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W H Y . M E When her eyes were closing, all she could do was shudder in fear. An eyeless humanoid, large and apparently made of rock, was standing before her with a sinister grin on it's face. The obvious sloppy stitching over both eye sockets suggested he, or she, was a criminal or demon before death. The humanoid's hair was about ear level, but the puke green color looked nappy. It's arms were bound by wound wrappings and was set in the straight-jacket position. She felt her body shudder in fear so violently, her knees were soon to the ground. One of the figure's legs were cut off, leaving the pant leg to dangle in shreds. Even though it was one-legged, the figure stood as though it had two, and it never wavered.

W H Y . M E Before she could catch her breath for an idiotic and useless scream, the figure began to sink and grow larger simultaneously. She looked down at her feet, the floor was a thin glass-like layer and was covered by a three inch deep pool of sweat, tears, and blood of it's previous victims. This must be the Gatekeeper.

W H Y . M E Her mind wandered. In the back of her head, she knew it was true because nothing else could possibly be this terrifying. Paralyzed by fear, all she could do was watch as the Gatekeeper opened its mouth below her, showing blue souls screaming and trying to escape. Its agape mouth showed an obvious yet oblivious smile, and she knew there wasn't any fighting back. Only then did a light shine. It was distant and very weak, but it was there. The Gatekeeper must not have seen it, for he was still and quiet, waiting for her scream of true terror. The light got brighter and less foggy, growing larger and larger. She was being saved.

W H Y . M E With a breath, the Gatekeeper closed it's mouth and a look of pure hatred formed across what was left of it's face, and with a final breath it spoke to her. "You're being saved, my love. You will be hunted in the humane realm, and when you slip up even once, I shall have your soul."


W H Y . M E A shrieking noise tickled at her cerebellum. It was faint and growing louder, and man did it sound like a real banshee. Soon, she realized it was her own screaming that was making her ears pound in pain. The taste of iron faded from her mouth and was replaced with a burning taste of sweets with spices on her tongue.The scent of blood, rosemary, lavender and cucumber wafted its way into her nostrils, filling her with a slight fear yet a slight sense of comfort. Minutes upon minutes passed, and yet she still didn't know why she was screaming so loud until all of the feelings slammed into her like a truck. Pain surging through her body. The feeling of spiked chains was gripping at her lungs, a feeling of implosion was surging through her body, and even some feeling of explosion. There was an undeniable heat, causing her to sweat like a dog, and was leaving her burned even. Whips, lashings, leeches, something was tearing at her flesh and it hurt. Though, she couldn't open her eyes yet, she was somehow able to see everything clearly.

W H Y . M E In bird's eye perspective, she saw it so clearly. She heard it so clearly. The Counsel of the High Magistry was around her body. Five of them, each with a different specialty. To the north was the only one she knew, he brother older Kory. She knew she died, two months ago from the look of her corpse. Kory must have been so devastated that he let emotions cloud his sense of judgement.

W H Y . M E She looked around, examining what was happening around her. The five mages of the Counsel were sitting in an odd formation, almost like you could draw a star between them. Their legs were crossed, eyes closed, bodies dripping with sweat, and their palms out toward her body. A purple haze was pouring out of their palms and into a blob-like circle around her body, and her body was taking it in like it was water. They were reviving her, and she didn't want that. The Gatekeeper would end up getting her soul if this continued, and that was the least of her worries. Kory was seemingly about to pass out before younger, yet strong, mages came in to pour their energy into the select five. Why go through so much for me. I died, and that's that. Slowly, she was noticing a gradual change in her appearance. She was becoming paler, more lively, blood rushing through her veins. Soon, it would be complete.

W H Y . M E Her spirit watching it all wept tears of silence, and didn't like this one bit. Suddenly, all went black then bright again, and she'd opened her eyes and was looking out of her own body. The pain was going down, but her cries of terror and pain weren't. Not even half a minute after that, her hair had rejuvenated and appeared healthy. Her entire being appeared healthy.

