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                                                    Hair dye and bleach was all Kyung could smell. Given that he was in a hair salon that was filled with other customers would probably be the cause of this. That and the fact that he was bleaching his hair from his previous brown to a two toned blonde. He kept his eyes closed as the female working on his hair sectioned his bangs, only daring to peek through one eye when she had walked away for more foil. His eyes would flicker to the other customers sitting, getting their hair cut or dyed. For some reason, Kyung always seemed to enjoy seeing how others got their hair done. Probably because it was their way of expressing themselves seeing as wardrobe wouldn't be able to do that. People, especially girls, nowadays seemed to dress in the same style. Shorts, form fittings tops and high heels. Not exactly his style, but he wouldn't care what his current 'girlfriend' had on as long as she had money in her wallet at the end of their date. "Does it burn or itch anywhere?" The female came up to him, setting the foil down and checking the timer. Kyung shook his head carefully, "Nope. I'm practically immune to this stuff." He paused, his nose scrunching up, "The smell still gets to me, though." The female smiled at his response before leaving him to do who knows what.

                                                    When the timer went off, the female came back and led him over to the sinks so she could rinse out the excess dye. Unfortunately, Kyung still had to sit and wait for another half hour or so as she added the darker tone to the yellow - color hair. He waited yet again to have his hair washed before she finally started to cut and style the hair. Kyung decided earlier that he wanted it shorter than usual, but still long enough to style. Besides, he'd grow it out and dye it again sooner or later. Once his hair was styled in a casual disarray, he paid for their services, gave the stylist a tip and left to grab his bags from home. If he had a summer job or early college classes, Kyung would've immediately refused the offer to go to Jeju Island with his group of friends. Unfortunately, that "group of friends" also happened to include his ex, Yoo Jin. That wasn't exactly something he was looking forward to, but spending time with his ever so great friend Hee Young would be an interesting experience. The two were friends with benefits, after all. Their relationship was interesting, seeing as they had each other for those specific needs when they could easily flirt their way into getting with a stranger off the street. Of course, Kyung had to promise that he wouldn't steal money from her like he would off of his current target. Speaking of which, he had to break things off with her so he'd be free to target girls during their vacation. It's not like he would earn his pocket money himself.

                                                    By the time Kyung got home, he had just enough time to change out of his salon smelling clothes, throw his bags into his car and maybe snatch some cash from his parents if they weren't home. "Anyone home?" Kyung called out as he walked down the hallway and into his room, wasting no time to pull his shirt off and toss it onto the bed. He took two steps over to his doorway to listen for a reply, when none came to him he just shrugged his shoulders and finished changing his clothes. He'd leave the discarded outfit for his sister to deal with while everything else was packed safely into his suitcase. After forcing his legs into a pair of black jeans, he left them unbuttoned as he pulled on a grey singlet, wandering into his parent's room. Kyung already knew from experience that they would change the hiding place of their "special savings" at the beginning of the month, and it just so happens that they were going to switch it as soon as their pick pocketing son was out of the house, which meant it was still in the same place as last month. He dragged himself over to his father's dresser, getting down on his knees and carelessly pulling the second to the last drawer out. After pushing what seemed to be an endless amount of dress shirts to the side, he finally saw a single envelope at the bottom of the wooden drawer. Without a second thought, Kyung slipped his free hand into the envelope, getting a hold of a few bills before shoving it into his pocket and dropping the shirts he had been holding up back onto the thick envelope. Pushing himself off of the ground, Kyung kicked the drawer back into place before leaving his parent's room and leaving no trace of his entrance behind.

                                                    "What a hard life I live." Kyung sighed, his voice echoing in the empty home. Back into his room he went, grabbing his suitcase along with a sleeveless black hoodie and his precious messenger bag that had all his electronic essentials. He patted the side of his bag to make sure his phone and wallet were there before locking the door to his room and leaving the sad looking home which he would move out of as soon as he found a new place. Kyung was a lazy guy, so he took longer than intended to get his things into the cab and finally make his way to Hee Young's. Of course, that only gave the female more time to get ready, if anything. Kyung didn't hesitate in going up to the door and ringing the doorbell, seeing as he had no reason to fear whoever answered the door. If it was Hee Young, they'd be able to leave and be free of their parents. If it was her parents, well, he'd just show them his true personality if anything. It's not like they had to know he was a playboy who stole money. Besides, they wouldn't ask questions like that anyway. Who would?

                                                    Kyung had to admit he had breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Hee Young answer the door, a grin playing at his lips as she hugged him. Although she spoke to him, he kept quiet knowing that she would want to leave as soon as possible. Her words as they left her house was proof enough. The trip to the Island was filled with most of their usual activities when they hung out with one another, minus the 'fun times' that their relationship title included. With her idea of being in the same room together came up, Kyung raised an eyebrow, "I'm taking that as a promise. No backing down. If I want to share beds, especially." When they arrived, making their way to the baggage claim, Kyung went to the conveyor belt to grab their things. Their phones went off at the same time, but he nodded in her direction when she said she'd reply for the both of them. After grabbing all of their things off of the moving contraption, he set them down beside him and scanned the area. His eyes fell upon Yoo Jin, an awkward feeling growing in his chest. To make it worse, Min Soo had made his appearance, joining Yoo Jin in what seemed to be an enthusiastic manner. Kyung scoffed. Even if he cared for the male as a friend, he had to admit he could be a bit much at times. As soon as neither of the two were looking, Kyung pulled Hee Young closer to him by wrapping an arm around her waist. He let his lips brush against the corner of her mouth teasingly before letting her go, stealing her sunglasses and putting them on. "Yoo Jin and Min Soo are over there if you want to say hi." He spoke with an expressionless tone as he pointed in the other's direction, sitting down on his suitcase. Just how fun would this summer be, exactly?

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                                                Was it already time for him to go back home, back to his boyfriend, Ryosuke, more importantly. Would Ryosuke even welcome him back with a smile? A hug? Maybe a kiss in private? No. Probably not. Daehyun was just getting his hopes up, thinking that he would be welcomed back with open arms. After a short conversation with Ryosuke's brother, Daehyun had realized just how much trouble he had caused just by leaving to study abroad. So many adventures, and so many people he had experienced and met, each one he wrote about in detail to the male he loved so dearly, and yet he received no replies in return. Daehyun had actually spent an entire day thinking about what the reason was. Perhaps he had been making Ryosuke jealous about all the fun he was having and so he no longer replied, trying to imply that he should stop sending mail, but Daehyun never stopped. He could never send any emails or talk through Facebook because his roommate had been hogging the only computer in the entire dormitory. Of course, Daehyun could have bought a laptop of some sort, but he didn't have the kind of money for that, and he couldn't go off finding a job since he was just a foreign student there for educational purposes only. Daehyun had planned on saving all the allowance his parents sent him, but by the time he got enough money, Koichi had contacted him and Daehyun then used that money for a ticket back home.

                                                Daehyun didn't even discuss things with his dormitory adviser, or with his parents. He just bought a ticket, packed, and waited for the day he would return. They day had come, and here he was, hesitating at the security check. His parents would kill him once he contacted them, but what would they be able to do since he planned on calling them after he landed. You couldn't stop him in the middle of a flight, and they wouldn't want to waste the money, now would they? Then again, Daehyun had another six months left to study abroad, but that just went down the toilet with this decision. "Sir, would you please come through, now?" Daehyun was startled by the female security guard speaking to him, he stumbled over his feet through the metal detector without a beep. At the other end he put his black DC shoes back onto his feet, grabbed his plain grey messenger bag off of the conveyor belt and proceeded to Gate 21. Daehyun gripped the strap of his bag tightly, his knuckles beginning to change color as he did so. He was so nervous to see Ryosuke again, not even about the flight - wait, that thought changed as soon as he saw the plane outside of the window. Crap, I'm not ready for this! Daehyun tried his best not to panic, but he started to breath faster, he needed an inhaler or something, but he didn't have asthma so he wouldn't have one. Why did he travel alone when he was so scared of heights? "Now boarding flight 147, now boarding flight 147." s**t.

                                                T I M E S K I P

                                                Daehyun hadn't slept a wink on the plane, seeing as he was more focused on the seat in front of him. The entire time he had just stared in front of him, noticing stray fibers or the pattern in the fabric. He never noticed things this clearly, and he didn't plan to any time after this, he just had to get his mind over the fact that he was how many thousands of feet in the air? Daehyun was ever so tempted to shove his way off of the plane but he waited his turn and ran to the bathroom as soon as he was off. Yeah, he had a bit of a puking fest in the bathroom, but at least he had his toothbrush and toothpaste packed in his messenger bag. He stood in front of the wall length mirror, brushing his teeth lazily after he had rinsed his mouth of any excess, well, puke. He couldn't help but side - eye some of the guys who were standing at the urinals, their backs thankfully toward the mirror so there was no way they could see him looking their way. What? Just because he had a boyfriend - or had .. well, hoped - he couldn't just stop checking guys out. However he would look away whenever he saw how, ahem, large they were. He felt somehow intimidated, but he was still proud of his body. Daehyun quickly rinsed his mouth of the minty foam in his mouth and exited the bathroom to get his single luggage from the luggage claim.

