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                                              TOBY JOE TURNER

                                      TOBUSCUS / TOBYTURNER / TOBYGAMES

                                              I had been up since three in the morning playing happy wheels and filming collabs with a few other gamers and I hadn't even realized that it was time to get up and actually get ready for VidCon. Whoops. My friends left the room and I took a quick shower, drying my hair and running my fingers through it a few times after it had been completely dried and I got dressed, realizing that I had quite a bit oftime before I was supposed to leave so I laid on my bed and watched TV for a bit, flipping through the channels and texting some of my friends back, even Zoe who was hell bent on setting me up with one of her friends for a lunch date or something. I thought I would humor her and what was the worse thing that could happen? One wasted lunch? Not a big deal to me. Zoe was nice enough and she wouldn't set me up with just anybody just to set me up on a date.

                                              Besides, I was single so what could one date hurt? I stretched and slowly rolled off of my bed, once again tousling my hair with my fingers, patting my back pocket to see if my room key was there and it was. I managed to grab a Starbucks instead of heading straight to the convention center, and I ran into some fans there which took up a lot of time. And before I knew it I had to speed to the convention center to make it to my meet and greets, panels and that sort of thing on time. I think there was also a small briefing meeting as well, but I could skip it I guess.

                                              I was hurrying into the convention center when I ran- lietrally- into Marcus and Alfie. Oh, hey guys, sorry. I said, smiling at the two of them. Zoe and a girl came up with her soon after, smiling at all of them. Hey, Zoe! Hey, Toby, Marcus. I'm Zoe, nice to met you. She held a hand out to Alfie. How had they not met before?

                                              ooc: BLEH

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                                      a lot of people often ask my name , so i tell em' it's name , full please . i just hate when they forget it . i mean , i don't walk around forgetting theirs . then , they want to get a little bit more personal , so they ask my age . so i tell them reluctantly it's age , written out please . and then , as if it's not enough , they want to know about what i like . but hey , i don't mind telling them how much i love likes , please don't list. . so they better remember all that when my birthday comes around , did i mention i was born on birthday , written out . pretty special day if i say so myself . then , they want to know what they shouldn't get me , so i gladly tell them how much i hate hates , please don't list. . as i walk down the street they tell me how much i look like celebrity being used . but i think i'm much cuter than them . after all , i'm the famous title . it's like i'm being interviewed when they begin to ask what my favorite colors are, i don't mind telling em' that they're color two here please , color three here , and color one here . i guess i should just write a book out for them . now , they want to know a few facts about me , who am i to say no ? ! let me list em' out for ya'

                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here
                                          one fact here

                                      go ahead , check out my playlist , you're sure to like it . i know i do . a lot .

                                      i guess if i could sum up my life in one song . it'd have to be .

                                      now let's not forget to thank all the little people in life . i have one person that i really need to thank though , and that would be none other than username here . that's all , now stop stalking me . i'm done talking to you about my life . after all , i'm not that entertaining .
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        neighbor / undercover hero
        substance mimicry, intangibility
        enigmatic charismatic sympathetic bold
        nina a.
        x o x o lauren
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                                                    Macy, for once, actually had a full nights' sleep. Most nights she was out scouring the town for crime or if anyone needed assistance, but had decided that she would rather bake some cookies and sit in tumblr all night. Well, not literally the whole night- mostly just until ten thirty. She had then drifted asleep instead of staying up and doing her college assignments which probably would have been a better idea, but she had the whole weekend to do them as they didn't have school today. Her parents had decided to go to the Bahamas for their anniversary, so she had the house to herself for two weeks. They left money to pay the bills and knew that with her anti social personality, she wouldn't throw any parties like most girls her age. The nineteen year old girl slowly pushed her comforter and sheets off of her body, stretching her arms as she sat up in bed and yawned. Macy then decided to avoid opening her bedroom door and simply walked through the wall- one upside of intangibility. Her parents weren't home so she was free to use her powers as she pleased, as long as nobody else was around.

                                                    She had managed to shuffle her way into the kitchen, wincing when the brightness on her phone was set up too high and she unlocked it. She had a few tumblr notifications but that was about it. Macy also somehow managed to make herself a pot of coffee while half awake, but she was using a Keurig brewer so that might be a big reason. She used the last of her Starbucks roast cups and made a mental note to stop by the store and pick up another box. The brunette began to eagerly sip at her hot drink, jumping up so she was sitting on the island and kicking her feet in the air. Her bed head was evident and she hoped that nobody was about to stop by yet. Not that she wouldn't have people over at all, because one of her friends would most likely come over later in the day. One of her five friends. Ezra, Logan or Killian. She had grown up there her entire life, so they all knew each other for a while but she mostly knew Ezra through Logan. Logan was her only friend that's a girl because she's the least dramatic girl she knew.

