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For Forsaken Septenary
Rochford Kingdom

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crede quod habes et tu
Believe that you have it, and you will.

Ruling Family: Rochford
Crest: Two clawing lions on either side of an opened ermine coat with a fleur de lis upon a shield of two colors of the kingdom, under a combined king and queen's crown, above a banner inscribed with the motto.
Colors: Blue & Gold
Motto: Believe that you have it, and you will.
Official Religion: Quintary - Quintarian

Some Rochfordian Laws:
    Poaching in the woods is punishable by death by hanging, or a serious fine in some cases.
    Rochford catapults found spies into the country that employs them.
    Divorce is not recognized in Rochford and very rarely are annulments granted to couples with good reason, and that can only be approved by the king.
    When called to trial by the court or the king, if one does not show, they can and more than likely will be declared guilty and an outlaw.
    To conduct most business in Rochford, one must be part of a guild.
    Brothels and prostitution are illegal.
    Children out of wedlock cannot inherit the titles and lands of their fathers, but must be provided for until the age of eighteen by the father or the father's family.

Letters: to and from Rochford
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Rochford Family Tree in relation to King Rock,
    descending from the beginning of the Septenary

    King Lannister & Queen (consort) Anne (Great-Great-Grandfather & Grandmother)
      I. Markus
      II. Maud
      III. Edward
      IV. Phillip
      V. Alliana
      VI. Jude
        I. Peter (First Cousin twice removed)
          I. Liana Rochford & Edmund Moriarty (Second Cousin once removed)
            Drake Moriarty (Third Cousin)
              Draegon (Third Cousin once removed)

      VII. Eliza (Great-Aunt)

      VIII. King Henry & Queen (consort) Adele (Great-Grandfather & Great-Grandmother)
        I. King Thomas & Queen Royse (Grandfather & Grandmother)
          II. Kain & Bethany Rochford (Aunt & Uncle)
            Haster Crane (Cousin)
            Oak Rochford (Cousin)

          I. King Castiel (Father) & Queen Aine (Mother)
            I. King Rock & Queen (Regent) Morri (Wife)

    Lannister was made king for his accomplishments in battle and war.

    Henry succeeded his father when all his elder siblings were somehow found to be unfit to rule.

    Adele was the first queen to be beheaded in a public execution, for crimes against the king. Tyrley had weeks long trials where many witnesses were coming forward. The king's wife had only one son and it came under question if he were even the king's as well, for after her death, he could not conceive with any mistress.

    Aine is the first queen to share in the political and military powers of her husband the king, but she was only queen for a year (most of which she was pregnant) before she died. Queen Morrigan is the second woman to hold this unique position, invented by her father-in-law and continued by his son, which allows her to check the king's decisions as his equal to rule beside him and in his absence. To deny or revoke this is a betrayal worthy of death once it is bestowed upon a queen, yet it is the queen's responsibility to remember to exercise it.

    The line of succession follows the firstborn sons of the Rochford family. In the case of no sons, it passes to the closest male relative.
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Tyrley Castle has been the capital of the Rochford region from the realm's foundation, and has been reconstructed and improved upon over the years.
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It is located at the edge of Morden, the capitol of Rochford, on an outcrop of rock and is the seat of the throne. Tyrley is broken up into the sections of the Inner Ward, the East Ward, and the West Ward.

Inner Ward: Defended by an inner curtain wall, this is obviously the innermost part of the castle.

    The Chapel: a sacred chapel hides the royal family's vault underneath.

    The Keep: a massive square structure. Built by scaffolding to the first story, the rest of the Keep was built by masons. The walls overhang a little at each side as they are wider at the bottom than the top. Built to withstand attack, the Keep's massive walls are between three and four meters thick. Its bottle-shaped doorway allows soldiers on horseback to enter at a gallop without dismounting. Inside the Keep is the Armory.

    The King's Hall is the castle's main social reception and banqueting room. The throne is here, an adjacent office for more private matters had been built by King Castiel.

    The Kitchen: a great kitchen fed by a vaulted pantry and buttery, a bakehouse and brewery. A passageway runs from the kitchen to the King's Hall that is used by servants.

    The Solar: sleeping quarters used by the family and high nobles. Two solar suites are extended to include a wardrobe, holding all jewels, furs, fabrics, and is where dressmaking and hairdressing is conducted.
      The Bower: the queen's private sitting room.