                                                It took Daehyun a while to find the luggage claim, and an even longer while just to find his luggage. The type of luggage he had seemed to be very popular seeing as every other friggin' person had the same exact thing. He was looking at the tag on every single one and he'd have to bow and apologize when someone angrily snatched it from his hands. Finally his own luggage had come 'round the conveyor belt and he quickly plucked it off of the rotating metal. "Finally." Daehyun mumbled bitterly under his breath before being scared shitless by a hand tapping his shoulder. Daehyun spun around, his luggage turning with him. "Don't hurt me!" He spoke quickly, his luggage hitting the male who had touched him, "Gah," A male dressed in a black suit cringed a bit, a gloved hand over his stomach, "Well, that definitely wasn't part of the picking up arrangement." The male straightened his back to full height, which proved to be quite taller than Daehyun. "P-Pardon?" Daehyun raised a curious eyebrow at the man, who simply smiled. "I've been told to pick you up and take you to a certain address as requested by your parents," Daehyun opened his mouth to speak, but the male raised his hand to stop him, "Your dormitory adviser was told by a Mr. Park about your absence, and the note you left on your bed." Park, you little b*****d. Daehyun looked off to the side and nodded, "Alright. And I'm sorry for hitting you with my luggage." Daehyun bowed apologetically and was surprised that the man just smiled again and took his things, leading him to a nice black car parked outside of the airport.

                                                T I M E S K I P

                                                Daehyun thought he would be taken to his parents' home, but he was completely wrong. The driver had brought him to a building he was all too familiar with. Ryo ... He thought sullenly to himself before turning away from the building. The driver had already gotten out and grabbed his things by the time Daehyun had reluctantly opened the door. "Well if it isn't, Daehyun." Koichi surprised him, standing out on the sidewalk like that, Daehyun had nearly walked into him too. "Ah, long time no see, Koichi." Daehyun bowed just as his luggage was placed beside him. In a rush, he fumbled with his messenger bag to grab money but the male had just smiled again and shook his head before walking back to the driver's side of the car. He sure is ... Interesting? Daehyun turned back to Koichi when he heard the car starting behind him. "Please just show me to my room, I don't feel like explaining myself about everything just yet." Daehyun sighed, thinking that Koichi didn't even need to know about everything he was going to tell Ryosuke. Koichi shrugged, doing an about face and walking ahead of Daehyun who followed with his head hung low.

                                                Once inside of the building, Koichi had showed Daehyun his room, pointing out Ryosuke's room along the way. "He's probably in there, he's always in there nowadays." Koichi mumbled before going back to his own room. Daehyun hesitated in the doorway of his own room, which had been provided for him. The male looked into his room, then his eyes shifted to a door down the hall which Koichi said belonged to Ryosuke. I have to talk to him sometime ... But what he wanted more than that was just to see him, to touch him. He wanted to know if man he loved still loved him in return. Daehyun slid his luggage down at the foot of the bed and then headed to Ryosuke's room. knock, knock He tapped the back of his hand on the door a couple times before he turned the doorknob and pushed it open. "R-Ryo?" Daehyun stuttered, his voice barely a whisper as his eyes fell upon the male laying on the bed. It hurt him a little inside just to see him laying there, but it hurt him more to not approach him and just hold him. "Uh ..." He was at a lost for words. Since when was he this nervous and shy? He was always the loud Korean boy in school, no one dare laid a finger on him, and if they would even touch Ryosuke he would nearly kill them without Ryosuke's knowing ... But that all came to an end once he left ... How had Ryosuke been without Daehyun there to protect him? So many things they should be talking about, but where to start.
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                                                    Paint everywhere. Just in a matter of seconds, paint seemed to have gotten everywhere in the small classroom. Everywhere. Wooyoung rotated his torso to look around at the young children around him, all staring at the slosh of paint on the wooden floor as well as the fresh spots on their already stained smock. "Damn." The male mumbled to himself, his arms still posed awkwardly in the air after knocking the can of red paint with his elbow as he had assisted a child in setting up for painting on one of the free canvases. The door to the Arts & Crafts room opened, a female slightly older than Wooyoung entered holding his sister who had just arrived at the preschool/daycare. The female, Hye Mi, raised her eyebrow, eyeing out the red liquid which was still oozing out of the can on the counter top. "I'll clean it up, but, uh, could you get them out while I do?" He made a discreet motion toward all the children who were staring back and forth between the two adults. Hye Mi sighed, setting his sister down, "Fine. Come on kids, lets go have a snack!" She clapped her hands together, all the children focusing on her. Each one of them had a grin on their face at the mention of snacks, all of them abandoning their paintbrushes and canvases to go follow the older female to the eating area. Wooyoung sighed heavily once everyone had left the room. Never again should he be trusted in the Arts & Craft room. The male carefully stepped over the paint, closing the main door with one hand while stretching his arm out to open the door to the supply closet.

                                                    Wooyoung brought out an armful of supplies, dropping them onto the clean part of the counter before grabbing a basin to fill with water. At the sink he let the water run into the basin and added the cleaner, letting it bubble slightly before tapping the head of the faucet to stop the flow of water. "I bet she's going to take this out of my pay..." The male grumbled to himself as he got onto his knees to clean up the mess he had made. The paint was nontoxic, since it was handled by kids in this facility, but the smell still managed to make him as nauseous as ever. Why did he volunteer to lead this part of activities today? Did he want to be sick when he had to attend the reunion later? Maybe he didn't want to attend in the first place. Wooyoung sighed, "What if I don't want to know how everyone's changed?" He questioned aloud, expecting no answer. It was a legit question though, he confirmed as he grabbed the now empty tin of paint off of the counter, tossing it into the open trashcan in the corner of the room. Wooyoung would have a blow to his self-esteem if he met all his friends again only to find that each of them had moved on to bigger and better things compared to his minimum wage paying job as a teacher in a preschool/daycare center. If everyone went on to things they were interested in during school, he was sure his job would be 1.) The most surprising since he could care less about children in his younger days and 2.) The least interesting because what's so fun about taking care of crying, dirty, silly children. One thing he knew for sure was that shy ol' Young Ji was now debuting in an idol group. Something Wooyoung learned whilst searching through the latest news on f(x) and 2NE1. "Oh, Young Ji what are you doing nowadays?" Wooyoung scrubbed at the paint, animatedly making up a conversation, "Meeting female idols and having fun, huh?" He paused, as if someone had spoken back, "Me? I just hang out with children all day and hit on their older sisters." Wooyoung dropped his head in shame at the thought of a conversation going that way. These past four years have been interesting, though.

                                                    A knock on the door startled Wooyoung as he finished scrubbing the last bit of paint off of the floor. "I'm not done yet, but go ahead and come in!" He took a moment to respond, looking over his shoulder to reply before turning back to his work. The door squeaked as it opened a fraction, the sound of tiny footsteps approached him. In an instant, Wooyoung felt something, or rather, someone, jump onto his back. Wooyoung grunted at the sudden force of weight, but he was relieved to find that it was just his little sister, Soo Jin. "Oppa!" A tiny fist hit the back of his head, making him drop it yet again. "You made a mess!" A giggle echoed in the small room as Soo Jin wrapped her arms around his neck, basically making her lay fully on his back. "Oppa didn't do it on purpose, Soo Jin." He finished cleaning up the last bit of paint, a smile spreading on his lips as he adjusted to having Soo Jin on his back. He threw the sponge/rag he had been using into the basin and stood up, grabbing Soo Jin's legs to support her. "What happened to snack time?" Wooyoung questioned, setting the small girl down on the counter beside the sink so he could wash out the basin after draining the dirty water. "I'm waiting." The young girl mumbled stubbornly, crossing her arms in front of her chest, a pout on her face and her legs swinging. "For me?" Wooyoung asked expectantly, peeking at her with a sly grin. "No." She turned her head away from him, looking at anything around the room as long as it wasn't him. Wooyoung chuckled, turning the basin upside down to dry. "Come on, let's go eat." He grabbed Soo Jin off of the counter, holding her in his arms as he carried her out to get a snack.

                                                    - - - - -

                                                    Wooyoung had to walk home with his black jeans and grey long sleeved shirt stained here and there with dried red paint. His parents had picked Soo Jin up so Wooyoung was left to walk the streets alone, something he was both used to and hated. He's walked with Soo Jin so many times nowadays that it felt a little lonely to be all alone. "Reunion..." Wooyoung glanced at his watch to see how much time he had to change before rushing to the amusement park. Not much, but who would care if he was a bit late anyway? He bit his lip slightly, glancing around to see if there were many people walking around before he started off at a sprint back to his apartment. As soon as the door was closed firmly behind him, Wooyoung began to strip out of his clothes as he made his way to his bedroom. In the living room he left his jeans, in the hallway he left his backpack and t-shirt, and finally in his room he went to the sliding door to get a change of clothes. A black tee with a big smiley face on the front and black distressed jeans. Looking in his closet, Wooyoung made it a note to buy jeans that weren't black sooner or later, even if they did go with all of his shirts. He slid the door shut, slipping into the jeans one leg at a time and pulling the shirt over his head. "Aish! Where's my wallet?" He searched around his room, seeing as he was ninety three percent sure that he hadn't taken it to work today. When he didn't find it, he eventually searched his bag only to find that it had been left in the back pocket of the jeans he had abandoned in the living room earlier. One sweep of the living room gave Wooyoung another mental note: He had to clean. His apartment was a mess with various wrappers and toys scattered around the place along with dirty laundry. Another mental note.

                                                    Once Wooyoung had left his apartment, he headed straight to the amusement park. Well, he took a little detour at the mini mart for some snacks and drinks to indulge in during his time at the reunion, but other than that he was going straight there. When he arrived, he paid for his admission before wandering around the park. "Hm..." Wooyoung stopped at a resting bench, taking a seat and crossing one leg over the other, draping his arms on the back. He got a little comfortable, claiming this as his waiting spot for the others to arrive. They could all be here already, but he wouldn't know. He wondered if they'd be able to recognize him since he had his ears pierced and his hair dyed since childhood. Well, he had always been dying his hair some odd colors during his younger years, but it was finally a natural color. It was also shorter than usual, but other than these small differences he didn't look all that different. Wooyoung blinked, his eyes flickering between the couples walking closely together, holding hands, full of smiles. "I'm envious..." He admitted, knowing full well that he's never once been in a legit relationship seeing as his version of a relationship was a one night stand. Oh how his innocence has gone.