                                                    And Killian, being her best friend, was Logan's brother. Adopted, but they were still family. She could always just walk over there and see if anyone wanted to come over, but decided that she would just text them and see if they wanted to have a small get together. But until then, she sat on her couch and turned on some DVR episodes of Reign, kind of hoping someone would text her first.

                                                    ooc // yuck. outfit in the first picture though c:

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                                                    The bumps in the road were going to be the end of the princess, or so she thought. The ride was so horrible she thought at least four times she would fly out of her seat, and she was grateful that her lady in waiting, Isabel, had stayed silent and merely listened to her loud complaining the whole time. To be honest she was only complaining because she was so nervous; due to her being the only child of her parents, and her father now being deceased, the pressure of ruling Aurelia was falling upon her shoulders. Her father had been poisoned and with the imminent threat of another country now turning to kill her, she was sent to Orsinia for protection. She had been engaged to their only child and crown prince, Reid, since she was born. She hadn't seen him since they were seven years old, where he yelled at her for having cooties and ran away. Although the rumor was that he had grown up quite nicely and was taking his job as the future king quite serious.

                                                    The carriage began to slow and the bumps subsided as they pulled up to the castle. Are you ready, Is? Teagan wasn't quite sure she was ready to sell her life away to Reid and his kingdom, but would do it if it meant saving her own life. The carriage stopped completely and with a lurch, the princess fixed her hair and ran her fingers through the soft waves that adorned her head and readjusted her jeweled headband, then smoothing out any wrinkles in her dress. Let's go. She grabbed her lady - in - waiting's hand and stepped out of the carriage once the door was opened, releasing Isabel's hand and searching through the crowd of people waiting, trying to figure out who was her fiancée, until he stepped forward, taking her hand and kissing it. Your highness. She smiled at him, noticing his lingering gaze on Isabel for a brief moment. Just Reid, please. No need for formalities here. She smiled and took his arm. Then I'm just Teagan, and this is Isabel my lady in waiting. There was a ball waiting for them, so they departed from the carriage and headed inside, their things being put into their chambers. Isabel and Teagan's chambers were connected through a door so that her friend could be there whenever she needed.

                                                    I trust you traveled with ease. God, was this going to be the extent of their conversation? Yes, actually. A little bumpy but not too bad. She tossed a wink at Isabel who knew of her griping almost the whole way there. Nothing a little feast couldn't fix.


                                                    Reid was pacing around the room, quite nervous but still excited. This was one step closer to being the King of Orsinia, which he was destined to be as the only child of his parents. And so was his fiancée Teagan, who was the only child of the royal family of Aurelia. They were engaged since her birth and her parents trying for six years to have a child. Teagan was arriving today after the death of her father, which meant the time for them to rule her land was slowly coming closer. His assistant Adrian knocked on the door to let him know that his bride was arriving. I'll be right there, Adrian! He called to him, rubbing his sweaty palms on his pants and opened the door, shutting it behind him and starting his trek to the front of the castle which had been entirely pruned and cleaned in anticipation for her arrival.

                                                    And although he was excited, he couldn't stop thinking about another woman. One he had met through his travels, they had a small fling and he's never seen her since. He was pretty sure he'd fallen hard for her, but she wasn't on the same social level as him and he was engaged anyway. He only knew her name and her face, nothing else other than he knew he would probably never see her again, but he was sure he could find some sort of happiness with Teagan. From what he could recall when he was nine she was nice enough but remembered that he had said she had cooties.

                                                    They had made it outside and when the carriage rolled up he saw who he assumed was Teagan step out, and my had she grown up since he saw her last. And then she stepped out; it was Isabel. What the hell was she doing there? But he put on a smile and approached the two girls, kissing Teagan's hand and escorting her inside, learning that Isabel was her lady in waiting. They all got inside to the feast after making small chat and sat down at the table, Teagan on one side and Adrian on the other. God, this would be awkward.

                                                    ooc // yuck. outfit in the first picture though c:
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              XXX BACKGROUND ━ × CHECK !!

                          ₀₁. ━ ◞ hey look at me !!

