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I'm currently playing Pathfinder with a group, and I'm running a Tiefling Ranger. I chose Prehensile Tail to replace Fiendish Sorcery; it allows me to use the tail to pull an item out of my inventory as a free action. I can't use weapons this way, however.

So I was wondering two things:

1. Is it possible to throw an item like alchemist's fire or an acid flaskwith the tail (ex. getting within ten feet of an enemy, firing my bow at them, and then pulling out and throwing the alchemist's fire or acid flask at them)? Or does that count as using a weapon?

2. Is it possible to equip a ring to the tail in order to use three rings?
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1. would be up to the DM, the pulling would be a free action but throwing the item would be a standard and likely at a penalty of somesort, but likely a no all together since it is a thrown weapon.

2. no, no matter your hands you can only benifit from 2 rings at any time

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