSoYouKnow //Choei&Mayoko\ (LLGFH)
"I shouldn't love you but I want to
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away" ♥

Song: Just So You Know by Jesse Mccartney
♥Accidentally In Love♥ [Choei x Mayoko]
It fits because both Choei and Mayoko DID "accidentally" fall in love when they were suppose to pretend. 8D
After hearing this song on Shrek, I immediately thought of this anime and got to work. smile

Song - Accidentally In Love
By - Counting Crows
Anime - Liar Liar!

I own none of the material. This is purely fanmade.
Choei & Mayoko {♥} Teenage Dream
I really didn't want to use this song because it's overused in a lot of videos with couples, but I couldn't resist this version OR this anime so that's why I used it. smile

Anime - Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire
Song: Teenage Dream by Boyce Avenue

choei x mayoko • every time you go.
so many lines in this song that reminded me of this couple. c:
when I like really like a couple, song, or anime, I make a full video.
so enjoy~~ ♥ (I'm very proud of this one. biggrin )

SONG / every time you go by ellie goulding.
ANIME / liar liar!

this is fanmade. no copyright infringement intended.
♥ Keep me hanging on, so c o n t a g i o u s ly }

MOVING ON. ;;;;;
you guys, I love this anime - it's so cute and I love the plot. 8DD the editing here is quite simple, to match up with the song really. :3 Enjoy this, lovelies.

Music // So Contagious
By // Acceptance
Anime // Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
Couple // Choei x Mayoko {ChoMay}
You're Still A ★!
OH GOD. I accidentally entered my old account into the login thing and was crying because it says I was banned but then I realized that I was using the wrong youtube info. xDD

Anyway, enjoy this ChoeiXMayoko video. smile I was going to add the other couples but I had so much with just them. ♥

Audio: Camera Shy by School Boy Humor
Anime: Liar Liar! (Girlfriend For Hire!)
Liar Liar! AMV - It Just Takes Some Time
EDIT: Wow, I'm gone on vacation for a few weeks and this already has over 9000+ views. biggrin Thanks so much!

I did this under pure and utter boredom. But I think it came out pretty great, which is a surprise because I usually fail at this.

Info at the end. I don't own any of the material used. All content copyright to their rightful owners. smile
Slide your lonely body behind mine ;; ChoeiMayoko
Sooo much better than the last video I did of this couple 8DD

Song - Can't Sleep by Armchair Cynics
Anime - Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire
Program used - Sony Vegas
♫ Mayoko&Choei / You make me s-s-stutter !!
SORRY IF I HAVE NOT BEEN POSTING LATELY D: I had no inspiration for a video in a long time then I remembered that I was working on this video right here, however I stopped because SV was pissing me off ;3; so I finished what I could and slapped on an editing.. I think it's alright, could be better but enjoy it anyways !!

EDIT;; forgot the info at the end. ;D
Anime: Liar Liar!
Song: Stutter by Maroon5
DuMb LoVe ♥♥ [[ChOxxMaY]]
Hi all!! ;33 I'm back w/ a new computer - i don't have Sony Vegas anymore but i do have iMovie now which i think is a lot better in a way. So enjoy this new vid I made..haha, i really love this couple in this vid right here!! However if I might miss SV soon so dont be surprised when a new vid has been made w/ that program

Song owned by Sean Kingston and the anime is called "Liar Liar Girlfriend For Hire".

P O N Y -- Mayoko.
trying new styles. y/n?

song - pony (it's ok) by erin mccarley.
fandom - mayoko sato from liar liar!
more wit, better kiss, hotter touch, better ********.
biggrin sorry if i haven't made a recent video lately. i haven't had any inspiration.
but this new anime in this video helped.
please enjoy, info at the end.

but in it's here too in case you can't read it:
anime: Liar Liar!
fandom: Mayoko x Choei
song: Lying Is The Most Fun... by Panic! At The Disco
"Perfect Situation" - Mayoko & Choei -

Though I do love this video, these two are apart of my OTP collection.

Song: Weezer - Perfect Situation
just the thought of you can drive me wild. [liar liar! girlfriend for hire!]
hello. smile this video is made as a dedication to my best YT friend, Jellybellyxx. why? because she loves this couple as much as I do. hope you like it, Jelly. ♥

also enjoy it as well, my other subscribers&friends. I also made it for your viewing pleasures as well. C:

song: smile - uncle kracker.
anime: title.
shipping: chomay.
program: sony vegas pro 9.
You F O U N D Me - Choei + Mayoko
song: you found me.
by: kelly clarkson. / kyle clarkson. (xD)
anime: liar liar! girlfriend for hire!
program: sony vegas pro.

since this is coming from Choei's POV, i pitch shifted the song to make it sound like a boy. (:
Mayoko&Choei - "Like all the boys before."
I couldn't of had possibly made this vid. 8D It's too good to be something of mine!

Audio "Under The Sheets" by Ellie Goulding
Anime "Liar Liar!"
Beautiful Soul {Choei&Mayoko ~ Liar Liar!}
I wanted to use clips for once instead of fanart, but I could not find the RAW versions so I settled on such getting the subtitles. But I guess it makes you want to watch the anime/scene more. xDD

Here's another video set to a Jesse McCartney song. Yeah, I'm in love that boy, okay?? ;_; Don't judge me. I actually might another vid of this couple with his songs. smile

Info at the end.
She's No You {Choei&Mayoko + Mizuho ~ Liar Liar!}
Told you I would make another vid of these two with a Jesse McCartney song. biggrin D This time I added Mizuho for the "She's no you" part.

As always, info at the end. :3
Choei + Mayoko \ More Than Anyone
Requested by: Lovelybee11

I actually had intended to make a video of this couple for a long time but I couldn't think of a song to use. I also wanted to use one that wasn't used by anyone else. So Lovelybee11's request came along with this song and I instantly got to work.

Enjoy! smile

"More Than Anyone" by Gavin Degraw.
Here With You: Matsuoka/Sato.

Song:Here With You
By:Allstar Weekend
Characters:Choei Matsuoka x Mayoko Sato
Anime:Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire!
Program:Sony Vegas

Love this couple, anime, song, and band. 8D
stereo hearts ;; mayoko ♥ choei
that almost never happens o3o but enjoy lawlz.

audio: stereo hearts by gym class heros
anime: liar liar! girlfriend for hire!
Walking With A Ghost » ChoMay
Choei and Mayoko are too damn cute together. Nuff said.

Song: Walking With A Ghost (Tegan and Sara)
Anime: Liar Liar! Girlfriend For Hire
○Skinny Love○ [LL! / Choei X Mayoko]
I was debating whether to us Bon Iver's version (the original) or Birdy's (cover). Since Bon Iver was the first one I heard, I used that one. (: I love this couple a lot. Please enjoy anyone who watches this.

❤ Love Like This ~ Mayoko&Choei.
asdfghjkl. don't know what to write. c:

song - love like this.
by - natasha bendingfield & sean kingston.
anime - liar liar! girlfriend for hire!

Mayoko and Choei - It's Gonna Be Love
Happy Birthday, Trista. biggrin D

Because she loves this couple and song like I do, I thought it was best to put them together.

Song is "It's Gonna Be Love" by Mandy Moore.
♦Choei X Mayoko♦ "So why I can't turn off the radio?"
I literally cried while making this ;_; but that's normal right?? D; DON'T JUDGE ME o.e


The audio used is "So Sick" by Ne-yo.
She's so lovelyy~ [Mayoko and Choei]
Urgh finally this thing uploaded : Every time I uploaded it, it would stop at 60% and then my Firefox browser would shut down
Alas though (: It is uploaded for your viewing pleasures finally!

She's So Lovely is by Scouting For Girls
Anime is Liar Liar!
Call You When I'm Here (私がここにいるときに電話 Watashi ga Koko ni iru Toki ni Denwa) by Hanako Fukuyama is Japanese comedy manga. It revolves around three best friends: Mayoko Sato, Kouki Hamasaki, and Daisuke Nishimura, their other acquaintances, and the crazy adventures they all encounter. It was adapted into an anime in January 2012.

Main characters
Mayoko Sato (佐藤 真夜子 Satō Mayoko) - voiced by: Ayaka Tamaya
Kouki Hamasaki (浜崎こうき Hamasaki Kōki) - voiced by: Hajime Ijichi
Daisuke Nishimura (西村大輔 Nishimura Daisuke) - voiced by: Ikuya Kaminaga

Other characters
Shichiro Tendo (天童七郎 Tendō Shichirō) - voiced by: Yasuoka Naito
Kunio Orikasa (折笠邦夫 Orikasa Kunio) - voiced by: Masao Sugiyama
Chikako Hamasaki (浜崎ちかこ Hamasaki Chikako) - voiced by: Narumi Arakida
Hotaru Fujioka (藤岡ほたる Fujioka Hotaru) - voiced by: Ryoma Nishiwaki
Ran Chinen (蘭知念 Chinen Ran) - voiced by: Soji Hatakeyama
Yuzuki Ishige (石毛柚木 Ishige Yuzuki) - voiced by: Tomoyo Fujishima

Minor characters
Torio Nishimura (西村トリオ Nishimura Torio) - voiced by: Daichi Toyotomi
Aoi Mizushima (水島あおい Mizushima Aoi) - voiced by: Tomoaki Nagano
Tsuna Mizushima (水島ツナ Mizushima Tsuna) - voiced by: Seika Ogawa
Yuko Ishige (石毛ゆうこ Ishige Yūko) - voiced by: Tomoyo Fujishima
Call You When I'm Here
main characters

              Mayoko Sato
              Mayoko is the brains of the group and the only girl. She is the most intelligent of the three and the rest of the characters as well. She is never seen without her round glasses and braids except for bed, yet on multiple occasions she is seen with her hair down when hanging out with the boys. A running gag in the series is that whenever she takes them off, Mayoko’s face goes off-screen. No one has ever seen Mayoko without her glasses save for Kouki and Daisuke themselves. Because she tends to be nicer and levelheaded, Mayoko is more liked and welcomed by the other characters than Kouki and Daisuke are. Her parents are apparently strict people and at times, are very controlling towards their daughter but she doesn’t seem to mind it as she knows that they love her as much as she loves them. She is easily annoyed by Kouki and Daisuke’s antics, often scolding them and is not above punishing (or even betraying them) whenever they toy with her feelings. Although she is treated poorly by the boys, Kouki and Daisuke care about Mayoko a lot, as evidence when someone else is being rude to her, they are quick to defend her. Mayoko does very well in school but lacks in physical education. She is often seen inventing stuff and her intelligence is used a lot by the other characters. Mayoko has no brothers or sisters and while she has expressed she gets lonely, after seeing how Kouki and Daisuke are with their siblings, she comments that she is thankful to be an only child. It’s revealed she became friends with the boys after realizing she didn’t have anything in common with other girls.

