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Artifact Description: Hateblade

A very fine b*****d sword, dull gray in appearance, with a black wrapped grip and colorless gems. As it draws more blood, it changes to a dark red blade with a ruby pommel, and a gold hilt inscribed with red. The sword gains immense Unholy power with each drop of blood it spills. The sword will also glow bright red if it senses imminent physical danger, and leap into the owner's hand. Merely wishing for the weapon will teleport it to the owner's possession, if not magicaly restrained. Of course, the Hateblade brings with it a terrible curse. The wielder becomes more and more obsessed with killing, and increasingly possessive of the sword. This starts with taking no prisoners and acting uneasy when others handle or suggest he leave his weapon, but grows into seeking out victims (or supplying the blade with his own blood if needed) and attacking anyone who he suspects of coming between him and his cursed weapon. The owner will feel vibrantly alive when wielding the Hateblade, ignoring pain and fatigue. However, as the blade loses power from lack of blood, the owner begins to feel depressed and starts losing their vitality to fuel the appetite of the weapon.
Artifact Description: Saol Ring

Grants the wearer eternal youth and a passive regenerative ability. Within 24 hours, all but the most serious wounds will be completely healed.
Artifact Description: Rod of Lightning

A collapsible 1' long grey metal rod with a small button at the base. When pushed, the rod crackles with electrical energy, allowing the use of any one of the following two spells up to three times per day: chain lightning, lightning orb. In addition, it grants the user immunity to electric damage and increases their control/power over electricity powers.

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