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                                                              LEE , HYUN SHIK
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                                                              A young, blonde male sat near the back of the already landed plane still buckled up in his seat next to the window. He had watched as the people got up and left before he had finally unbuckled the belt holding him in place. The plane ride had been awkward, seeing as he had been surrounded by Americans. They were constantly speaking to one another in English, and he didn't understand a single word. Having to get up and excuse himself to the restroom had to be the most awkward thing ever for someone usually so upbeat like himself. Now grabbing his plain grey backpack from underneath the seat, Hyun Shik sighed. The people around him had spoken so much that he didn't even get to sleep on the long plane ride over to the U.S. He'd been to California once as a child, never really bothered with learning English, and now he was back again but he never went to Santa Monica. As he was getting off the plane, he was beginning to wonder if he should have followed his parents instructions so many years ago when they pestered him about learning English. But hey, that's what the English textbooks in his backpack were for.

                                                              Hyun Shik, the name of the male previously mentioned, wasn't in any hurry to get off the plane, but those female flight attendants in tight skirts seemed to want to him off as soon as possible to make their lives easier. They spoke to him with a kind tone, but when he gave them a blank stare they seemed to come to the conclusion that he didn't understand. Now they were speaking to him in a paced tone as if he were some lost little child. "Do you need help, sir?" The only thing he understood was 'help', and although he was in need of some directions he flashed a smile at the female and shook his head. What could he possibly say? He didn't know if she understood or spoke Korean and he didn't want to look like an idiot if he tried to find out. Adjusting the bag on his shoulder, Hyun Shik turned away from the flight attendant before awkwardly stepping through the skinny walkway off the plane. After getting off the plane, Hyun Shik just stared at the people hurrying about. Some were comfortably sitting waiting for the plane to arrive while others seemed to be running for a flight they might miss. Lucky, he wouldn't have to deal with anything like that for another two months. Smiling to himself, Hyun Shik took a deep breath and set off to the luggage claim for his one suitcase.

                                                              After a few minutes of awkward pauses, awkward conversations and a quick bathroom stop, Hyun Shik had finally gotten his luggage and left the airport. He decided to stand back and watch people getting a taxi before he would actually attempt it himself, after all he had been driven around everywhere and whenever he wasn't he would be driving himself. For a moment he contemplated whether or not he should just rent a car, but then he'd have no idea on how to get to where they were staying or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe after the first couple weeks he would rent a car and go wherever for a scenery drive. When he thought he had watched enough people get a taxi, Hyun Shik stepped up to the edge of the sidewalk and waited for another car to come along. "You can do this." The small bit of encouragement from himself always helped him along through the day, and he needed it since a taxi was coming to a stop right in front of him. He opened the door and tossed his luggage into the far side of the car before sitting down next to it and closing the door. "Where to?" The driver asked, Hyun Shik paused for a moment before replying. "Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel." He had been mumbling that same hotel name the entire plane trip. If he wasn't going to sleep, he might as well do something productive, right?

                                                              During the car ride, Hyun Shik pulled out his electric blue cell phone and texted his mother about his safe arrival just as he had promised the day before they left. He was a mama's boy, and his mother didn't try to hide the fact that she loved her son a little too much. The affection that came from that woman! She was so tiny, and yet her hugs could cut off one's breathing. After his slim fingers had swiftly tapped away at the keys, he slid his phone back into his pocket and leaned his head back against the seat and closed his eyes.

                                                              All too soon, an obvious cough and then the sound of someone clearing their throat came from the driver's seat startling the twenty two year old from his sleep. Hyun Shik opened his eyes lazily, rubbing one eye with the back of his hand as his head turned to look out the window. A low whistle escaped from his lips as he admired the structure before him. This wasn't so bad. Another cough came from the seat across from him. His eyes flashed to the meter that monitored how much the customer would pay for the ride. He pulled his bag off of his shoulder and unzipped it in a swift movement before shoving his hand into the pocket and feeling around for his wallet. "Aish..." When he couldn't find his wallet in the first pocket, he checked the second, then the third. Biting his lip, he zipped his bag back up and turned to search his luggage when he spotted the corner of his leather wallet lying on the floor of the car beneath the seat. How it got there, he had no idea. A sigh of obvious relief came from him as he leaned over and grabbed the wallet from under the seat. "Here." Also practiced. Handing the driver the proper amount of money, Hyun Shik opened the door and pulled his luggage with him as he stepped out of the car. "Thank ... you." He took an awkward pause between the two words, wincing at how awkward his voice sounded before closing the door and making his way toward the hotel entrance.

                                                              Approaching the front desk, Hyun Shik couldn't help but notice those few attractive people scattered around the lobby. Of course, none of them would be able to understand him unless, by some miracle, they happened to be studying Korean or even have some bit of Korean in themselves. If only. Now that he made to the front desk, he forgot the routine on checking in. Was he supposed to show identification? Say his name? Show some sort of printed out verification that he had a room at the hotel? The second option seemed to be best. Trying to pull off a cool persona, Hyun Shik leaned against the table and smiled, "Lee." The one syllable name was so simple that he didn't need to strain his voice to have the woman understand. He watched her input the three letter name and then flickered his attention to her expression which showed a flash of unease in her eyes. "First name?" Ah, of course. Lee was a common name, was it not? After all, the lead dancer shared the same name so of course it would bring some confusion. "Hyun Shik." The woman at the desk pulled her eyebrows together trying to guess how to spell his name, but from the smile on her face it seemed something had come up. She turned for a moment and grabbed a key card that she handed to him politely. "207." She stated before gesturing him toward the elevator.

                                                              Hyun Shik always hated elevators. One of his fears was being buried alive, and being in an elevator alone seemed like that to him. Sometimes it was as if the walls were closing in on him and he would choke, but he would man up as soon as he got out if anyone was around ... Otherwise, he would be wheezing in a corner somewhere. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he fell onto his knees and took deep breaths while looking down the hall to check for any forms of life. No one, good. Standing himself back up with the support of his luggage, Hyun Shik finally composed himself well enough to find his room. 207 was clearly marked on the door somewhat down the hall, but he got there nonetheless. Using the card in his hand, he opened the door and hurried inside, kicking the door closed with his foot carelessly. He released his luggage near the door and quickly jumped onto a bed, somehow kicking his shoes off in the process. Hyun Shik pulled off his jacket to reveal a plain white wife beater and curled up into a fetal position. Maybe now he would be able to get some sleep.
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                      FILLERTEXTFORBLANKSPACETEXT██ ██ ██ EVERYBODY say la - la - la
                      FILLERTEXTFORBLANKSPACETEXT██ ██ ██ EVERYBODY say ha - ha - ha
                      FILLERTEXTFORBLANKSPACETEXT██ ██ ██ EVERYBODY say ta - ta - ta
                      FILLERTEXTFORBLANKSPACETEXT██ ██ ██ EVERYBODY say hello , hello , hello


                                                    The wind blew softly through the entryway of the cabana, bringing in the salty scent of the sea to the two resting on the bed. They were hidden within the comfort of a cabana, though the door, as well as windows, were wide open to let in a cool breeze. A faint smile played at his lips as he brought his arms around the sleeping figure beside him. In the back of his mind he couldn't help but think that he was honestly happy right here, right now in this time and place even if he didn't know exactly where that was. All he did know was that they were alone on a secluded beach and the girl in his arms was adora-- wait, waking up. He peeked at the female through one eye as she adjusted in his arms. His smile grew. She shifted a bit in his arms, unhappy with the position, she decided to turn around. In a split second, he hurriedly shut his eye and forced the smile off of his face as she pushed his arm up slightly so she could flip over. She set his arm back over her own and snuggled her face into his chest. This was a little odd though, he had to admit as he opened his eyes to look down at the female. To his surprise, she was looking up at him, her chin resting on his chest. The two smiled softly to one another and the girl opened her mouth to speak:

                                                    NEW MESSAGE! NEW MESSAGE! An annoying ringtone, similar to the one on Secret Garden, echoed in the practically empty room. Well, the room would have been empty if it weren't for the double sized bed and bedside table. Of course, there was also a male sprawled out on the bed, one leg hooked around a pillow, his head resting on one arm and the other hugged a pig-rabbit doll to his chest. If you couldn't tell by now, the male was a bit of a drama-nut. Bae, the male previously mentioned, turned onto his back, forcing his eyes to remain shut as he reached blindly for his cell phone on the table. The voice had stopped after saying it twice, but it was enough to wake the male from his slumber. Bae dragged his hand across the smooth surface, knocking his cell phone beside him in the process. He groaned as he turned onto his side again, lifting the phone to his ear and coughing, "Yeoboseyo?" Bae spoke into the receiver sleepily just before it began to ring again. NEW MESSAGE! NEW MESSAGE! Bae flinched on the bed, his eyes opening immediately from the volume of his phone directly against his ear. Well, didn't he feel stupid now? He sat up slowly on the bed, dropping the pig-rabbit on his blanket covered lap as he unlocked his cell phone. Bae squinted at the brightly lit screen as he opened the pair of messages he had just received, both, apparently, from his younger sister Ha Ni. As Bae read through the paragraphs of text in the first message, he couldn't help but think about the girl in his dream. He's never seen her before, dreams excluded, but he feels as if he's known her forever.

