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Has anyone ever encountered a super heavy battle tank on the field of battle or a Titan? They are usually only in enormas games (5000+pts) But I've seen them in battle...

Well I was playing a game with a friend... It was me playing with two armies (2000pts Blood angels/2000pts Daemonhunters.) And my pal Zack (1500pts Dark Angels.) A mountain was possitioned covering half the board which I deployed my forces behind and my friend deployed his Dark Angels on top of a hill off on the other side of our deployment zone... While James whom was are opposition deployed 6000pts of Guard/Iron Warriors... Amungst which he had 2 leman russ battle tanks, 1 leman russ demolisher and a Bane Blade Heavy battle tank...

We got the first turn and I moved my forces up along the mountain to take advantage of its cover... The DA oppened up with masses of plasma cannons and las cannons and managed to destroy a fair number of the IG transports... Though he didn't do a dent to the Tanks... In the Chaos first turn ALL of the Dark angels except for a land raider which was sitting in the Bane Blades way were destroyed... Wiped from the face of the mountain... I just kinda looked at that side of the table and shook my head, making the comment... "Its a good thing my army is either Fearless, balistic or under death threat or they would just say ******** this were outa here right now..."

The game continued with my making small hit and run attacks and what was really funny is despite relentless bombardments the Land Raider refused to budge... It was never destroyed through the whole game dispite every form of battle/demolisher cannon available to 40k pounding at its hull... Meanwhile I managed to get my Blood Angels terminators to deep strike right behind the Bane Blade... Within a few inches at that. He turned the Cannon around and droped a shell on them which scattered over HIS men and destroyed his command platoon... On the next turn my terminators assaulted the rear of the bane blade and it came down to one glancing hit but I managed so many 6's on it that it was destroyed in one round of close combat with my terminators... With the bane blade dead my assault squads and grey knights piled over the top of the mountain and layed a relentless assault down on the Guard and remaining Iron warriors. Though because of the late preformance of my BA terminators I only managed to pull a draw... 1250 points gone on the first turn was a real blow to our team so I was happy with a draw. Especially knowing that I trashed his bane blade heavy battle tank in one round of combat.

Anyone else got any interesting tales of luck with a super heavy battle tank or a titan?
I've only played against a titan once, and it was pretty funny. It was a two vs. two 5000 point fight: Imperial Guard(me) and Eldar vs. Orks and... more Orks

My friend, through amazing effort and excessive weaponry, destroyed the titan. But that wasn't the best part. You see, he rolled as high as he could on the damage charts, and the titan exploded, annihilating every unit on the battlefield except for one squad of my guardsmen which were just barely out of the blast radius. I was so happy.
i beat 3000pts space marines with 3 land raiders with 1500pts imperal guard and they all died first turn byebye 750pts at the end of the 4th turn all space marines were gone and one of my heavy bolters was desteroyed i guess i can repair it with one of the space marines too bad for them.

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