East Ward:
    The Bell Tower: linking the bell tower and the Sun Tower is a cross wall that divides the East and West Wards. There a watchman is posted every night in war, or peace. The stables are against this wall on the West Ward side.

    The Sun Tower: this round tower is now named after the Queen of Noveria, Sunnifa Allandor, who was responsible for the damage to this part of the castle in a siege by burrowing under the corner of the then square tower and collapsing the whole of it. It has been completely rebuilt to a round tower and so, has no corners and no tunneling Sunnifas.

    The Place of Arms: large area where troops can assemble (knights and all those ********).

    The North Gate: this gateway allows horse drawn carts and carriages to enter the castle. Arrow slits and many doors and portcullises in the gate towers.

    The South Tower: a gate manned by porters in daytime and a watchman by night. The dungeons are in the highest part of this tower.

West Ward:
    The Gatehouse, a narrow entryway.

    The Outer Courtyard, a wide and open killing field in times of attack.

    Postern Gate: this secondary doorway is a sally port in the outer curtain wall that sits mid way up the Long Stairs and looks down on the Gatehouse.

Titles in Rochford and their formal address,

    King "Your Majesty, His Majesty"
    Queen "Your Majesty, Her Majesty"
    Prince/Princess "Your Highness, His/Her Royal Highness"
    Lord Protector "Your Highness, His Highness"
    Duke/Duchess "Your Grace"
    Viscount/Viscountess // Baron/Baroness "Your Excellency"
    Knight/Lord/Lady "Sir, Lady or Dame"
    Others "My Lord, My Lady, Master, Mistress, Mr., Mrs."

The King's Court in Rochford consists of men appointed by the king himself. They can be of any background or status, from foreigner to high nobility, whomever the king wishes to entrust important state duties to. Some hold office for little more than a few weeks to a lifetime, and a few may be inherited by their sons, while others are reserved purely for wartime.

    Lord Protector
    Lord High Chancellor, Lord Keeper
    Lord High Treasurer, supervises the royal accounts

    Lord High Admiral, commander of kings ships and sailors
    Lord High Constable, commander of the royal armies

    Lord Steward, Great Master of the Household
    Lord Chamberlain
    Treasurer of the Household, responsible for the management and collection of taxation and other government revenues

    The King's Secretary

    Groom of the Stool

The King's Household, around four hundred people may be within the household.

    The Chamber run by the Lord Chamberlain.
      in charge of all court entertainments, supervises the distribution of lodgings in the palace, makes arrangements for the kingĀ“s progresses, receives the Ambassadors and other visitors to the court, and conducts them into the royal presence. He attends to the personal wants of the King and organizes the ceremony about the king, protecting him and gracing his every action with divine dignity.

    The Household is under the supervision of the Lord Steward.
      in charge of the material and mundane necessities of the monarch and of his court such as food, drink, lighting and fuel. The steward is responsible for the domestic needs of the entire staff, the servants.

The King's Chamber

    The Privy Chamber houses the king's "privy lodging": the bedroom, library, study, and the toilet with a regular staff of its own, such as gentlemen, ushers, grooms, and pages.
      Specialized officers of the chamber: The King's Secretary, Chaplain, Physician, Surgeon, Apothecary, Barber, henchmen or young gentlemen in attendance under their master, and the Esquires of the Household.

    The Presence Chamber, and the great hall.

The Queen's Household, around one-hundred people.

    Ladies of the Privy Chamber
    Gentlewomen Attendants
    Maids of Honor

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    Merchants Guild
    xxxx - Morden
    Serah Avalon is the alderman of the guild.

    Craftsmen's Guilds

      Regulations to prevent poor workmanship, each article has to be examined by a board of the guild and stamped for approval.
      No one within a town can practice a craft without belonging to the appropriate guild.
      Advertising is forbidden, but crafts can be put on display.
      All prices are regulated. Price-cutting is strictly forbidden.
      The sale of foreign artisans' work within a city is forbidden.
      No member is allowed to corner the market by purchasing a large supply of a product or commodity so as to be able to fix the price.

      Craftsmen's secrets are guarded. A worker who possesses any essential trade secrets and for some reason flees to a foreign territory, must be tracked down and killed lest he divulge the information.

