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                        █║▌★: xxx PICTURE

                        █║▌★: xxx VISION
                                Calm,collective and surprisingly wise in his own blunt way. He isn't one for small talk. You are either worth his time or you are not. It depends a lot on who you are what your offering and how thick your wallet is. He enjoys puzzles and such. Anything to stimulate his mind. This was one of the reasons he became a homicide investigations officer. When he is not under the influence of alcohol he is a rather decent fellow. That is if you are not on his hit list. A perfectionist. Everything needs to be on its rightful place. He hates it when people touch his things without his permission. One of his many ticks. He is rather good at acquiring somewhat classified and occasionally personal information. He has ways of getting people to talk. One way or another. Interrogation, intimidation as well as torture are all tricks of the trade. He can be a stone cold killer that acts with deadly precision and executes every move with pin point accuracy. Since he used to work as a forensics officer he knows how to cover up his tracks quite well. But despite his stone cold exterior there is another side to him. A fatherly figure. After all the only reason he became a paid killer was to make sure that he could provide for his four year old daughter.

                        █║▌★: xxx BLURB
                                He used to be the average man. Had a house,a scholarship,a promising future.What more would a man want. As soon as he finished his degree in forensics he started to settle down in life. It seemed as if he had it all figured out. Back than he was still a forensics officer. But all that changed one day. One morning he got a knock at the door. But when he went to answer he was greeted by a crying infant laid in a stroller. Apparently it was his daughter. Still he didn't allow this to become a setback. He took her in and raised her as any father should. He had a family.But than it all went down hill. One day as he was trying to detain a suspect he was forced to use his firearms in self defense. The result were two civilian casualties. The next day he was fired. No other police department wanted to hire him. And yet he needed a job to support his new family. He became desperate. And so he turned to the only thing he knew how to do. The art of murder. He became a gun for hire. Politicians,drug dealers even the local Yakuza were his customers. Because of his new profession his daughter was forced to live with his brother in London. He did anything he could to support her. But eventually the law caught up to him. Because of his criminal deeds he was given the ultimate penalty. Death.
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                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKanen Hakame
                                          xxxxxxxMAYBE I OVERLOOKED SOMETHING FATAL FOR ME
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                                                  AGE 』 █║▌★:xxxxTwenty five
                                                  SEXUALITY 』 █║▌★:xxxxHeterosexual
                                                  BIRTHDAY 』 █║▌★:xxxxSeptember, 6th
                                                  GENDER 』 █║▌★:xxxxMale

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                                              CALCULATIVE xxxxxx SLY xxxxxx CRAFTY
                                                          To him life is like a game of chess, before making a move you need to consider every possibility and outcome.
                                                          He tends to stay one step ahead of his targets , striking them when they least expect it.
                                                          He observes everything and takes everything into consideration. Expect the unexpected.

                                              METICULOUS xxxxxx PRECISE xxxxxx FASTIDIOUS
                                                          If you are going to do a job do it right. Doing things half way doesn't accomplish anything. Thats his theory anyway.
                                                          Everything needs to be in place. If his days in forensics have taught him anything , its that a clean and orderly working environment keeps things in check.
                                                          There are two ways of getting something done. There is the right way and the wrong way. And he strives to have order in his rather chaotic life.

                                              SENSIBLE xxxxxx FAIR xxxxxx NEGOTIABLE
                                                          Mostly he keeps his business to himself. But if you have something that might interest him he is more than willing to negotiate.
                                                          In his mind it is reason that separates humans from animals. Without it men are no better than senseless beasts.
                                                          He isn't afraid to admit when he is wrong. If your argument is valid he will let you know that you are indeed correct.

                                              SMOTH xxxxxx PATIENT xxxxxx UNAGITATED
                                                          He usually tends to keep a calm composure. Panic and uneasiness lead to nowhere.
                                                          He is the kind of person that wouldn't brake a sweat if you held a gun to his head. His former occupation as well as his new one put him in the line of fire on many occasion.
                                                          He has come to terms with his fate. He is well aware that men like him dont last long.

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                                          y↷ou! have 「 TO BE 」 xxHON★:EST w▬with ♡
                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYOURSELF AND YOUR OWN FATE

                                              ALL THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD ★ ALL THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD
                                                          His parents divorced when both Kanen and his brother Damien were still young. His mother Helena was a professor at a university , while his father who was formerly form Japan,moved back to Tokyo to resume his career as a dentist. For the first few years of their life both of the brothers lived in the custody of their mother. It was frustrating having parents on two separate parts of the globe. Still they managed either way.One day when Kanen was in his teen years their household got some serious news. His father had censer and his condition was rather grim.He died later that year. In his last will he split all of his possessions amongst his two sons. Kanen got half of his fathers estate , which included a house in Japan. After he finished high school he decided to study forensics science in the Japanese Association of Forensic Science and Technology. He was a promising student. Since he loaded his schedule with work and took classes during the summer, he finish in just two years, saving an entire two years of time and tuition costs. Soon after that he was hired by the local police department.

                                                          It went quite well at fist. The pay was good he had a house and he was well on his way to success.One early morning he got a knock at the door. When he went to answer it he found himself staring at an infant that was carefully placed in front of his doorstep. The little girl also came with an anonymous note , that claimed that he was the childes father. At first he found this highly unlikely. But the doctors evaluations claimed otherwise. He was indeed the childes father. Still taking his own actions into responsibility he took the girl into his custody. To become the father he never had. It was hard organizing shifts around the babies own schedule. But it was nothing a nanny couldn't fix. At least until he got his life straightened out. But then life took a rather unexpected and unfortunate twist. He was called to apprehend and detain a suspect who eye witnesses claimed was caring an arm gun. But as the man was approached he immediately resorted to hostility. In self defense Kanen shot the man. However two innocent lives were lost that day. He was fired the next morning. His superiors suspected that he was still to young for the job and that he needed further tutoring.

