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Least favorite attribute?

WIND 0.1900826446281 19.0% [ 23 ]
EARTH 0.24793388429752 24.8% [ 30 ]
FIRE 0.15702479338843 15.7% [ 19 ]
WATER 0.12396694214876 12.4% [ 15 ]
DARK 0.15702479338843 15.7% [ 19 ]
LIGHT 0.12396694214876 12.4% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 121 ]
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Inquisitive Spirit

I wish I'd caught a picture of my face a few minutes ago when it dawned on me that the "use Honest while Saffira's out, get Honest back" shenanigans work with Effect Veiler as well.

I imagine it was similar to the Sudden Clarity Clarence meme.
Yea, that's one of the big things I liked when building it is having spammable Honests and Veilers. One thing I found out the hard way at locals, is Creature Swap is a thing and there's not much I can really do about it when the only thing I have on my side of the field is Saffira.
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It's good to see Mydia back around the thread again.

On card related notes, we really should be building new decks or something, but we just haven't been inspired by anything in a while now.

We hate deck building slumps.
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Inquisitive Spirit

Hm. Apparently, in the process of doing some tinkering with my build last night, I've lost track of the 2 Shaddoll Cores I was running.

This would suck significantly more if I didn't have the other 2 I own sitting on my desk, but it sucks nonetheless.

It is, however, not enough to dampen my spirits over an occurrence over on NAC. I posted a copy of my Synchro/Xyz/Pendulum guide over there, and apparently a few of them like it enough that they suggested I write articles for ARG and The Organization.

I'd say this thought doesn't excite me and that I can handle it, but...*faints with a big dopey grin on his face*
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Sex Symbol

I'm just going to leave this here for any of you guys who are old fans of the original DBZ/GT card game, and/or anyone who is interested in trying the new game relaunching in a few weeks. 3nodding

I have an idea for a pendulum spellcaster deck but not sure how to build it any suggestions on good spellcaster support cards ?

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