                                                    Bae sighed, simply skimming through the messages now which was basically a short story about the sleep over Ha Ni had attended the night before, and at the end: Oppa wanted to be woken up for work, so here you go! Bae mentally face-palmed himself before locking his phone again. He didn't even remember asking Ha Ni to wake him up, and of all the ways she could have, she had to choose a damn text message. And what terrible timing. What if the girl in his dreams was about to tell him her name? What if she was going to tell him where to find her? Where she lived? Anything that could help him find her in real life. It was weird, but after seeing her a few times in his dreams, Bae was determined to find her. It's not like he could just make up a person, right? He was sure he read something about having to see a person in real life before they could appear in your dreams. Maybe he's seen her on the streets, online, maybe in the news? Bae could feel himself getting a headache just thinking about it. Giving up, Bae pushed his blanket as well as the pig rabbit away from his body so he could get off of the bed and get ready for work. Before walking to the bathroom, Bae lazily made his bed by folding the blanket over itself onto the end of the bed, tossing his pillow to the head of the bed and carefully placing the pig blanket on the pillow. Bae hoped no one would ever find out about him sleeping with some stuffed animal, but shrugged off the idea as he glanced at the clock. He didn't have much time to get read. Only then did he leave his room to get ready.

                                                    After a quick shower, Bae came out of the steamy bathroom fully dressed and his hair slightly damp since he just couldn't be bothered to use a hair dryer. For one thing, he didn't own one, and another thing: he thinks they're one of the most annoying things on the planet. They're so noisy, so it would be a pain to use one so early in the morning. Bae yawned lazily as he returned to his room, grabbing his black combat boots and his beanie before falling onto the bed with a sigh. He held his beanie in between his lips as he pulled on each boot over the hem of his jeans and lacing them tightly. Glancing up, Bae saw that he had just enough time to get to work if he left now. Honestly though, he could care less about being there on time since Dam Bi was probably there already. Hell, she probably set up everything already. Bae chuckled at the thought, a mental image of Dam Bi going around the restaurant entering his mind as he got off of the bed, parting his lips slightly so the beanie would drop onto his open hands. Before leaving his apartment, Bae made sure all the lights were off and set the heater to save energy but still keep the rooms warm for when he came back home. He grabbed his backpack before heading out and locking the door.

                                                    It took a few minutes for Bae to get downstairs since he took the stairs instead of the elevator, but soon he was outside in the cold. A brief breeze blew past him, his damp hair making his neck and ears cold from the combination. With a swift movement, Bae pulled his beanie on over his ears and adjusted it slightly. Bae lowered his head slightly, shoved his hands into his pockets and stared at the ground as he began to walk to the restaurant where he worked. He was thankful to have found an apartment close to his workplace, though he wished he had taken the opportunity to buy some sort of vehicle to drive around. Bae didn't want to be walking, riding the bus, or hailing a taxi for the rest of his life. A few more minutes of silent walking and Bae had arrived at work. After years of speed-walking between classes during his school years, Bae had made it a habit to walk quickly no matter how suspicious he looked to the public. As soon as he entered the restaurant where he has worked for over two years, he was met with silence. Bae blinked, scanning the area as he stepped in and swiftly scanned the area. "Dam Bi-yah." Bae called out, his eyebrows pulled together, "I thought she'd be here by now ..." He trailed off, noticing the tables had all been set and it was pretty much clean, yet still no Dam Bi in sight. Bae sighed, glancing over his shoulder to look out the window.

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                                                              Everything about this trip was stupid. The reason was stupid, this plane was stupid, the guard he had must be stupid, his dad is stupid. Hyunsun was all for thinking everything and everyone but himself was stupid. He, for one, didn't care about the election at all. If his father wanted to run, he should have thought about the problematic sons he had first. This plane he was sitting on was stupid because he was scared of heights and sitting next to the damn window. He had a hunch such seating arrangements were planned. The guard he would be meeting was probably stupid for agreeing to such a job and Hyunsun promised himself to make the guard's job a living hell. And of course his father was stupid just because he was a p***k, forcing his problems away so he could live an easier life. Any normal person would feel hurt about being a problem to their parents but Hyunsun felt like he had accomplished his mission in life by being such an annoying son. Besides, he just like living life to the fullest by having fun.

                                                              Hyunsun had forced himself to sleep through the first half of the plane ride. There's was no way in hell he wanted to be awake for a majority of the trip to New York and he would gladly kneel onto the ground and kiss it as soon as they landed. Unfortunately, he had been taking naps a lot lately so his body was only kind enough to let him sleep halfway through the trip. The other half of the plane ride was spent going to the bathroom to nervously pace around the small box or anxiously peeking out of the window beside him. When there was an hour left of the flight, Hyunsun had gotten up to change out of his clothes since he had been wearing them for almost two days now, plus his clothes smelled like hair dye and he'd rather smell like fresh laundry if anything. When he came out of the restroom for the umpteenth time, he was wearing a low cut and slightly loose v-neck and gray skinny jeans. Returning to his seat he pulled a red and black hat out of his back and pulled it on low over his eyes to cover his newly dyed orange hair. He crossed his arms of his chest and lowered his head, staying in this position for the remainder of the flight.

                                                              When the plane landed, Hyunsun gladly lifted the window's shade to see the precious ground. His eyes flickered to the various buildings of the airport as the plane came to a complete stop. A ding sounded throughout the cabin and Hyunsun immediately removed his seat belt and rose from his seat with his backpack in hand. He slung the bag over his shoulders and walked over the person sitting beside him before they even had a chance to get up. "In a hurry." He spoke in Korean to the obviously American man, but he couldn't give less of a damn. Hyunsun waited behind the line of people that had gathered in the aisle, reaching for their small bags in the overhead bins, his combat boot tapping impatiently on the carpeted floor. The line of people finally started to move and soon he was off of the plane for good. He was far too impatient to wait for everyone ahead of him as they dragged their luggage behind them. With years of practice, Hyunsun slipped past the crowd of people and made his way into the building. Now he just had to find the idiot his father hired and agreed to watch over him.

                                                              Hyunsun lifted his hat up a bit so he could see, squinting at the people hurrying to a second flight or people coming in to wait at their gate. He let his bag slip from his shoulder and pulled out a pair of prescription horn-rimmed glasses since all of his contacts, colored or not, were packed in one of his larger suitcases. After zipping the bag and putting on his glasses he went back to work on finding the so-called guard. Hyunsun saw Junghwa first, then his eyes traveled to the three men beside him. When his eyes fell on the man with his name on the sign, he scoffed. "What a sorry looking sign." He muttered, adjusting his bag a bit before walking over to them. He patted Junghwa's arm a bit harshly before making his way towards the guard with the "Choi Hyunsun" sign and looking him over. "Aye, not bad." Hyunsun raised his eyebrows and nodded slightly as he looked the man over jokingly. He had to admit though, his father had good taste. His eyes flickered up to the man's face for a moment before he turned his back to the male and walked towards what he assumed was the direction of the exit.

                                                              There was no use in waiting in the airport for everyone to gather together. It's not like anyone wanted to spend time together as one big group. Well, Hyunsun didn't. He paused, waiting to see if his guard had been following him or not. Whether he was or wasn't, Hyunsun would leave now and find a place to buy cigarettes since he hadn't had a smoke since he last saw his friends before the flight and his shithead friends decided to steal his last pack before he left. "Bastards." He growled inwardly to himself, making a note to yell at them whenever he got a chance.

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                                                                For his first time on a plane, it wasn't that bad.

                                                                Soohyun was lucky enough to have been seated next to a girl going on a trip her parents had paid for as a graduation present. The girl, whose name was Jen, was fresh out of high school and she was a die-hard KPOP fan. For the entire flight, excluding sleeping times, was spent discussing their favorite groups and their biases. At some point, Jen had taken her laptop out and they sat huddled close to the screen watching music videos and movies. Soohyun taught her a few phrases in Korean that she might need and some of the swear words, just in case.

                                                                "Oh, do you know this group called Bullet?" The question startled Soohyun for a moment, but he smiled nonetheless as he nodded.

                                                                "Yup, I'm gonna be t--" Soohyun cut himself off before he could reveal the fact that he was in a group and a trainee under Bullet's teachings. He hadn't even told her that he was a trainee in general. The girl probably assumed he was just going on a trip like herself. He bit his lip when the girl raised an eyebrow, questioning his unfinished sentence. "I'm gonna be t..otally excited for their new song!" His expression was a little unsure, but she seemed to buy it.

                                                                "Me too! Whenever that is. I heard there's some project they're working on now." Damn. This girl was on it when it came to all things KPOP. Soohyun hoped she didn't get her information from that one biased website everyone seems to use. They're just oh-so very 'classy'. Soohyun simply shrugged to her words though, awkwardly looking up down down the aisle since she had taken the window seat after he took a trip to the restroom a little while earlier. Jen watched him for a moment, the two awkwardly making eye contact when Soohyun checked to see if she was waiting for him to speak. They laughed a bit before doing their own thing, Jen on her laptop and Soohyun dozing off while listening to his iPod. However, this didn't last long as the plane was reaching it's destination and all electronic devices had to be turned off and stowed away.

                                                                As the plane landed, Soohyun and his new buddy turned to look outside of the small window. Soohyun was thankful to be on the ground, but he still enjoyed the flight seeing as he made a new friend. It was a good thing he sat next to such a confident girl or else the two would've been awkwardly silent throughout the entire flight. The light telling whether the seat belt should be on or off turn off, a ding sounding throughout the cabin. Soohyun got up, pulling his bag out from underneath the seat in front of him and slinging it over his shoulder. Just as he was about to step into the aisle to get off the plane, Jen grabbed the sleeve of his plaid hooded shirt.

