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Characters and posts created By Flawlessly Broken (2013)

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(Character created 5/3/2012)
Full Name: Indigo Ekaterinna Liv Nightshade
Age: Appears to be 21
Date of Birth: October 31
Height: 5'6''
Occupation: Valkyrie; Former Hunter of the Supernatural
Appearance: Indigo has striking, vivid blue eyes. Long, light black hair with a deep blue tint (hint of supernaturalness), her skin is a deep taupe shade with a beautiful luster/shine to it that reflects light. She is of mixed descent; African and Dutch on her father's side, Russian and Australian on her mother's side. Indigo is well endowed and she has an hourglass figure, but is also well in shape and is athletic (but doesn't have an overly muscly body)
Abilities: precise and accurate memory, some ancient magic, has an aura (only seen when using her sword Twilight, and only that sword)
Traits: cold, distant, genius, self-reliant, loner
Morality: True Neutral
Weapons: Twilight, Spiritual whip, gun (currently not shown on avi) and holy water,ancient magic, and on occasion Shuriken (though she has less experience with this than her other weapons).
*Note: When using weapons, Indigo is ambidextrous When training for ten years, she learned how to use both hands with the weapons.

About her weapons: Her spirit whip has a little more pain than a leather whip to humans, but for supernatural being, it is more of a critical hit. Her sword, Twilight also has magic and kind of a life of it's own (more about Twilight below) .Her gun uses a mix of salt and holy water, with a bit of her own magic.

Indigo uses her sword, Twilight, Which makes her purple aura visible to the naked eye. She comes from a line of hunters who also use ancient magic to vanquish enemies. The aura protects her whenever she is in grave danger, and is the source of her ancient magic handed down to her from her grandmother, Ophelia.

Indigo was born into a respectable and wealthy family, and was a child prodigy. When she was three, Ophelia discovered Indigo's power and isolated her from her family. She was forced to go through vigorous training to hone her powers at the age of five. Her first monster kill was at age seven. Her grandmother also raised her to be distant from people and to have the traits needed to be an excellent hunter. Indigo at age 15, after being hardened by 10 years of training with weapons( guns, swords, archery and honing her powers), Indigo defiantly cuts her hair and runs away to start her career as a hunter once she finds out that Ophelia actually secretly paid her parents off for her that fate changing day 12 years ago.
She does not kill every monster/being she runs surveillance on and knows not all of them are bad. She continues to watch them though, since it is a part of their nature.

Due to her isolation Indigo is emotionally detached and often can be cold. She avoids getting close to anyone and is solely devoted to hunting. When she is not hunting she distracts herself with certain activities.

Indigo as an Angel

Unfortunately Indigo dies giving birth to Niquolette on October 1 due to a mysterious power that manifests itself in the newly born infant, and allows the baby to survive. Indigo, having her own powers is able to watch as she is dying as a friendly couple rescues her child three hours after the birth.

After she is back on earth since after she died, she finds out that the couple turned in Niquolette to the state and she goes throughout foster homes, and she silently watches her and communicates with her.

Even though Indigo is an angel, her indifferent and cold personality remains as it was when she was alive, but to more of an extreme. Despite this, she does her best to watch over her rebelling daughter, even as she is being corrupted by Malus, and she occasionally shows her caring and helping side (but it is rare to see).

Immortal Indigo

Ever since she has regained some of her angel powers and immortality, her temperament has changed somewhat, and though she still hunts, she doesn't do it as often since she has more time. She is getting used to the idea of being immortal, but a part of her will always wish she was human again. However, due to a change in events, she is forced to serve Freya and Odin and was turned into a Valkyrie. She wishes she could go back to being a hunter, but a part of her likes and is loyal to her new job, as it reminds her of her past. It should be duly noted that since gaining immortality, Indigo has undergone a minor character change: She is a little more open and willing to have relationships with others, though her Valkyrie duties are king still.