                                                          To make matters worse the hostile that he had taken down,was the son of a rather rich and influential businessman. Kanen was sued and lost the majority of his belongings. This included his house and he was forced to move out the month after that. Those were hard times. Money was a very big issue. But he wasn't about to give up. After all he had a daughter to take care of. For a time he worked as a professor in biology in Etoile Academy . But because this was not originally his field of profession he was eventually replaced. This pushed him to desperate measures. He needed to provide for his new family. At any cost. So he turned to what he knew best. The art of death. He became a professional gun for hire. An hitman if you will. Politicians, black market dealers even the local Yakuza were his clients. Because of his newly found profession he sent his daughter over to his brothers until he could figure things out. For the right amount of cash he eliminated designated targets. But eventually they caught up to him. Or rather he was snitched by a former client. And so he was given the death sentence. But the night before he was to be executed something happened. Something he couldn't quite explain. The game had begun.

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                                          xxxxxxxxSHH! I HAVE A SECRET
                                          █║▌★: xxx Was a former assassin...a lot of blood has been spilled by his hand.

                                                                      WHAT IS THIS FORGIVENESS YOU ARE WILLING TO WITHHOLD?
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            Kenric Gildroy
            Commander of the Brotherhood of Darksmite


            Even Kenric was caught off guard when Anje launched herself at him and wrapped her arms around him. To be honest he wasn't the hugging type. He was used to people saluting him or the occasional firm handshake. Still he was slowly getting used to it by now. Her excitement was clear as day. Usually the Templar had really strict regulations and rules when it came to this specific girl. She was much shorter than him her arms barely reaching across his chest:" Well...yes...quite the happy occasion indeed." He says gently trying pry himself free with one hand and taping her on the back with the other. As she released him he straightened his tie and turned his attention to Samantha as she replied to him :" I am doing just fine, thank you. I hope that you are doing just as well, and haven’t allowed my Anje to get herself into too much trouble. " Kenric simply gave a smile as he folded his arms behind his back and said with a small amount of sarcasm :" Not at all. She has been quite cooperative so far.Why just the other week we played a nice old game of hide and go seek. " Suddenly a foot stopped a few inches from his face. However Kenric didn't even flinch. His arms remained crossed behind his back as he herd Anje speak :"You have explaining to do about why I was brought here since I am in your custody." His facial expression hadn't changed since he had entered :"All in good time. Your angle has improved though. Good. You will need that. " Deep inside he felt rather guilty for not being able to explain to her , why exactly she was under Templar custody. But he had his orders.

            Just than his attention turned to the man whose feet were placed on the table :" Hey Mr. Money. How about we sit down at the table and start this little meeting. We have a world to save and all. " Normally most people would take offense to such rudeness. However Kenric was different. He didn't allow himself to be distracted by such things :" Patience mister Malano. We are still waiting for the other two members. Besides it is not my decision to make. I suggest you find a way to entertain yourself until then. " But it seemed that the timing was just right. Moments later the two Illuminati members entered the room. One of which he recognized personally. The man known as Elijah. He had seen him on a few occasions while visiting their headquarters. Even though they didn't share much conversation he knew him by reputation. Well he had read threw everyones files to be honest. Which was why he knew the Dragons name in the first place. Just as some of the members were busy introducing themselves a man appeared. One of the higher ups no doubt. He had seen his face before. A familiar face indeed. Still this was not why they had initially come.

            The man wasted no time and immediately begun to debrief the current situation. What was more intriguing was the fact that he knew rather well what everyones specialties were. Information that even Kanen couldn't get his hands on :"All right. Now that you have been debriefed, arm up, and meet me outside." Seeing as how the man had left the room he turned first to Samantha and Anje giving them both a reassuring nod . He than turned to the entire room and says in a rather calm voice :" Best not keep the gentleman waiting. " As he turned and walked threw the entrance he made sure that both of his comrades were close. Even though these people were his new team he wasn't about to take any chances. After all this was Illuminati territory. Anything was possible. He than took out a black communicator out of his coat pocket and spoke into it :" Debriefing is over. Prepare my equipment. Were about to move. " A voice on the other side of the line spoke out :" Yes Commander. " He than turned his gaze back at Anje and says with a cautious tone :" Stay close to Samantha and me. You and I need to have a talk later. There is something I have been meaning to tell you for some time now. "

            ((OOC:So sorry for the long delay guys. Was rather absent minded lately. Also had a lot of crap to do. ))


            We are the lions of the secret world....when we roar ,everyone listenes.
User Image
            User Image Kanen Hakame


            60 weeks prior to the current incident...

            The London airport. Some saw it as the first step to going on vacation. But Kanen hated the place. The rushing crowds. The unfamiliar smells. The noise...you get the picture. But there was a much deeper reason as to why this current location was not to his liking. It reminded him of his childhood. When his parents divorced his father left the UK for Japan. One every year him and his younger brother Damien sat in the very same airport,waiting for the plane to arrive. Sadly the trips were less than pleasant. Since their mother had a full time job as a professor ,the two brothers would fly all across the other side of the globe without the escort of either parent. Demian never liked the airports either. Frankly he watched to many of those movies ,where the plane was hijacked or caught in some storm. The trips were a rather terrifying experience for him. Especially the flight. It was mostly Kanens job to act the confident one. All though to be honest he was rather scared as well. To many strangers walking to close to comfort.

