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Lothar grew up poor and alone in the streets of (Insert city). Abandoned by his parents at the age of 12, he was forced to work simple jobs to stay alive. One day, while delivering a message to a powerful wizard staying in the local inn, the 15 year old Lothar walked into the room to be met with a magic missile. However, the missile dissipitated upon impact, surprising the wizard, who was being attacked by a minor Goblin assassin.

Lothar quickly subdued the small goblin, grabbing the dagger from it's hand and tripping him to the ground. The wizard, after felling the goblin with a simple cantrip, was intrigued by how unfazed the boy had been from his spell. Offering him an apprenticeship, Lothar quickly accepted. 3 years of training in the arcane arts imbued Lothar with a strong understanding of magic and the world around him, as well as showed him that he was quite adept at resisting and casting such magic.

One day, Lothar woke up to hear shrill screaming in the hall. He leapt from his bed and into the hallway, discovering his master's door ajar. Rushing into the room, Lothar watched as a Lich tore into his master without remorse. He quickly grabbed the wizards component pouch from the rack by the door, grabbed some colored sand, and sprang a shower of color at the Lich.The blinded and stunned Lich shrieked and barreled out of the window, leaving Lothar with his mortally wounded master.

His master, blood seeping from a chest wound, warned Lothar of the impending threat of Necromancers on the land. A guild of them formed the very day that he had met Lothar, and the man who had sent the message to him had actually mentioned the boys capabilities as a potential apprentice. The necromancers had been building up their forces the past 3 years, and decided the time was right to strike. Unknown to Lothar at that moment, several of the kingdoms top mages and officials had been assassinated that night.

The old wizard, content with the work he had done, told Lothar the location of the hidden group of individuals working to stop the Necromancers advance on the kingdom. With his dying breath, he thanked Lothar for being so patient and kind, and closed his eyes for one final time.

Lothar, teeming with anger and resentment for the newly discovered foe, grabbed what little equipment he needed, including his former master's component pouch, and set off for the city. He will bring down as many necromancers as he can, whether it means his death or not.
Pretty good

I never even think about backstories for my characters. They all end up in jail anyways sweatdrop
Pretty good

I never even think about backstories for my characters. They all end up in jail anyways sweatdrop

Haha, I just did it as a good way to picture my character's own traits for role playing. I'm usually DM anyways crying
Not bad. This guy is... a sorcerer? That would explain the whole 'deflecting magic missiles without knowing how' thing. Technically, I don't think that color-spraying a lich works as far as the rules are concerned, but that doesn't matter much to the story. The guy just assassinated a semi-famous wizard; he's not going to want to stick around to be identified / arrested / set upon by an angry mob. Throwing this trick in on top of that just adds a nice little layer of coolness.

I'm assuming that this whole fighing-off-a-bunch-of-crazy-necromancers thing is a part of the campaign itself, yeah?

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