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Heaven, Hell, and the Reapers
You are brought to a strange magical world knowing only what a shady looking hooded figure has told you about it. You were promised riches and eternal life but do you really know what you've gotten yourself into? With an insane headmaster who loves to torment the students and teachers alike, just about anything could happen.

Golden Goddesses of Hyrule
The three goddesses of Hyrule have been forced into a human form. It's up to Link and some of his companions to find out what Gannon is scheming and put a stop to it before the land of Hyrule is destroyed by the king of darkness himself.

Avidita City
You've been thrown into a strange city where people fight one another for territory, supplies, and power. Only you know why you're here but you know that in order to survive you're going to need to either join or form your own gang, otherwise you'll surely be cornered and killed.