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Solomon Gildroy
Quiet Calm Deep in thought Bold Wise

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xxx Winter first
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rockchild15 ◆◆
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E X ENOCH SPADE;xx reserved rockchild15 resentful / fearless / wise

He really hates deamons. The only one he will tolerate is THE DOVE whom seems very different than those deamons he grew up with. Born into a terrible family who killed his mother right in front of him just because she was going blind in her left eye; he knew that he would have to get revenge. They worked him so much making him more angry and hardened. It was almost time to kill when the daughter who was away for many years came to him and kissed him. THE DOVE knew of his pain, and wanted to show him there was a soul who cared. It was no surprise when they found out he was a relic, and she paired with him. As much as THE CINDERELLA wanted to kill her family ...he would not for her sake. At least not in front of her.
Trust,bonds,reliance upon others. These are the traits of a weak man. Unless you take matters into your own two hands change will not come. justice will only come if you take action. This is a lesson I have learned many years ago. Fear is now a foreign concept for me. Once you have been shrouded in it for so long you tend to numb the feeling out. They took her from me. My mother. Slaughtered her in front of me like a sickly animal . An image that I will never forget. I refuse to forget. As I grew up they mocked , tormented and belittled me. I was but a piece of property to them. But while they were busy basking in their own pride and gluttony , I was honing my skills. Waiting, eager for the day that I could show each of them the tip of my blade. Demons . They are all the same. They thought that as a human I was incapable to do anything about it. I was determined to prove them wrong. Behind their backs I grew stronger and stronger. They would all feel my pain. At least that was my goal. Until she came. It was the night I was planning to take my vengeance. I was already walking threw the main gate , blade in hand. But than she appeared. Raziel Cristone . She was gone for so long. Living with family in York. She immediately knew what my intentions were. She pleaded with me at first. But I refused. And that is when the unexpected happened. The kiss. For the first time in years i felt the warmth of another soul. She was not like her kin. She felt my pain. My anguish. She calmed my soul. It was then that our roads intertwined. We joined forces in combat and soon became rather close. Sometimes I fear it is too close. I have promised her that her family will not be harmed by my hand. For now that is.
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
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▒▄█▀▀█ ▄▀▄ █░░ ▄▀▄ █▄░▄█ ▄▀▄ █▄░█░░▒▐█▀█ █▀▀▄ ▄▀▄ █░░░█ █▄░█
▒▀▀█▄▄ █░█ █░▄ █░█ █░█░█ █░█ █░▀█░░▒▐█░░ █▐█▀ █░█ █░█░█ █░▀█
▒█▄▄█▀ ░▀░ ▀▀▀ ░▀░ ▀░░░▀ ░▀░ ▀░░▀░░▒▐█▄█ ▀░▀▀ ░▀░ ░▀░▀░ ▀░░▀


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Two guards stood stationed in front of a warehouse entrance. Each one armed with an advanced SMG riffle. The area itself was dimly lighted. Venia always was rather void of any light. It made everything feel dull and artificial. The only lights that shined down here were the street lamps,occasional advertising sign and the large lights mounted onto the bottom of the giant platform , that covered the city. The guards were on edge. Apparently they were anticipating someones arrival :" I am telling you the boss has become a nut job ever since the assassination attempt." One of the guards says as he took in a lungful of smoke. The other one simply replied in a nonchalant manner :" I honestly dont know what he is worried about. The last mercenary didn't even make it past the gate. There are forty of us guarding the damn building. No one is going to harm his sorry a**. And as long as I get paid thats the way its going to be. " While the second guard was taking his given task with ease , the other one was clearly a bit nervous:" Look all I am saying is that I would be scared shitless if the Vipers had it out for me. I mean who in their right mind steals from Schuss? Either the boss has balls of steel or he has a freaking death wish. " The other guard rather annoyed by the others panicking attitude spoke out in a rather blunt manner:" Oh shut it . If any of those Viper dirt bags shows their face we will just give them a head full of ... " The guards words were cut short as a bullet shot threw his shoulder.A sniper bullet. Shot from a window overlooking the workshop. It knocked him back and against the wall. As he slipped down in pain a trail of blood was left onto the walls surface. The other panicked and started to fire into the direction where he thought the attacker was hidden.

After he was done firring an entire magazine of bullets he stopped to asses the situation. He franticly attempted to place a new mag into his gun. However he suddenly froze as a dark cloud of gas collected to his side. It gathered in sinister manner. The guard was unable to move out of sheer terror, as the dark cloud started to take the form of a human body. The dark matter shifted and hardened until a hooded man became visible.For a mere moment the two stared each other down. That is until the guard reached for his pistol. But before he could reach for his weapon Solomons hand had already grabbed a hold of his wrist. With a rough squeeze and twist he dislocated the mans wrist and forced him against the wall. The man screamed behind clenched teeth , but was quickly silenced as a black claw pressed against his neck. Solomons hand had shifted into a dark hooked blade. Holding the man in place he then proceeded with questioning :" How many are in there?" He asked with a low yet somehow aggressive tone . It didn't take long for the guard to talk :" Forty...more or less! Look man I just got hired ! Please dont..." With a punch to the stomach he knocked out the guard. The only thing he hated more than thugs were laud ones. Walking past the man who took a bullet to the shoulder , he realized that he was still barely conscious :" Stay down or the next one wont miss. " He says before walking over him and to the front door. Placing his hand against the door he sensed the many different electromagnetic pulses being emitted from inside the building. Still he was only interested in one.