      The guilds must provide funeral expenses for poorer members and aid to survivors, taking on any orphans, and provides dowries for poor girls.
      The guilds must cover members with health insurance through provisions for care of the sick.
      The guilds must build chapels, and donate to local churches.
      The guilds must watch over the morals of fellow members.

      Each guild is required to turns policing the streets and must construct public buildings and walls to defend the town when needed.

      Members who violate the charter are fined.

      Becoming a member:
        Apprentice -- paid to be taken on, he lives with the master and his family and owns nothing else, making his start from nothing. The apprentice is subject to the master and not allowed to marry, varying anywhere from two to ten years of apprenticeship depending on the craft.

        Journeyman or day worker -- works and earns a salary. Must produce a masterpiece to satisfy the master of the guild and earn the title of master to gain membership.

        The journeyman has to work on his own time to produce the masterpiece, using his own tools and raw materials. Then if he did produce the required work, the state of the economy guided the vote of acceptance from the board (masters of the guild).

      Some Guilds: Fishermen, Minstrels, Masons, Smiths, Artisans, Medical, Bakers, Bookbinders & Papermakers, Dyers & Weavers, Skinners & Tanners, Casters, Chandliers, Jewelers, Wicker & Wood Workers

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/coming soon, guilds marketplace.
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Rochford Faith - Quintary

    God of Fire
      Rarely called The Father, the Gods is used more commonly for him and his wife. No attempt is ever made to portray The Father in human form, for no mortal man can see his face and live, including depictions of him. Flames are substituted for him, any sort of fire is his presence.

    Goddess of Mercy
      Rarely referred to as The Mother, even rarer is Lorelei unless Krios is involved, otherwise the Gods is used for herself in combination with her husband. She is considered plain, a white veil covers her brown hair and wraps around her oval face, and she is clothed in simple purple cloth.

        God of Vengeance
          Krios is the God of Vengeance, curses, and injustices. His form is tall and strong, owning dark hair and piercing blue-grey eyes, always in armor without a helm and always accompanied by a lion.

        God of Peace
          A cat in times of peace, but the moment war touches their land, it becomes the lion.

        God of the Arts
          He is either depicted as a blond curly-haired young man of light skin and hazel eyes, nude on a bed of red cloth and holding a flask of wine with a cat curled about his shoulders, or standing in the ideal muscular form of the human male holding a sheet to cover himself modestly, wearing golden sandals, and holding a cat in his arm.

    Origins: Mortals came about by the burning of Elena; a goddess of the sea mingled with the fires of The Father before his wedding night, the lingering flames upon the land that came from lying together created five men. The men were wrought with the desire and longing that had born them, but none of them had direction or purpose, so they wandered until they could no more.

    Lorelei discovered the betrayal, and heartbroken, she was susceptible to the idea of revenge that Krios whispered to her. He claimed that making an even better creature with him would cause envy and be the greatest revenge upon both Elena and The Father. She did so, and created a woman, who upon being put on the land stayed for she was not made with the desire that the men had been and were driven by.

      The woman was gifted with a far sharper mind and she was quick to settle the land for herself so she could survive. It wasn't long before a man came across her and her home. He was interested in the construct and wanted to know more of it, so the woman told him the ideas she had that she could not do alone. The man was eager to employ them and with her guidance, built a stronger and larger house. When it was completed, he desired to build more, as in his travels he had sighted many places to the East of many materials he could use. He left in pursuit of the new craft.

      The second man came to her home in the winter, when the snows covered her roof and fire warmed the inside, and he asked to be sheltered from the cold. She let him inside and gave him a bowl of the stew she had been cooking. It was filled with the most wonderful of things from her garden, something the man had never thought to make before. He

      The third man

      The fourth man arrived in the middle of fall, he brought with him an animal he had slain. He found the woman in the middle of chopping firewood.

      The fifth man

    The Father

    Mass: Daily visitations to the church and chapel, public or private, is encouraged. It is only on Holy Days, the end of the week, that most attend. Generally scripture is read, prayers are said, and chants are sung. It is mostly of saving yourself and others from divine wrath, the enactment of good deeds, and inspiring honest living.

    Sins & Virtues: infidelity, dishonesty, blasphemy / charity, loyalty, responsibility, honesty . . .