                              ♔. username ▬ x o x o lauren
                              ♔. nickname ▬ lauren
                              ♔. time table ▬ most days of the week, pacific time zone
                              ♔. samples ▬ are here

                          ₀₂. ━ ◞ meet my disney muse !!

                              ♔. movie ▬ sleeping beauty
                              ♔. character ▬ aurora
                              ♔. name ▬ rosalynn marie van acres
                              ♔. gender ▬ female
                              ♔. sexuality ▬ heterosexual
                              ♔. grade ▬ senior
                              ♔. face claim ▬ kristina bazan. link to a 120x120 icon

                          ₀₃. ━ ◞ my character ideas !!

                              rosie is a sweet girl, but easy to take advantage of. she puts so much trust into others that she can sometimes be put into bad situations. despite her home life not being ideal, her parents working most hours of the day and leaving her with her three nannies that she's had since birth,

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                      ♥◞ USERNAME » X O X O LAUREN.

                      ♥◞ SAMPLES » HERE.

                      ♥◞ CHARACTER NAME » RAEGAN ROSE REYNOLDS

                      ♥◞ CHARACTER AGE » SEVENTEEN.

                      ♥◞ APPEARANCE » UNO. DOS. TRES.

                      ♥◞ HOUSE » GRYFFINDOR.



                      ♥◞ ALIGNMENT » GOOD.

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tab THE not so innocent

tab tab butmu Nicolette :: Aurélie :: Tremblay
tab tab butmunchr19 ; female ; twitter && tumblr
          ❙ she plays the innocent role at home, but can really be a party animal.
          ❙ she looks up to her older brother more than anyone, although she would never tell him that.
          ❙ she once had a fling with one of her father's friends and nearly ruined his marriage.
          ❙ she's not really the type for relationships- although she would like to be.

                                            signed by:

                                        [ x o x o lauren ]™
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My thoughts are stars that I cannot fathom into constellations

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                                                                tab tab tab tab T h e xx B a s i c s

                                                                ⊱ My name is nicolette aurélie tremblay
                                                                ⊱ But you can call me nic or nicole
                                                                ⊱ I blow out nineteen candles on march seventeenth
                                                                ⊱ I am clearly female
                                                                ⊱ I tend to lean towards boys
                                                                ⊱ Don't freak out doubles on ears

                                                                tab tab tab tab M o r e xx A b o u t xx M e

                                                                ⊱ Oh, how I can act
                                                                tab tab tab free - spirited tab tab sarcastic
                                                                tab tab tab outgoing tab tab overly protective
                                                                tab tab tab positive trait tab tab slightly salacious

                                                                ⊱ The past should stay in the past
                                                                tab tab tab Having a mother who likes to party all the time, it's no wonder that Nicolette grew up in her footsteps. Her father being a notorious playboy with the ambitions of a man in his early twenties, her parents were often loose with punishment and let her and her older brother do whatever they wanted with no consequences while their mother was off doping up and their father was doing god knows who. A 'lovely' upbringing, if you ask her. Not to say that she doesn't love her parents, she just hates them as people. Does that make sense? Not really.

                                                                Nicole is the type who when you first meet her is a goody goody but just wait until she gets some alcohol in her hands and music in her ears. She's not really a party girl, but she does like to party. She can be quite headstrong and is stubborn, but not to say that she's not a sweet, outgoing girl. And once she gets a little booze in her system, well, she can be a little sluttayyy. Not that she really cares, as long as nothing too bad happens. Just don't want to take after mummy dearest.

                                                                It was never particularly hard for Nicolette to make friends. Her somewhat easygoing personality, inheritance and last name 'Tremblay' made things significantly easier for her. She can be a bit of an attention whore, although she doesn't like to admit it, maybe due to the lack of attention she got as a child. And as for relationships ... it seems that being romantically challenged runs in the Tremblay family. Nicolette just can't seem to stick to a relationship, although she would like to, but things never seem to work out in her favor. Of course, there's no need to mention her little summer fling with a much older man that nearly resulted in the end of his marriage. But yeah, no need to mention that.

                                                                Nicolette really doesn't have any set plans for the future. She's debated acting or modeling, but really hasn't made any decisions yet. They both seem like fun and equally rewarding, acting is more her forte but for now she's going spend her time being drunk, partying and having fun with her friends as every nineteen year old heiress should.