Thinking his plan threw he realized that going up against forty of them would put him in a peculiar situation. And so he decided that he would head directly to his target. Turning his attention to an open fan in the wall he decided to slip inside undetected. His body once again shifted into a gas like state , the dark vapor like substance entering threw the vent. The gas traveled threw the ventilation system until it stopped just above another opening. The room bellow was an office of sorts. Filled with a lot of expensive merchandise. And at the desk sat a rather large man. He sat there eating and drinking glutinously. He was distracted.Good. The dark vapor condensed into a dark liquid that slowly started running onto the top of the ceiling. Black droplets fell and collected in a dark puddle . Then silently the liquid started to gather mass and mold into a solid body. The man sitting behind the desk was startled to say the last :" What the hell ?! Who the fuc..." Before the man could even finish his sentence Solomon had taken out his pistol out of his coat and aimed it straight towards him :" Mr.Abendroth sends his regards. " And with the pull of the trigger the bullet flew straight threw his forehead. Walking over to the dead body he took of his ring. The guards hearing the gun fire rushed into the room. But when they entered , he was gone.

A black car parked in front of Viper HQ. He was no new guest here. In fact he had visited the dark light district on many occasion. Mostly because of work. It seemed as if the Vipers had many people out of their hair. Casually walking out of the car he headed to the front door where two bouncers stood on guard duty :" State your business. " One of them asks crossing his arms. Solomon took out a small card and presented it to them :" I am here to see Schuss. " After they stepped to the side Solomon entered. The Vipers nest was...a gangsters paradise as some stated. Drugs,drinks and pretty girls. All were present. The room had a somewhat lustful aura to it. Walking up to a counter his attention was soon turned to the woman behind it :" I am here to see Mr.Abendroth . Tell him I'm here for the contract. Mr. Ronfield wont be an issue anymore." The woman simply smiled playfully as she leaned her elbows against the counter :" Sure thing honey. I will go get him for you. Just wait in the VIP room over there and he will be right with you. Could I interest you in a drink...or some company? " Again she grinned playfully, to which Solomon calmly replied :" Scotch thank you. " Walking behind the red curtain he took a seat on the rather comfy couch that was located next to a rather large aquarium. His eyes followed the fishes movements as he placed his black suitcase next to his feet.


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▒▄█▀▀█ ▄▀▄ █░░ ▄▀▄ █▄░▄█ ▄▀▄ █▄░█░░▒▐█▀█ █▀▀▄ ▄▀▄ █░░░█ █▄░█
▒▀▀█▄▄ █░█ █░▄ █░█ █░█░█ █░█ █░▀█░░▒▐█░░ █▐█▀ █░█ █░█░█ █░▀█
▒█▄▄█▀ ░▀░ ▀▀▀ ░▀░ ▀░░░▀ ░▀░ ▀░░▀░░▒▐█▄█ ▀░▀▀ ░▀░ ░▀░▀░ ▀░░▀


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Eventually his drink was served which made the waiting bearable. The Viper leader had a tendency to be...preoccupied. Why he was so obsessive with girls he would never understand. He didn't like girls playing with his head. He wouldn't allow them to. A man in his predicament needed to be focused. Most of his attention was turned to his task. All though he adapted quickly to his situation , it wasn't always like this. He used to be lost. Suddenly reborn into an unfamiliar world. No family, no job, no home. Heck he didn't even have a name. Most of what happened to him beyond the age of 19 was still one big dark blur. An empty void that consumed his mind. It angered him. He used to have a past. And someone took that away from him. And for that they would pay. They all would. His silver almost mirror like eyes followed the fishes many elegant movements. Pets . The ultimate sign of wealth. Ever since the so called " Final incident " the world had become one big radioactive rock. Sure the radiation levels were slowly fading away. But apparently it wasn't always this way. Enough to cut down the human population by 83 percent. The humans at least had the technology to conceal themselves from the radiation. The animals on the other hand were not so lucky. Animals had become even more rare than the human species themselves. Most of the animals today were just clones or hybrids made from the ones collected. Pets had become the ultimate accessory. Which is exactly why Schuss Abendorth had many. It was a sign of status.