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Minor Characters:

(Character created 9/21/2012)
Name: Vanesse Nightshade
Age: 16
Day of Birth: October 1
Height: 5'5"
Race: Demon Spawn
Occupation: Former Supernatural Investigator (former waitress, and petty thief) Currently a Tracker.
Traits: independent, intense, adventurous, fearless, a little impulsive
Weapons: Pistol with rounds made of rock salt and holy water
She keeps a journal to record info on supernatural creatures and their weaknesses, as well as a future to hunt list

Vanesse has raised her self and has never had anyone there for her. She has no parents. But, despite her unfortunate circumstances, she does not view herself as a victim. She has good intentions, but she sometimes ends up doing the wrong things. Tired of going in between foster homes her whole life, she ran away at the age of 15 and has lived on her own since then. She goes in between jobs to make as much money as she can.

Recently she has been trying to find out her origins, since she has noticed that she has never been like everyone else. She has certain powers. Her body seems to have stopped aging two years ago. When she is wounded, her wounds heal themselves. She is also psychic, and telekinetic. She also gets messages by a mysterious angel who guides her.

One day the angel reveals herself as Vanesse's mother, and reveals her name and other things about her past life. Panicked, she blocks all messages from her supposed mother and is continuously on the move. One day she gets a message she can't ignore from a different "angel" named Malus.

She finds out she killed her mother in childbirth with her powers, and has to atone for her death. She has been cursed with immortality, and yet she dies, and feels the pain of her death, only to be healed slowly. Cursing her mother's spirit, she follows Malus' orders hoping to regain redemption and to be freed from her curse. Little does she know....she is doing the opposite, for Malus is no angel. (To see the rest of the story with Malus, see Indigo's story).

A year has passed since Indigo performed the ritual to pass on Vanesse's immortality curse onto herself and the discovery that she is demon spawn (for full detail see Indigo's story). She wakes up in a hospital a week later (after the ritual), the doctors said she was nearly drained of all of her blood (which of course she knew that). Once the doctors are gone, she pulls out her IV and escapes from the hospital.

She knows Indigo is watching and checking in on her every now and then. One day Vanesse follows Indigo and ends up helping he kill a siren, and since then she tracks down beings who need to be killed due to corruption and etc. She also does research on numerous types of supernatural beings to aid Indigo, occasionally surveilling them.


(Character created 9/17/2012)
Name: Malus
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Height: 6' 4''
Race: Demon
Traits: deceptive, alluring, at times brooding, seemingly distant and competent
Weapons: Warrior Blade

Malus is one of the top demons in charge of tempting the human race to ultimately end up in Hades. Lately, he has not be doing so well at his job. This is due to the fact that lately for some unexplained reason, he gets flashbacks of his former life.

Lucifer gives him a second chance by having him guide a talented human of notable power into making the wrong decisions, and to stop her from becoming a hunter, like her mother before her. He has to disguise himself as an angel is the only downfall. However, she has an angel protecting her that drains him of his demonic powers, lessing his influence on his charge. However, despite that she follows his guidance regardless.

Every time he tries to intervene with the angel's protective barrier, and touches her angelic aura, the memories spill out and he can't control them. One day, he notices the true identity of the protective angel is no other than Indigo Nightshade. This is problematic for him because she is the reincarnation of his past lover.

The only thing Malus can do now is to continue his influence on his charge without the assistance of his demonic power....and find a way to regain his power no matter what it takes.
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The Tragic Love Story of Lucius Malus Cato and Irisi--(Story originally created 12/29/2012 in journal)

Lucius Malus Cato (Malus) was a Roman soldier during the Battle of Actium who was fighting on land. He sneaked on Antony's ship before the final battle and before Antony escaped to Egypt. There he catches a glimpse of a beautiful Egyptian peasant girl, Irisi, and falls in love with her.

Irisi is a shy and sweet girl by nature, but there is said to be a magical curse every one hundred years born to the every girl born with "blue or green eyes" in her family (The eye color is rare in this family, so it is known when she is born), and is one destined to be a great hunter of the supernatural, with a magical aura. It is said that once they are given an enchanted sword they must walk the cursed path of hunting demons and monsters. From past tragedies these girls must be separated from their families, for great dangers are involved in this life. This girl is said to have an immortal guardian who poses as a grandmother, but is an immortal being herself.

So, Irisi is separated from her family, and was left alone on the streets at the tender age of five, but this time, for whatever reason the guardian didn't show up . This toughens her up considerably despite her shy nature. She learns how to fight, and discovers her power and path with the help of a stranger named Osiris.