            "Thanks Damien. I owe you one. " He says standing next to his brother who was placing a few small suitcases in the back of the cab :"Well I was hoping that you would visit us once and a while as well. Flying over for a weekend after not seeing each other for nearly two years just inst enough. But I guess she will have to do.You know...you could always stay here...I am sure Lora wouldn't mind. At least until you get yourself back on your feet. " He says with a rather weak smile as he ran his hand over the small girls hair.She was curled up in his arms ,a stuffed rabbit held tightly in her grip. She was really attached to Kanen. Some would even say too attached. She didn't really trust anyone else. His chin rested on top of her head as he replied :" I cant just leave everything behind Damien. You and I both know that. Besides I have a job now. I can get back on track. I just need to devote some of my time to work. "

            Reluctantly he slowly held her daughter out in an attempt to hand her to his brother :" Take good care of her. I packed all her things so there shouldn't be anything to worry about..." Suddenly the girls small hands reached around Kanens neck and squeezed tightly :" Daddy..." It hurt hearing her all sad like that. It hurt a lot. He would much rather take a kick to the head than to have to watch her so frightened and insecure:" Ya baby?" He replied his hands rubbing her back :" Will you come back to me ?" The last question cut rather deep. He paused for a moment. He knew damn well what kind of s**t he had gotten himself into. Deeds that could not be erased. Blood that has been spilled. Giving her one final kiss on the forehead he whispered into her ear :" Ya...daddy will come back before you know it."

            The game begins...

            He suddenly gasped out for air. As if holding his breath for who knew how long. His vision was blurry , his neck placed in a rather uncomfortable position :" The hell...am I dead?" The thought echoed threw his mind. He couldn't recall where or what he was doing before awaking. His memory was hazy. As far as he knew he was descending into hell. But a rather familiar smell caused him to question the current situation. The scent of polished basketballs and sweat. The focus slowly returned to his vision . The room was slowly spinning , as if he had just waken up from a long night of drinking. But when he tried to rub his eyes his hand was halted only an inch away from his face. A chain . He could hear talking. Confusion , panic.Small girls appearing in thin air. An image of a massacred corpse. A game where one man was pinned against another . This could very well be hell. But the blinding light that soon followed made him think twice. He was in a gym. Etoile Academy to be precise. He used to be employed here as a teacher. How he ended up here was a whole other question.

            Memories flashed threw his head. His mind was sobering up from intoxication. Had he been drugged up? Looking to his side he noticed another person. A girl. At first he didn't recognize her. But then he noticed the amount of ink on her skin. What was her name again...Kimbra. Ya that sounded about right. He was her biology teacher for a while. That is until he got fired. Looking around he noticed other familiar faces. Former students and staff members. But why was he here? What did all this have to do with him. Was it a dream. Either way his mind slowly started to fade. In a way he just wanted to give in to fate. To lie there and accept whatever fate be given to him. His vision slowly became cloudier. But than :"Daddy..." The sound of her daughters voice caused him to sit up abruptly. Her daughter. No he couldn't give up. Not now. Strangely he was wearing his formal outfit. A suit with a tie. Last he remembered he was sitting in a cell in an orange coat with the word inmate on the back of it. Apparently someone found it entertaining to slip him back into something more..charming. He stood up so his hand could reach into his pocket. He needed to find something. Anything that could be useful.

            As his hand slipped out a small bobby pin was held between his fingers. What were the odds? Immediately he went to work. Using the bobby pin to lock pick himself free from the shackles. With the sound of a click the shackles fell to the ground. As soon as he was done he turned to his so called partner and did the same for her. He tried doing this as quietly as possible. While the others were in panic he could use this opportunity to make some distance and hopefully make some sense of the current situation. He pushed his finger against her lips motioning her to stay silent :" If you want to stay here and die fine by me. If you want to live however you will do exactly as I say." He than motioned her to follow . He than approached a side door . He was heading for what he considered the stronghold of any establishment. The engineering room. He wasn't about to die. Not yet. He had a daughter to come back to. And no one was going to stop him from doing that.


            User Image
Soul by whom I have lived
Soul by whom I now die
Serve right and justice one last time...

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Wielder of the divine chakra


Three days prior to the current moment...

The room was dimly light. Only a few candles were present to illuminate the surrounding walls. In the end of the room sat a man. He was wearing a robe that was hanging from his waste down.His golden hair tied back to keep it from falling over his face. He sat over a beautiful wooded desk that was but a couple of inches high. Unlike most Kage he didn't have a chair. Instead he sat on a folded blanket , legs crossed. A rather complex tattoo was inked to his left shoulder. A dragon that curled around his arm. His hand danced along the parchment of paper that was placed in front of him :"It has been one week since I was chosen to lead Kumogakure as their leader. The thought still seems so vague. Why chose me? After all I did not hale from their village. And yet they place their lives in my hands. Perhaps it is trust. Perhaps it is desperation. The previous Raikage had left the village in horrid state. Perhaps they need someone to give them faith. To lift their spirits in their time of need. And yet I still wonder If my place is truly here. Not a day passes by that I dont remember. What scares me most is how long ago it all happened. It fells like only yesterday. The beautifully caverns inscribed with the tales of old. The morning meditations next to the waterfall. The smell of tea prepared by the high priests. Peace was always present. Peaceful memories. But that is all they are now. Memories..."