Speaking of the devil where was the sexually mad Schuss. With his drink now gone he had nothing to distract him from the long wait. Damn that man. Solomon was usually the patient sort. But he doubted he was waiting for a good reason. In his eyes Schuss was a good leader , no doubt. However when he was around the female variety he had a tendency to be somewhat...distracted. And that pissed him of a bit. Standing up he once again headed up the door and walked down to the counter where he had requested his presence before. The same girl was siting there lighting a cig and drinking a glass of wine :" Care to join me love?" She asked with a wink. Solomon on the other hand was much more interested in finding a particular German that owed him money :" Care to explain to me where your esteemed leader is located?" The girl simply shrugged her shoulders and after another sip , replied rather carelessly :" The boss has company if you know what I mean. I certainly ain't going to interrupt him. Not going to make that mistake twice. " Solomons fingers lightly taped against the counters surface. Now he was getting a little more annoyed :" I see. Could you please direct me to his quarters?" The girl pointed across the room . Smirking to him one last time she turned to make another drink and says :" You will find him there. And good luck. You are going to need it. "

He walked with briefcase in hand , his messy black hair no longer concealed by his hood. Some of the older members of the gang recognized him. That is because he himself was a member of the Vipers. Back before Schuus was top dog. He knew him rather well. They had shared words on many occasion. One could even say that they were old colleagues . However they both took different routes. Solomon was just interested in the money and was more interested in the jobs , which eventually lead him to the assassins business. Schuus on the other hand was more of a politician. He was sly and cunning enough to get to the top of the food chain. Which is why most feared him . However Solomon was not your every day Joe hired to trim the back yard. The Alternative followed their own politics. In other words they didn't take s**t from anyone. They lived in their own little twisted world. Blood and money. That was everything. As he got closer to the door someone approached him. By the looks of him he was probably a bouncer: " Woooo there buddy . Where the hell do you think your going. This place is off limits for you. Now be a good boy and wait in the ******** VIP room." This was a stunning example of a new member. Overconfident and not enough experience. Solomon seemingly looked pass the man his eyes fixed on the door ahead :" I am here to see Schuus. I'm here to finish my contract deal. As soon as I get paid I will be out of your face." The bouncer simply blew a lungful of smoke into his face as he took a step closer :" I'm sorry did I not make myself clear? Maybe I should direct you than." The bouncer attempted to grab him by the collar. However Solomon was not keen to strangers touching him. With a quick tug and a rapid turn he flipped him over his shoulder and than delivered a kick to his back which sent him flying back, threw the door,into the room and slamming into the wall . Casually entering the room he grabbed a glass that was still half full,with some pink drink and chugged it down :" Not exactly my thing. I prefer a drink with a much more distinct taste. You know what I mean? Oh dont worry about the door just take it out of my cut. Which reminds me." After he was just a few feet away from him he took out a small golden ring and held out in front of him :" Why haven't I gotten my money yet?" Even though it was partially the Scotch speaking , the sober part still retained consciousness.


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I was born with the name: Solomon Crown

But people call me Haze / Salems most wanted

I am: Elect

My occupation is: Unknown

At Night I: Unknown

My anatomy say I'm: Male

I'm attracted to: Females

I'm this old: Unknown ( seemingly in his mid twenties)

And this is my story:
Solomon is more of a rumor than a man. A lot of people question where he stands in the whole situation. Apparently he used to be a prisoner. Inmate 224-D . What crimes he had committed is classified information. But whatever it was it was enough to make Vex label him as a big threat. Held in Salems highest security prison made specifically for Elects such as himself.Some say he was a former rebel leader. Others believe that he was a former government agent gone rogue. It was thought that he had been executed. But a few have reported seeing him walking freely amongst the living. This has earned him the title of one of Salems most wanted. Bounty lists can be found pretty much all over the city. But so far any attempts in catching have had...little success.

In fact Solomon has been known to hunt down guards. For what reason is still a mystery , however it has been reported that he had been collecting and even steeling government tech. Communicators,weapons even the tracking devices secretly installed into random objects. But those are only the small looting. Lately it has been reported that he has become much bolder. Infiltrating and raiding government warehouses. Entire units have been assigned to tracking him down. With a cunning mind and a adaptive personality , he has so far avoided any attempt of capture. By distancing himself from humans as well as other Elects he has faded into the city. Out of sight out of mind.

I always carry this: Weapon? Your looking at one. But I will let you in on a little secret. I have a whole armory of guns that I have stolen from the government. Want to see ?

Dark mater manipulation : Solomon can control and manipulate the hidden energy of dark matter. It is a powerful energy source that he has learned to harvest and bend to his whim. Basically his whole body is made up of the substance. By opening rifts into so called dark dimensions he is able to tap into this power source and use it as a weapon. It can be used in many ways . He can mold it into many shapes and sizes or can simply channel it into orbs that detonate upon impact. He is even able to travel threw these rifts as a quick way of transportation. The dark energy is also high in energy and since his whočle body is made up of it it increases his strength,speed and durability.

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