                                                                tab tab tab tab E x t r a xx L i t t l e xx T h i n g s

                                                                ⊱ Scream for the Love of things ⊰
                                                                tab tab tab ☑ most booze
                                                                tab tab tab ☑ sex
                                                                tab tab tab ☑ getting dressed up
                                                                tab tab tab ☑ acting ( or at least attempting to be a tv star )
                                                                tab tab tab ☑ shopping
                                                                tab tab tab ☑ laying out by the pool

                                                                ⊱ Yell for the Hate of things ⊰
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ beer
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ her parents
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ living in the 'shadow' of her older brother
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ being judged
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ drama
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ being an attention whore
                                                                tab tab tab ☒ bad weather

                                                                ⊱ It's not always the Dark
                                                                tab tab tab the idea of the purge
                                                                tab tab tab needles or anything especially sharp

                                                                tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab x o x o lauren's hand is up my back
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" nicolettexauréliextremblay "
" the not so innocent "
██████████████████████████████ ███████████████ █████

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██████████████████████████████ ███████████████ █████

                                            Nicole gnawed on her bottom lip as her social medias slowly began to blow up. Who was this RumorNTheHills person, and why were they posting pictures like that of her friends? In her own opinion they weren't even bad pictures, well, except for Donny. But he was like, a super model so who really gave a shit? Well, those pictures of Kellan having sex with a girl in a castle were actually pretty bad so who was she to talk? There hadn't been any photos of her or her brother posted yet, so she really didn't mind much. It was a person sitting on a computer talking a bunch of talk, it didn't mean anything to her. So why not provoke them a little bit? She didn't see why not. If they had a big mouth then why not let them run it? The brunette ran her fingers through her silky, long locks before she shut her laptop and got up from her vanity to go down and get her towels from the linen closet. After all, she had a party to go to. Since Roxy's parents were going to Dubai it was a given she was having a party, and everyone was invited over twitter.

                                            She walked down the marbled stairs and trying to be fast because her feet were getting really cold was super annoying. Just her luck, being just barely short enough that she couldn't reach the towels on the top shelf, she had to jump and grab one of the egyptian cotton towels and many of them came tumbling down with the one that she had yanked from under the others. They sat in a giant, beautiful, fluffy pile and with absolute disregard for them, Nicolette shoved the door shut. Not my problem. Let mummy dearest take care of it. She commented to herself, hopping up the stairs happily to go get ready. Her only problem now was trying to decide what bikini to wear and what to wear over it because she would undoubtedly get cold at some point.

                                            Her only problem was to find a date. The Tremblay's weren't particularly known for their ability to stick in relationships. She would just call Viv her date and call it good. Vivian was her bestest friend in the whole world and they did most everything together. Disneyworld, shopping, day drinking ( of course when the blonde didn't have school ). Speaking of, she wondered if Viv was already at Roxy's. Most likely, as Nicolette was certainly not known for her timeliness. She managed to put her hair up halfway and made her makeup look somewhat good with long lashes and minimal eye shadow. Just a touch of red lipstick finished off her look. Nicolette pulled out a somewhat flashy bikini with animal print and a tight black dress with some wedges and necklaces.

                                            She stuffed her towels into a random beach bag that she found and her mom's car keys off the counter. There was really no need for her mother to go party more than her daughter and just dope up again. I'm going to Roxy's! Don't know when I'm going to be back so DON'T wait up! She yelled into her mostly empty house. Not that anyone would wait up, they were all too busy worrying about their own problems and addictions to even notice she was there half the time. Although Nicolette was sure that her older brother would be at Roxy's at some point, she wasn't concerned with how he was getting there. He was probably up screwing some random girl he'd picked up and would come when he was done. On her way out Nicole grabbed a few bottles of tequila and wine and shoved them underneath her towels so nobody in the house would notice them poking out.

                                            She mindlessly threw her bag into the backseat of her car. It was nothing too fancy, just an Audi A8. The shiny black exterior made her heart jump a bit each time she looked at it. She got the car as a graduation gift from her parents, but she had picked it out of course. Nicole made the short drive to Roxy's place and parked her car the first place she found a free space. She mindlessly grabbed her bag out of the back of her car and sauntered into the readhead's house, pulling out the bottles and handing them to Franc and receiving tequila in return. Oh, Franc, you know the way to my heart. She smiled at him, taking a sip and heading out towards the pool where most of her friends were gathered. Well, nice to see that the party's started without me~ She chided, taking yet another drink. All I ask is that someone gives me a heads up when Coop shows up because apparently he's going to throw my a** in the pool.
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██████████████████████████████ ███████████████ █████

                                                                                WE'RE A THOUSAND MILES FROM COMFORT
                                                                                WE HAVE TRAVELED LAND AND SEA
                                                                                BUT AS LONG AS YOU ARE WITH ME
                                                                                THERE'S NO PLACE I'D RATHER BE.