              Kouki Hamasaki
              Kouki is the airhead of the trio, often appearing clueless and never understanding anything that is registered to conversations, causing him to say things that do not make any sense or contribute to what’s being said. He is extremely strong and on many occasions, has been seen picking up very heavy things such as buildings without any problems. He has a very imaginative mind that can get out of hand, even warping it to the point that makes the other characters, namely Mayoko, Daisuke, and his sister, scared of him or concerned about him. While he loves and cares deeply for his younger sister, Chikako, it doesn’t stop her from harming or shouting at him, usually when Kouki makes her angry by not doing what she says or if he bothers Kunio. At the beginning of the series, Kouki is a smoker and eventually overcomes it after getting help from Mayoko and Daisuke. He is always happy as well and has only been angry one time (which was not a pretty sight for anyone as they were all scared of him, with the exception of Daisuke who was more annoyed by Kouki’s sudden rage and Mayoko who was concerned about what was bothering him). It’s hinted that he might also have a crush on Mayoko, but may be too stupid to realize it just yet.

              Daisuke Nishimura
              Daisuke is the unofficial leader of the group. He is rude, ill-tempered, and very intimidating. He is the tallest male of the series, coming from going through puberty early (which also gave him the rubble on his chin). He is an attention hog that goes through great lengths to be in the spotlight and liked by others. He dreams of being rich and famous, albeit lacking any talent and can’t hold down a job, always being fired from one because of his irritable behavior and treatment of others. While Kouki was quick to accept Mayoko, Daisuke had a hard time getting along with her, only winning him over after she bought him food. He sarcastically makes fun of Kouki for his dimwittedness and Mayoko for simply being a girl. Daisuke takes advantage of Mayoko’s knowledge, forcing her to do his school work and many other things that may require it. He is impulsive with all his actions, never once considering the consequences and doesn’t even bother to learn from his mistakes. Despite being antagonizing towards Mayoko the most, Daisuke is sexually attracted to her and is not above groping her (or pretty much any girl) when he gets the chance. On a lighter note, he does care for Mayoko and Kouki despite his harsh treatment towards them and cherishes their friendship enough to admit they’re his best friends.
Call You When I'm Here
other characters

              Shichiro Tendo
              Shichiro is a loner that likes to bother the main characters when the others send him away for being a pest. He gets on everybody’s nerves and no one seems to want him around. He is still, however, more socially accepted by the other characters than the main characters are. He’s nice and innocent and rarely minds Kouki or Daisuke, even being a lot nicer to them out of all the other characters. When alone, he is seen talking to himself and apparently has multiple imaginary friends which he claims to be talking to. He is sometimes made fun of for his glasses, much more than Mayoko is. Of all the characters, he likes to annoy Hotaru the most who is never afraid to give him the uppercut he deserves. He also has a knack of invading personal space and getting so curious as to take something out of someone’s grasp so he can get a better look at it, only to be attacked in the process.

              Kunio Orikasa
              Kunio is a weak child, always being seen getting hurt by others or simply by his own self. His best friend is Chikako; Kouki’s little sister. He dislikes Daisuke as he is always tormenting him. He has a pessimist attitude, believing everything will go wrong (mostly when Kouki and Daisuke come around). It’s clear that Kunio has a crush on Chikako, as evidence to him always being around her and showing on many occasions how emotionally attached he is to her. When angered, Kunio showcases amazing physical strength, much more mightier than Kouki’s. He is clever as well, always being one step ahead of Kouki and Daisuke. His father works at a company that produces popsicles, usually seen eating or selling one.

              Chikako Hamasaki
              Chikako is Kouki’s tyrannical and spoiled little sister. She shows no mercy towards anyone who tries her patients, namely her brother and Daisuke. She makes Kouki do everything for her and threatens to hurt or tell on him if he doesn’t follow her orders. Despite how abusive she is towards her brother, she does indeed care about him whenever he’s missing or gets hurt in some way. She’s always seen by Kunio’s side, being very protective of him and gets agitated when Kouki or Daisuke bother him. She looks up to Mayoko and often tries to play with her, much to the dismay of Daisuke (who she ends up either yelling at or beating up if he tries to make her go away).

              Hotaru Fujioka
              Hotaru is a self-proclaimed bad boy. He is crude and loves the misfortune of others. At times, he can be nice but only if it serves him well. While he hates both Kouki and Daisuke, he is nicer to Mayoko and doesn’t mind her at all. Of the characters, Hotaru hates Daisuke the most, always coming up with ways to afflict pain or otherwise humiliate him. His best friends are Ran and Yuzuki; he is always seen with them. Like the rest of the characters, he absolutely loves popsicles and is usually the first one to buy Kunio’s popsicles. It’s revealed he is a former delinquent that decided to turn his life around and go back to school but still sticks to his juvenile ways as they often come in handy for situations. He is easily angered and resorts to violence to release his wrath, the victims usually being Kouki and Daisuke.

              Ran Chinen
              Ran is a transfer student from Okinawa. He is the stereotypical Okinawan and brought his culture to Tokyo with him, the confusion never ending with the others. He is always straining himself to speak classical Japanese so the others can understand him, sometimes slipping some Okinawan dialect into it. He comes from a very religious family but secretly doesn’t like to follow the tradition. He sticks by his Okinawan ways and gets offended if his culture is ever insulted. He does not mind the main characters at all and is one of the few people accepting towards them all. Ran is skilled in karate, thus giving him a better chance of attacking Kouki or Daisuke if they do manage to get on his nerves. Ran also has a big appetite for both Okinawan and Tokyo cuisine.

              Yuzuki Ishige
              Yuzuki is the love interest for all the boys with the minor exception being Kunio and Ran. She is always seen hanging out with Hotaru. Kouki and Daisuke are especially infatuated with her but they never know what to say and they’re usually more nervous around her than any boy. Whenever she gets to close to talk to them, they begin to lose the ability to speak and stutter every word when they attempt to. Yuzuki is also one of the few characters that are not annoyed by Kouki and Daisuke unless they do something that makes her uncomfortable. She has a twin sister named Yuko, who is infatuated with Daisuke but he hates her. She is friendly and always inviting everyone to her house for a party if she holds one.
Call You When I'm Here
minor characters

              Torio Nishimura
              Torio is Daisuke’s older brother. He is cool, laidback, and seems to go with the flow. Daisuke is always mentioning how cool his brother is and Daisuke looks up to him, although he is still annoyed by the fact that Torio likes to treat him like a child. Torio also picks on Daisuke and insults him a lot for his impulsive ways, referring to him with many insulting nicknames and rarely calls his younger brother by his real name. He flirts endlessly with Mayoko who is resistant towards his advances. Like Daisuke, he sarcastically makes fun of Kouki’s dimwittedness. He apparently has a girlfriend named Setsuna, as evidence from a picture of her on his mirror.

              Aoi Mizushima
              Aoi is a boy with a crush on Mayoko. His twin sister is Tsuna. He is sarcastic and rather boisterous. He is very perverted towards Mayoko, always trying to win her over with gifts and compliments. He says he fears rejection and the last time he was he went into a deep depression. Mayoko is always rejecting him however and he has yet to become depressed about it. He is an antagonist towards other characters, mostly Kouki and Daisuke who dislike him for bothering Mayoko all the time. He constantly bickers with Tsuna and the two will sometimes resort to beating each other up, only to be stopped by Yuko. He comes from a very wealthy family alongside his sister and likes to flaunt his wealth.

              Tsuna Mizushima
              Tsuna is a girl with a crush on Kouki. Her twin brother is Aoi. She is equally sarcastic as her brother but tends to be more calm in situations than him. Even though he is resistant to her advances, Tsuna still insists on trying to seduce Kouki and refuses to take no for an answer. Like her brother, Tsuna likes to antagonize the other characters. She’s still nicer than her brother. She constantly bickers with Aoi and the two will sometimes resort to beating each other up, only to be stopped by Yuko. She comes from a wealthy family alongside her brother and gets annoyed by her brother flaunting their wealthy, although she too can be found using it to getting what she wants. She dislikes Mayoko for getting in the way of her trying to get with Kouki.

