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What is your chosen School of magic and what is your barred schools when you play a Wizard? and why?
it's a toss up between Evocation and Necromancy... the sheer power of such things as Fireball for Evocation, and the horrid nastiness of Necromancy.

The two most difficult to pull off are Illusion and Conjuration. Illusion due to the sheer amount of manipulation required, and Conjuration due to the summoning, which requires a little more paperwork to keep track of the additional creatures.
I made a Social Combat Wizard with the school of illusion and took out Evocation and necromancy XD Ironic. Lv 12 with a 33 bluff before I touch a die.
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Transmutation. Things aren't the way I like them, I *make* them the way I do. Bah to Necromancy and Evocation. Who needs to raise the dead or fling fireballs when you can just warp the flesh of your enemies into whatever shape you please?
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Did they make evocation cooler in PF?

Otherwise, ban evocation erry day
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Evocation is always, without a single doubt, the worst school in both 3.X and Pathfinder. Next to that? Conjuration.
Illusion can duplicate either of those domains with a simple spell or two. Sure, it won't be as flashy and maybe not as effective, but that's just a small price to pay.
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Did they nerf conjuration in PF? It's the best school in 3.5 (until high levels.)

3.5 the standard order to bar is: evocation, enchantment, necromancy, illusion/abjuration.

The reasons for this: Evocation is just bad. Everything it does, Conjuration does better.

Enchantment is gimped by immunity to mind affecting which starts coming up pretty early.

Necromancy has some strong effects but nearly all of them can be duplicated by either Transmutation or Conjuration.

Illusion and Abjuration both have a few spells you really shouldn't do without. If you must bar one of them because you want to focus on one of the first 3, you can, but it'll hurt.

Conjuration and Transmutation are too good to bar, ever. Either one of them does pretty much everything. Summons and Polymorph are the most versatile series of spells in the game. Transmutation has more ridiculous power but Conjuration is more solid in the early levels, which is where most games are played.

Keep in mind, this is 3.5 based. PF may or may not have changed the above assessment.
although ive been having a lot of fun with my conjur/transmu battlefield control sorc, evocation is still my favorite school. i dont care if its not the best, I LIKE BLOWING THINGS UP.

i usually bar illusion and enchantment because i am a MAN
Evoction and transmutation!!!!
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Evoction and transmutation!!!!
don't you mean NECROMANCY lol sorry couldn't resist since you necro'd the post I forgot that I made lol
Chyrson Katama
Evoction and transmutation!!!!
don't you mean NECROMANCY lol sorry couldn't resist since you necro'd the post I forgot that I made lol

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