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Gracious Shapeshifter

9,000 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Born from a "forbidden" relationship between a male demon and a female angel, Lucius Diamond is considered an young "hybrid" being, who has an unique combination of demonic and angelic traits.

Despite having small "magic" wings, he can make them bigger like the ones his mother has with the power of the mind.

He lives in an utopic planet where angels and demons live together without any grudges, wars or fights whatsoever, aptly called "Heaven": a beautiful, green, verdant and "natural" planet where angels and demons who disagree and are dissatisfied with the constant wars and bloodlust between their own races go live in a peaceful and harmonious relationship between them and other races who seek the planet to visit, rest or even live there.

The planet is considered "Neutral" by both races and therefore can't be invaded for military purposes. But even so, this planet has his own army of guardians, and Lucius is one of them. These guardians of the planet not only protect the planet but also act as guiders to visitors and new comers alike.

What Lucius doesn't know is that his parents were once on opposite sides, fighting each other in a pointless war for global domination of a certain planet a long time ago.
Magnus Diamond, a purple colored demon with brown eyes and a "mohawk"-ish hair was once a powerful sorcerer who was feared among both angels and demons while Tereza Rad was a beautiful blonde woman with a long hair and wings which are white as snow, who's one of the general of the so nicknamed "Holy Army".

In the last days of wars, both beings finally met each other, and what started as a lethal rivalry, ended in a love relationship between them.
In their last fight, they clashed with each other in a long, tiresome and hard battle between these honorable rivals. In the final moments of it, the warrior made the mage trip over and fall on her arms, making his hood fall back. She smiled to him and said that it's rare to see such a cute demon like him in a close view. He got puzzled by her words, and replied in a timid tone of voice that she looks a very stunning female angel, and that he feels like in "Paradise".
"- Really ?", she says, admired by her
"- Y..Yeah, I do. Will you kill me for that ?", replies the mage, nervous about her reaction.
"- Of course not. It's the first time that a demon talks something so good to me like this.", she gently replies.
"- Well, not all demons are evil and do evil stuff, you know...We're fighting to protect our home planet that your race wants to conquer for absolutely no other reason than for the sake of a secular fight which lost its purpose a long time ago, he replies. She lets him free and says:
"- You know what ? I think exactly the same. I don't know why we fight against each other anymore."
"- Maybe we can go for a walk after this ?", he asks in a joking manner.
"- Are you crazy ? If they see us holding hands together we're gonna be accused of treason and sentenced to death!", she says, in a serious tone.
"- I know one place where we can talk safely.", he says, opening a shy smile to her.
"- Where ?", she asks.
"- I know a demon guy who has been inviting people to a planet called "Heaven". It is said that this planet is habitated by both angels and demons", he says.
"- Impossible! Angels and demons were always mortal rivals! Isn't this a trap of sorts ?", she says, not believing that such thing could ever exist.
"- No, they're serious with this. If they're lying, I'd know so and kill them where they stand.", he says, while he lifts up his glowing right hand in a menacing way.
"- If you say so...", she replies, "- Heh, I'd never thought I'd trust my life to a demon anyday."
"- Well, everything has its first time, lady. I'd also never trust my life to an angel either.", he replies, smiling to her, finally showing his pointy teeth,"-So, will you come or not ?"
"- Oh, right. I'll give it a try.", she replies, in an annoyed tone of voice,"- But for now, we should go in separate ways."
"- Fine.", he replies, and he both shakes hands with each other in agreement.
"- After this is over, I'll loot a cloak out of these dead bodies and disguise myself as one of you. Then, we can go.", she asks.
"- You mean steal, don't you ?", he asks, "- Hehehe! I thought angels were all for honesty and all that false moralism hypocrisy."
"- You better stop joking around like this before I change my mind about our meeting.", she replies, looking firmly into his eyes.
"- Oh, c'mon, lady. Can't you angels learn to not take life so seriously ?", he asks. She puts her hand on her face and does a deep breath. Afterwards, she replies:
"- Fair enough, Mr... ?"
"- Diamond. Magnus Diamond.", he replies in satisfation, "- What about your name, angelic lady ?"
"- Tereza Rad.", she replies.
"- Oh, you got a nice name, Mrs. Rad.", he replies, and he lifts up one of her hands, bowing and kissing it afterwards, in a corteous gesture.
"- Erm....Are you really a demon ?", she says, "- You were supposed to eat my hand without ceremonies at this moment."
Both of them laugh for a moment, and he replies:
"- And you were supposed to separate my head from my body at this moment, Mrs. Rad.", he replies, while laughing together with the angel for some few seconds.
Then, all the laughter is broken by a serious silence between them, who look into each other's eyes, wondering why they're so attached to each other, even thought they're into opposite sides.
Is that possible that a sincere love would born in the middle of a battlefield ?