Suddenly his writing was interrupted. Two higher ranking ninja walked in and bowed respectfully before speaking in unison :" Lord Raikage. We bare news. " For a moment Kanen simply sat there motionless. But eventually he sat up and stretched his robe over his shoulders. His eyes had an unusual shine. As if a white flame was burning within them. Turning around to address the bearers of the news Kanen replies with a calm tone :" You have my attention. Speak freely my friends. " One of the ninja stepped forward and presented the information :" Sadly my lord the news is quite dire. It pains me to say this but the missing genin , they have been found...they are dead my lord. Executed with a number of other genin from other villages. " The ninja says the pain evident in his voice. The expression on Kanens face turned rather cold. Inside it felt as if the news was a burning dagger digging threw his flesh. But he could not afford to be weak at this time. The dead would be remembered. But first they needed to be redeemed :" When did this happen?" He asks his voice much more assertive than earlier. The second ninja approached and handed him a scroll :" The bodies were found yesterday my lord. Other Kage are also present of the situation. It would seem that the bodies...have been collected and pilled up. Some are speculating that it is a warning of sorts. "

Without another second wasted Kanen turned around and unveiled the curtains that shrouded the room in darkness :" Prepare my things. I am leaving immediately ." The ninja were rather startled by this and attempted to talk him out of it :" My lord. By all means this is indeed an act worthy of judgment. But I would remind you that since Ishidas reign, Kumogakure had been cut off from the rest of the villages. He declared the other Kage as enemies. They are probably unaware that you are the newly appointed Raikage. They might speculate that you are a spy. My lord you would be putting yourself in potential danger." Kanen suddenly turned his voice roaring , amplified by the divine chakra coursing threw his body :" Did you not hear the words which you have just spoken !? These are your children we speak of ! I will not ideally stand by while the monsters responsible for this act run freely ! " The whole room shook with every word he spoke. The ninja stood there speechless. Taking in a deep breath Kanen approached the group and says to them with a serious yet somewhat compassionate tone :" I understand your worry brothers. But such an act will not go unpunished under my watch. This village has went threw enough already. It is time to make a stand. As for the Kage. Well apparently it is time I made my presence known. "

The present day...

His unique attire made him stand out from the rest of the shinobi. It seemed much more ancient. It was armor worn by the Onobis nobles. He traveled unescorted. Why you may ask? Mostly because he believed that the village needed as much ninja protecting it as possible. Besides he had traveled for years this way. He could handle this himself.Besides he traveled much quicker on his own. In the distance he spotted a group of shinobi. No doubt the location where the incident took place. The smell of decaying flesh only confirmed this. As he approached lower ranking ninja which he assumed were here to protect the other Kage quickly averted their gaze from the pile of corpses to the now approaching stranger :" Halt. This location is under investigation. This is official Kage business. " But despite the mans words Kanen continued on walking. Passing by the now rather startled and confused ninja , he stopped but a few feet away from the gruesome sight. Although his face did not change expression his clenching fist indicated the building rage within him. So it was true. Such young souls taken down and tossed one on top of another , as if they were pieces of lumber. The sight was all too familiar. After all his family as well as his whole village shared a similar fate.

Kneeling down on one knee he reached for a bloody headband that lied next to the corpses. It was a Kumogakure headband. Carefully placing it where it had been found he shut his eyes and started to pray :" The dead they sleep a long, long sleep.The dead they rest, and their rest is deep.The dead have peace, but the living weep. Their legacy shall be as firm as the eternal mountains. May your souls pass on with peace. Just as the morning dew passes with the rising sun. " It had been many years since he had spoken this particular prayer. Not since he had lost his clan. With one final bow of the head , he stood to his feet back turned to the others . One of the ninja not liking his presents spoke up to him assertively :" Shinobi ! These grounds are currently being investigated. Who are you and why have you come ? Explain yourself. " The mans reaction was not surprising to Kanen. After all most were probably even doubting whether the Raikage was even going to make an appearance. Daisuke the previous Raikage was a cold and careless man. But no more. With his back still tuned he spoke out :" My name is Kanen Onobis. I am here representing my village. I am the newly appointed Raikage. " This news would be quite surprising indeed since the news of Ishidas death hadn't spread this far. How the others would react to this news remained to be seen.


The Raikage [Liberator of Kumogakure]

User Image

Seek one last heart of evil
Still one last life of pain
Cut well old friend
And then farewell...
Character: Neruin Arogatsu
Affiliation: Tasogare
Team: Team two
Position: (NOT applied to Tasogare members. Is your character a sensei or student?)
Jinchuriki: None
Kekkei Genkai: Primal blood:A bloodline that has long been thought extinct. The Arogatsu clan obtains this unique bloodline by hunting down chakra beasts ( and by chakra beasts I means summoning beasts that still roam willed ) and absorbing their essence. With every beast that is absorbed the stronger the user becomes. This includes strength,resilience,stamina,speed and even chakra. They also have an
Soul by whom I have lived
Soul by whom I now die
Serve right and justice one last time...

User Image


Wielder of the divine chakra


He stood there well aware of who the culprit was. He never forgot familiar chakra signatures:" One does not need to be a Kage to come to such a conclusion." His eyes scanned around the area , taking note of the dead corpses scattered around. Many of the shinobi were young recruits that had just recently become guards. Even though he did not know each one by name the sight of their lifeless bodies still pained him deeply. He was a Kage. And yet they died under his watch. He would make sure that they received a proper burial. Turning his eyes back towards the man before him , he studied his features with great accuracy. Just because he revealed his hands to be without blade , did not mean that he was unarmed. Either way this would probably end up in conflict. Blade or no blade. Shien Uchiha. A name that lingered within his memory. He was there the night before he left. The night when both their fates took a steep turn. It was that night than both their fates were sealed. He was supposedly the assailant responsible for the previous Hokages death. Even though that case was long closed it still made him one of the most wanted shinobi in the village.