                                            In the days leading to the fantastic four's departure to the oh so lovely Greece, little Calla Rose Kostas was a madwoman. Deciding what clothes to pack, books to bring, ect. You see this whole trip was her idea. Ever since she was probably big enough to sit up and watch tv, she had become obsessed with the movie Hercules. When she could read she wanted to read about the stories of the Greek gods and goddesses. She had a bag purely dedicated to her books and movies to enjoy whilst she was there, to take notes and take pictures. It was a birthday present from her parents, given to her early for her twentieth birthday. A trip for her and all of her friends to go to Greece for two months. How could she possibly turn it down? It was too perfect. Their flight left at noon and god only knew how long it would really take to get there. She didn't want to think about it because long flights stressed her out, but at least she would have her three best friends there with her. Matty, Alessa and Damien! They'd all been best friends since they could remember, especially Matty and Damien who were practically brothers. They all lived on the same street and at one point ( in like eighth grade ), Matthias and Calla were actually an item, but broke it off because they were too sibling - y.

                                            Speaking of Matthias, here he was just walking through her front door unannounced. It was something that they just did to each other. Matthias's parents were so loving and just amazing, they were the perfect fit for him. He was adopted, actually left on their doorstep from being a few days old. Mattyy~ She called as he walked into her bedroom, leaning against the doorframe. Can you help me zip this? She smiled brightly at him through her crimson lipstick. Overpacking again, Calla? He smirked and shook his head at her as he got the zipper to unstick and go all the way. What would I do without you? She smiled at him and he helped her get all of her things by the door, where a pile of his bags were already sitting.

                                            Yeesh, you'd think we're moving to Greece. Calla laughed, throwing her bags on top of his. Her parents were driving them to the airport, and she had to double check that Damien and Alessa weren't joining them on the car ride.

                                            to: al
                                            from: call
                                            heeey, are you gonna come over so we can all
                                            ride over together? let me know! xx

                                            She hit send and slipped her iphone back into the waistband of her leggings, walking towards the kitchen because it was still early and she hadn't had breakfast yet. What do you want to eat? She asked Matthias, who simply responded with, My usual. That meant egg toast and bacon. Which was also Calla's favorite, so they'd probably end up splitting it.

                                            They did. Damien and Alessa decided to go to the airport on their own, so Matt and Calla threw their bags in the back of her dad's FJ Cruiser and hopped in the snug backseat, taking Instagram selfies the whole way to the airport. They decided to all meet at the Starbucks on the other side of security and wait their until about a half hour before their flight would start to board.


                                            Matthias had actually been packed for a few days before they were even supposed to leave for Greece. He was really excited to go because that's where his family was from- his real family, at least. He was abandoned at a few days old on this couple's doorstep, and they took him in after they put pictures out and nobody had claimed him. He spent the first twenty years of his life wondering who he was other than his real name, and was really excited that Calla had asked him to come with her, along with their two other best friends, to go to Greece for two months. Since his dark haired best gal pal only lived next door, he picked up his mountain of bags and hauled them next door after having emotional goodbyes with his parents. After all they had taken him in for his whole life and actually encouraged him to find out about his family.

                                            He walked in the door of Calla's house without knocking because that's just how their relationship worked. With any of them; them being Matthias, Calla, Damien and Alessa. He dropped his things by her front door and made a beeline to her room, leaning in the doorframe and smirking as she asked him to help her zip up her bookbag. Overpacking again, Calla? Of course she was, as usual. He helped her zip up and carry her bags to the door where they were tossed on top of his and they immediately went to the kitchen to have breakfast. Maybe it was due to Calla hearing his stomach growl? Who knows. But he was getting his favorite breakfast ever, egg toast and bacon which they split down the middle because they were both hungry, but not super hungry.

                                            Pretty soon their bags were thrown into the back of Calla's dad's FJ Cruiser and they were taking selfies on the way to the airport. They got through security easily and had agreed to meet Alessa and Damien at Starbucks on the other side of security. They settled down at a table with their carry - on bags and everyone's typical drinks, making small chat as they waited for the other half of the fantastic four to show up.

                                            ooc; layout cred to acoustic mime~
                                            location; airport
                                            speaking to; each other
                                            outfit; calla matthias

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