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                                              TOBY JOE TURNER

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                                              I had been up since three in the morning playing happy wheels and filming collabs with a few other gamers and I hadn't even realized that it was time to get up and actually get ready for VidCon. Whoops. My friends left the room and I took a quick shower, drying my hair and running my fingers through it a few times after it had been completely dried and I got dressed, realizing that I had quite a bit oftime before I was supposed to leave so I laid on my bed and watched TV for a bit, flipping through the channels and texting some of my friends back, even Zoe who was hell bent on setting me up with one of her friends for a lunch date or something. I thought I would humor her and what was the worse thing that could happen? One wasted lunch? Not a big deal to me. Zoe was nice enough and she wouldn't set me up with just anybody just to set me up on a date.

                                              Besides, I was single so what could one date hurt? I stretched and slowly rolled off of my bed, once again tousling my hair with my fingers, patting my back pocket to see if my room key was there and it was. I managed to grab a Starbucks instead of heading straight to the convention center, and I ran into some fans there which took up a lot of time. And before I knew it I had to speed to the convention center to make it to my meet and greets, panels and that sort of thing on time. I think there was also a small briefing meeting as well, but I could skip it I guess.

                                              I was hurrying into the convention center when I ran- lietrally- into Marcus and Alfie. Oh, hey guys, sorry. I said, smiling at the two of them. Zoe and a girl came up with her soon after, smiling at all of them. Hey, Zoe! Hey, Toby, Marcus. I'm Zoe, nice to met you. She held a hand out to Alfie. How had they not met before?

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