Osiris is a demon sent to kill Irisi, and every girl like her, but has failed to do so for generations. However, he thinks he has learned from his failures. He has been watching Irisi, and even trained her, but is planning on killing her on her seventeenth birthday.

On that day Osiris sends Irisi to go get some water from the Nile river, and he plans to follow and kill her there. As she is leaving though, a mysterious being (the guardian) weakens Osiris considerable, but accidentally leaves him with some of his power. The guardian disappears, and Osiris follows Irisi in the shadows.

Irisi is now at the river and is collecting the water when Malus sees her for the second time, and he goes up to her to meet her, and tells her his feelings. Then all of a sudden, even though it's daytime, darkness covers the immediate area, and Osiris (showing up in his demonic form) appears and using his powers strikes fire in Irisi's direction. Unbeknownst to him, Malus sees the fire ahead of time, and tackles Irisi to the ground, and it hits him instead. Irisi sees the direction of the attack and using her knowledge as a hunter, kills Osiris. However, little does she know, before Osiris's body dies, the demon leaves the the body, and possesses the dying Malus. Irisi is greatly weakened and faints after fighting Osiris. She is later recovered by a Samaritan (and by some of her own power), but has no memory of Osiris, but faintly remember Malus professing his love, but nothing else.

The Seer of Alexandria, Legion Luciferius and the Death of Irisi

About two years have passed since since the events of Lucius Malus Cato and Irisi, and Irisi is well, and hunting as was her destiny. She has a job to vanquish a dangerous nest of vampires, responsible for many deaths in Alexandria. When she first arrives in Alexandria, she is visited by a Seer. This Seer warns Irisi that she will give birth to a child of Legion Luciferius, a powerful mass from Hades with powers that transcend the traditional demonic powers, and warns her that it is near, and she shouldn't go near the nest. She notes this, but continues her job anyway, and goes to the vampire's nest. She defeats all but one of the dangerous vampires, the survivor happens to be the leader. In the middle of the fight, the leader gets possessed by Legion Lucifierius. Irisi is killed by the powerful entity...and the seer's vision doesn't come true then, but it is told that perhaps the girl with the curse of the Blue or Green eyes will one day give birth to this child.
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(Original Story update from 9/12/12)
Panting and sweating, Indigo wakes from a dream, The dream tells her that despite no clear signs or symptoms, she has been pregnant for several months. The dream also warns Indigo of impending doom that relates to the developing child inside her womb.

Once she wakes up, Indigo intuitively feels that her life is close to it's end. She feels it is in relation to the recent turn of events. She vows to come back, should she die, if her child follows the wrong path, that she will come back.

Unsure what to do she grabs her sword, and goes to an undisclosed location to wait for the baby to come.
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(Original Story update from 9/26/12)
Desperate, Malus tempts Vanesse with more powers in order to distract her goals of becoming a hunter. If she became too serious in the role of hunter, and devoted her time, she would be a huge threat to the demons. This is due to the amount of power she possesses, as foreshadowed. Drunk with power Niquolette has started down the opposite path she intended. She protects demons and other supernaturals to maintain and gain power.
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(Original Story update from 12/15/12)
Indigo watches from heaven as her daughter is given the cursed jewel by the Demon Malus, and watches in horror as she gains even more powers than those from the curse, which was a result of her own death. She also notices Malus's unnatural influence on Vanesse, and her corruption

Events on an earth
Worried that her daughter Vanesse is going down the wrong path, she comes back to earth to try to guide her daughter and help discover a way to get rid of her daughter's curse.

Recently, though Indigo notices that Malus has stolen the jewel from Vanesse that he gave her, in order to regain his demonic powers, and sensing he is now coming after her and dreads what he has planned, she waits, training and strengthening her powers.
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(Original Story update from 12/15/12)
Revealing his plans, Malus attacks Indigo. The fight ends in a draw with tragic effects for both Malus and Indigo. Indigo's angel power is repressed, which basically makes her human again (and retains the powers she had when she was alive), so she returns to her original occupation of hunter. She is also trying to regain her angel power. However, in the middle of hunting an all powerful being, she finds out a way to transfer her daughter's curse to herself. Unfortunately, this includes many costs such as bleeding her daughter dry, and reciting a ritual, which would ironically transfer the curse over to her. This would mean that Indigo would be trapped in her human body, being unable to die, yet slowly her body would heal itself, essentially making her an immortal. This goes against her values, but for her daughter, she would be willing to do it. As a result, another consequence of this action is that Indigo loses her angel powers and her ability to go back to being an angel. Not sure what to do, Indigo focuses more on hunting for the moment. Knowing she has to make a decision on saving her daughter, Niquolette from her immortality curse or not, Indigo is in a dilemma. She is so torn that she quits hunting temporarily.