              Yuko Ishige
              Yuko is a girl with a crush on Daisuke. Her twin sister is Yuzuki. Her best friends are the Mizushima twins and she tends to be nicer than her friends. She is infatuated with Daisuke to the point of obsessing over him and stalking him whenever she gets the chance. Whenever her sister invites the characters to their house, Yuko takes the chance to try and get with Daisuke. He hates with her a passion but she seems oblivious to Daisuke’s real feelings for her. She is always breaking up Aoi and Tsuna’s bickering and fights whenever they start them. Unlike Tsuna, Yuko is nice to Mayoko even though she does the same thing of trying to keep Daisuke out of Yuko’s reach. Yuko is somewhat bipolar, sweet at first before bouncing off the walls in fits of rage only to return to being sweet once she has calmed down. Yuko and Yuzuki do not get along so well.
Needs With Flowers (花とニーズ Hana to Nīzu) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Date G and directed by Naruhito Shibata. The screenplay was written by Nagisa Yokoyama, with original character design by Kurumi Murakami. The anime began airing December 2011. It is a romance comedy revolving around Daito Ojima and his relationship with Mayoko Sato. The series addresses topics such as teen dating, sexual intercourse, and other life lessons.

Daito Ojima (尾島大東 Ojima Daitō) - voiced by: Tabibito Miyake
The male protagonist of the series, he gains a crush on Mayoko Sato who later becomes his girlfriend.

Mayoko Sato (佐藤 真夜子 Satō Mayoko) - voiced by: Nodoka Hisamatsu
The female protagonist of the series, she becomes Daito Ojima's girlfriend after he confesses his feelings to her.

Kunihiko Maekawa (前川邦彦 Maekawa Kunihiko) - voiced by: Yoichi Ugaki
Daito's best friend, dating Tatsumi Kuroiwa.

Tatsumi Kuroiwa (黒岩辰巳 Kuroiwa Tatsumi) - voiced by: Moena Kamo
Mayoko's best friend, dating Kunihiko Maekawa.

Nanase Ifukube (伊福部七瀬 Ifukube Nanase) - voiced by: Saeko Imai
Another friend of Daito's, she has a crush on Udo.

Udo Nishibayashi (西林ウド Nishibayashi Udo) - voiced by: Ryusei Yamazaki
Another friend of Mayoko's, he is cruel towards her.

Sayaka Yasukawa (安川さやか Yasukawa Sayaka) - voiced by: Ami Narahashi
The character's homeroom teacher.

Genkai Ojima (尾島玄海 Ojima Genkai) - voiced by: Haruto Shimaoka
Daito's ill-tempered grandfather, often belittles Daito.

Yutaka Sato (佐藤豊 Satō Yutaka) - voiced by: Junya Aizawa
Mayoko's father.

Ririko Sato (佐藤りり子 Satō Ririko) - voiced by: Kyoko Chiba
Mayoko's mother.

OP song: CRAZY CRAZY LOVE by Thelma Aoyama
ED song: Aishiteru by Monkey Majik
Needs With Flowers

              Daito Ojima
              The male protagonist of the series, Daito is a 17-year-old high school student that longs to have a girlfriend. He is rejected by many girls but refuses to give up. Suddenly, he sees Mayoko Sato in the crowd and attempts to talk to her, but she disappears from his sight before he can talk to her. He sees her again at school and attempts to talk to her but nothing comes out. Instead, he ends up awkwardly walking away from her. With the help of his friend Kunihiko Maekawa, he gets the confidence to ask her out, which Mayoko accepts. Daito’s feelings for Mayoko grow stronger as the series progresses and they continue to hang out more. He tries to reveal his feelings through a confession letter, but fails to write anything down. Every other time Daito tries to tell Mayoko how he feels, he gets interrupted by something or someone. He eventually does get the chance, however in front of Mayoko’s parents. Daito and Mayoko finally become a couple after getting Mayoko’s parent’s approval, as well as her own. They go through many trials in their relationship, such as the pure pressure of having sex (which they become close enough in their relationship to do). Daito, while nice, can be quite sarcastic and short-tempered. He lives with his ill-tempered grandfather after his parents were killed in a plane crash. He also appears to have an obsession with popsicles, especially orange ones.

              Mayoko Sato
              The female protagonist of the series, Mayoko is a 16-year-old high school student and the smartest girl in her whole year (and pretty much the whole school). Mayoko is seen in a crowd when Daito sees her and makes his way over to talk to her, but she disappears from his sight. Mayoko is seen again by Daito and he attempts to talk to her again but nothing comes out and he ends up walking away, leaving a confused Mayoko behind. When Daito gets the confidence to ask her out, Mayoko accepts. Unlike Daito, Mayoko’s feelings for him were unsure but as the series progressed, Mayoko started to realize that she truly did have feelings for Daito. Although they hung out a lot, Mayoko was oblivious to Daito’s feelings until he finally got the courage to tell her, albeit in front of her parents. Mayoko and Daito becomes a couple once Mayoko’s parents approved of their relationship, although she said she would be his girlfriend even if her parents didn’t approve. This proves, while Mayoko is innocent and obedient, that she would risk disobeying her parents just to be with the boy she loves. While she loves Daito, Mayoko comes off as rather awkward in their relationship and hesitated on them having sex until Daito reassured her that he could wait (though they do they become close enough in their relationship to do it). Her best friend is Tatsumi Kuroiwa, Kunihiko’s girlfriend.

              Kunihiko Maekawa
              Kunihiko is Daito’s best friend. His personality is similar to Daito’s, although he tends to be a bit nicer than his friend. Kunihiko already knew Mayoko through her being friends with his girlfriend, Tatsumi Kuroiwa and helps Daito gain the confidence to ask Mayoko out. Kunihiko has known Daito since they were kids and the two almost drifted apart when Kunihiko got a girlfriend (due to Daito’s jealousy). He is quite popular with the other girls at school and as a running gag, he either finds an avalanche of love letters or he is seen reading them. While he’s aware of many girls love him, Kunihiko remains faithful to Tatsumi. He often bickers with his girlfriend over petty things, much to Daito and Mayoko’s dismay. Kunihiko is very supportive of Daito’s relationship with Mayoko and often does Daito go to him for relationship advice, which he is all too willing to give out. Kunihiko is a loyal and honorable person, willing to do anything for the people he loves and cares about. He gets jealous easily when he sees Tatsumi talking with other boys, resulting in him rushing to her side and marking his territory by kissing her or putting his arms around her.

              Tatsumi Kuroiwa
              Tatsumi is Mayoko’s best friend. She is a wealthy girl with the personality reminisce of a spoiled brat. She is very bossy to everyone around her and does little to no work, if not physical. She sometimes takes advantage of her friendship with Mayoko (mostly for her intelligence); forcing her to do any homework she is assigned. She is dating Kunihiko Maekawa. Like her boyfriend, she is popular with the opposite sex but remains faithful to Kunihiko despite the many boys that love her. She is usually the one to start the bickering between her and Kunihiko, often over trivial things. Tatsumi, at first, didn’t like Daito and attempted to sabotage his relationship with Mayoko. She stopped after realizing how much Mayoko loves Daito back, even becoming supportive in their relationship. She has a love-hate relationship with Daito, disliking him due to how much he gets on her nerves and liking him because of how loyal he is to Mayoko. While Tatsumi doesn’t get jealous seeing Kunihiko talking to other girls, she gets jealous seeing the girls striking up the conversations with him first.

              Nanase Ifukube
              Nanase is another friend of Daito. At the beginning of the series, she is a shy and nervous girl who gradually becomes more confident as the series goes on. She is a sensitive girl who is made fun a lot by others, causing her to rely on Daito for protection. In almost every scene, she is seen getting hurt by someone, something, or by herself. Her being clumsy and rather accident prone is often the cause of her mishaps. Nanase is also supportive of Daito’s relationship with Mayoko and found her making friends with Mayoko as well. Albeit never having a boyfriend before, Nanase still gives Daito relationship advice. Nanase has an obvious crush on Mayoko’s other friend, Udo Nishibayashi, that everyone knows about except for Udo himself. Her being somewhat afraid of Udo ruins any chance she gets to confess her feelings and also out of personal fear of being rejected. She is belittled a lot by Tatsumi who claims she’s trying to toughen Nanase up but Nanase believes it’s because Tatsumi hates her. After help from the others, Nanase finally tells Udo how she feels and much to her surprise, he returns the feelings and they become a couple as well.

              Udo Nishibayashi
              Udo is another friend of Mayoko. He is sadistic and cruel, always seen picking on people and causing despair everywhere he goes. While Mayoko has expressed she will not tolerate Udo’s attitude, he still insults her and likes to humiliate her in front of others. He initially dislikes Daito and Kunihiko, but later becomes good friends with them after Mayoko convinces him to spend time with them. Udo finds Tatsumi very annoying and always takes every chance to mock her. Udo occasionally displays a soft side, secretly helping others or giving advice whenever it’s needed. Although it has never been stated out loud, Udo is a former delinquent that decided to turn his life around. He actually does cherish Mayoko’s friendship as she is the only one who knows the real him. He barely notices Nanase and when he does, doesn’t remember her name, making him oblivious to the feelings she has since gained for him. When Nanase confesses to her feelings to him, it’s revealed Udo actually had feelings for her all along and just pretended to not notice her which he used so she can pay attention to him and the two become a couple afterwards.
Needs With Flowers

              Sayaka Yasukawa
              Referred to as “Yasukawa-sensei” by her students, Sayaka is a very supportive teacher, that’s always writing encouraging notes on her student’s assignments that she believes in them. Her intelligence is rivaled by Mayoko’s; making her the only student she has a strained relationship with, as students mostly go to her for help rather than Yasukawa-sensei herself. On bad days, Sayaka can be ornery, unpleasant, and downright mean to her students. She complains to her students a lot about her single life and thinks of herself as a hopeless romantic, including saying stuff about men disliking her as well. She envies other couples, even high school couples. She even wears a ring on her finger albeit everyone knowing about her true marital status. Despite this, Sayaka tries her best to be bright and cheerful for her students. She dislikes students who don’t do their work, when they sleep in her class, and when students are late in general. Daito sometimes comes to her for relationship advice even though he knows she’s single, but Sayaka gives it out anyway.

