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Distinct Phantom

I was going through my cards today and decided to attempt a land destruction sort of deck.
Criticism and suggestions are appreciated.

Bye Land

Creature (20)
3x Iron Myr
3x Copper Myr
3x Acidic Slime
4x Birds of Paradise
3x Priest of Urabrask
4x Myr Superion
Artifact (4)
4x Argentum Armor
Sorcery (15)
3x Melt Terrain
3x Tectonic Rift
3x Victorious Destruction
3x Into the Maw of Hell
3x Bramblecrush
Land (21)
4x Rootbound Crag
5x Forest
8x Mountain
4x Copperline Gorge
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Girl-Crazy Grabber

Ok I like your style (LD decks have given me a lot of success in the past) but there are a few fundamental flaws with land destruction at the moment. First and foremost Wizards has decided not to push Land Destruction because it takes one of the least fun elements of the game (mana screw) and puts it right into the spotlight. They powered it down by making it cost more (usually they tack on extra text to make it seem better but 4 mana is so very different for a mana denial deck (I still like the term Land Death) but the last good spell printer for it was Fulminator mage in Lorwyn. Next issue is attacking mana is real good against slow decks but this format already does it well. This standard is so tempo based that if you durdle about and attack there mana base they ignore you and smash you with delvers/geists or a critical mass of tokens or a bunch of well costed dudes and equipment. Slower controlling decks also meet your LD with counters (Older decks could curve bird into stonerain and a control deck could stumble now with it starting at 4 they have a little more time to not just be rained out). On to the good news. A RUG or Bant (hell any UG deck could do it) you just need acidic slimes and clone effects. I think Pod is the best way to set it up so you gain the most value. Acidic slime/pod/suntitan/phantasmal image creates a nice setup where in the mid/lategame you can lean on their mana base hard if they have a slow, or pod into more defensive measures (blade splicers/ect) against faster decks. Hopefully this is helpful if you want a list I can post one (if any of this sounds like what your looking for) Good luck.
Seems nice, but also you should add Ghost Quarter. They are good for destroying non-basic lands :3 whee

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