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                                      The young samurai kept his gaze locked on top of CUL’s features. He didn’t move a muscle nor did he say anything. He was a little taken aback by the fact that the girl got herself drunk. To be honest it was quite stupid for her to actually take what those men said about her to heart. On the other hand he wondered why was she telling him all this. Since she didn’t know him well enough and before this they never talked. Maybe because she needed comfort and Yuuma was able to provide some up till now. One thing Yuuma hated the most was when women and children cried. In these kinds of situation he becomes rather confused about what to do or what to say, so Yuuma just stared at the girl trying to come up with some comforting words but he was failing. Letting a small sigh escape his thin lips, he was about to speak up but the red haired female suddenly stood up and started making a mess around her. That was of course the least of Yuuma’s concerns right now, since his mind was still busy processing what she said about Taito. He blinked a couple of times when she slowly sank down on the floor, while hiding her face in between both of her hands.

                                      Yuuma simply turned to his side not looking at CUL anymore, he let her continue talking. Slowly picking up the first aid kit he started walking towards her broken and scared self. But before he could actually reach her something she said totally caught him off guard. His eyes widened for a split second but then an apologetic look crossed his empty face. “She slept with Taito?” Yuuma questioned himself, did he hear it wrong or did she…really? He stared at her for a couple of second and then let his eyes fall to the ground where the stool was lying down. Bending down next to it, he picked it up and placed it back where it was. While his back was turned against her, Yuuma finally spoke up, “You’re not broken. Do not consider yourself to be so weak.” Turning around he finally walked to where she was sitting and sat down in front of her while placing the emergency kit on his lap. He felt so sorry, sorry about everything! Why was this happening to them? What CUL did…was something beyond their understanding of course! They are new to human emotions and she was merely confused and mad. So it was not her fault.

                                      Yuuma slowly unclasped her hands and let them fall by her side as he slowly placed one hand under her chin and lifted up her face while looking down at her tears stained eyes. “Do you really think you look like a monkey? Our original master created us each with unique outlooks and that makes every loid beautiful and special CUL.” The pinkette withdrew his hand from under her chin and opened the box, while removing his gaze away from CUL’s, he took out cotton and a bottle, which possibly contained liquid antiseptic in it. He simply opened the bottle and held it upside down against the cotton until it was mildly soaked. Yuuma learned about these things with the help of the internet. When you spend all your time stuck inside the cyberspace you like wandering and that’s exactly what the young samurai used to do in order to overcome boredom. This lead Yumma to learn about basic things about humans and their lifestyle as well as various things related to that. Putting the bottle back in to the box Yuuma looked at CUL again, as if asking for permission.

                                      “This is going to sting a bit.” With that being said, the male gently held up her chin again with his free hand, to expose the skin of CUL’s neck area. Yuuma felt a little hesitant but if he didn’t do this then the girl might get infection. Gently and slowly the pinkette dabbed the cotton on top of her scratches. After a few minutes, he was done with the task. Withdrawing himself away from the girl Yuuma picked up the box from his lap and placed it on the floor. The samurai moved towards the wall and sat beside CUL while leaning on it. He let a small sigh escape his lips. He looked at CUL from the corner of his eyes; there was something bothering after hearing what CUL had to say. Why did she even attack Taito? Would she have done it if it was him or someone else? Why drove her to kiss Taito on the first place? He didn’t quite understand the concept of getting drunk but truth comes out when someone’s drunk right? Yuuma’s eyes narrowed slightly. Locking his gaze on the candle he finally spoke up, “Do you have feelings for Taito?” It’s not like he cared about her personal life but he was somewhat curious to find out.

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