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I'm working on a new deck; Similar to a typical chain burn but with a few things different.

x2 Laval Golem
x2 Battle Fader (may become x3 scarecrow)
x1 Swift Scarecrow
x2 Marshmallon
x2 Spirit Reaper
x1 Morphing Jar
x2 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

x1 Dark Hole
x3 One Day of Peace
x1 Messenger of Peace
x2 Chain Strike
x1 Scapegoat
x1 Swords / Revealing

x2 Ojama Trio
x1 Ceasefire
x3 Reckless Greed
x3 Secret Barrel
x3 Jar of Greed
x1 Threatening Roar
x3 Just Desserts
x2 Magic Cylinder
x1 Torrential Tribute

x2 MST
Level Limit / B
x2 Dark Bribe
Swords / Revealing
Gravity Bind
Black Horn of Heaven
Solemn Warning
Solemn Judgment
Thunder Shout (or whatever)
Duality x2-3 (I just don't have them, lol.)
Tragoedia (lol)

-I've been testing this out quite a bit and it works really well. Typical first turn is activating One Day of Peace and ending right away to avoid risks of getting anything activated early.
-One Day of Peace has become a great way for me to start a chain, since it would resolve last, I'd do damage and be safe for the next turn while gaining an extra draw.
-Dyna's good for just about anything that I don't like, especially Xyz's and Synchro's that don't pop/bounce my monsters.
-The draw power is good enough for me, but it could be better.
-I'm missing Duality(s), which would make this quite a bit easier to run.
-I don't think I've done an OTK with this deck yet, probably highest damage in one turn is around 6k.
-Only problem I typically have is Brionac, however if I survive that turn, there's usually no problem.
-Running Warnings and Judgment are very hard for me. I typically do more harm to myself than I do good. They're currently sided, but I'd rather run Black Horn since most of the things that screw me over are typically Special Summoned.
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Unknown SoIdier
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The first thing I noticed is that you're missing the Dualitys, but I guess you caught that. Why aren't you running two Torrentials?
Dark Hunter Akala
Unknown SoIdier
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The first thing I noticed is that you're missing the Dualitys, but I guess you caught that. Why aren't you running two Torrentials?

I'm iffy on running 2 Torrential Tributes. It typically makes sense, but if I draw an Torrential Tribute at the wrong time, it could throw me off. Especially if I have one set already and/or my opponent's field is full with Ojama Tokens/Lava Golem(s) and I'm waiting for Just Desserts, or a way to stall longer. Another thing is that Torrential Tribute takes up a space in my backrow, which I might want to use to add more damage with Chain Strike. I'd most likely side a second in case.
Unknown SoIdier
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It might be tough, but look into some DoomCals. I suggest running two.
As well as Thunder king Rai-Oh.
I have a Anti-Meta/ Chaos/ Lockdown thing kinda going with my deck. And you run some of the same cards I do. Such as Torrential, Gravity, Fossil Dyna, dark hole and Magic cylinder. I don't understand the real need for Reckless greed though.

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