              Genkai Ojima
              Genkai is Daito’s ill-tempered grandfather. Although he’s believed to be in his mid-70s, Daito mocks the fact that he appears older, even comparing him to be old as dirt. He always belittles his grandson and doesn’t seem to enjoy his company at his house. Daito lives him after his parents were killed in a plane crash. While he constantly puts Daito down, Genkai truly loves and cares about his grandson and didn’t hesitate to take him in. It is revealed Genkai used to be more cheerful when his wife, Harumi, was still alive. He was also grief-stricken when he learned the deaths of his son and daughter-in-law. He didn’t believe Daito and Mayoko were dating, even asking Mayoko if Daito was paying her to pretend to be his girlfriend. Genkai has a habit of lounging around the house naked, much to Daito’s disgust. Whenever his grandson slips up or disrespects him, Genkai is not afraid to hit Daito in the back of the head with his hand or even blunt objects. He can also he highly perverted, often asking Mayoko inappropriate questions and even tried to listen in on the two when they were about to have sex for the first time.

              Yutaka Sato
              Yutaka is Mayoko’s father. He and his wife, Ririko, aren’t introduced until later in the series when Daito confesses his feelings to Mayoko and they are sitting with her. Daito wanted both his and Ririko’s approval to be in a relationship with their daughter. Yutaka tells Daito they’ll think about it. Daito and Mayoko become a couple after their approval. His relationship with Daito is the typical father-daughter's boyfriend rivalry, as Yutaka is not above threatening Daito if he does anything that might hurt or upset his daughter and insults Daito quite a lot. Like his daughter, Yutaka is highly intelligent, but can be rather cynical with other people outside his family. Yutaka is also very much in love with his wife and isn't afraid to set any teenage male straight who might be attracted to her. Daito sometimes looks for a father figure in Yutaka and admires the man very much despite his relationship with him. Whenever Daito says or does something he doesn’t approve of, Yutaka will glare at him to make him feel uncomfortable. Whenever Yutaka sees Daito in a position with Mayoko he doesn't like (e.g. kissing her), he will forcefully pull Daito away.

              Ririko Sato
              Ririko is Mayoko’s mother. She and her husband, Yutaka, aren’t introduced until later in the series when Daito confesses his feelings to Mayoko and they are sitting with her. Daito wanted both her and Yutaka’s approval to be in a relationship with their daughter. They end up approving and Daito and Mayoko become a couple. She likes Daito very much and has a close relationship with her daughter. Ririko is a housewife that was formerly a nurse before she became pregnant with Mayoko and reformed herself to be a stay-at-home mother (although she is seen at her job quite a few times). While she likes Daito, Ririko is also not above threatening him if does anything that will upset Mayoko. Unlike her husband, Ririko is much more upbeat and lively and is nice to everyone, inside and outside her family. Ririko is very much in love with Yutaka and talks a lot about Daito and Mayoko getting married and having children, making Daito feel awkward (he believes it’s too early to be talking about marriage and kids). Every time Daito comes to the Sato household, Ririko offers him a Popsicle.
Needs With Flowers
OP theme: "CRAZY CRAZY LOVE" by Thelma Aoyama

koi kara ai he to shuppatsu


furimawasaretai kono ai ni SO HAPPY YOU'RE IN MY LIFE
Needs With Flowers
ED theme: "Aishiteru" by Monkey Majik
Doushite itsu kara
Nagai yume demo mite iru youna
Owari no hajimari na no
Kurakute, fukakute
Kanashimi ni michita
Sekai no hate ni mayoi konda no

Aishiteru no
Kotoba no imi wo oshiete kureta
Anata sono mama hitomi no oku ni egao nokoshite
Towa ni shizuka ni

Oh, aishiteru no
Kotoba no imi wo oshiete kureta
Anata sono mama hitomi no oku ni egao nokoshite
Towa ni yasashiku
Needs With Flowers
list of episodes

1. I Saw Her From Afar / Watashi wa Tōku Kara Kanojo o Mita / 私は遠くから彼女を見た
After being rejected by multiple girls, Daito Ojima spots a bespectacled girl in the crowd and attempts to talk to her but she's gone before he can. He goes to school where he sees the same girl and attempts to talk to her again but can't say anything. Daito meets up with his friend, Kunihiko Maekawa, who confides to him about the girl he likes. Kunihiko reveals her name as Mayoko Sato, explaining to a confused Daito that she's always been around as she is Kunihiko's girlfriend's, Tatsumi Kuroiwa's, best friend. Kunihiko promises to help Daito on getting Mayoko's attention.

2. Pay Some Attention To Me / Watashi ni Ikutsu ka no Chūiwoharau / 私にいくつかの注意を払う
Kunihiko helps Daito get Mayoko's attention. However, something is standing in the way: Mayoko's other friend, Udo Nishibayashi.

3. Get Together / Issho ni Naru / 一緒になる
Kunihiko takes Daito along with him and Tatsumi, who also brings along Mayoko. Kunihiko helps again by making him and Tatsumi go off to do something, leaving Daito alone with Mayoko.

4. Can't Fight The Feelings / Kimochi o Tatakau Koto ga Dekinai / 気持ちを戦うことができない
Daito wants to admit his feelings to Mayoko, but feels he needs to get to know her more before rushing into a relationship with her. After school, Daito asks Mayoko if they can hang out tomorrow and she accepts. Still nervous around her, he invites his other friend, Nanase Ifukube, to come with them. Nanase becomes the first person other than Kunihiko to know about Daito's crush on Mayoko.

5. Take Every Chance / Arayuru Kikai o Toru / あらゆる機会を取る
Daito goes to ask Mayoko if she wants to hang out again but Tatsumi keeps getting in the way.

6. Soak Up The Sun / Nikkōyoku o Shi / 日光浴をし
It's rather humid today so the main characters are heading to the beach! Daito uses this as a chance to get to know Mayoko.

7. Hide And Squeak / Kakusu to Sukuīku / 隠すとキーキー
Daito is next to take home the class mouse, Nono. Taking care of the mouse proves to be difficult, so he gets Mayoko to help him as another chance to become closer to her.

8. Stars and Birds / Hoshi to Tori / 星と鳥
Daito is accidentally hit in the head by a baseball and catches slight amnesia. Although he is better the next day, he pretends to still be confused in order for Mayoko to take care of him.

9. Not While I'm Around / Watashi no Mawari Janaiga / 私の周りじゃないが
A classmate that is referred to by his family name, Hagiwara, is having Mayoko help him with his studies. Daito becomes jealous, thinking Hagiwara has others intentions.

10. You and I Don't Get Along / Anatatowatashi wa Nakayoku Shinaide Kudasai / あなたと私は仲良くしないでください
Mayoko invites Daito to a cabin her family owns, much to his delight. However, he is dismayed when he finds out she invited the others as well. Daito and Udo constantly bicker the whole day. After everyone else has gone to sleep, Mayoko who is rather out of it from being tired stays up with Daito, confiding to him about things about herself. Out of drowsiness, Mayoko leans in to kiss Daito, but instead falls asleep in his lap.

11. How Did You Do It? / Dono yō ni Sore o Okonaimashita ka? / どのようにそれを行いましたか?
Daito asks Kunihiko how he got together with Tatsumi in hopes of getting an idea to do the same with Mayoko.
Youtube video

Needs With Flowers (花とニーズ ) - OFFICIAL ANIME TRAILER -
花とニーズのための公式トレーラー ( The official trailer for Needs With Flowers )

Produced by: Date G
Directed by: Naruhito Shibata
Written by: Nagisa Yokokawa
Character design by: Kurumi Murakami
Genre: Romance, comedy, slice of life, drama

Wikipedia article:
NWF English Dub voices

Daito Ojima: Boone Mayer
Mayoko Sato: Davena Thompson
Kunihiko Maekawa: Roderick Herman
Tatsumi Kuroiwa: Jeanette Foley
Nanase Ifukube: Cecelia Snyder
Udo Nishibayashi: Harvey O'Donnell
Sayaka Yasukawa: Lisa Davidson
Genkai Ojima: Walton Parish
Yutaka Sato: Irvin Benson
Ririko Sato: Debbie Seabrooke

Needs With Flowers: Come Into Existence
Jinpachi Ojima: Wynne Easom (Japanese original: Katsumi Ishihara)
Anju Maekawa: Zoe Polley (Japanese original: Nozomi Karasuma)
Yuna and Yuga Nishibayashi: Cailyn Allen (Japanese original: Inari Yamada)
Hisai Kawaguchi: Ted Simpson (Japanese original: Takai Hirano)
Momoya Kawaguchi: Lauren Sherman (Japanese original: Yuri Yamaguchi)
Ayana Kawaguchi: Melanie Merchant (Japanese original: Masako Nakagawa)
Takeo Kawaguchi: Ethan Walker (Japanese original: Kyo Daigo)
Orie Utada: Trish Kendrick (Japanese original: Ayumu Shimizu)
Nagami Hamano: Patsy Quaid (Japanese original: Shiori Ono)
Funato Yanagi: Chauncey Johnson (Japanese original: Yukichi Oyama)

