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Class/Level: Cleric 5/ Morninglord of Lathander 8/ Radiant Servant of Lathander 2/ Sacred Exorcist 5

Race: Human

Name: Cyan

Ability Scores:

Str: 12 (4 pts) (12 base)
Dex: 8 (0 pts) (8 base)
Con: 14 (6 pts) (14 base)
Int: 14 (6 pts) (14 base)
Wis: 30 (6 pts) [base 14 + 5 level + 6 periapt + 5 tome]
Cha: 26 (10 pts) [base 16 + 6 cloak + 4 tome]


1 - Cleric 1 - Glory Domain*, Sun Domain, Turn Undead, Extra Turning, Improved turning
2 - Cleric 2
3 - Cleric 3 - Extend Spell
4 - Cleric 4
5 - Cleric 5
6 - Morninglord of Lathander 1 - Persistent Spell, Bane of the Restless, Lathanders Light
7 - Radiant Servant of Pelor** 1 - Extra Greater Turning (3 + Cha mod/day), Radiance
8 - Sacred Exorcist 1 - Exorcism
9 - Sacred Exorcist 2 - Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell), Detect Evil, Resist Possession
10 - Sacred Exorcist 3 - Chosen Foe +1
11 - Radiant Servant of Pelor 2 - Divine Health, empower healing
12 - Sacred Exorcist 4 - Divine Energy Focus, Dispel Evil 1/week
13 - Sacred Exorcist 5 - Consecrated Presence
14 - Morninglord of Lathander 2 - Creative Fire
15 - Morninglord of Lathander 3 - Daylight
16 - Morninglord of Lathander 4 - Quicken Turning, Searing Ray
17 - Morninglord of Lathander 5 - Greater Turning +1/day
18 - Morninglord of Lathander 6 - Initiate of Lathander, Blessing of Dawn
19 - Morninglord of Lathander 7 - Maximize Turning
20 - Morninglord of Lathander 8 - Rejuvenation of the Morn

**This class should be renamed Radiant Servant of Lathander per the rules on page 52 of Complete Divine.
*The Player's Guide to Faerun gives Lathander the Glory domain. See page 189.

Skills of Note:
Craft - 4 ranks
Diplomacy - 7 ranks
Heal - 5 ranks
Knowledge (The Planes) - 10 ranks
Knowledge (Religion) - 13 ranks
Perform - 2 ranks

That's what's required, but I'm pretty sure that you can max out diplomacy, the two knowledges and heal by level 20.

Spells of Note:

Like all good aligned clerics, Cyan can spontaneously cast any spell with "Cure" in the title. He can also spontaneously cast any spell with the light descriptor (e.g. daylight, etc...). Not only that, but knows the spells of a 20th level cleric, and thanks to his items, he can cast spells as a 25th level cleric, or 29th for 10 min when he uses his beads of karma.

By having the Initiate of Lathander feat he also gains access to a small number of unique spells that are unavailable to those without the feat. These spells include: Rosemantle, Sunrise, Shield of Lathander, Greater Shield of Lathander, Undeath's Eternal Foe. Details on the use of specific spells is provided below.

Items of Note:

Bead of Karma (DMG, 20,000 GP)
Cloak of Charisma +6 (DMG, 36,000 GP)
Greater Holy Symbol (Defenders of the Faith, 5,040 GP)
Lesser Rod of Extend Spell (DMG, 3,000 GP)
Orange Ioun Stone (DMG. 30,000 GP)
Periapt of Wisdom (DMG, 36,000 GP)
Phylactery of Undead Turning (DMG, 11,000 GP)
Redeemed Darkskull (60,000 GP)
Ring of Greater Counter spelling (Mordenkainen's Disjunction) (Arms and Equipment Guide, 16,000 GP)
Rod of Authority (Defenders of the Faith, 20,576 GP)
Sacred Bracers of Armor (DMG, 4,000 GP)
Scepter of Obedience (Miniature's Handbook, 12,500 GP)
Stone of Good Luck (DMG, 20,000 GP)
Tome of Leadership and Influence +4 (DMG, 110,000 GP)
Tome of Understanding (DMG, 137,500 GP)
Mace of Undead Prowess (Ghostwalk, 7,812 GP)
+1 Holy, Undead Bane Quarterstaff w/ Spellblade (Dispel Magic, Greater Dispel Magic) (32,000 GP + 2x16,000 GP = 64,000 GP)
*all abilities are from the DMG, except for Spellblade, which is from The Player’s Guide to Faerun.
+1 Sacred Fullplate of Soulfire (50,650 GP)
*Sacred and Soulfire are from the Book of Exalted Deeds.
+1 Sacred, Animated Heavy Steel Shield (25,170 GP)
Spent 679, 606 GP