                                                                "What's your number? So we can keep in touch!" She said, smiling up at him. Soohyung swallowed the saliva in his mouth. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to keep in touch with the girl, but should he lie and say he didn't have a phone? That would be a lie, kind of. He barely used the phone which was visible in the front pocket of his black jeans. The only time he used it was to call his parents when he had free time or to contact the other members. "Unless you don't want to...?" Hold on a second, was she trying to guilt trip him into this? She was even pouting. Soohyun grimaced mentally. Ever since he was young, he hated aegyo in any way, shape or form. After he does it himself, he'll go off on himself mentally. Perhaps he wasn't right in the mind.

                                                                "Uh, here." He held his hand out for her phone and input the number he had to text with his iPod. "I can't call though, so only texts." If anything, he'll just save up for a new iPod, throw this one out and act like he never met the girl if anything goes awry. Interesting how fast Soohyun could change depending on the situation. He bowed his head, waving lazily with one hand before getting off of the plane and finding himself in the area people wait to board. He looked around to see if any of the other Zoid members had gotten off the plane yet, but was disappointed to see that he may have been the first one off. Either that, or he just wasn't looking hard enough which was probably the case.

                                                                Soohyun sighed, finding the nearest column and leaning against it. If he couldn't find the other members, they'd just have to find him. It should be easy enough for them since he now had insanely blonde hair which looked platinum in some lighting. The young male fiddled with his fingers for a moment before unbuttoning his shirt to reveal the fitted black v-neck beneath it. It was actually pretty cold but Soohyun was always the odd one and enjoyed cold weather. He rocked back and forth in his combat boots, wondering where everyone was.

                                                                "What if they left me behind?" He questioned himself, biting his lower lip and scanning the area.

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                                            ▇▇ ▇▇ ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇

                                              Practicing that one part of Ma Boy where she had to circle her legs around the back of the chair had to be Bora's least favorite part. In fact, even before that when she has to prop one leg up and turn was pretty nerve wracking. Since she hadn't practiced her parts in a while, she was a little rusty in those particular moments and she's already created a few scratches around her legs. Thankfully, they wouldn't be scars and would just be a line of red raised on her legs. Good thing too since showing off their legs was pretty much a necessity when Bora and Hyorin performed Ma Boy. Eighth time's the charm, apparently. Bora finally completed the song without marking or hurting herself in any way, a complete success. "One more time before you have to go?" Hyorin asked, readjusting the chairs into their proper position and distance. Bora blinked at the leader of SiSTAR, "Before I have to go where?" She asked, tilting her head slightly as she sat down again. Hyorin raised an eyebrow at the older female, "If you don't remember I'll ta--" Bora cut Hyorin off with a clap of her hands, her eyes widening as she realized what the other was talking about. "Of course!" Bora jumped out of her seat and practically jumped for her bag alone in the corner of the room. She stuck her hand into the thing as soon as it was open, pulling out her phone and checking the time. "I'm gonna be late! Oppa said he'd be downstairs twenty minutes ago!" Bora squealed, shoving her phone back into her bag and hurriedly pulling her parka on over her practice clothes. Slinging her bag onto her shoulder, Bora quickly headed to the door of the practice room, "Don't fall!" Hyorin called out after her, "No promises!"

                                              As soon as she made it downstairs and outside of the building, Bora couldn't stop herself from running into the van parked right in front of the door. Thankfully, not too much damage was done to herself as she stumbled back, and more importantly her impact did nothing to the car. Another plus was the car being the company van and her manager was sitting up front, arms crossed and eyebrow raised to look at her through the window. Bora laughed awkwardly, bowing deeply before getting into the passenger seat of the car. "Late." He stated simply. Bora lowered her head, "I know, I'm sorry," Bora started, fiddling with her fingers, "It's been a while since Hyorin and I practiced Ma Boy so we --" The older male gestured for her to stop speaking, and she did. "It's fine, I just didn't want you being the last person there." He chuckled toward the end of his sentence, making Bora smile. Might as well be happy knowing she wasn't in trouble. "Oh! We need to go to the dorm so I can get my things though!" Bora exclaimed, head turning frantically left and right when she realized they weren't going in the direction of the SiSTAR dorm. "In the back." The male replied, pointing to the back seats with his thumb. Bora turned, craning her neck to see that everything was there. "You didn't go in, did you?" He shook his head, fully aware of the no men allowed policy that their dorm is plagued with. "Dasom came to the door and gave it to me." Bora nodded, making a mental note of thanking the maknae. "Take a nap or something, it's a long ride." Bora thought about it for a moment, she wasn't exactly a tired but since when did a nap hurt her? Besides, who knows how much she'd be able to sleep while on this show. For all she knows, all the girls could be crazy party animals.

                                              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (◕‿◕✿)

                                              It seemed like Bora had been asleep forever, at least that's how it felt when she woke up. How long had it been since she had a nap that good? After her vision returned to normal, no headache inducing blurriness, she could see a building coming up in the distance. Wait, not a building but a house! "Is that where I'm staying?" Bora asked excitedly, barely keeping herself in the seat. She leaned forward as much as possible, hands on the dashboard as she gazed at the home in awe. "Lucky you," He chuckled, trying not to flat out laugh at how excited she was as he parked up front. "I know this show is for the guys to relax and that you're trying to help the other girls do that, but you try and relax too, okay?" Bora smiled slowly, nodding her head, "Will do!" She replied verbally, unbuckling herself from the seat and opening the car door. The female opened the back door, pulling out her things and turning to the manager who had stepped out of the car to help her. "Hwaiting!" She cheered, "Hwaiting!" He replied awkwardly, though he smiled kindly to her afterward. Bora returned the smile as she waved goodbye, watching him as he walked back to the driver's seat and drove off. She continued to wave after the car until she couldn't see it anymore. Bora was sure she would contact him soon, in case any sudden changes made to her schedule. She gripped the handle of her luggage in one hand as she tried to keep the other from flailing around in excitement.

                                              Approaching the house was difficult. Bora was just so tempted to go around the whole thing and explore, of course, there'd be enough time for that after introductions and whatnot but she was just so curious. Even standing right up front was making her anxious to see what the rest of the place looked like. Movement distracted her for a moment, though, making her look in the direction of moving bodies inside of the house. She took a deep breath, checking herself to make sure she looked decent - as decent as you could be in practice clothes - before approaching the entrance and stepping inside. From the looks of it, Kim Dongjun of ZE:A and Kim Jaejoong of TVXQ had just finished introducing themselves along with another female. Wait. Kim Jaejoong? 'Awesome!' Bora thought to herself, trying to hold in her excitement. She knew Dongjun well enough, but Jaejoong? He was a legend in her book. But, she had to look cool in front of the other girls, didn't she? How bad would that make her look to be a puddled mess of a fangirl over and idol when she was one herself. Plus, after further inspection of the group of females, one didn't seem too thrilled at the sight of idols at all. Maybe because it was so... how to put it? Quiet? Quiet... Quiet... Oh right! She had to introduce herself too! She was just another one of the girls, so maybe she could slip into their area and act as if she was there all along, then again it would be rude not to introduce herself. She scuttled off to the side a bit to put some space between herself and the two male idols beside her. "Annyeonghaseyo! I'm SiSTAR's Bora! I hope we can all be friends!" She bowed with the formal greeting, rising and finishing off her introduction with a peace sign and what people called an "eye smile". Bora hoped her introduction wasn't too cheerful, but at the same time she hoped the line of introductions one after another would start up some conversation amongst the people who were here already.

                                              Bora quickly counted the amount of people present in the room. Three females - excluding herself - and two males, meaning there was one more girl and three more guys left to come. If only she had remembered who the male idols were since she was sure the producers had briefed her about the guests when she met with them. Unfortunately, she was far too excited to have paid attention and she'd have to learn right along with the female guests. Speaking of female guests, how would she get along with them? She hoped they weren't going to exclude her from talks or anything just because she was an idol. It's not like she was going to go and yap to the male idols about one of the girls liking them or something. Bora definitely wasn't the type to do that, and she definitely didn't want the girls to think she was that kind of person. Oh, at least she remembered one thing, she was the eldest of the five girls. Awesome way to make it awkward since it seemed like she'd want female authority because she was both an idol and the eldest. 'Far from that!' Bora suddenly exclaimed mentally, finding herself lost in thought. It was then, in this exact moment that she was determined to be the mood maker of the house, even if it meant putting her down. So far though, everyone seemed to look nice at the very least. Hopefully their thoughts wouldn't wander as much as her own did just a few moments ago.
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                        I NEED YOU AND YOU WANT ME 지구란 이 별에서 오- 오-
                        EVERY, EVERY, EVERYDAY 내가 만든 HISTORY

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                                                                  What had Chunghee done all day? Chased after a purse-snatcher, apprehended a high school student trying to buy cigarettes and alcohol, sat in his office for everything else. The purse snatcher was more of a coincidence on his way to work. His brother was borrowing his car to go around with his girlfriend for their 1,000 day anniversary so he had been forced to walk to work. Along the way he noticed a woman crying out for help as she tried to run after a man with her purse. It was a sorry sight, really. The girl was no more than thirty and she was in the skimpiest outfit he had ever seen. If he hadn't been the type to help out someone in need, he would have laughed at how ridiculous she looked as she attempted to run in three inch heels. The chase wasn't that exciting, to be quite honest. The snatcher quickly suffered from fatigue making it easy for Chunghee to make up the distance. He had tackled the man on the ground and called for someone to pick him up and take him to the station, giving time for the woman to catch up and get her purse back.

