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crap... no AIM here...

Is Windows Live messenger the same thing as MSN Messenger?
i believe so...
crap... no AIM here...

Is Windows Live messenger the same thing as MSN Messenger?

It is. Just a really, really bad version of it.
You're thinking of Windows Messenger, which comes with Windows. Windows Live Messenger is MSN Messenger renamed.
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Damn you, TAEV spoiler.

How you torment me.

Eh! I've yet to remake a deck.....mainly because I find the fact that banning cards in tornements and what not is absolutely gay! Honestly if they didn't want us to use the cards they never should have even bothered to print them in the first place!!! Which is why no decks of mine are torny legal! But they are very, very, very tough to take down! Ecspecially since i'm lucky! ^.^ lol! Anyone care to discuss the gayness of the tornemet restrictions??!!??

They make those restriction to balance out the game. Haven't you ever wondered why your illegal decks are so hard to take down? It's because your illegal cards give you a huge advantage with minimal drawback. Which is gay.

Then again, that's just my theory.
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(let's skip it, shall we? ~Wilren)

Banlists are to keep anyone from having an unfair advantage in a tournament environment.

Outside of that, whatever rules the players agree on go. If they want to play using 3 Chaos Emperor Dragons and without Ritual Monsters, UDE/Konami has no problem with it.
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Hell, make a 6-card deck. ninja

1x Exodia the Forbidden One
1x Left Arm of the Forbidden One
1x Right Arm of the Forbidden One
1x Left Leg of the Forbidden One
1x Right Leg of the Forbidden One
1x Fiber Jar

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We're lookin' forwards to making a Final Last Stand/Reversal Quiz deck. Always love OTK or burn decks cool

OTK Burn makes us hawt redface
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Hawt, you say?