"- You tripped me and spared my life for a reason, angelic lady. Are you feeling the same thing as I'm feeling for you ?", he asks, in a low and calm tone of voice.
"- Yes, yes I do.", she replies, and suddenly she takes his cloak, and she literally "loots" a kiss from him, quickly moving her head forward in order to touch her mouth on his mouth. She does this for some seconds, but for the demon it seemed like an eternity. He walks back a bit with his cheeks blushing, trying to sketch a reaction even though he's very shocked with her attitude:
"- Woah, lady! Y-y-y-y-you k-kiss well, and....and.....This is...this is the first time that I ever get kissed on the mouth in my whole 538 years! I never thought that a nerd like me would get such opportunity like this!"
"- Well, you don't look like a nerd to me, you silly cute demon.", she replies, smiling proudfully to him, "- Besides, this is one of the best kisses I ever had in my whole 496 years of life."
"- Really ?", he asks, in a puzzled manner.
"- Sure. Do you want some more ?", she asks, literally flirting with the mage demon, who makes a "devilish" face to her and replies:
"- Sure thing, let's do it!", he replies, and then, they get together to some more torrid kisses between. They quickly run to an decaying abandoned house near them, entering inside it, where the angel leans the demon on one of the walls, where they continue to exchange kisses between them in order to have some privacy and escape from the looks of other soldiers.
After some minutes cuddling and kissing each other, they hear sounds of trumpets from far, which's increasing of volume each time it goes closer. This surprises them, and she says:
" - It's my army! I need to go now, quick! Please, Mr. Diamond, don't get out of here, ok ? I love you."
"- I... I love you to, Tereza.", he replies in an emotional reaction, while she quickly runs off of the building to meet with her people. Puzzled, the demon thinks with himself:
"* Man...What have I done ? Whatever. This was worth it! She's so beautiful....."

Several minutes later, the angels start to retreat from the battle, and Tereza, using her great agility, goes in a separate way from the rest of the army without they noticing and loots a cloak from a dead demon next to her.
She then goes to meet with Magnus, who's still hidden in the same building where they kissed each other. Arriving there, she removes her hood, much to his admirer's joy.
"- Care to show me the way, Mr. Diamond ?", she asks.
"- Hell, yeah, lady!", he replies, and both put their hoods back on their heads to conceal their identities.
Some minutes later, they arrive in a suburbs of a demonic city, next to a bar, which surprises the female angel. They enter it, and see that it's a false front for a reunion of demons are escaping to Heaven in a blue portal created by a male angel and a male demon, who are speaking of the benefits of the young planet.
Once Magnus and Tereza go through it, they contemplate how that place is beautiful and pleasant to the eyes.
She looks to the blue skies above them, and says:
"- This place is marvellous, Mr. Magnus. How about we start a new life together in this planet ?"
"- That would be a pleasure, Mrs. Rad. This place is indeed inspiring.", he replies.
And they walk together to the village next to there.

And then they would live the rest of their lives together in this brand new planet.

Years later, Tereza gave birth to a cute little white baby named Lucius, which is the first hybrid being to ever exist, fruit of a sincere relationship between an angel and a demon.

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