    Marriage: A marriage is a voluntary contract by a man and a woman, they choose to become husband and wife by mutual agreement. They promise verbally to each other that they would be married to each other and they have a valid engagement. Eighteen years of age is the age of consent to marry, young adults may do so without their parents. All marriages must have a performance of a religious ceremony observed by witnesses, three or more, and in cases of having none or the funds for a marriage, the Church provides this as a public service with multiple weddings at once in the spring.

    Women are obligated to take the name of their husbands, but are not pressured to have children. The married couples choose to have children or not, it is rarely anyone outside of the family's business. Adultery is considered to be a crime--which may be charged upon the man by the woman just as easily as a man can accuse his wife--and a sin deserving of the flames. Relations before engagement are not important and generally treated as if they never happened.

    The Ceremony:

      The Man: I, ___, take you, ___, to be my wedded wife,
      to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, for fairer or fouler, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.
        He promises to love and care for only her, no matter what happens, until death.

      The Woman: I, ___, take you, ___, to be my wedded husband,
      to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to be bonny and buxom at bed and at board, till death do us part.
        She promises to please him in bed and at the dinner table, until death.

      The Man: With this ring I wed you, he will say and will place the first silver band on her thumb. And with my body I honor you, he will continue and put the second ring onto her index finger. And with all my worldly goods I endow you, he will finish and put the third and final silver onto her ring finger and they may kiss to seal their promises before the gods.
        To show his love, he gives his everything to her.

    Death Rites: The dead are not burned unless they were prisoners, having committed crimes in life, or were blasphemers. It is believed the dead will one day be resurrected, the souls will return to the bodies at the end of the world. Only those who have forsaken their paradise have their bodies destroyed. Otherwise, the wealthy have their dead preserved and encased in tombs and the poor wash the bodies and wrap them in a shroud, burying them in the towns' cemeteries.

    In the funeral procession, family and friends (in some cases business partners) not only shroud themselves in black, but also wear white masks over their faces as they follow the body to the place of burial. This is tied with Krios, the God of Vengeance, who upon capturing the flame of the departed may take their grudges and grievances with one of the living as a thirst for vengeance left needing to be quenched, no matter how slight, and kill them. Once the procession reaches the grave, a prayer is said and masks may be removed after it.

    The Prayer:

      O Krios, forgive our living, those who are present and those who are absent. Whoever You keep alive, keep them alive in faith and whoever you cause to die, cause them to die in faith.

      O Gods, admit him/her to Empyrium and protect him/her from the torment of the grave; make his/her grave spacious and fill it with light.

      May his/her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of the Goddess, rest in peace.

    While the body is lowered into the grave, mourners light handheld candles. Mourning for someone lasts for as long as their candle burns. They leave once their flame is extinguished to rejoin them only when they die as well. Almsgiving is generally done in the name of a departed person the day after their funeral to honor their memory and as spiritually beneficial to them.

    Empyrium is the dwelling of the gods wherein the eternal souls rest or are created before entry into the mortal plane. The afterlife for sinners and saints alike, the former experiencing the pain of fire and thirst (hell) while the latter reunites with loved ones (heaven). It is the only place gods interact with mortals in giving destinies to those who will be born and passing judgements based on the life they have chosen away from the gods.

    Clergy: The attire of the priests, and few priestesses, is rather modest in comparison to others. The clergy dresses in the dark grays and blacks decorated in some buttons and a brooch or lining of silver to denote rank. Most priests are missionaries and officiators of marriages, while priestesses handle funerals and other local work, but they both share equal part in Mass.
    Holidays: There are no religious holiday celebrations, but the marriages in Beacon in the spring are treated as a large festival of sorts for the public.
    Prevalence: many Rochfordians follow the religion, if they do not believe themselves Quintarians, they tend to be on some level.
    Outsiders: barely tolerate other religions, depending on region.
    Sayings: Noli irritare leonem, Irritate not the lion.

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Rochfordian Art & Fashion

candle clock
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Rochford Kingdom Relations
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      Recently, under King Rock and King Atlas, have Acaelus and Rochford agreed to defend each other in the event of an attack from any other kingdom in a treaty to bring Rochfordian guilds to the neighboring nation. So long as the guilds remain, so does Rochford's military support of Acaelus.