(extra characters that appeared in the anime with speaking roles)
Aoto Shizuka: Bryan Howland (Japanese original: Murai Numajiri)
Imari Tsukimi: Vanessa Plank (Japanese original: Tsukasa Mishima)
Tama Watanuki: Krista Banks (Japanese original: Kaneko Fukuzawa)
Marumi Fujioka: Lenore Winters (Japanese original: Akemi Tanuma)
Nanami Mizushima: Hailey Petite (Japanese original: Mino Jidan)
Takai Ojima: Michael Alden (Japanese original: Seiya Aida)
Chinami Ojima: Simone Kahn (Japanese original: Yui Ijiru)
Yumeko Maekawa: Bette Speight (Japanese original: Emiko Miyagi)
Suzuki Maekawa: Alexus Griffin (Japanese original: Oniji Someya)
Masato Kuroiwa: Otto Cox (Japanese original: Chojiro Nataga)
Futaba Kuroiwa: Francine Gail Woods (Japanese original: Ruriko Date)
Hajime Nishibayashi: Alfie Orson (Japanese original: Kohei Maeda)
Bunko Ifukube: Delilah Kirby (Japanese original: Juri Tsukade)
Satomi Hiranuma: Sarah Grant (Japanese original: Nayuki Ogura)
Mineko and Miyabi Sato: Davena Thompson (Japanese original: Nodoka Hisamatsu)
Takuya Ojima: Steven Mitchells (Japanese original: Katashi Watanabe)
AMVs: Needs With Flowers

{NWF} Y E A H ! we're going D O W N !
NEEDSWITHFLOWERSFTW. 8D Sorry, but this anime is the shiz. It's very realistic for an anime, and that's saying a lot since they tend to be rather strange. I suggest you watch it. (:

Song // All the Right Moves
Artist // OneRepublic
Program // Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
Footage // Needs With Flowers
[nwf] bones shatter • daito ojima
man, i usually don't find anime guys attractive, but daito is definitely an exception. (; new anime that came out... last year. xDD i didn't discover it until i saw it in another AMV. so glad i did though because i luff it.

song • bones shatter (never say never)
band • hedley
fandom • daito ojima from "needs with flowers"
My Sweetest Sin / Daito x Mayoko
Such a sweet anime. It's why I adore it. ♥ =D Mayoko and Daito are so cute!! >w<

Song: My Sweetest Sin by Thelma Aoyama
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Pairing: Daito x Mayoko
U make me s-s-stutter !! { Daito//Mayoko }
Like srsly my favorite anime of 2011-2012 (by this i mean started in the near end of December and it's still going on from to 2012). biggrin

Song - Stutter
By - Maroon 5
Anime - Needs With Flowers
She Can Get It; Kunihiko and Tatsumi
Why aren't there many videos of these two? D: I love them as much as I love Daito and Mayoko!

Music;She Can Get It
Artist;Kevin Rudolf
Anime;Needs With Flowers
Couple;Kunihiko x Tatsumi

I don't own the material. This video is purely fanmade.
Touchin' On My | Daiyoko
;3 doesn't need one...

Anime: Needs With Flowers
Song: Touchin' On My by 3OH!3

(Dai)to + Ma(yoko) = Daiyoko.
under the sheets. (needs with flowers)
My first time using this anime. I dont think this video is really all that good, but I really wanted to make a Daito/Mayoko video. smile so enjoy...

song: Under the sheets by Ellie Goulding
program used: sony vegas
Little House ♥ Nanase&Udo
not much to say about this except enjoy, these two are my favorite from Needs With Flowers =)

amanda seyfried - little house
anime - needs with flowers
otp - nanase and udo
daito & mayoko. {it's gonna be love}
:3 Worked extra hard on this one. I finally found my OTP! ♥

Song: It's Gonna Be Love by Mandy Moore
Anime: Needs With Flowers
♦ Love Like Woe ♦ [Daito x Mayoko]
This song is totally their theme song... from the beginning of their relationship. xD

Song: Love Like Woe by The Ready Set
Anime: Needs With Flowers
you're just a little CAMERA SHY but you're still a STAR
This might be my best video ever. I mean, everything came out perfect! biggrin

Pairing: Daito/Mayoko
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Program: Sony Vegas 9.0

so c o n t a g i o u s l y

Anime -- Needs With Flowers
Pairing -- Daito & Mayoko
Song -- So Contagious by Acceptance

I love this couple so much. :]
Daito and Mayoko - Anything Is Possible (ver. 2)
I wanted to remake this since I think the other one is horrible. Not only that, I used more clips because I barely had any clips last time! But if you liked the first one, that's fine by me. I still believe this one is a lot better. XDD Like I said before, I love this anime and couple. I should have one for Kunihiko and Tatsumi, maybe even Nanase and Udo up once I find a song to match their relationship. ;]

Song: Anything Is Possible
Band: This Providence
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Mayoko & Kunihiko } I Like It
My crack couple (: Tell me what you think?

Song I Like It by Enrique Inglesias
Anime Needs With Flowers
Pairing Mayoko and Kunihiko

Remember, Mayoko is with Daito and Kunihiko is with Tatsumi (they also appear in the vid)
[ daito, kunihiko, udo ] • KEEP ROLLING
lalala, love these boys. <3

[anime] needs with flowers
[music] keep rolling by limp bizkit
Daito/Mayoko: When I Look At You
(; Love this anime so much, it's adorable and funny
I edited the pitch of the song to make it sound like a guy since it's from Daito's POV

Music: When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus
Anime: Needs With Flowers

I don't own any of the material. The anime belongs to Date G and the others who worked on it. The song belongs to Miley Cyrus and its producers.
Vindicated [Needs With Flowers Collab]
My part for the "Vindicated" collab with janetlovestortillas. It is dedicated to Daito and Mayoko from Needs With Flowers.

song: Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional
I am in M I S E R Y~ Daito & Mayoko
Yeah I think this describes their relationship in the beginning, well at least in my opinion :3

anime - Needs With Flowers
song - Misery by Maroon 5

this video was with windows movie maker using custom effects
NWF || Raindrops || DxM, KxT, UxN
DxM = Daito x Mayoko
KxT = Kunihiko x Tatsumi
UxN = Udo x Nanase

just to clear things up in case ur somehow confused O.o
please enjoy though!! i think this might be my best video! yayy~
NWF stands for "Needs With Flowers" which is the anime name

Song: Raindrops by SASH! ft. Stunt
Kunihiko: "Tatsumi, you're a b***h..."
"..but I love you anyway." biggrin

Honestly, I love these two more than Daito and Mayoko (don't worry, I still love them) but omg, these two are sooo funny! :3 I thought this song was definitely like... their theme song or something. XDD ENJOY!!!!

Song: The b***h Song by Bowling For Soup
Anime: Needs With Flowers
She's Got You High (Needs With Flowers; Udo/Nanase)
Omg, there is RARELY any videos of these two so I decided to contribute to what little there is. :p

Music: She's Got You High by Mumma-ra
Perfect Situation Mayoko&Daito
Yeah i love these two so much and i seriously thought this song fit my favorite part is the one with Udo ("Get your hands off the girl" wink biggrin this came out better than i thought

song: Perfect situation by Weezer
anime: Needs with flowers
«Walking With A Ghost» └ DaitoKunihiko ┘

These two are like super sexy, kthxbai.
Honestly, I'm really against making yaoi pairings of straight guys but these two are an exception!

Song: Walking With A Ghost by Tegan & Sara
Anime is called Needs With Flowers.
lips like Ѕ U G A Я -- "Needs With Flowers" couples
All the couples that appear in the anime:
Yutaka/Ririko (yes, Mayoko's parents xD)

Hope you enjoy!!
Daito & Mayoko ; Perfect
I love this song and the couple and anime. After putting them together, I realize how much it fits their relationship. (:

Song: Hedley - Perfect
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Call Me: Daito&Mayoko
I wanted to do a vid of these two for a long time but never found a good song
Then I watched another vid with this song and fell in love with it so I decided to use it for these two
Enjoy (:

"Needs With Flowers" is copyright to Date G and its other makers
"Call Me" is copyright to Shinedown and the owner of their music
D E S N U D A T E /// KuniSumi
honest to God I love these two!! but my favorite couple is Daito and Mayoko (: this video was going to be about them but I already did their vid, haha xDD

song: desnudate by Christina Aguilera
anime: Needs with flowers
Mama I'm in love with a criminal ((UdoxNanase))
There needs to be more videos of these two!

Song: Britney Spears - Criminal
Anime: Needs With Flowers
DuMb LoVe ♥♥
Ahahaha could a song fit their relationships any more? xDD

Pairings: Daito x Mayoko, Kunihiko x Tatsumi
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Song: Dumb Love by Sean Kingston
[NWF] Mirrors - Daito/Mayoko
I changed the pitch to sound like a guy since I planned for this to be in Daito's POV. wink I wanted to show off their sexy side. LOL.

Mirrors is by Natalia Kills
NWF stands for Needs With Flowers (the anime name)
Tatsumi Kuroiwa - Do It Like a Dude
Tatsumi is mai waifu~ 8DD

Music: Do It Like a Dude by Jessie J.
Anime: Needs With Flowers.
tatsumi's a hot mess. ;D
my OTP. :3

song -- 3oh!3 - hot mess.
anime -- needs with flowers.
couple -- kunihiko/tatsumi
♥ Just The Way You Are ~ DaiYoko
I'm surprised no one's done a video of these two with this song yet. It like... fits! =D

Song: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
Anime: Needs With Flowers
I don't know what she sees in me. -- Daito/Mayoko
I absolutely love these two. ;_;

Song: Everything I Ask For -- The Maine
Anime: Needs With Flowers.