                                                                  By the time Chunghee made it to the station, denying a ride from the officer who picked up the purse snatcher, he got called out for the teen incident. The teen provided a little more excitement to his day at least. When he arrived the boy actually attempted to fight back. Unfortunately for the kid, Chunghee had been trained in various methods of combat and self defense. The kid was on the ground with his arm behind his back in fifteen seconds, tops. Chunghee cuffed the kid to a bike rack outside of the store to keep him from escaping as they waited for his parents to arrive. Once they came, the kid rode in the back of the police car with Chunghee while the parents followed behind in their own car. He left the discussion on consequences to one of the newer officers at the station and returned to his office. Catching purse snatchers and stopping teenagers from buying cigarettes was not what Chunghee trained to do. He wanted something more exciting, something that'll get his blood pumping and make him question whether or not he'll come out alive. He didn't spend years of his life to do such minor things.

                                                                  The end of the day came faster than Chunghee expected. It was a surprisingly quiet shift seeing as he had spent most of his time sitting at his desk playing with pencils. As the end of his shift came closer, a knock on the door forced him to lift his head. "Officer Hwang, do you want to go out for dinner with some of the guys tonight? Maybe go out for drinks." A fellow officer, Jung Daehyun, asked. They were close to an extent, but Chunghee didn't socialize with the other officers much because he was always busy. Well, except for today, what would dinner and drinks do? Surely it would just strengthen the bond between everyone in the office. "Unless you and your wife had plans." Daehyun added suddenly, noticing Chunghee's hesitation. This whole wife situation had been going on for two years or so now. He had gotten married, beautiful girl really, but they ended it after eight months because Chunghee didn't feel right in the relationship. Something about it felt wrong, but he never told anyone that he had gotten a divorce. Chunghee smiled then, a rare happening in the office, as he turned the ring on his finger, "No, I'm free," He glanced at the watch on his wrist, "In fact, my shift just ended."

                                                                  Chunghee got up from his seat, following the younger male out of his office, remembering to grab his jacket on the way out. As soon as he was out in the maid room of the station, a newbie hurriedly approached him, "The bar in region 17 called in, someone's making a ruckus because he tried to leave without paying." Chunghee frowned at the male, "And you couldn't deal with this yourself, because?" The newbie was taken aback, "W-Well I'm new and I-I was told to report to you before --" Chunghee held up his hand to stop him from continuing, "Forget it, I'll go myself." He started for the door, "Maybe I'll join another time, Officer Jung." He called out before he exited the building. As soon as he was out, he noticed his car parked with the patrol cars and got in. He tossed his jacket onto the passenger seat and bolted for the bar. It's not like speeding wasn't a common thing in Korea, besides, his station monitored the area within a rather large radius and everyone knew his car. The black Hyundai Elantra 2012 was his baby, and he made sure everyone at the station knew not to ******** with it. Upon arrival, Chunghee could already see the familiar bartender holding the male in question as he parked out front. He got out and jogged into the bar, opening his mouth to speak until he noticed the male sending the bartender to the ground with a simple twist of his arm. Chunghee stood impressed for the shortest moment before charging at the male, trying to get him on the floor so he could cuff him. The male started to swing his arms out, somehow scratching Chunghee on the cheek. He managed to get a quick grip on the male, only for him to lose it the next second as the other bolted for the door. But in that short moment, Chunghee was able to realize that this man was familiar to him. Someone he knew before, no, someone he knows. Someone he was very close to.

                                                                  Chunghee couldn't linger in those feelings of realization for long as he ran for the door, chasing after the man. "Move! Move dammit!" Chunghee forced himself to yell at the people walking casually on the street, splitting up couples holding hands by running between them. He could see the man just a few feet ahead of him, out in the road busy road. Chunghee pushed through the last bunch of people and stood at the edge of the sidewalk, a light catching the corner of his eye, "Get off the road!" Chunghee yelled, a car approaching much faster than he thought. Chunghee took a step off the sidewalk just as the other was hit and thrown off to the side. His eyes widened seeing the accident, but as soon as he regained his composure he rain over the limp body. As soon as he approached the male, he knew who it was, even as a bloodied mess he could tell, "Minsu! Kwang Minsu!" He was so tempted to shake the male, yell at him, ask him why he would do such a thing but it would only make things worse. "Somebody call an ambulance!" He snapped at the passerby who were circling the scene, some holding out their phones to capture the event. At least he knew who the male was, but he didn't know how to feel. Should he be angry? Should he be sad? Why were there tears threatening to fall for a guy he hadn't seen in six years? Of all the ways to meet again, this had to be it. An ambulance arrived, shoving him aside so they could get Minsu onto the stretcher. Just as he was about to hop in the back with them, they told him he'd have to follow because he was not family. He clenched his teeth, his fingers curling into fists as he watched the ambulance drive off. The scene cleared slightly but he still had to force his way through the crowd to get back to his car. Once he was in, he sped off after the ambulance.

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                                                      Perhaps taking on the extra shift wasn't the greatest idea. Jaehyung had agreed to take on an extra morning shift after being called up the previous night. Apparently the female he was replacing was getting married and was taking a month or so off from work so she could enjoy her honeymoon. At first, Jaehyun wondered why he hadn't been invited to the wedding but then it dawned on him that the woman getting married was a bit of an annoyance. He, nor any of the other workers, socialized with her much because of that reason alone. Now he was just in awe of the fact that she was getting married, pitying the man who would have to deal with her. So, why this extra morning shift was a bad idea? Well, all those businessmen that worked nearby always came to this particular coffee shop in the morning before heading to work. Not only that, but Jaehyung also had to do his original shift which lasted from eleven in the morning to five in the evening. But at least he was getting paid extra for taking on the extra working hours. The only thing was that he would be tired and regretting every bit of it when he had to go to work at ABYSS at night. As he slipped into the back of the shop to shove his jacket into his designated locker, change into a black v-neck and throw on his apron before heading to the front and checking everything on the counter tops.

                                                      The day went on agonizingly slow. It didn't help that Jaehyung had gotten home from a late shift at ABYSS earlier this morning. Although he was just a bartender, he had the habit of staying back to help clean up the place once the festivities had ended for the day. Jaehyung adjusted his horn rimmed glasses as slid down the bridge of his nose ever so slightly, one hand holding a customer's order. "Ella?" Jaehyung had to squint at the tiny writing written on the side of the cup. Although he had glasses, they didn't help much, it had been almost three years since his last check up. A foreign female approached the counter, tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes, plump red lips. She smiled at Jaehyung, showing off her perfect teeth, "Thank you." She spoke in Korean, the pronunciation a little strange but he understood nonetheless. Jaehyung returned her smile, flipping his fringe out of his face as she walked away. And so the day went on.

                                                      User Image


                                                      It had taken Jaehyung a little over an hour for him to get back to his small apartment. He wasn't even sure if the place counted as an apartment, though. There was an open kitchen, a counter extending from the wall doubled as an eating area. A small bathroom immediately to the right of the doorway, his bed directly across from the door beside a rectangular section marked off by a sliding glass door/wall where he kept his clothes, and that was it. He had a small television, the size of a normal desktop monitor, set up on the counter to watch whenever he had breakfast or any other meal at home. He had one empty wall save for the wooden desk with his laptop and various trinkets and doodads. Basically, his apartment was just a huge square with stuff in it. The male walked into the place, keeping his shoes on until he reached the glass door that lead to his clothes. He kicked them off, picking them up and taking them with him as he entered the small rectangular space. On the wall, he hung the shoes in it's usual pocket and sighed as he gazed out the window. The cut off area was beginning to smell of coffee because of the pile of dirty clothes in the corner, or perhaps it was just the fact he had come home from work just now. "I could use a shower ..." Jaehyung mumbled to himself, hanging his jacket onto a metal rod with the others, stripping off the striped T-Shirt and tossing it along with the black V-Neck onto the top of the pile in the corner. In his current state, Jaehyung was now ready to shower and be rid of the stench of coffee and sweet creams. No matter how much he had loved coffee during his education years, Jaehyung will never get used to wreaking of it for hours.


                                                      Jaehyung still had an hour or so before he would start heading to ABYSS. He was normally there earlier than most, cleaning up the bar a bit and checking the stock of all the drinks. Anything that was almost gone, or they needed was to be noted on a small clipboard hanging from the counter top on his side of the bar. Jaehyung sat at the counter separating his kitchen from the rest of the room, self consciously turning his body left and right on the spinning chair, his legs propped up on the metal that adjusted the height of the seat. In front of him was a steaming cup of instant noodles which he had made a few minutes earlier. Now that he was looking at it cool, he wasn't really that hungry anymore.