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      During the series of general wars in the time before the Septenary, Noveria and Rochford found themselves sometime allies and sometime enemies. They engaged each other on the field of battle on the southern shores of Rochford and in Morden, with the Queen Sunnifa leading an attack on Tyrley that she subsequently won yet quickly lost her hold soon after; the war ended with a peace between them, and The Septenary was established.

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      Once seen as not only a foreign evil, but also a heretical one, with Librophelia as a belief system. An engagement to Vivian Thornias had been sought, until both the Prince James and Vivian contracted the plague in Hackathorn and died. Lannister succeeded the throne in Rochford and all attempts at an alliance were put off by Noveria's invasion. The following peace of The Septenary was made instead and marriage to Hackathorn was purposely forgotten.

      Victor Thornias studied in Rochford for a year, becoming friends with Rock despite their beliefs being that the Rochfordian King was not interested in religion as much as he was in skirts. Hackathorn and Rochford hoped to become closer kingdoms in this, but following the wedding of Rock and Morrigan, Victor made the mistake of divorcing his wife in Rochford. The act is made illegal and unsupported in Rochford, putting their relationship and in turn the kingdoms' at risk.

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      The Aislin curse was experienced first hand with the engagement between Edward and one of the daughters of Elysia. It is said after her death, he was so stricken with grief, that he jumped from the castle tower. In reality, he was simply too drunk to notice that he leaned too far out to simply light a fart by one of his candles. He was never the brightest child.

      Aside from heartache, Elysia has never given Rochford reason to outright dislike them. They have not taken s
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Events in Rochford

    Proposal - King Rock proposed to Lady Morrigan.

    Poison - The king had a close encounter with death so soon before his wedding, with others of the Septenary in attendance. The attempt on his life was more or less swept under the events of other more important things, but still, no one knows who tried poisoning Rock and Gareth, the king of Valryte.

    Wedding - King Rock Rochford married Lady Morrigan Lane of Roth.

    Murder - Lucina Moon, a signer at the wedding, and a guard were found dead in one of the castle's rooms. The discovery was the king's and his men's, it remains a mystery and the room remains unused.

    Divorce - King of Hackathorn, Victor Thornias divorced his wife, Angeline, right after the wedding and she stayed at Tyrley as the queen's companion. The action has ruffled a few feathers in Rochford.

    Merchants Guild - Serah Avalon was made alderman of the guild merchants, the first woman to hold one of the highest positions within the guilds.

    Alliance - A treaty was signed with Acaelus, to defend them in times of war, so long as Acaelan guilds styled after Rochfordian guilds are established with the Merchants Guild. Seven hundred men from the Rochfordian army have been spared for Hookline meanwhile the guilds are set up.

    Coronation - the queen was crowned in Tyrley's chapel, a last minute change of the king's, and Oak Rochford as Lord Protector was sworn to her.

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The Seven Kingdoms & Their Cities
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Morden is the capitol city where the Merchants' Guild is based and other professional guilds that have been established. The taxes on property within the walls and fines from violations are some revenue for the fortified city.

    It consists of a concentric design with a double ring of ramparts and forty rounded towers, the roofs have low slopes in tile. A viaduct crosses the river Coradon to the outside of Tyrley from the main gate of the city. The surrounding area is mainly rocky with some slopes and hills, an exception is a small wood near Tyrley that was created as a recreational area for the king.

    Tyrley Castle is located across Morden atop an outcrop of rock, and is the seat of the throne.

    The Merchants Guild Headquarters is on Mousecatcher's Street in Morden.

First Gate is a military outpost that patrols nearby Northwestern lands.

    An outpost originally of wood, but it was built upon by stone in later years; most notable is a set of watchtowers that are twenty-seven meters high with a diameter of nine meters that are set on either side of the gate.

Second Gate is a military outpost in Northeastern Rochford near the Titan Creek River.

    An outpost of stone; most notable is a set of watchtowers that are twenty-seven meters high with a diameter of nine meters that are set on either side of the gate one must pass through on the way to and from across the river.

Goulding Pass is a village where trade is controlled by The Merchants Guild, Fishermen's Guild, and Medical Guilds. The Goulding peninsula had been in part of the cloth trade until Seawood Port took hold of it, though the place sports better skilled fishermen and smaller craft sailors. The salt marsh lambs raised in the area have a distinct taste to their meat and are considered a delicacy, desired by many of the wealthy families in Rochford.