I worked hard on this. I mean, I couldn't make a video of my OTP and make it look like crap. o.e THAT'S UNHOLY!
Needs With Flowers - Tatsumi's a b***h
Yeah, she's a b***h but we love her anyway. 8D

I also thought some parts fit her relationship with Kunihiko.

Song: b***h - Meredith Brooks
Check Yes, Nanase! ✓
this is a Nanase/Udo fanvideo. i was bored and up at like 1am because i couldn't sleep. smile

✓song: Check Yes Juliet
✓artist: We The Kings
✓anime: Needs With Flowers
100% reason to remember the name.
Thanks for the 100+ subs. (:

song | remember the name
by | fort minor
anime | needs with flowers
characters | daito, kunihiko, udo
♫ Heartbreaker. [Mayoko and Daito]
I wanted to kind of focus on their relationship before they got together and somewhat when they are together. Enjoy! Please comment!!

Pink - Heartbreaker
Daito/Nanase, Mayoko/Kunihiko, Udo/Tatsumi
you're probably thinking: WHAT? XD

I decided to mix the couples up a bit, it's kind of a "what if" scenario if you will :3 enjoy, i think it came out well!

anime: Needs With Flowers
music: More than anyone by Gavin Dagraw
i'm not yours & you're not mine ♥ DaiYoko
for my friend, Gwen (skiesRblue) because she loves these two as much as I do. :3

song: Lights - Quiet
anime: Needs With Flowers
Tatsumi, what's the problem?
✰ Jenny by The Click Five
✰ Needs With Flowers
✰ Tatsumi X Kunihiko

This makes up for that dreadful video I uploaded last time. Why is it still up, you ask? Because apparently, my subs love my stuff even if it's s**t. LOLOL~
(NWF) Right There (Daito x Tatsumi) [CRACK? FAN?]
is the term I am looking for crack or fan couple? lol, idk.
these two are basically my crack/fan couple as in a couple that is never going to happen and/or just for fun (at least in my opinion). please enjoy. 83

Song: Right There by Nicole Scherzinger (sp?)
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Daito/Mayoko - Porn.St✭r.Dancing
I can't stop watching this. I mean, everything is done perfectly. xD

Now I know Mayoko isn't a "girl gone wild" and this song doesn't fit her at all but I wanted to use it for this couple for a long time! Honestly, the clips I used were like... perfect. ;D So enjoy and also like/comment/subscribe (do whatever ya want!)

Anime: Needs With Flowers
Music: Porn Star Dancing (My Darkest Days)
Edited with: Final Cut Express
Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful [[Tatsumi Kuroiwa]]
LOL. This is seriously Tatsumi's theme song or something. This took like 2hrs. :3

Song: Pretty Girl Rock
Artist: Keri Hilson
Udo/Nanase [ HOT n' COLD ]
still not that many videos of these two ;__;
make some nao

song: Hot N' Cold
by: Katy Perry
anime: Needs With Flowers
S P I N ☺ Daito/Mayoko
yeah i have nothing to write here.

song is "you spin me (right round)" but this version is by Dope
Daito/Mayoko xStereo Heartsx
I really wanted to use this song again. LOL 8D Here is that Daito/Mayoko vid I promised I was working on!

Song: Stereo Hearts
By: Gym Class Heroes
Daito and Mayoko : She's playing mind games. . .
I saw someone do this for Kunihiko and Tatsumi and I thought it fit Daito and Mayoko as well so I made my own as a video response. It might not be as good as the KuniSumi one but I think it's good enough! biggrin

-- The Click Five - "Jenny"
-- Needs With Flowers (anime)
-- Sony Vegas (program used)
Needs With Flowers - Heartbeat
First half = Daito/Mayoko
Second half = Kunihiko/Tatsumi
Third half = Udo/Nanase

Song: Heartbeat
Artist: Stereo Skyline
Fireflies ❦ Daito & Mayoko
I'm obsessed with this song!! *o* I wanted to make it with my OTP. c:

Song: Fireflies by Jessa Anderson
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Every Time You Go • Daito x Mayoko
I made this because cute couple is cute. (:

Song: Every Time You Go
Artist: Ellie Goulding
Program: Sony Vegas
[웃❤유] Daito/Mayoko - Can't Fight The Moonlight
the little text in the title between the brackets is supposed to be a boy and girl (:

song Can't fight the moonlight
by Leann Rimes
It's Disgusting [How Much Daito Loves Mayoko]
I'm usually not good editing with pop songs but this definitely turned out better than I expected.
From Daito's POV, pitch shifted the song to make it sound like a guy. :] ENJOY!

Song: Disgusting
By: Ke$ha
Anime: Needs With Flowers
She's Got You High || Daito//Mayoko
EDIT: Looks like someone used this song for Udo/Nanase o //// o "

I had this video in mind for a while and it wasn't until I was truly inspired by the Daito/Mayoko videos to finally get to it. What really got me to do this idea was the first episode when Kunihiko explains to Daito that Mayoko's always been there (and that Daito's even spoken to her before), hence why I chose this song. Also the line in the song "She's got you high and you don't even know yet" also reminded me of that one part.

Now that it's explained, enjoy the video! I worked hard!!!

Song: She's Got You High by Mumm-ra
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Shut Up, Udo! [ Daito and Udo ]
Just a funny video focusing on Daito and Udo's "friendship". I say this song really suits them!

Song: Shut Up
By: Simple Plan
Udo is JUDAS ;; Udo x Mayoko

Sorry if I've been used this song like 3 times but i love it sooo much. also Udo/Mayoko are awesome (lolol don't worry, I still love Daito and Mayoko) :3
Tatsumi's Bad Reputation!
Ah, the perfect song for my favorite character: Tatsumi Kuroiwa! biggrin

Tatsumi is from the anime "Needs With Flowers". The song is "Bad Reputation" by Joan Bett.
So Do I Say Sorry First? (Kunihiko&Tatsumi)
Alright, this is quick pairing video of Kunihiko/Tatsumi, my fave couple. I used my favorite song by Stephanie McIntosh, enjoy!!

Anime - Needs With Flowers
Pairing - Kunihiko x Tatsumi
Song - Stephanie McIntosh: So Do I Say Sorry First?
Mayoko and Udo - All You Wanted (Friendship)
This focuses on them as friends more than a couple (because I support Mayoko/Daito and Udo/Nanase) and since they ARE friends in the series. ^_^

Song by Michelle Branch. It is called All You Wanted. Anime is Needs With Flowers. In case you haven't watch the series, I suggest you do. I shouldn't have to say this, but Mayoko is the girl and Udo is the guy.
Daito Ojima - Me Against The World!
absolutely my favorite character ever. in fact, he will always be my favorite male character in any series -- be it an anime, cartoon, or live action. <3

song: simple plan - me against the world.
anime: needs with flowers.
character: daito ojima. (the main protagonist in the series)
Tatsumi Kuroiwa: "Love Me Or Hate Me"
For all you Tatsumi fans. 8DD
This song fits, don't you agree? xD
I'll make another one for Mayoko soon (my real fave). smile

Song: Love Me Or Hate Me by Lady Sovereign
Mayoko Sato: "Story Of A Girl"
A Mayoko Sato AMV! She's my favorite. SOOO CUTE!!! I thought this song fit.
This can also be somewhat of a Daito/Mayoko pairing video because of the "Absolutely love her" part. smile
I'm going to do a Nanase one soon (she needs love!)

Song: Story Of A Girl - Nine Days
Nanase Ifukube: "Breathe Slow"
I unfortunately couldn't find a song that could fit Nanase so I settled on this one. I guess it fits? razz

Song: Breathe Slow - Alesha Dixon
Needs With Flowers AMV: Last Friday Night
An AMV of the anime "Needs With Flowers" to the song "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry.

Raise Your Glass! ;Needs With Flowers;
my new favorite anime... ^^ info at the end.

this is fanmade. everything is copyright to their owners, blah blah blah! biggrin
[NWF] Heartbreaker [Daito/Mayoko]
I wanted to focus on the dramatic/serious/emotional parts of their relationship. smile

Song: Heartbreaker
By: Pink
NWF stands for Needs For Flowers (recommended anime if you haven't seen it)
Would you lie with me and just forget the world? - Daito/Mayoko -
Thanks for all the views on my videos. (: Here's a Daito/Mayoko video for your viewing pleasure.

Song used: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
Anime used: Needs With Flowers
AMV - Needs With Flowers - It's Not My Time
I didn't make this. I found it on a website that posts professional AMVs (at least that's what I call them). I got permission from the original maker, ForeverFree.

Song: It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
Daito X Mayoko - Simple and Clean
^_^ Heres a Daito X Mayoko video for your viewing pleasures and yes I was like always, I was bored when I made this lol. (=

Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean
Daito "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too"
Daito Ojima + Say Anything = ♥

I think this fits him perfectly.

Song: Wow I Can Get Sexual Too by Say Anything
Daito "In Too Deep"
Another AMV of Daito Ojima. His character is just so awesome. ♥

I'm actually making another video of Daito as we speak. I can't and won't stop!

Song: In Too Deep by Sum 41
Daito "Little Too Late"
This is more emotional than my other videos of Daito. I wanted to focus on his relationship with his parents. This song fits pretty well, clips surprisingly fit every part.

Song: Little Too Late - Default
DaiYoko - Shut Up And Kiss Me

this (un)fitting song is called "Shut Up And Kiss Me" by Orianthi. I pitch shifted to make it sound like a guy since this sounds like something Daito would say/do.

maybe I should've used this song for a [crack] Daito/Tatsumi or maybe even a Kunihiko/Tatsumi video. it would fit more...
DaitoMayoko | Get Up & Go
Daito/Mayoko are my favorite anime couple <3 I used my favorite song by one of my favorite bands, Hanson.