                                                      I need an airbag. 다가오는 거대한 슬픔에 부딪히기 전에. I need an airbag. 피하기엔 너무 늦었어

                                                      Tossed aside on his neatly made bed, Jaehyung's phone began to ring. He eagerly spun the chair around and hopped off, using as an excuse to not eat. He took the phone into his hands, sliding his body down onto the ground beside his bed and leaning against it. Propping one leg up, the other stretched out, Jaehyung put the phone to his ear, "Hello?" Jaehyung answered, surprised at how hoarse his voice sounded at the moment. "Jaehyunggie. ~" His mother's voice replied back cheerfully, she was a woman in her early fifties, quite short and a bit plump in the face but otherwise fit into Korea's standard of beauty for certain aspects. "Yeh, umma? Did something happen at the restaurant? Is appa okay?" Jaehyung adjusted himself a bit, straightening his back as he spoke in a rush. About once a month, his father would have one of his 'episodes' and just zone out completely, making up stories that he mumbles to himself or just staring off into the distance. "Oh, he's fine! We were just wondering if you'd be able to help out next weekend since some of our staff are going on vacation." Their restaurant was family run and were quite flexible when staff wanted some time off as long as they could find a replacement. "Mm, I should be free unless I have to wo--" She cut him off, "You're not working at that club still, are you? You know I never liked you working there even if it helped pay for college." Oh right, he had almost forgotten her dislike of ABYSS. "I might have work at the coffee shop next weekend, I'll need to check before I can help there." Jaehyung replied, smiling weakly even though she couldn't see. He could hear his mother clear her throat awkwardly, "Oh, well...Let me know as soon as possible and bring someone if you can! Two people are going together so we're a little short on hands." Jaehyung nodded self consciously, "Okay, bye umma." "Mm, bye bye, sweetie." Jaehyung waited for her to hang up before dropping his phone back onto the bed. He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall; 7:42. Might as well head to work now.

                                                      User Image

                                                      It didn't take long for Jaehyung to reach the club. He had purposely rented an apartment nearby because it was near the college he had attended and the commute between was simple enough. Before he turning the corner to the club, Jaehyung hid in a dark corner and removed his glasses. He used his fingers to force his hair into his face and lifted it out of the way for a moment to put his mask on. Once his mask was on, Jaehyung made his way to the back entrance of the club where he was greeted by a member of the security team. He recognized Jaehyung and let him pass through the door which was really just an emergency exit. Jaehyung made his way through the halls, finding the staff room and tossing his bag into his locker. On the door of his locker he checked to see that his mask was on correctly, the other half of his face covered by his hair. He deemed himself appropriate for work and made his way to his station on the second floor. Music was already blasting throughout the numerous rooms and levels of the place but Jaehyung had already zoned out, focusing only on the requests of the people once the place opened. When he got to the bar he slid his jacket off and set it underneath the counter, knowing he would have gotten hot in the place sooner or later with it on. With the jacket off, Jaehyung proceeded to start his task of checking the stock of everything at the bar, waiting for the place to open and familiar faces to join him at work.

                                                      ooc: main image links to club outfit

                                                      User Image
                                                      다 잊을거라고
              User Image


                                                                      I FEEL LIKE I'VE BECOME A CLOWN
                                                                      TRAPPED IN A GLASS CASTLE
                                                                      I DANCE FOR YOU
                                                                      WHO WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED
                                                                      YOU LOOK INTO ME
                                                                      TOUCHING MY BRAIN
                                                                      I THINK I'VE BECOME A FOOL
                                                                      I THINK I'M ONLY GETTING MORE
                                                                      AND MORE ATTRACTED TO YOU



                                    A wide grin spread across pink lips, eyes shining with happiness. Jungsu intertwined his fingers with the short haired brunette walking beside him, his neatly manicured fingers lightly squeezing the back of her hand as he swung their arms back and forth. They were walking to a new Hello Kitty cafe that just opened up maybe a week or two ago, not exactly his thing but his current client hinted that she wanted to go two days earlier. Jungsu's 'girlfriend' seemed to be pretty excited, she even dressed up in pink and one of her Hello Kitty bags. "Does noona already know where we're going?" Jungsu asked in a sing-song voice, turning his head toward the older woman and blinking innocently, their arms still swinging softly between them.

                                    Min Jung, his 'girlfriend', turned toward him with childish excitement written all over her face. She squeezed his hand, "Of course!" Min Jung squealed, turning away from him and adjusting the strap of her purse, "I go this way after work just to sneak a peak at the new cafe." Jungsu chuckled, shoving his free hand into the pocket of his jacket. Min Jung was Hello Kitty - crazy, he'd spent a good portion of his paycheck on a few bags, jewelry and wallets just for her. He didn't complain though, 'cause her parents were paying him a lot just to go out with her for a few months. They wanted their daughter to go out with someone who could handle the Hello Kitty addiction, and he was doing just that, even if it wasn't something he wanted to do. Unless stuffed animals were involved, if the cafe sold a stuffed animal of Hello Kitty, he would buy one for Min Jung ... and maybe himself.

                                    Jungsu could already see the bright pink building a few yards ahead of them. His eyes widened at the color of the building, but he relaxed a bit after hearing another excited squeal from Min Jung. As long as his customers were happy, he was happy 'cause that was the key to being paid. When they got into the cafe, Jungsu's heart dropped. Everything was so ... pink. Min Jung let go of his hand and practically ran to look at the desserts in the refrigerated glass container. Jungsu tilted his head as he watched her while he wiped the hand she had held onto the fabric of his jeans. Holding hands always meant sweaty palms for some reason, it was disgusting. While Min Jung was checking out everything the cafe had to offer, Jungsu went to look for an empty table to sit at. He had to maneuver his way around a few high school students and the occasional male following after his girlfriend, but eventually he took a seat at a corner booth, propping his legs onto the cushioned bench across from him. "So ... pink..." Jungsu mumbled, sinking down lower in his seat and pulling the hood of his sleeveless grey jacket over his newly dyed blonde hair.

                                    A tray of cakes and two cups of hot chocolate clinked onto the table in front of him. Jungsu jumped slightly, quickly pushing himself up into a more comfortable sitting position and taking his legs off of the seat so Min Jung could sit down. "Look at all of this! And the hot chocolate is delicious!" She clapped her hands together with a tiny fork in her hands before she started to eat.

                                    "Noona really likes sweets." Jungsu stated, his fingers lacing together under his chin as he placed his elbows onto the table. Min Jung nodded, a light blush spreading on her cheeks. She placed her fork lightly onto the side of one of the small plates before her fingers clasped around the handle of the shining white cup. With a smile on his face, Jungsu stared at her lips for a moment before she took a sip of her drink. A line of foam appeared above her lip when she pulled the cup away from her face. Jungsu smirked a bit as he took a pink napkin off of the tray and carefully wiped away the foam knowing how much time she spent to do her makeup that day. He had been sitting in the living room of her apartment for nearly an hour while she was getting ready.

                                    "Yup. But these are so cute!" Min Jung replied, her eyes not meeting his gaze but instead on the rip of her cup. Her slim fingers wrapped around it lightly tapping the surface. "Do you want to try some?" Now she looked up at him, a shy smile on her lips.

                                    Jungsu grinned, "Only if noona feeds me!" he clapped his hands together, the tips of his fingers touching his lips ever so slightly as he looked up at her with pleading eyes, "Pwease?" His eyes followed her every move, from the slightly smile on her lips to her hand lifting up the fork again and removing a piece of cake for him to eat. She lifted the fork up to be a few inches away from him. Jungsu moved his hands away from his mouth and opened his lips slightly, hinting for her to put the fork into his mouth. The blush on her cheeks darkened, but she nodded before lifting herself a bit off of her chair and leaning over the table to put the fork into his mouth. His eyes flickered from her hands to her exposed cleavage, his heart skipping a beat for some reason. In a swift movement, Jungsu had Min Jung's hand on the table, and his face just a few centimeters away from hers, his eyes staring into hers.

                                    He heard the fork clink onto the table as he leaned closer, closer ... and that's how their first kiss happened after a month of contracted dating.

                                    T I M E xx S K I P

                                    Jungsu leaned back on his chair, crossing one leg over the other and shoving his hands into his pockets. He ran his tongue his teeth as he inspected his nails. His sister was a pro when it came to nail art, the other day she painted his nails black with white skulls. Definitely not the usual nails he had whilst on a date, but today was a ... special occasion. The sky was dark, grey clouds littering the sky here and there, concealing the sun as he looked up. Rain? Perfect. His pale fingers tapped at the black circular table, his eyes flickering from couple walking on the streets to the long road filled with cars. An impatient sigh escaped his lips.

                                    "Jungsu-ah!" A female voice called out to him, his eyes flickering to Min Jung waving frantically at him from a distance. His eyes looked her over, lips curling into a smirk when he noticed her work get-up. Heels, ha.

                                    "In three ... two ... one." Jungsu swung his hand lazily in the air, motioning toward Min Jung as she stumbled, right on cue. The folder she held in her hands flew up, hitting the damn sidewalk with a smack with a few papers flying out. He propped his arm on the chair, leaning his head against the palm of his hand. Jungsu wasn't even going to help her this time, even though he has so many times in the past five months. As Min Jung knelt on the ground, she would occasionally look up with a frantic look on her face as she shoved the scattered papers back into the folder and putting the folder into her purse - not Hello Kitty this time around. "Pathetic." He murmured, his eyes shifting away from her to look at other things around him.

                                    The sound of heels clicking made Jungsu look up lazily, his eyes lacking any bit of excitement when he looked at Min Jung. "Sorry I'm late, it took me a while to finish some work." She said, clearly out of breath as if she had run all the way from work to the coffee shop they sat outside of. She pulled her bag off of her shoulder, dropping it onto the small table before she sat down, careful how she sat because of her skirt.

                                    With his head still on his hand, Jungsu shrugged, "Mm, whatever." He sighed again, his boredom clear in his tone of voice. Min Jung looked at him curiously, but seemed to shake off the idea that something was wrong. Jungsu watched as she crossed her legs, one over the other, and placed her hands on her knee with her fingers laced together.

                                    Min Jung straightened her back, "So ..." her voice trailed off, her eyes hesitantly looking up at him. "Was there something you wanted to talk about?" A weak smile appeared on her face, her eyebrows raising ever so slightly as her voice got higher at the end of her question.