Malus doesn't go unscathed. His own actions curse him to relive his human life over, and over again, including his tragic love story with Irisi (meaning fashioned in Iris in Egyptian), Indigo's past life and ancestor, with the added twist that he can never die. The cause of this is Indigo's own power.
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(Original Story update from 3/22/13)
After many nights, the vision has disappeared, and she has made the decision to do the ritual to pass her daughter's immortality to herself, since she now knows Niquolette is demon spawn, and her immortality makes her a huge threat. She must now track down Niquolette and tell her what she knows, and what she must do, and the truth.

Finally, Indigo manages to track down Vanesse, she introduces herself as a hunter and shares with her vision of her past life. At first she disregards the info Indigo has told her as ramblings of a hunter gone crazy, but after Indigo reveals that she is actually her mother, and gives her some time to think. Vanesse believes her, but wants an explanation as to why she was abandoned by Indigo as a baby. After explaining the events leading up to Vanesse's birth, and putting emphasis on the fact that she died during childbirth eighteen years ago, she then explains the Malus incident(leaving out the ritual part) to clarify how she is human and alive again, as well as her young adult appearance. She also explains why Vanesse has the curse of immortality. Indigo then leaves again for a couple of days to sort out how to explain to her the ritual part, and to let her deal with all this shocking information.

With a heavy heart, Indigo returns to reinterpret her past life in a way that Vanesse understands that she was what the seer warned about, and the truth of what she is, immortal demon spawn. Vanesse is tortured by this prospect, since her whole life she has done things she considers morally wrong (think back to Malus corrupting her when she was attempting to be a hunter), she has strong ethics like her mother and has always wanted to do right. She feels somewhat relieved when Indigo tells her that there is a way to get rid of her curse so she can live a somewhat normal life (despite the fact she is demon spawn). She tells her of the ritual that requires her to be drained of blood, but omits the fact that her curse will be transferred to herself (which is ironic since her own death caused it).

After days of thought, Vanesse comes to the conclusion that even though the ritual risks her life, she is willing to do it to lessen her power, and hopes that it can start to make up for her past sins and corruption. Indigo sets up the ritual and ties up Vanesse, and performs it...

Indigo then calls an ambulance to ensure that her daughter will not die. She is in a state of worry, guilt and self loathing over her actions and the subsequent consequence of immortality. She goes to a river to clean off her daughter's blood, and wanders around the area.

About a week or so has passed since the earlier events, and Indigo has been wandering in the wilderness, when she is visited by what she thinks is the angel of her Grandmother, however, as the angel reveals who she really is, the guardian of the girl with the curse (described in the story of Indigo's past life). So all those years Indigo thought she was with her grandma, she was with her guardian. She is shocked by this news: but the guardian isn't done with Indigo yet. For Indigo's sacrifice for her daughter, the guardian recovers a portion of Indigo's angel powers from when Indigo was an angel. As a result, Indigo can now control who or if anyone can see her aura, and her sword, twilight has gained two additional forms to it's original appearance.

Indigo has decided to go back to hunting supernatural creatures corrupt with power, and those who harm innocents, since she knows her daughter will be fine, since she is not human. She will look over Vanesse to ensure that she doesn't get corrupted by anyone, including her "father" Legion Lucifierius.
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(Original Story update from 6/23/13)
Odin had taken an interest to Indigo since her first days as a hunter, and has watched her since then. Now that she was immortal Odin wanted her to serve him, and called upon Freya to make her into a Valkyrie.

Eventually Indigo misses her old lifestyle of being a hunter, and hoping to make a deal with Odin so she can return to her former occupation, she talks to Freya who suggests summoning the Godess Nyx, who seems to have an influence on him. So, Indigo summons Nyx one night...

Nyx follows and watches Indigo determining if she should help her out of her Valkyrie duties....
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To read more of what happens to Indigo, click this.

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