Song: Get Up & Go by Hanson
Anime: Needs With Flowers
daito+mayoko ; more than anyone
filler video.

more than anyone -- gavin degraw
anime -- needs with flowers
Daito "I Don't Wanna Be"
And I'm back with another Daito Ojima AMV. Sorry if I haven't been active lately! I actually a video focusing on the anime coming out soon. I am still working on it and when it's finished, I will upload it.

Song: I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin Degraw
Needs With Flowers "This Ain't A Scene"
The video I told you I was working on! Please enjoy AND comment. I had so much fun making it. It focuses on the whole anime, but Daito is the "leading man" of the video.. <3

Song: This Ain't A Scene - Fall Out Boy
Daito and Mayoko "A loaded god complex, c**k it and pull it"
People were wondering if I supported Daito and Mayoko since I make a lot of videos focusing Daito. The answer is... duh!

Song: Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
the lights in this city are too heavy for me [daito ojima]
(: i really looooooove the way this turned out!

golden by fall out boy
Udo's Happy Song!
I just had to. (This was mostly sync practice, which turned out well.)

audio: Happy Song
by: Liam Lynch
Alive With The Glory Of Love || .NeedsWithFlowers.
idk what to say. :c

song is in the title, band is called Say Anything
Mayoko / Daito [Kunihiko, Udo]
Song: Alejandro
Artist: Lady Gaga

Daito is Alejandro
Kunihiko is Fernando
Udo is Roberto
L o l l i p o p ~ Daito x Mayoko
I think this is the naughtiest video I made... O///o JUST WHAT I WAS AIMING FOR~

song: Lollipop by Framing Hanley
Needs With Flowers - Mayoko and Udo: Email Malady
Needs With Flowers with Foamy audio. XDDD

Mayoko is Germaine and Udo is Begley (I think that's his name lol) razz
Needs With Flowers - Udo: Zip Codes
I wanted to do another one really bad, and this is my favorite Foamy episode ^^

Udo is Foamy and the coffee guy in NWF is the coffee guy in this one P:
Mayoko and Tatsumi :: Complicated
I wanted to make my 50th video dedicated to Mayoko and Tatsumi from Needs With Flowers. smile ))

Complicated by Avril Lavigne
Daito vs Kunihiko vs Udo - My d**k [18+]
Why does this sound like something they'd argue about?

AMV: Needs With Flowers - Flagpole Sitta [Harvey Danger]
The anime "Needs With Flowers" set to "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger.

Anime: Needs With Flowers
Song: Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
[AMV] Needs With Flowers: Mayoko, Tatsumi, Nanase - b***h
Song: b***h
By: Meredith Brooks

This is fanmade and not associated with the artist or company.
Daito and Mayoko - "Home" by Michael Bublé
The main couple from "Needs With Flowers" to Michael Bublé's song, "Home".

This is FANMADE.
crushcrushcrush♥ / Daito and Mayoko
Finally its finished o.e /headdesk

SONG: crushcrushcrush by Paramore
ANIME: Needs With Flowers
Daito and Mayoko - You'll Be In My Heart
Currently my favorite video that I made.

Song: You'll Be In My Heart
By: Phil Collins
Slide your lonely body behind mine ;; DaitoMayoko
Sooo much better than the last video I did of this couple 8DD

Song - Can't Sleep by Armchair Cynics
Anime - Needs With Flowers
Program used - Sony Vegas
Teenage DREAM; Daito&Mayoko
1080p PLEASE! YouTube butchered the quality. ;_;

I loved these two since the first episode. c:
This song is overused, but I wanted to use Boyce Avenue's version soooo bad!

Anime: Needs With Flowers
Couple: Daito and Mayoko
Song: Boyce Avenue - Teenage Dream
"You Are The Only Exception" [ DaiYoko ]
Just another DaiYoko video smile I plan on making more once I find a song that's perfect for them

Song -- The Only Exception by Paramore

Thanks for watching!! Tamara xx
The Boys of NWF:: "Let's Get Retarded!"
This was such a fun song to use!! I thought the boys from "Needs With Flowers" fit it perfectly (;
Please comment telling me what you think

Song: Let's Get Retarded by The Black Eyed Peas
Characters: Daito, Kunihiko, Udo, and any other male that appeared (too lazy to name them all xD)
[Dai♥Yoko] She's No You

Song: She's No You
By: Jesse McCartney
.. beautiful girls all over the world .. Daito&Mayoko
goes according to lyrics. c: a lot of parts fit, which i was not surprised at all about because that's the reason why i chose this song (also because i'm obsessed with it... ^A^)

song: nothin' on you.
by: b.o.b ft. bruno mars.

please comment and subscribe! ♥
Needs With Flowers - Daito and Mayoko - Who Knew
Reuploaded to fix some minor mistakes.

Who Knew is by Pink
Smile biggrin (Daito and Mayoko)
sorry, I obsess over stupid things like that xDDDD so sue me!! (don't do that really o.o)

Song: Smile by Uncle Kracker
gimme that hot mess
this son of a b***h was a hassle. haha remy, i finished mine before you. ;D

but yeah, this took me about 4 hours. ;_; tired as fuuuu--

song: hot mess by uncle kracker
couple: daito/mayoko
AMV: How You Remind Me - Daito and Mayoko
"I said I love you and I swear I still do."

Song: How You Remind Me
Artist: Nickelback
You look so much cuter with something in your mouth
just a Kunihiko/Tatsumi filler video. . .

song. . .something in your mouth.
by. . .nickelback.
Needs With Flowers - Gotta Be Somebody
A new video focusing on the main couples in Needs With Flowers. (Daito/Mayoko, Kunihiko/Tatsumi, Udo/Nanase).
Daito and Mayoko are the mostly the main focus since they're focus in the anime too. : D

Song: Gotta Be Somebody
By: Nickelback
[USS] Gasoline ~ KuniSumi [MEP]
This is my part for the Ultimate Solar Star MEP group, song we're using is "Gasoline" by Seether. I chose Kunihiko/Tatsumi from Needs With Flowers. My part seriously pales in comparion to the other parts. But it's not too bad, I'm proud of the end results. smile

Song: Gasoline
By: Seether
Program: Sony Vegas 9.0
Daito's On A Roll !!
ugh, I spelled "roll" in the video wrong :

Song: I'm On A Roll
By: Stefano
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Character: Daito Ojima
Material Girl ||| DaiYoko
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Pairing: DaiYoko (Daito/Mayoko)
Song: The Weeknd - Material Girl

I hope you enjoy this! smile
We'll leave the world behind... biggrin aiYoko:
I just love this anime and Karate High School...

Song: One Trip Around The Sun
Band: Karate High School
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Here With You - Daito&Mayoko
I've been trying to find this song everywhere and when I do, I find this one. It's still the same song but a bit different. Either way, I like this one a lot. smile

Anime - Needs With Flowers
Song - Here With You
By - Allstar Weekend
What I hope would be [ I M P O S S I B L E ]
I wanted to focus on the dramatic parts of "Needs With Flowers". 8] It doesn't focus on an exact couple, but I did try to make Daito/Mayoko the main focus. But really, the clips just go according to lyrics. The song is called Impossible and it's by Shontelle.

Couples featured:
DaiYoko (Daito/Mayoko)
KuniSumi (Kunihiko/Tatsumi)
UdoNana (Udo/Nanase)
AoIma (Aoto/Imari) - Aoto is Shizuka's given name so you know!

PLEASE ENJOY! don't forget to comment telling me what you think.
[AMV] Sometimes When You Lose, You Win [NWF]
What am I suppose to say here...? I made an AMV and you watched it. There's nothing for me to explain. xD

Song: Sometimes When You Lose, You Win
By: Karate High School
Focus: The male characters (Daito/Kunihiko/Udo/etc) from Needs With Flowers

Okay I might do another video of the boys from Needs With Flowers to another Karate High School song. I need to find a good one...
[AMV] Burning Up For You [NWF]
I made another one! I swear, it just fits... o:

Song: Burning Up For You
By: Karate High School
Focus: The male characters (Daito/Kunihiko/Udo/etc) from Needs With Flowers (with appearances from the girl characters)
Daito: Ain't your hollaback boy.
LOL. :'D

Song: Hollaback
By: Cobra Starship
These bitches callin' me Manning, Eli! [Tatsumi]
I used both Nicki Minaj's verses in because they both reminded me of Tatsumi. 8D

Music - Roman's Revenge
Artist - Nicki Minaj
Daito • Mayoko [Naked In My Bed] (9000+ views!!!)

Song: Naked by Frickin A
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Couple: Daito/Mayoko
Time spent: 2 weeks because of procrastination xDD
NeedsWithFlowers; Crush -- DaiYoko
The first video in my "OTP Collection" playlist. c:
Up next: Panty/Brief from Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt
"OTP Collection" will consist of my favorite couples (from anime, cartoons, or live action shows)

Song: David Archuleta - Crush
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Couple: DaiYoko (Daito/Mayoko)
Program: Sony Vegas
Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy [Mayoko, Nanase, Tatsumi]
I really just wanted to use Tatsumi since she fits this song more than Mayoko and Nanase do but I've added them anyway!

Sexy = Mayoko (imo)
Naughty = Nanase (both have N as the first letter LOL)
Bitchy = Tatsumi (if you've watched the anime you'll know why...)

