I want opinions on my deck that I'm building for standard.
I know the framework isn't particularly good, but it is more for fun than anything.

4 - Elvish Archdruid
4 - Arbor Elf
4 - Deathrite Shaman
4- Avacyn Pilgrim
4 - Mayor of Avabruck/ Howlpack Alpha
2- Yeva, Herald of Nature
2- Tristani, Voice of Selesnya
2(or 4) - Armada Wurm
2 - Craterhoof Behemoth

2(or 4) - Parallel Lives
2- Midnight Haunting
2- Increasing Devotion
2- Entreat the Angels

(maybe 1 Primal Surge as a joke?)

4- Sunpetal Groves
4- Temple Garden (if I can get them)
2- Grove of the Guardian

(Would you consider Guild Gates a feasible replacement for basic lands?)

(If I can also get them I was thinking maybe Restoration Angels for a infinite Armada Wurm combo)