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                  xxx「✖⋮ MACY KINGSTON.
                  ██████████████████ ████

                          xxx「✖⋮ BARE NECESSITIES.

                          ♚ ▌ FULL NAME ; macy annika kingston
                          ♚ ▌ NICKNAME ; mace
                          ♚ ▌ AGE ; seventeen
                          ♚ ▌ GRADE ; senior
                          ♚ ▌ SEXUALITY ; straight
                          ♚ ▌ CRUSH ; rodger
                          ♚ ▌ CHARACTER ; anita

                          xxx「✖⋮ WHO I AM INSIDE.

                          ♚ ▌ FACT ; macy was brought up attending a lot of dog shows due to her mom breeding Dalmatians.
                          ♚ ▌ FACT ; macy is an animal lover and she volunteers at the humane society three days a week after school.
                          ♚ ▌ FACT ; macy's family has three dalmatians; cartier, tiffany and bling.
                          ♚ ▌ FACT ; macy is an only child. her parents tried to have more kids but couldn't.
                          ♚ ▌ FACT ; no matter how unrealistic it is, macy wants to be a singer after she graduates from college.
                          ♚ ▌ FACT ; macy can play the guitar and piano, but she doesn't like to do it in front of people.

                          xxx「✖⋮ LITTLE WONDERS.

                          ♚ ▌ LIKE ; red lipstick
                          ♚ ▌ LIKE ; sunny days
                          ♚ ▌ LIKE ; puppy breath
                          ♚ ▌ LIKE ; playing the guitar
                          ♚ ▌ LIKE ; comfy sweaters
                          ♚ ▌ LIKE ; puppies ( obviously )

                          xxx「✖⋮ LOCKED UP AND NEVER RELEASED.

                          ♚ ▌ DISLIKE ; conflict
                          ♚ ▌ DISLIKE ; thunder / lightning storms
                          ♚ ▌ DISLIKE ; sunburns
                          ♚ ▌ DISLIKE ; cruella ( unfortunately )
                          ♚ ▌ DISLIKE ; girls who are high maintenance
                          ♚ ▌ DISLIKE ; fur clothes ( whether it's fake or real )

                          xxx「✖⋮ STRANGERS LIKE ME.

                          ♚ ▌ FRIENDS ; perdita
                          ♚ ▌ DATING ; no one
                          ♚ ▌ FAMILY ; no one
                          ♚ ▌ LOVE RIVAL ; cruella
                          ♚ ▌ COMPLETELY HATE ; cruella

                          xxx「✖⋮ TIL YOU NOTICE ME.

                          ♚ ▌ USERNAME ; x o x o lauren

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Hilarious Genius

" riotxdaxtonxhargis "
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██████████████████████████████ ███████████████ █████

                                            Riot had unfortunately almost missed the train by sleeping in yet again. So by the time he got out the door and had his hair ready ( because he had to be presentable at all times ), he was hopping on as the train began to roll. Instead of finding his Slytherin friends he took an entire compartment for himself and slept the whole way with his feet up and his middle finger out to anyone who asked to join him. Could they not tell that he didn't want to be bothered? He took most of his joy in scaring the living s**t out of the first years. He was half tempted to go find Zara but she would most likely be with Kegan and Riot wasn't in the mood for a murder charge and a one way ticket to Azkaban. So he just slept the whole way, only waking to buy some candy from the candy trolley. Every flavor beans and sugar quills are what subsided his desires for candy today. And upon arrival at Hogwarts everyone was bouncing with anticipation for the beginning of the ROR party. He wasn't even sure if he was going to attend.

                                            Although, he could see Zara in a totally slutty dress and that certainly motivated him. But apparently not enough because whilst everyone was getting ready for the party he was laying on his bed and messing around with his kendama, something he'd gotten while his family traveled abroad over the summer. Riot heard the echoes of heels enter the boys dorms and Zara screaming at probably Dexter something about wanting to drink already. A smirk crossed his face as he thought of Zara standing outside the dorm, impatient as ever, screaming about drinks. He slowly got up after that, putting his kendama in the drawer under his bed and decided that his fashionably late entrance would be late enough if he started now. And even though he doesn't like to admit it, Riot takes more time than some girls to get ready. He tried his best to always look good for the ladies. He grabbed his hair gel and other 'manly' beauty supplies for his hair and was off to the bathroom.