Why is this character the ultimate undead slayer?

He can be a secondary tank
Right after praying for spells in the morning, Cyan spends a few minutes in order to cast some buffing spells on himself. However, before he does so, he activates his Beads of Karma in order to gain a caster level of 29 (20 from levels, 4 from his Ankh of Ascension, 1 from the Orange Ioun Stone and 4 from the Beads). He then proceeds to cast the following spells:

Persistent Divine Power – 4th - full BAB, +6 enhancement to STR and some HP
Persistent Righteous Might – 5th - another +4 STR, +2 CON and some spell resistance
Extended Spikes – 2nd - an extra +10 damage per hit with your quarterstaff
Extended Magical Vestment – 2nd - increase your AC by a +8 (4 more from your shield and 4 more from your armor)
Extended Greater Magic Weapon – 3rd -increase your to hit bonus by 4 more and do 4 more damage per hit

He uses his turning attempts (3 base + 8 Cha + 4 extra turning = 15) to power his Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell) feat. These spells give him a total attack bonus of:

Attack Bonus
+20/+15/+10/+5 BAB
+ 6 from 22 Strength
+ 5 Greater Magic Weapon
= +31/+26/+21/+16

Not too shabby for a cleric. And it can only go up if the party's arcane caster polymorphs you into something with a high strength (like a Firbolg or War Troll).

If you wield the quarterstaff two handed, the damage becomes:

Average Damage
1d8 Large Quarterstaff
+ 9 Strength mod x 1.5
+ 5 Greater Magic Weapon
+ 10 Spikes
= 1d8+24, average roll = 28
He also does an extra 4d6 damage vs evil undead, making his average damage vs undead
= 1d8 + 24 + 4d6 = 40

AC is good as well.

Armor Class
10 Base
+ 9 Full Plate
+ 4 Magical Vestment on Full Plate
+ 3 Steel Shield
+ 4 Magical Vestment on Shield
+ 5 casting of Shield of Faith
- 1 Size
= 34

And it will go up if you get polymorphed into something with a high Natural Armor.

Cyan can easily take out undead
Before I get to Cyan's amazing turning ability, let's talk about how he is a walking holy site. He moves around with a 20 foot radius consecrate and a constant hallow effect. What does this mean? I'll quote the appropriate info from the SRD:

From consecrate:

This spell blesses an area with positive energy. Each Charisma check made to turn undead within this area gains a +3 sacred bonus. Every undead creature entering a consecrated area suffers minor disruption, giving it a –1 penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saves. Undead cannot be created within or summoned into a consecrated area.

If the consecrated area contains an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture dedicated to your deity, pantheon, or aligned higher power, the modifiers given above are doubled (+6 sacred bonus on turning checks, –2 penalties for undead in the area). You cannot consecrate an area with a similar fixture of a deity other than your own patron.

If the area does contain an altar, shrine, or other permanent fixture of a deity, pantheon, or higher power other than your patron, the consecrate spell instead curses the area, cutting off its connection with the associated deity or power. This secondary function, if used, does not also grant the bonuses and penalties relating to undead, as given above.

Consecrate counters and dispels desecrate.

From hallow:

First, the site or structure is guarded by a magic circle against evil effect.

Second, all Charisma checks made to turn undead gain a +4 sacred bonus, and Charisma checks to command undead take a –4 penalty. Spell resistance does not apply to this effect. (This provision does not apply to the druid version of the spell.)