Song- Sexy Naughty b***h
By- Tata Young
Anime- Needs With Flowers

I don't own any of the material used.
Daito and Mayoko - Love Like This
Sorry for the abrupt ending, I was just getting sick of this song that I just wanted to end it. xDD

Credits: (this was supposed to be at the end but I forgot)
Song: Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield and Sean Kingston
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Couple: Daito x Mayoko
Udo/Nanase- Rhythm Of Love
I was browsing my collection of Udo/Nanase fanart that I wanted make a video smile

song:Rhythm Of Love by Plain White T's
clips:Needs With Flowers
Kunihiko&Tatsumi {StickWitU}
Song: Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls
Anime: Needs With Flowers

Please enjoy, this is my first video of this couple. smile
NeedsWithFlowers | ♥ Mr. Romeo ♥
Focusing on the couples from the anime... sexually. wink

Song// Mr. Romeo - Emii ft. Snoop Dogg
Pairings// DaiYoko, KuniSumi, UdoNana, etc.
Needs with flowers ♦ Just like Ma-ma-magic
Yus. . . (aka I have no idea what to say)

song: Magic by Emii
Rack City, b***h.
Why do I love this song so much? And how the hell does this anime fit it?

Song: Rack City by Tyga
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Focus: Daito Ojima
Needs With Flowers - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Man, I uploaded that preview 2 weeks ago, I didn't know it would take so long to finish! Anyway, please enjoy the finished product! I used a lot of the dancing scene episode between Daito and Mayoko.

Song: Wake Me up Before You Go-Go by Wham!
hot on my lips, taste of your kiss... {daito ♥ mayoko}

Song: Restlessness by Miley Cyrus (D: I think)
DaiYokoUdo -- Lying Is The Most Fun. . .
I love DaiYoko but I also have a soft spot for UdoYoko. ;D

All info in the end (song name, anime, etc.)
I started this a while go but lost interested quick D; But I finally finished it! These two are my fave couple.

Song: Over & Over
By: Three Days Grace
Anime: Needs With Flowers
{ i n v e n t e d S E X }
warning: sexiness ahead. watch at your own risk. ;]

song: invented sex by trey songz.
anime: needs with flowers.
pairing: daito x mayoko.
Kunihiko X Tatsumi - Beautiful Soul (Needs With Flowers)
This would've been uploaded earlier, but stupid Youtube wouldn't upload it. :/
But now that it's up, enjoy. smile

Song - Beautiful Soul
Artist - Jesse McCartney
The Technicolor Phase | DaitoXMayoko
Do I need to explain why I love these two so much? :3

[Song] The Technicolor Phase by Owl City
[Anime] Needs With Flowers

Don't forget to: comment.like.subscribe. c:
Daito Ojima - "Wouldn't you rather be a widow, or a divorcee?"
Just another video by yours truly focusing on Daito Ojima from "Needs With Flowers". It really tells his relationship with the females in the show.

Song - "The Take Over, The Breaks Over"
By - Fall Out Boy
Daito "Breaking The Habit"
Man, I wanted to make another AMV but I had no idea what. Then YouTube suggested a Daito scene from "Needs With Flowers" and I was like, "Omg Daito! How could I forget your awesomeness? ;_;". So I picked a random song and got to work. This is a little darker than most videos I've made of Daito.

Song: Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park
Daito & His Parents || Walking With A Ghost
I got inspired by another video of Daito and his parents. smile (I also got the song from a Daito/Kunihiko vid. ;])

Song: Walking With A Ghost
By: Tegan and Sara
Needs With Flower - Wings Of A Butterfly
My first AMV, I hope you guys like it. smile

Song: Wings Of A Butterfly by HIM
Daito Ojima - ********, I'm Awesome!
Because awesome character IS awesome.

Song - Spose: I'm Awesome
You're Pitiful, Shizuka.
Shizuka is my favorite character from "Needs With Flowers", so I made a funny little video about him.

Song - You're Pitiful
Artist - Weird Al Yankovic
Daito and Mayoko -- the WRITE R.
"i try out a smile and aim in at you
you must have missed it, you always do"
enjoy. ♥ c:

song: the writer
by: ellie goulding.
Needs With Flowers: Paralyzer (Daito/Mayoko)
I am sooo doing the other couples next ♥♥ 8D

Song: Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Needs With Flowers: My Life Would Suck Without You (Kunihiko/Tatsumi)
Grrr, I was having problems making this one but I found my way around them 8DD

Song: Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
Anime: Needs With Flowers
Needs With Flowers: Trouble For Me (Udo/Nanase)
My favorite of them all, always got to save the best for last ^_^

Song: Britney Spears - Trouble For Me
Anime: Needs With Flowers
A pretty little problem ~ Tatsumi (Marumi, Nanami)
I wanted to make a vid about Tatsumi's other friends, Marumi and Nanami, they were so funny the time they were introduced.

Music: Rockstar
Artist: Prima J
It Just Takes Some Time: Needs With Flowers AMV
Thanks for all the views!

It Just Takes Some Time © Jimmy Eat World
Needs With Flowers © Date G
Daito and Mayoko "Take A Look At My Girlfriend"
I need to make more videos of these two, I'm too obsessed with making just Daito videos. xDD

Song: Take A Look At My Girlfriend - Gym Class Heroes
TakeMeAlong. ♥ [Daito/Mayoko]
After watching the episode where Daito finally leaves to America, I got to work. c:

Song: Take Me Along by Miley Cyrus
Anime: Needs With Flowers

This is fanmade.
Your lips part and slowly moved towards mine
ahem. :3

song "midnight romance"
by: a kiss could be deadly
couple: daito/mayoko
Needs With Flowers • Everybody Hurts
I wanted to focus on the dramatic parts of "Needs With Flowers".

Song: Everybody Hurts
Artist: Avril Lavigne
High School Never Ended for Daito
Daito is such a fun character to edit with. *u*

Music - High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup
Anime - Needs With Flowers
Character - Daito Ojima (and others to match lyrics)
Daito "I Don't Care"
People were wondering when I was going to make another Daito video. This is my answer. /wink.

Song: I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
setting in a HONEYMOON~ [Dai/Yoko]
Srsly enjoy this. This is one of the many AMVs I am or were behind on because I'm really busy in real life. I still have that Panty and Stocking AMV, the Toradora one, some collab parts... JUST SOOOO MUCH. ;_;

I don't own any material used. The song is in the related videos...
NWF - Jet Lag : Daito and Mayoko
Inspired by the episode where Daito leaves to America.

Song: Jet Lag by Simple Plan and Natasha Bedingfield
Anime: Needs With Flowers
DAITO♥// moves like jagger.
desc: Wow, I found out the meaning of this song right after I completed this video. I had a feeling I was doing something right when I made this about Daito. I guess you could say this is bit of a Daito/Mayoko ship video.

Song// Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5
Fandom// Daito, my favorite character from the anime "Needs With Flowers"
[NWF] One more f*cking love song...
desc: An amv for the anime Needs With Flowers, mostly focusing on Daito Ojima. Enjoy (:

Song: Payphone
By: Maroon 5
Cross my ♥ and hope to D I E . . . || Needs With Flowers
desc: No inspiration lately... and then this popped in my head! *A*

song - One More Night
artist - Maroon 5
fandom - Daito/Mayoko
NeedsWithFlowers: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
desc: /headdesk. up all night trying to complete this. this is what happens when i have inspiration in the middle of night. but i like the way it came out!

Music: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
By: Pink
AMV: Wide Awake - Needs With Flowers
desc: "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry

I don't own anything. All is purely fanmade.
anything could happen. //needs with flowers\
desc: omg, this HAS to be my best work! *u* what do ya'll think?

song: anything could happen by ellie goulding.
anime: needs with flowers

So Kiss Me, Ojima-kun~
desc: My first amv for my OTP! Hope you like it! (:

anime: Needs With Flowers
OTP: Daito and Mayoko
song: Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
Daito "I Won't Give Up"
desc: Just more Daito-goodness for your viewing pleasures. (; Sorry about the lack of these, trying to fix that! I'm such a horrible follower of Ojimaism. ;_;

Song: I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
Needs With Flowers: Come Into Existence (花とニーズ:存在になる Hana to Nīzu: Sonzai ni Naru) is the second anime adaption of Needs With Flowers produced by Date G and directed by Naruhito Shibata. It focuses on Daito Ojima's life seven years after high school. He is married to Mayoko Sato and has a son with her, Jinpachi Ojima. The series focuses on his role as not only a husband, but as a father as well.

Daito and Mayoko's son: Jinpachi Ojima (尾島甚八 Ojima Jinpachi)

Kunihiko and Tatsumi's daughter: Anju Maekawa (前川アンジュ Maekawa Anju)

Udo and Nanase's kids: Yuna and Yuga Nishibayashi (西林ゆな Nishibayashi Yuna) / (西林ユガ Nishibayashi Yuga)
(fraternal twin girl and boy)

introducing a new couple:
Hisai Kawaguchi (川口久居 Kawaguchi Hisai) - doctor at hospital where Mayoko works at, befriends Daito and the other male cast
Momoya Kawaguchi (川口桃屋 Kawaguchi Momoya) - a stay-at-home mother, befriends Mayoko and the other female cast
Ayana Kawaguchi (川口彩菜 Kawaguchi Ayana) - youngest daughter
Takeo Kawaguchi (川口武雄 Kawaguchi Takeo) - oldest son

new characters
Orie Utada (宇多田オリエ Utada Orie) - a fellow nurse of Mayoko, occasional friend
Nagami Hamano (浜野永見 Hamano Nagami) - teenage nanny for Jinpachi
Funato Yanagi (柳船戸 Yanagi Funato) - neighbor kid that annoys Daito

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