The last of the haze was absorbed into her body and it sat her steadily on her feet. She had the strength to stand, but didn't have the soul to. Her knees fell week and she collapsed to the ground. Sighs of relief were heard all around her as she wept silently. Rock and dirt were collected in her hands as she clutched and clawed at the ground with all her might. Soft "congratulations" were being said all around, and yet she was weeping. She had a second chance to live, but she was crying. In the midst of it all, she didn't notice her nose wasn't running until someone spoke a muffled utterance which made no sense to her. "Now she's perfect. The perfect weapon. the perfect humanoid." So, it wasn't Kory? Was it just for their seemingly innocent game?

W H Y . M E At that moment, all footsteps went silent. Her arm was extended past the length of any normal humans. She felt the bones form and strengthen, she felt them and her flesh grow longer. In the blink of her own eye, she completely missed what her own body had done. The weeping was for them forever sealing her fate with the Gatekeeper, but there was more behind it. A rage. A hatred of the people who did this to her. Even if she was devoured, the gods still reached down and saved the innocent, and she would've been saved for sure. Her fingers were tangled around the male who had spoken the words, around his neck, and he was pinned to the rock wall behind him. Her physical pain was still large, but her spiritual pain was far greater.

W H Y . M E The man squirmed and squirmed, kicking his feet and trying to gasp for even the slightest amount of oxygen. The eerie feeling of his muscles pounding with each heartbeat under her fingertips felt right. She could feel his muscles try to expand for a breath, but he got nothing as she squeezed even harder. She felt his nerves shutting down around the areas where she was applying the most pressure, and with a final squeeze, she felt the bone under the muscles give way and snap under pressure. The surge of blood coming from the punctured veins in his throat, the arteries busted in his lungs, and the vessels busted around the heart was trying to come out of the mouth. A faint and fading memory of playing with her brother came into mind and she realized holding him as the blood tried to escape was like holding a hose and kinking it so water couldn't pour out any longer. Kind of like a hose pump. Her hand released the man and he fell to the ground, his blood pouring from the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears.

W H Y . M E She felt her flesh tightening and returning to normal, the bone that was extra and non-human was fading too. The fear in the other men's eyes was telling her that their little experiment had gone horribly wrong. "The perfect weapon? The perfect humanoid? What is this about?" The men, frightened out of their wits, were moving their eyes rapidly and looking for an exit. At thaat point in time, she knew reasoning was out of the picture. "Tell me now, or I'll kill you all like your little apprentice here."
W H Y . M E Kory, her brother, stepped back. His left arm was up in defense even though he knew there was no defense against her. His power was drained, just from bringing her back to life. He panted, on the verge of weeping, and could only stand his ground. The weaker of the mages, the apprentices, fell to their knees or hind end out of fear.

W H Y . M E "Sister, please. Listen to me, I beg of you. I wept when I found news of your death. The High Counsel couldn't think of anything but to create a weapon of mass destruction, and I still had your corpse. All I wanted was my baby sister back. Please, Shyler."

W H Y . M E She felt her sinister eyes harden and narrow at the male. He could be so weak at times. Her mind went back to the Gatekeeper and his promise. The figure scared her, but what scared her even more was his lack of tone when he spake his promise. Her soul was now and forever his, and she had no one else but her own brother to blame. The worst part was that he didn't seem phased. With the younger mages weeping before her, the elders wracking their brains for a redemption, and her brother trying a compromise, her nerves were on edge.

W H Y . M E "So, Shyler is my name now? Last I recalled my name was Amelia. I refuse everything you've put forth. You didn't stop to think about my soul. You've handed my soul to the Gatekeeper on a silver platter, and all you can do is force excuses through your lips?! Not to mention, if you wanted your baby sister back so bad, you should have at least remembered her name, you heartless b*****d."

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