                                    Jungsu uncrossed his legs, pushing himself off of the chair and adjusting the jacket he was wearing. "We can't go out anymore, Min Jung." Of all they're meetings, Jungsu had never called her by her name just to respect her being older than he was, but now that their contract was done he really couldn't give a damn. Before she could say anything, he took a small Hello Kitty doll out of his pocket, dropping it onto her bag without a second thought. "Goodbye."

                                    As he walked away, he saw her face turn pale and her fingers grip the end of her skirt. He honestly didn't even think about turning back to say 'Just kidding!' or to apologize because he was already reaching for his phone and deleting her number from his contacts. At least she wasn't the type to get up and follow him like a few of his other clients. Adjusting the beanie on his head, Jungsu continued walking without a care in the world to his car. "Ah, its my turn to pick them up." When he got into the driver's seat, he started the car and made a swift u-turn, heading for his brother and sister's high school.

                                    T I M E xx S K I P

                                    The smell of wet nail polish drifted in the air, one hand resting on his knee while the other was in a small female hand. "Joonie - oppa, you should learn how to do this yourself." His sister, Eun Mi, mumbled, holding his pinky in her hand as if it were so fragile that it would break. Jungsu shrugged his shoulders, his eyes watching as a straight line of neon green appeared on his nail. Eun Mi let go of his hand for a moment to slap his arm, "Don't move." She hissed, moving on to his ring finger. Jungsu watched in awe, he always wondered what it would be like if he went to a cosmetology school or something and learned all this stuff. Maybe if he gained an interest in this, he would have actually worked harder in school and he wouldn't be selling himself for his living costs. "Almost ... done ..." Eun Mi dragged out the vowels, finish the final stroke of nail polish on his thumb before she twisted the top of the small glass container back on. With a satisfied smile, she took both of his hands into her own and blew on them lightly. "What do you want on them this time?" She asked, her smile never leaving her face.

                                    Jungsu looked down at his nails, pursing his lips a bit as the tips of his fingers tapped lightly on Eun Mi's wrists. "Leave it like this for once, I guess." He replied before looking up at his younger sister, "Could I watch you do your own nails?" He asked with a goofy smile. Eun Mi rolled her eyes before she tossed the green nail polish into her bag and pulling out a neon pink colored polish.

                                    "Fine, fine. Lemme lay down first." It was weird, his sister always laid down while she did her own nails but she would sit up, her back hunched over as she focused so intently on doing Jungsu's nails while her legs were crossed. She pushed her things onto the ground beside the couch they were sitting on, her body following after it as she dropped onto her knees before stretching out onto her stomach. Her automatic reaction to the shift being her legs bending and swinging slowly in the air. Jungsu tossed a thing blanket onto her lower half to cover the part of her legs exposed. He always hated when she wore skirts, but she did just come to his apartment from school. Sliding off of the couch, Jungsu joined his sister on the floor, propping himself up on his shoulders with his hands flat on the wooden floor since they weren't dry yet.

                                    "Hey, what I miss?" Their brother, the youngest of the family, Donghae walked into the room with a pot in his hands. He placed it on the middle of the table before joining on the ground, sitting with his legs crossed as he adjusted the button up shirt of his uniform. "Ugh, you two need a hobby." He turned away from them, taking the lid off of the pot and reaching in for the pair of chopsticks he left inside. "More for me, though." Donghae could just feel the glares he was getting behind him, but he just ignored the creeper feelings as he ate his soup.

                                    Eun Mi was already blowing on her nails, waiting for them to dry a bit before she added anything else. "Save some for me!" She hit Donghae with her elbow, almost losing her balance before she started to draw intricate white swirls on her nails. Jungsu simply watched the interaction before he stared at Eun Mi's nails. Maybe he should try doing it himself the next time ... He's watched it enough times to know the basics, however the art part would be left to Eun Mi since his hands were too clumsy for that kind of thing. The least he could do was get the base coat.

                                    When Eun Mi had finished painting her nails, Jungsu's phone rang. Their mother's name lit up on the screen of his phone when he went to check it in his room. "Mom wants you guys to stay over tonight." He called out of the door, tossing his cellphone onto his bed before walking out. "New boyfriend?" He asked to no one in particular, so they both nodded, looking at him with a look of disgust. Their mother was odd, and she was definitely a cougar. She was already in her forties, yet she was dating men Jungsu's age and maybe a little older. It was kind of gross to be honest, Jungsu didn't approve but he was in no place to talk. "Well, you guys know what room to use. Eun Mi your clothes are in my bottom drawer, Donghae yours is on the one above that." He wandered into the kitchen, "You're free to eat whatever, which Donghae has so graciously demonstrated." Jungsu grabbed a bottle of iced tea from the fridge, taking a sip from it before closing it again and tossing it back into the fridge He walked back into the living room, dropping himself onto the couch with his body stretched out, legs hanging over one end of the couch while his neck rested on the arm on the other side. "Music bank?" Eun Mi shook her hands in the air in an attempt to dry her nails faster while Donghae pulled the table closer to the couch so he could lean against it as he ate.

                                    Jungsu grabbed the remote for his TV, flipping through the channels until he found Music Bank playing. A happy squeal came from his sister while he and Donghae groaned while rolling their eyes. "Girls." They mumbled together as MBLAQ performed on the screen.
          User Image


Pushing the bridge of his thick horn rimmed glasses, Hyun Shik sighed, his back automatically slouching at the slightest degree as the air escaped his lungs. How long had he been sitting in the office? Probably an hour at most, its not like he did anything wrong though. He just, y'know, put a stink bomb in the teacher's lounge while they were having a meeting. Hyun Shik was more curious as to how they knew it was him. Sure he had a reputation for being the bad child of the school, but he had run as soon as he tossed it in into the room and he threw a few crackling fireworks into the hallway for the smoke to cover him. Would he be sent to prison or something for having these things at school? But, his dad was the headmaster ... and worse, his mother was a cop. Chewing on his lip nervously, his eyes darted up to the wall across from the row of 'delinquent seats' as they were called, watching as the seconds ticked away.

"Hyun Shik ..." A familiar voice brought him out of his focus on the clock. Hesitantly, Hyun Shik turned toward the voice to see his dad standing at the office entrance. Of course, he was dressed in a suit and his arms were crossed in front of his chest, but his hair seemed to be a bit off. It was usually slicked back a bit, but now it was messy and out of place.

A hesitant smile appeared on Hyun Shik's face, "'Sup, Dad. How's life?" He'll admit, he was a bit nervous but his dad wasn't nearly as strict as his mother. Though they were both equally weird. His father pointed a pale finger at his office door, eyebrows raising and lips pulled together in a thin line. Biting his lip, Hyun Shik lifted himself out of the cushioned chair and into the neatly decorated office. "I didn't do it." Hyun Shik stated, dropping into his 'usual' chair as his father locked the door behind him.

Bitter laughter came from behind him, "Do you really expect me to believe that?" He came from behind, sitting down in his newly reupholstered chair, "You always had a habit of labeling," A small ball rolled onto the table from his hand, "your ... creations with your name." The chair creaked as he leaned back, Hyun Shik flinching at the harsh noise in the quiet room. He opened his mouth to speak, but his father held up a hand to keep him in silence. "Suspended for a week. Grounded for a month. No video games, no TV, no going outside, no allowance." His fingers counted off everything Hyun Shik couldn't use or do. Video games, TV, and no going outside he could handle, no allowance on the other hand ...

"I really have to stop doing that, don't I?" Hyun Shik picked the empty ball off of the table, bringing it up to his nose and sniffing it a bit. "I'm getting better at it though, don't you think?" A hopeful smile appeared on his lips, his eyebrows raising a bit as he looked at his father sitting opposite of him.

Sighing, his father ran a hand through his hair, "Yes, you are getting better, but that doesn't mean you can go using it in school. You're lucky I have authority around here." Now, his father looked rather young thanks to those deceiving Asian genes from two Korean parents, but right now he looked visibly older. His face pale, the wrinkles around his mouth more prominent with his frown, and his dark brown hair was speckled with spots of grey. "You'll be telling your mom about this, by the way. She's still in a bad mood from the last time."

Hyun Shik gasped, "What? Why? C-Can't you tell her?" His mother was frightening when she was angry. "I promise I won't do it again, j-just tell mom for me, please?" His nails dug into the arms of the chair, "Please" He pleaded with his tone, and also with his eyes and expression in general. Hyun Shik leaned forward, falling onto the ground and clapping his hands together with his head bowed. "Please, just this once."

"Fine. But, your chores are doubled in exchange." His father waved his hand, "Get off of the floor, and drop your cell phone here. I forgot to mention that earlier." The chair creaked again, rolling back until it hit the drawer behind the seat. He walked around the table as Hyun Shik stood up, digging into the pocket of his loose skinny jeans for his cellphone. Mumbling to himself, he dropped the red-cased iPhone onto the wooden table before adjusting the strap of his bag on his shoulder. "Let's go home, now." Hyun Shik looked up at his father who had that kind eye-smile dominating his other features. Hyun Shik always hated that look ... It was one of the only things he had gotten in terms of looks from his father, otherwise he looked exactly like his mom.

Mumbling profanities to himself, Hyun Shik dropped his head and walked out of the office while his father gathered his things. Outside, he pulled his bag off of his shoulder, dropping it onto the ground while he leaned against the wall of the school building, one leg propped up. "No school for a week. Sweet." Grinning, Hyun Shik looked up into the gloomy skies without a care in the world ... Though he did wonder what his father would think once he tried snooping around on his phone to see that his display photo was of a boy group. Hah, the look on his face was probably priceless.

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