    Tidal mud-flats and salt marshes are along the western side of the peninsula, many busy ships in the gulf and closeness of a military outpost make it easy for an early detection and mount of a defense against invaders.

Gulfshire is a town where trade is controlled by The Merchants Guild; Minstrels' Guild is the most famous out of Gulfshire.

    The town is small, but it has walls and streets of stone, and the center is a church surrounded by a moat. The streets of varying sizes and lengths, irregular patterns to confuse those unfamiliar with the city, radiate outward from the plaza. All the homes are two-story in height with stutters and no glass for windows.

Kamryn Cross, a town were trade is controlled by The Merchants Guild and the Masons. The stone quarry that has supplied Rochford with its stone is nearby so many Masons, Smiths, and Artisans come and go. There is a fee for entrance and guildsmen pay a smaller fee.

    The main roads of Rochford intersect outside of the town. Kamryn Cross sits on a cliff that pushes any attackers to come from one direction (one that is met with a small wall and toll) and pushes townsmen to shove people off the edge of the cliff into the quarry if they get beyond it and do not pay.

Roth is a town where the town's own council controls its own trade rather than letting any guilds do so. Roth holds an annual fair, lasting for two or three days, that draws a great deal of business mostly from the royal family and nobility from Morden as it is as much a funfair. The Merchants Guild governs the event to settle disputes and establish law and order as a public service. Roth is otherwise known to breed the finest horses and hounds, which they sell to Rochfordian nobility and lease to The Merchants Guild. The residents raise cattle, pigs, and rabbits in addition to their own gardens and farms.

    The town itself is surrounded by a large wooden fence, and at times logs covered with projected spikes, for defense. The gates are closed at night and the area is patrolled by guilds and their watchdogs. Roth consists of single story homes and farmhouses made of wood. The town hall and chapel are the only second-storied constructs of stone.

Korenhaal is a city where trade is controlled by The Merchants Guild, Masons, Smiths, Artisans Guilds that make up most of the working force. Most stone workers, metal workers, and builders are from Korenhaal for all of Rochford. Medical, Bakers, Bookbinders & Papermakers, Dyers & Weavers, Skinners & Tanners' Guilds rank in second as the city-based guilds; the four main gatehouses of the city are tolled.

    The largest walled city of Rochford has eight square towers, and four bars that restrict traffic. Every bar is a self-contained fort with floors capable of being defended separately, four-stories high with the top stories being living quarters, and have an extended barbican. These lead into the city and each district, and are guarded and tolled.

    Breaches can be defended from the walls and gatehouses accessed through the two inner bars of the city and the fourth district's twin towers. An underground tunnel system from these towers in the fourth district and the church in the third district supplies the city with good water and storage. The first two districts can be sealed off and the rest of the city can still function.

    The city was built around Longford Castle. Longford Castle is the lord's castle that is a stone shelled motte and double quadrangle bailey in the third district.

Beacon is a city that is the ideal location for ship building, for quality merchant vessels and the royal fleet. Many of its citizens on the mainland are also into sea fishing, and the farming of chestnuts and making them into bread on the island; Debtors generally work off their obligations rowing the galleys, working aboard ships merchant and naval.

    Beacon is divided on the island and the mainland, but connected by a man-made isthmus that, when the tide is high, is covered by water. On the island, the city has high stone walls at the docks where the ship building for the royal fleet takes place, then the city begins higher up the hill and continues sloping up until the top. At the top rests the largest and most beautiful church in Rochford, the Church of the Redeemed. The Baron's home is nearby, the Rochford Manor. Crossbow practice is compulsory in the city, with all males between sixteen and sixty registered and any of their weapons surveyed in case of need to defend the city.

Seawood Port, a city where three merchant families rule: Avalon, Fitzherald, and Malakai. Revenue comes from forest rents and fines, and forest wood used for castles and royal ship building; the city is regarded as the central for the cloth, luxury fabric, and point of trade with Valryte in Rochford. Seawood Port is the only place where the rule of guildsmen's first dibs does not apply to the imported goods from Valryte.

    The forest is regularly patrolled and regulated by the Game Wardens of Seawood Port, it covers the North and Northeast part of Seawood Port. The city does not have walls, but has four watchtowers, and the closely collected homes have no doors as their entryways are on the connected rooftops.

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