Sorry. I would hate to have someone interrupt us…” Kanen than slowly loosened up his armor and tightened his gauntlets , his eyes still fixed on him:" I assure you that will not happen. I have made sure that the others get to safety . I will not allow my people to be massacred within my own village." He had made sure that Kintaro left the village for a reason. He couldn't allow personal matters get in the way of the current situation. Hopefully the mission to assists the Mizukage would buy him enough time for him to settle matters within the village. If the ANBU captain was here things would just become to complicated. The sound of rushing water could be heard from a distance.Apparently they were stricking from many direction. Kanen had more then he could chew. Either way he was confident in his abilities:" But I must say you have grown since last we have met . To think that so many years have past. " He could feel a disturbance within his own chakra flow. As if he was in a genjutsu. Impressive. Usually Kanen was able to avert these illusions before they even happened. But the man before him managed to slip threw his defenses detected. Worthy of applause. Not surprising though the man before him was an Uchiha. But it would take much more than an illusion to take him down. The Onobis had ways of seeing threw such techniques.

Why have you come here?” The question made Kanen release a quick smirk. Not one of amusement , but rather of surprise :" I think the answer is rather obvious. You have attacked my village. And therefore I must protect. I was wandering when we would cross paths. We were bound to I guess. Sooner or later. " He answers eyes focused straight forward despite his target standing to his side.Shutting his eyes he continued on speaking :" I feared that it would eventually come to this. We carry a heavy burden you and I. Very heavy indeed. It pains me to have to see you in this state. Shame how both our paths contradict each other. We could have been comrades under other circumstances. However I am a Kage. These people are depending on me. And I will do all in my might to assure that not another soul is stricken down. I know that you stand firmly on the path you walk. But for the sake of peace I will give you one last chance. Even though I am quite certain what your answer will be. Come in peacefully..." Opening his eyes once again his pupils were engulfed in a white flame. His eyes seemed to be void, as if they were a portal to another realm. The truthful eye tehnique had been activated. He wasn't taking any chances with this particular Uchiha. Turning to the man to his side he continues :" Or I will smite you down. "


The Hokage [Konohas Golden Saint]

User Image

Seek one last heart of evil
Still one last life of pain
Cut well old friend
And then farewell...
User Image
            Neruin Arogatsu
            God of the Hunt


            His eyes remained fixed on the sandy dunes rising from the distance as the man exchanged a reply: "Don't judge me based on assumptions.I have a few questions in regards to the spirit realm. But I will not ask them now." Neruins eyes shifted from the village that they were slowly leaving behind. his eyes narrowed in a rather cautious tone as he spoke out :" The only thing that I am assuming are your motives. You were somehow able to breach the gate and now you expect that I do not question the reason as to why you seek my presence. I know not your name or goals. I am not contempt with strangers. And as for the spirit realm. You will need much more than one lifetime to learn its secrets.I should know. "

            However the man than he saluted allegiance. He knew no this man and yet it seemed as if the stranger had been studying in the ways of old. The fact was that Neruin was well aware that something was happening within the vicinity of Suna. Many different spirits. But some in particular caught his senses. Some that were stirring with energy. Readying for battle. In a way he was also pretty sure that the man in front of him was aware of this fact as well. Someone that was able to breach into the spirit realm would have no problem sensing the many patterns of chakra. He even felt the presence of the one that freed him. For now he would respect her wishes of handling things on her own. But if bad went to worst he would interfere. But her scent wasnt the only one emmiting the specific aura of a bijuu. Tere were more like her near by. It samed fate itself was intervening. Perfect.

            "I wish to aid you in your cause, so I have brought you an offering. A gift if you will." That sentence sparked his curiosity . He turned his whole body towards the man , his silver eyes gleaming from under the shadow of his cloak :" You pledge allegiance but do you even know what I represent? What my goal really is? Do you understand what is needed to be done? A gift does not guarantee a mutual vision. Besides what could you offer me that I could not obtain on my own. Still I guess that judging you by mere intuition is indeed a rough criteria. And so I will hear what you have to offer. Present to me what you have and perhaps may enlighten you on some of your question." Neruin despite relying on his instincts was quite reasonable. The man was indeed rather mysterious. And Neruin wanted to know more.


            Man has forgotten his place in this world...it is time someone reminded them about the order of things...
User Image

| | _______________AROGATSU NERUIN__



    Fang or Ruin


    Visually 22 but his real age is unknown




    My only mistress is my freedom


    Team Two

    S-Rank Criminal (Member)



      -Flying high in the clouds
      -Dense forests
      -The thrill of the hunt

      -Trapped animals
      -Girls who think that they can play with his head
      -Disgusting oder

      -Being trapped like an animal
      -Losing his sanity

      Depends on how you look at it really. There are two faces to this coin. One part governed by his human conscious. He can be reasonable,wise,well spoken and open for discussion if need be. To him mother nature is the ultimate teacher. Humans are but a piece of the puzzle in natures grand design. Every living creature has its place. However he fells that humans have arrogantly stepped out of place. He had spent years hunting down beasts thinking that by doing so he was helping their species achieve greatness. But he soon realized that humans with their greed would eventually lead to their own demise. He fells that humans need to be thought humility in order for them to realize the error of their ways. But than there is another side to him. A wild untamed side. Some say he is more beast than man. Although he mostly relies on reason, animal instinct is what guides him threw the dangers of life. He is a man that is very specific about who he choses to befriend. You are either worth his time or you are not.