Care to tell us your hawt plans? wink

Azurada VS Wilren, Samurai VS King of the End
Azurada: yo
ashurasg: Hey.
Azurada: still playing around with that Last Rites deck?
Azurada: care for a duel?
ashurasg: Sure.
Azurada: i'll call second
Azurada: *shuffles, draws 5*
ashurasg: K.
ashurasg: *shuffles, draws 6*
Azurada: 8000/8000
ashurasg: Summon Mechanicalchaser, set an s/t, and end.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: Summon Zanji
ashurasg: Okay.
Azurada: Special SUmmon Grandmaster
ashurasg: Why am I not surprised. :b
Azurada: set one s/t
Azurada: Grandmaster attacks Mech Chaser
ashurasg: Mmmm....eh, screw it. *flips Limiter Removal*
Azurada: -_-; nice...
Azurada: 6400/8000
Azurada: main phase 2
Azurada: play Warrior Returning Alive, targeting Grandmaster
ashurasg: *facepalm*
Azurada: Special Summon Grandmaster
Azurada: end turn
ashurasg: Chaser: *twitch* *spark* ***BLAMMO!!***
ashurasg: Draw.
ashurasg: Okay, so....Zanji, Grandmaster, and an s/t, yes?
Azurada: yup
ashurasg: *Drops Cydra onto the field*
Azurada: -_-;
ashurasg: Oh, it gets a bit more fun. *fires off Smashing Ground*
Azurada: Zanji bites the dust...
Azurada: (1300 DEF)
ashurasg: And I imagine you'd probably have had him take the hit for Grandmaster, yes?
Azurada: nope, Grandmaster has 800 DEF
ashurasg: I mean if GM had, say, 1400 or so. *shrugs* Anyway...Cyber Dragon, please escort the elderly gentleman off the field.
Azurada: but before that
Azurada: let's see if this lovely Ring of Destruction fits your Cyber Dragon
ashurasg: ...Oh nuts. ;_;
ashurasg: Okay, MP2, where things just get...
Azurada: 4500/5900
ashurasg: *summons another Cydra* ...a little stupid. Your turn.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: set a s/t
Azurada: Summon Zanji
Azurada: Zanji get's a little crazy *grin*
Azurada: attacking Cyber Dragon
ashurasg: mew? o.o;
Azurada: Zanji will kill Cyber Dragon by effect
Azurada: i will lose 300 from the battle
ashurasg: EEP!
Azurada: 4200/5900
Azurada: Grandmaster gives a direct attack
ashurasg: Owww... ;_; 4200/3800.
Azurada: i think i'll set one more card from my hand facedown (spell/trap)
Azurada: my hand's empty now
Azurada: your go
ashurasg: Draw.
ashurasg: Set 2 s/t, end.
Azurada: draw
ashurasg: Chain to the draw: Dust Tornado hits your 2nd s/t.
Azurada: the one i just set?
ashurasg: Yeah.
Azurada: Torrential Tirbute goes away
Azurada: play Reinforcement of the Army, recruiting Yaichi
ashurasg: *scoops*
ashurasg: *shows card in hand and card on field...his Advanced Ritual Arts*
Azurada: no Demises?
ashurasg: Nope. Next card in deck: Metamorphosis.
ashurasg: Heh...everything for the OTK except the key card.
Azurada: damn where are those Manjus when you need em
Azurada: oh well i was hoping you'd get demise out to nuke
Azurada: i had Torrential for that option
Azurada: and i had Sak if you wanted to get an attack in otherwise
ashurasg: *shrugs, draws 5* Your move for round 2.
Azurada: first then.
Azurada: *draw 6*
Azurada: set a monster and a spell/trap
Azurada: done
ashurasg: Draw.
ashurasg: Start with Nobleman on your f/d monster.
Azurada: -.-
Azurada: Magical Merchant
Azurada: the other 2 Merchants are removed as well from the Deck
ashurasg: *shows the 0 in his deck, shuffles*
ashurasg: Then I'll summon and, if he survives to the battle phase, attack with Mechanicalchaser.
Azurada: of course, why dmo the monsters you NEED?
Azurada: Sak on the Mech Chaser
Azurada: why dump*
ashurasg: Your move.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: Reinforcement of the Army, targeting Irou
Azurada: Summon Irou
Azurada: attack for 1700
ashurasg: 8000/6300.
Azurada: i'll end my turn
ashurasg: Draw.
ashurasg: Set 1 of each, end.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: Summon Yaichi
Azurada: Yaichi pegs that facedown s/t
ashurasg: Not so fast.
Azurada: ?
ashurasg: *responds to the summon with Ring of Destruction*
Azurada: the target?
ashurasg: Irou.
Azurada: ...Yaichi will take the hit for Irou
ashurasg: Thus dealing 0 damage. *shrugs* Oh well.
Azurada: Irou attacks anyway
ashurasg: Dekoichi gets derailed. *draws 1*
Azurada: end
ashurasg: *draws, sets an s/t, summons X-Head Cannon*
Azurada: crap...
ashurasg: ATTN Irou: *ch-clack* ****BANG!!****
Azurada: 7900/6300
ashurasg: Your move.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: set a monster and a s/t
Azurada: end
ashurasg: End phase of your turn: *flips Dust Tornado*
Azurada: Sakuretsu Armor goes away
ashurasg: Draw.
ashurasg: Summon Senju, using his effect to pull Demise.
Azurada: shoot
ashurasg: Next: End of the World. X-Head + Manju = Demise.
Azurada: you're gonna nuke, right?
ashurasg: With just one monster on your side of the field?
ashurasg: ...You darn right I am. :]
Azurada: well, Yaichi's dead
ashurasg: Next for the pain, a little bit o' Metamorphosis.
ashurasg: *Demise grows a second head, a pair of long necks, and a lot of titanium scales*
Azurada: unless you plan on using Limiter removal i'll still have 2300 LP left
ashurasg: Lucky you, I don't have that in hand ATM. *BANGITY-BANG*
Azurada: 2300/4300
ashurasg: Your move.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: pssssh... that's game -.-
ashurasg: K. Round 3?
Azurada: sure
Azurada: i'll go first
Azurada: *draws 6*
Azurada: set one of each and end
ashurasg: Draw.
ashurasg: After summoning a Cydra, I'll follow suit with the 1-of-each down.
ashurasg: Then, if it's still alive, Cydra will go after your f/d.
Azurada: Magical Merchant
ashurasg: Thought so.
Azurada: i get to run through the deck til i get a s/t any monsters i pick up... well you know
ashurasg: *nods*
Azurada: Grandmaster's sent to the grave. Snatch is added to my hand
ashurasg: Ahh slag. ;.;
Azurada: that'll be all?
ashurasg: Yep.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: Snatch Cyber Dragon
ashurasg: ;_;
Azurada: PLay Warrior Returning Alive, targeting Grandmaster
Azurada: Irou
Azurada: respond?
ashurasg: Nope.
Azurada: Grandmaster
Azurada: respond?
ashurasg: Nope. ;_;
Azurada: Irou attacks the facedown monster
Azurada: no flippies
ashurasg: Lucky )@*(&. :b *Dekoichi pops harmlessly*
Azurada: now, to attack the weak point for Massive Damage
ashurasg: 8000/3800. ;.;
Azurada: i'll end my turn
ashurasg: Draw. 8000/4800.
ashurasg: Field?
Azurada: Grandmaster, Irou, Snatch, Cyber Dragon (yours) and a set s/t
ashurasg: Right. *flips Smashing Ground*
Azurada: what's Cyber Dragon's DEF?
ashurasg: 1600.
Azurada: then he gets pummeled by the might fist
Azurada: mighty*
ashurasg: And then another drops from my hand to replace him.
Azurada: hm.
ashurasg: Anything?
Azurada: no response
Azurada: continue
ashurasg: *follows up with Chaser*
Azurada: THAT i will respond
Azurada: Torrential Tribute
ashurasg: Good. Your turn.
Azurada: draw
Azurada: Zanji
Azurada: Grandmaster
ashurasg: *FACEPLANT*
Azurada: 3900 direct points
ashurasg: 8000/900....
Azurada: end
ashurasg: *holds fist up to you, thumb between index & bird fingers, draws*
ashurasg: What's Zanji's ATK/DEF again?
Azurada: 1800/1300
Azurada: Smashable and Fissureable
ashurasg: Oh well, it'll save me for a turn at least. *summons Manju, pulls ARA*
Azurada: -_-
Azurada: even so you dont have enough LP to may for Demise's effect
Azurada: pay*
ashurasg: That's fine.
ashurasg: *drops ARA, drops 2 X-Heads from deck, Demise hits the field*
Azurada: so who's the fine idiot to die today?
ashurasg: What's Zanji's effect?
Azurada: if it attacks a monster, monster dies at the end on Damage step
ashurasg: ********. *scoops*
Azurada: ? the effect doesnt work if he's on the Recieving end!!
Azurada: oh well
Azurada: wise to scoop
Azurada: i had another Zanji and TWRA in hand anyhow

wrap-up version:
Round 1: Everything except the monster Wilren need to pull off the OTK
Round 2: Demise and Metamorphosis. make that a 2TK this time.
Round 3: By the time Demise was out, he couldn't nuke. (too few LP)

I won 2-1
And i actually decided to duel serious
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No offense Azu, but next time, y'mind asking?

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