                                            Riot spent his fair amount of time showering, wrapping himself in a towel and heading back to the boys dorms, towel hanging low around his waist. He spent a fair amount of time on his hair, spiking it in front and getting it to lay just the way he wanted before getting dressed, carefully not to bump his hair when he put on his shirt. After that came a lettermans jacket. Riot had too many to count, they were his signature piece to every outfit. At least for the most party. He bunched up the sleeves and left it totally unbuttoned this time, making sure that he didn't look too douchey. Which was hard. But it's not like Riot really cared what everyone else thought anyway. He departed the common room, leaving his dorm a mess but he didn't give a s**t. Taking his sweet time to walk to the ROR, once he got there the stench of alcohol and dance music hit his ears. Riot's eyes immediately scanned the crowd for Zara or one of his other friends, but they first found Andy and Max. Ahhh, his favorite person. He smirked and sauntered over to the two, giving Andy the look over. Looking good, Andy. It's a shame you didn't wear anything like this when we went out. He winked and was on his way. Of course that was only to shake Max up, as the two hated each other guts.

                                            His new mission was to find Zara, who wasn't too far away just leaving the drink table. He caught up to her and while she wasn't looking took the cup from her hands, taking a hefty sip. I'm not going to get mono from Kegan, am I? He smirked at her, looking over her outfit. Riot would admit that his eyes grew a size looking at her dress. Why haven't you modeled this for me before? He started tracing the cutouts of her dress with his fingertips. I like it. White's a good color on you. Riot smiled at Zara as he took another sip of her drink.

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Hilarious Genius

" little miss malfoy "
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██████████████████████████████ ███████████████ █████

                                            Hey, at least I showed up. Andromeda smirked, nudging Max with her shoulder. Right after she had suggested that the two leave on their own Vic, Dex and Zara had left without them. Alrighty then. She shrugged to herself and when Max stood she took his offered hand and stood up, smoothing down her dress and pulled it down a bit so she didn't look too much like a hooker. She was glad the two would actually have some alone time as it was brief this morning when Victoire interrupted them. Which was fine, she liked Vic and all, but she hadn't had any time to spend with Max alone for over two months and it was sort of driving her insane. Typically every summer they would spend all the time at each others' houses, and this summer there was none of that. Andy blushed when she heard the 'woah' come out of Max's mouth. Thanks, Maxxy. You don't think it's too much? Even if he did it was too late now, because she intertwined her arm with his and they were off to the party.

                                            Great minds do think alike you know. Sure, she knew that people thought they were dating but nobody really brought it up to her. Did they bring it up to Max? That's awkward. Maybe it was a nudge that they should get together, who knows. The only thing she was afraid of is ruining the friendship. When he brought up protecting her from pervs she laughed. Thank you, dear dear Maxxy. How ever could I survive on my own without you to protect me? Although she would have to admit that on more than one occasion Andy stuck around Max and was a little more than friendly only to deter other girls. He was her Maxxy, so why should they even try? They finally arrived to the party greeted by party music and people were already dancing. Were they really that late? Andy and Max made a beeline for the drinks table. Andy took the drink from Max's hand, slightly moving to the beat of the song. I guess it's a good thing that Scorpius isn't here then. Andy winked at Max and looked around the room as she drank from her cup, choking when her eyes hit Lori. Oh my god, is she at a party or working the street corner? God, how unfortunate.

                                            He brought up her summer. Like I said on the train. My parents decided that there would be mandatory family bonding since they figured I would skip out of Malfoy Manor right after graduation and just go to work or wherever I'm going. So they took us far, far away and Scorp was in heaven. There's just so many pretty people in Milan. I don't know, I think my parents just expect me to be a trophy wife. Find some wealthy wizarding family to marry into and just sit around all day. Andy shrugged and took another sip of her drink. But I just stayed in my room until they would drag me out and make me go shopping, get a haircut, whatever. It was horrible. But enough about me, what about your summer?

                                            ooc // oh shit, andy's throwin' the shadeeee~
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Hilarious Genius

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                                                                LALALALALAA REBELLLLL~

                                                                out of cookies ;;

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