      Long ago before the Kage system was even established the world was a much different place. It was a time when the world was savage and men walked side by side with beasts and demigods. A time when men needed to rely on their own strength and will to survive in the savage and unforgiving world. Back than humans were a fragile race. But there were those that stepped forth during these dark times. Warriors and mighty hunters that dedicated themselves to the protection of their homes and their families. As humans progressed so did their ability to fight back against the savage power of nature. One such man was Arugatsu Neruin. Born to a humble family of hunters Neruin spent most of his days out in the wilds foraging for food. Although his family was not noble Neruin took great pleasure in reading and learning. Back than the art of jutsu was still young. The majority saw it as unorthodox , claiming that only the gods should wield the ability to bend the elements. Neruin however was fascinated by the countless of possibilities. When he was not out foraging with his father he would secretly spend his time in the shrines studying threw the many scrolls and honing his abilities in the art of jutsu. The monks gladly accepted him into their company. Not only were they impressed with his curiosity and thirst for knowledge but the boy was somewhat of a natural. It also helped that he had a sharp mind. He continued doing this for many years. But one day something terrible happened. Their village was attacked by a powerful beast. As it laid waist to the human settlement many lost their lives. This included Neruins household.

      He was enraged with the fact that he was completely helpless as their homes and families were trampled upon. It was from that moment that he decided to become the greatest hunter the world has ever seen. He lived in the wilds where he hunted down anything that could have posed a threat to humans. It was also then that he realized that he had a certain gift. After killing his first beast he realized that he was able to absorb its very soul. It fueled him. Made him stronger. He was able to enter the spirit realm where he was able to tap into the plentiful flux of energy. It seemed as if he was no ordinary boy. He could consume the souls of beasts, sense their thoughts and on some occasion was even able to tame them with a single glance. As he grew older he became extremely officiant in the art of jutsu. Using it to aid him in the hunt. As he became older he moved on to bigger and stronger pray. He went to hunting mere animals to demonic beasts . The more he hunted the stronger he became. Each soul adding to his power. His strength was monstrous , his speed unmatched , his senses seemingly flawless. Wounds that should have been fatal healed in a mater of seconds. He learned to wield an arsenal of weapons , some with unique attributes and capabilities. He also experimented with marking techniques ( an early form of sealing jutsu ) to aid him in his battles.

      Later on he joined a guild of hunters known as the Iron fangs. They traveled the land protecting villages from potential threats. It seemed as if he was able to dominate any obstacle. He became a legend. Renown threw out the land. Some even claimed that he was sent by the gods. His victories allowed his species to sprout. Humans quickly started to prosper. Perhaps to quickly. Human ingenuity allowed them to create bigger and stronger weapons. Jutsus had become more and more common, developing by the day. Soon it wasn't about hunting anymore. Humans slayed the beast by the thousands , not fore protection , but for power and domination driving some species to extinction. Threw out the years unknowingly Neruin had grown close to nature. And one day he realized that humans had in fact become the danger. He pleaded with the higher ranking authorities at the time to stop and consider what they were doing. But this only brought suspicion that he had joined the beasts . Fearing that he would turn on the humans they decided that he needed to be removed. They tried killing him but that didn't turn out to well. And so they turned to deceit. Slipping a poison into his drink they stunned him long enough so they could imprison him away beneath a mountain. There he would seal him away to root in the dark like a caged animal. But for some reason that did not happen. He entered a deep sleep , his body covered by a protective cocoon of chakra that kept him in a state of stasis. Generations had passed,dynasties had risen and fallen. And with time his legacy was all but forgotten. Or was it? Centuries after he was sealed away his body was found by a mysterious group. Miraculously his body survived all those years.Now still recovering he wishes to vengeance for how the humans treated him.


    Primal spirit:
    Neroin is completely in sync with the realm of the spirits. A dimension between that of the living and the dead. This also enables him to absorb the spirits of fallen beasts and using them to fuel his own power. Due to all the spirits he had absorbed he had gained some animal like traits. His strength,speed,durability and even his chakra capacity increases with every soul absorbed. His senses are extremely keen but he also has another sense. He can sense the flux of energy emitted by every living spirit. Since his mind is tightly connected to the spirit realm he is unable to fall under genjutsu due to the flux of energy concealing his mind in a protective vale. He is able to recover from severe injuries that would be fatal for most. He is able to communicate with beasts be it ordinary or demonic , and has even been able to tame them with single glance. He is even able to convert himself,others and even weapons into spirits, allowing them to enter the spirit realm.Neroin is also able to bring back the spirits of beasts and temporarily reanimating them to fight by his side. He has absorbed such a high amount of spirits that some have claimed that he himself has become a beast.

    Primal form


    Ordinary: Neruin has a vastly large collection of weapons hidden away within the spirit realm. This includes:

    Legendary weapons:

    Xan-yeng the Iron serpent: A long chain that seems to have the ability to stretch out endlessly. For its with it is extremely tough able to withstand immense strain. At the end of the chain is a hooked blade.

    Twin blades- Gan and Tao : Two katanas that Neruin wields in each hand. Each blade has the ability to create four clones of themselves that are molded out of chakra. They float beside their master protecting him from anything that gets to close. Neruin can even use the reflection of the blades to get a 360 degree view .

    Tikimishi the locust:One of Neruins most powerful weapons. At first glance it just seems like an ordinary black shuriken. But its size and appearance is deceiving. It is made out of a black ore whose sleek edges seem to be able to slice threw anything.The seemingly indestructible material allows i to shoot threw boulders. By applying just the smallest drop of blood onto the shuriken its true purpose is revealed. The shuriken starts to spin rapidly on its own. It hones in on its target and relentlessly shoots after it tracking the scent of blood. It can stay air born for well over twenty minutes before it falls.