Third, any dead body interred in a hallowed site cannot be turned into an undead creature.

Here's a detailed breakdown of his turning might.

Turning Check
+ 8 Cha
+ 5 competence
+ 1 Luck
+ 4 sacred
+ 2 from Knowledge (Religion)
+ 2 Glory Domain
+ 2 Divine Energy Focus
= 1d20 + 24, average roll = 34

Hence the highest HD of undead effected will usually be your level +4. Actually, you will always be turning as a cleric + 4 levels because you have +22 to your turn check! But, our effective cleric level for turning is not 20, it is much higher.

Effective Cleric Level for Turning Undead
20 from class levels
+ 1 Improved Turning feat
+ 4 unnamed phylactery of undead
+ 4 unnamed rod of authority
+ 6 unnamed from Sacred armor, bracers and shield enhancements
+ 2 Divine Energy Focus
Effective Cleric Level for Turning Undead = 37
Highest HD of Undead Affected on Average Roll = 41

Turning Damage
+ 1d6 Glory Domain
+ 8 Cha
+ 2 Divine Energy Focus
+ 41 effective cleric levels
= 3d6 + 51 = 60 x 1.5 for Empower Turning
= 90 HD

But wait, since we are using Greater Turning, all undead with HD of 49 (effective level of 37 for turning undead) or less will be DESTROYED. And we can do this 12 times a day (3 base + 8 Cha + 1 Morninglord levels).

Want to know what kind of powerful undead are being destroyed by your turning? Here's a list:

Examples of Powerful, Turnable Undead
Originally Posted by carnivore
CR 14 necronaut 32HD (adv 33-64HD,65-96HD)
CR 16 nightwalker 21HD
CR 16 grave crawler 25HD(adv 26-52HD)
CR 16 jahi 25HD(adv 26-50HD)
CR 17 banshee 26HD(adv 27-52HD)
CR 17 horrific vasuthant 25HD(adv 26-34HD,35-48HD)
CR 17 deathbringer 30HD(adv 31-50HD,51-70HD,71-90HD)
CR 17 effigy 27HD(adv 28-54HD)
CR 18 nightcrawler 25HD
CR 19 corpse gatherer 30HD(adv 31-60HD)+6 turn resistance
CR 19 advanced death shrieker 25HD
CR 19 charnel hound 30HD
CR 19 famine spirit 32HD
CR 19 rage wind 31HD(adv 32-48HD,48-64HD)
CR 20 crawling head 28HD
CR 23 lavawight 32HD(advanced 33-42,43-55HD)
CR 29 demilich 21HD+20turn resist=41HD vs turn attempts

Great Spellcasting
Saving Throw DCs
+ 10 base
+ 10 Wisdom modifier
20 + spell level

Spell Resistance Check
+ 20 caster level
+ 1 Orange Ioun Stone
+ 4 Ankh of Ascension
= +25

Comments? Critiques?
I never went for specializing against one monster type or tactic. The DM always finds a way to be a wise guy and get around it razz If you've got an anti-undead character, many DMs just won't include the undead in his dungeons. I made a rogue that was a pro at disarming and stealing weapons, and my DM made us fight monsters with natural weapons from then on as much as possible.
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This looks suspiciously like a CharOp copypasta...
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Seph Baelzara
This looks suspiciously like a CharOp copypasta...
That's because it is. I typed it up and posted on BG before bringing it here. We did some work because a friend of mine is playing a Demi Lich in an ECL 30 game we were playing in and he thought he was invincible.
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Archaix_the_Ghast v2
I never went for specializing against one monster type or tactic. The DM always finds a way to be a wise guy and get around it razz If you've got an anti-undead character, many DMs just won't include the undead in his dungeons. I made a rogue that was a pro at disarming and stealing weapons, and my DM made us fight monsters with natural weapons from then on as much as possible.
This was really just to stick it to a friend who wanted to play a demi lich. I mean, what's the last thing a demi lich figures he has to worry about? Being turned. Other than that they're nearly unbeatable

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