    None elemental

    Bloodline abilities:

    Spirit leap:
    This ability allows him to leap into the the spirit realm. In this state he looses all his physical attributes. In this form he completely vanishes from sight and is unable to take damage. However in the same token he is also unable to deliver it. Every time he leaps in and out of the spirit real there is a five second delay before he can use this ability again. He is even able to transfer up to four people. However this increases the delay by five seconds for each person.

    Feral roar:
    Neruin releases a powerful roar that can travel for many miles. This roar beckons any beast that are in the proximity to come to his side ( This even includes summoning beasts and even bijuu)

    Spirit sap:
    This ability enables him to absorb a fallen beasts spirit . By doing so he increases his own power( This includes strength, durability, speed and chakra pool)

    Spirit bidding:
    Neruin is able to summon the spirits of deceased beasts and temporarily reanimating them to fight along side him.

    Primal form:
    By releasing all of the chakra and spirit energy stored within him he transforms into his primal form.


    Spirit jutsu:Heaven faust
    Neruin releases chakra from the spirit realm in the form of one hundred hawks molded out of chakra that fly into the air. Once they reach a high enough altitude they shoot down in the form of arrows.

    Spirit jutsu:Fang trap
    Neruin concentrates his chakra and sends it underground. Then when under the target he releases it in the form of a large jaw filled with fangs to clamp shut.

    Spirit jutsu:Wraith bomb
    A small version of the tailed beast bomb that detonates with the force of three explosive tags. However Neruin has taught himself to produce this jutsu with extreme speed, enabling him to attack with suppressive force.

    Spirit jutsu:Wraith claws
    Neruin slams his fist into the ground and releases a high amount of chakra. Sharp blades molded out of chakra and spirit energy than shoot out aiming to impale the target.

    Spirit jutsu:Guardians of the hunt
    Neruin summons five clone spirits. The spirits are not able to use jutsu. However they are extremely resilient and the only way to take them down is to strike them on the seal on the back of their heads. Each soul has a weapon as well as a special ability:
    -The first spirit wields a longsword. It is the strongest out of all the spirits , able to crumble the bones of enemies.
    -The second spirit wields a bow and arrow. It has a seemingly endless supply of arrows and is able to sense hidden targets.
    - The third spirit wields two daggers. It is able to fade into the the spirit realm and quickly reemerge.
    -The forth spirit wields a spear and chain. It is able to pin down opponents.
    -The fifth spirit wields no weapon. However it is able to recover the other spirits even if their seals have been broken. The other spirits usually defend this one.

    Spirit summoning jutsu: Spirit swarm
    Neruin has the ability to summon small wandering spirits that reside within the spirit realm. The spirit itself is almost completely harmless. They are attracted by the life force of living force and like tiny leaches they feed off of the life force of living beings. One wandering spirit is almost unnoticeable and the life force that it absorbs is just as much. However Neruin has the ability to summon hundreds at once .

    Spirit jutsu:Spirit whip
    Neruin forms a whip in his hand molded out of his own chakra. He than lashes out at his opponent , every hit sapping away the targets chakra. If the whip manages to wrap around the target however , the foe is unable to perform any jutsu , rendering them useless. However when connected Neruin is also unable to perform any jutsu.

    Spirit jutsu:Voice of wrath
    Neruin channels a huge amount of chakra within himself. He than mixes his own chakra with spirit energy that he channels threw his body. He than releases all of it at once threw his mount in the form of a powerful beam.

    Spirit jutsu:Wraith stalker
    Neruins body convert into a spirit like state. He takes on the form of a large fanged beast that charges forward running threw his target. Those that are caught have the majority of their chakra sucked straight out of them.

    Spirit jutsu:Spirit exodus
    Neruin creates an enormous rift that hovers in the sky. The rift causes the spirit realm to emerge within the realm of reality. A huge surge of spiritual energy is released causing the surrounding area to slowly shatter. The laws of physics seem to completely fade as the two realms collide. When the rift is open Neruin gains complete access to tall the spirit energy flowing forth granting him enormous power. However it takes time for the rift to be summoned.

    Spirit seals:

    Spirit seals are an early form of summoning seals that Neruin invented himself. They are similar to summoning seals , however they do bare some differences. Spirit seals are permanent.They intertwine with the users own soul as soon as they are attached. Once someone has equipped themselves with a spirit seal they are impossible to remove. Ore at least no one has succeeded yet. Neruin has equipped his body with many spirit seals each one baring their won unique abilities.

    Seal of the four seasons:
    Located on his left palm this seal allows him to absorb an incoming elemental attack by transferring it into the spirit realm. Still he is only able to absorb one elemental attack at a time.

    Seal of the grand armory:
    A seal located in the palm of his right hand.Threw out his lifetime Neruin has collected a large number of weapons that he has hidden away within the spirit realm. Some ordinary others with greater abilities. By using this seal he can summon any one of those weapons into wielding. He is even able to fire out a great number of projectiles towards a distinguished target.

    Seal of the blood marked:
    Located on the back of his neck this seal allows him to target an individual and temporarily mark them with what is know as a blood mark. This will cause any nearby beast to target the individual and attack with aggressive ferocity. This seal can even turn summoned beasts against their own masters.

    Seal of feral rage:
    Located on his chest this seal allows him to convert his chakra into pure concentrated power. When the seal is activated he is unable to use any jutsu. However all of his physical attributes skyrocket as he enters an animal like rage. This seal gives him a deadly advantage when it comes to close quarter combat performance.



    "Man has forgotten his place in this world...it is time someone reminded them about the order of things..."
    "The hunt begins..."


    I just want to survive.Nothing less nothing more.

    Black black and black

    Foo Fighters-Come alive
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNumber four

FULL NAME: Kenric Gildroy
AGE: 20
PICTURE: Appearance
BRIEF BLURB: A man of few words. He is a humble soul that never seems to hold a grudge. His life started out in an orphanage. Didn't really know his true parents. Didn't really care. Him and his little brother Ronald. Since Ronald was rather sickly Kenric took it upon himself to be his guardian. This lead to him becoming an independent individual. Always having to play the tough guy always having to promise a better future. He seemed like the bravest of the two. But in reality he was not. Still he needed to stay strong for the both of them. But that all changed with Ronalds death. He was only seven. This hit Kenric like a brick wall. Now he was really alone. He secluded himself from the others. In his eyes life was dangerous. It was safer in the shadow of his room. Years passed and his personality did not change much. And then he was adopted. An odd couple would be an understatement. A husband and wife that were fanatical catholics. He never grew fond of them. Never really trusted him. They patronized him about his attitude. How he needed to repent and how he needed to change his way. Years passed and he would spend hours in his room trying to escape reality. And one day to his surprise, he did. He was able to manipulate the darkness around him. Almost as if he himself was but a shadow.He was a shade in human form. Able to completely vanish from sight only to appear on the roof of his house.He discovered how he could manipulate object from afar with this invisible force. It was like a muscle. One that for some reason he was unable to sense earlier in life.And he was determined to exercise it. This made him realize that there might be more to his life than he originally thought. So one night at the age of 16 he took his dads wallet and booked the next plane ticket to LA. It wasn't easy. For a while he simply wandered around, barely managing. But soon he discovered the secret behind the American dream. He started off with simple jobs but eventually he learned how to look after himself. With the help of his unique abilities of course.
User Image
            Kenric Gildroy
            A.K.A. Void


            "Sir...sir. We are about to land. Please fasten your safety belt . " A pair of emerald blue eyes shot open,as the focus slowly returned to his vision. Kenric remained silent for a moment but then quickly replied :" Oh...I see. Thank you ." With a polite nod the stewardess left to inform the other passengers. He rubbed his eyes to adjust to the lighting before looking out the small window. Seattle. Home to musical legends such as Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. This definitely wasn't L.A. Not enough smog. He could actually see the structures bellow. Not only that but there was also visible vegetation. A nice change indeed. The Issaquah Alps were also visible in the horizon. He had done some research concerning Seattle along the way. A small book was settled on his lap . It was a guide to the location. Funny. Twenty four hours ago he was in the process of finding a new place to call home. Who knew that he would actually end up on a plane to Seattle .And all because of an add on the Internet. Still he was rather pleased to be out of L.A. A change of scenery would probably do him good.

            After the plane had landed he picked up his luggage and caught a cab. The ride was quiet and somewhat blissful. His eyes scanned the many buildings as they passed by his window view. He was deep in thought. To think that he actually did it. Most would call it a risky move. Leaving everything behind and getting a fresh start. But the truth was , Kenric had done this before. Leaving his home at the age of 16 and stepping into an entirely new and unpredictable world. But somehow he managed. No. He descended above the many setbacks life threw at his direction. When life pushed him , he simply pushed back. And eventually he made a name for himself. No he wasn't rich , or popular or any of those things. But he survived. And that was good enough for him. He started up small , and step by step built up from there. While he was working he had taken online educational courses. This was how he was able to finish his high school education. But he wasn't finished just yet. He had higher goals. He wanted to finish his degree in psychology. Luckily Seattle was home to the Seattle University , collage of arts and science. But first things first. He needed to settle in.

            Eventually he reached his destination , and paid the cab driver what he owed along with a modest tip. He had a bag in each hand and a guitar strapped to his back. His eye scanned the large house as he slowly approached with an intrigued look in his eye. It did indeed seem rather spacious. No wonder the person was giving out rooms. But it emitted a rather strange felling.Something that kept nagging at him as soon as his eyes fell upon the structure. The add that was placed on the web was rather odd as well:"I mean, if you’re one of “them”, you’ll know what I’m talking about. " What did that even mean. Truly strange. Since he did not carry an umbrella the droplets of rain slowly drenched him along with his clothes. He should have checked the weather report. A olive green T-shirt, jeans and ordinary tennis shoes weren't exactly water proof. Shrugging of the uneasy felling he approached the door before he along with his things became any more drenched. For a moment he simply stood in front of the door as he examined himself in all his wet glory :" Bloody great. So much for a good first impression." He says to himself in his typical British accent. After adjusting his hair he rang the door bell and waited for a response.

User Image
            Neruin Arogatsu
            God of the Hunt


            It had been two weeks since the day. It was almost like a second birth. Being released from his imprisonment had revealed an entirely different world. Human kind had spread out threw every corner of the land . They had claimed everything from deep forests to scaling mountains. They had spread like wildfire. The land itself claimed evidence to that fact. He could feel the imbalance of the spirit world. The connection that was once perfect was now uneasy and out of balance. He sensed it. Within his very being. He had spent the last two weeks traveling to all the other lands. He needed to asses the situation. Was there no place that wasn't influenced by the drastic change of mans rising? He traveled in a surprisingly humble manner. Posing as a simple traveler. Only a fool would boast their power about . He needed to wait. The time was not yet right. But soon all would be in place. Patience was in order. He slowly walked along a forest trail. The area was lush in greenery. Probably due to the fact that there were many streams of water running across the landscape. It seemed quiet. Barren yet in the same time full of life. The birds were singing and the sound of running water


            Man has forgotten his place in this world...it is time someone reminded them about the order of things...

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