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I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in September, 2011. It was my first 'real' campaign as I had purchased my 3.5 Players Handbook back when it was new. Played a few sessions back then but pretty much just set the book aside and didn't think much of it until last year. A group of my MtG buddies decided to get together and run a campaign during a usual mtg gathering. One of them was playing a Spider.

About a month or two later, I join a new campaign. The Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. During the session, it becomes apparent that the DM didn't realize the module came with maps, forcing him to create his own. I set out to find those maps. A few weeks later, I have in my hand, The Temple of Elemental Evil original 1980's module (with map). However by this time, that campaign had fallen apart.

Looking through the ToEE book, I decide that I should update it to 3.5. Come January, I begin the work due to all the other campaigns I was in had fallen apart.

First Session:
I gather who I can, a pair of players, and begin. They start in the Gnarly Forest, being recruited to locate a pair of Elven Nobles who had gone missing while on tour. They reach the hamlet of Homlett with little trouble. In town, they find that the possibility of the nobles being captured by a group of bandits in a nearby moathouse and decide to investigate. Before leaving town, they recruit 4 NPCs to aid in their efforts.

The Party:
Female Elf Druid w/ Bear (Player 1)
Male Human Fighter (Player 1)
Male Human Barbarian (Player 2)
Elmo: Drunken Human Fighter Ranger (NPC)
Kobort: Dumb Human Fighter (NPC)
Turuk: Cunning Human Monk (NPC)
Random Human Guard (NPC)

They reach the moathouse and get attack by a group of hungry crocodiles. The fight is fierce and the Monk is killed by a crocodile.

Secret: Turuk and Kobort were to betray the party at the first chance but with Turuk (the leader) dead, Kobort decides to stick to the party.

A fight in the courtyard with the bandits leaves the barbarian dead and Kobort unconscious. a fight in the actual building against a giant snake leaves the fighter dead (PC). Remaining members retreat. Random Guard leaves.

Session 2:
Player 2 doesn't show up but another player does. He brings along that Spider and a samurai. High-jinks ensue as the samurai proves difficult to 'recruit' but eventually they do and the party returns to the Moathouse. A second fight against bandits takes the samurai's life and Kobort pulls his weight. They mop up whats left in the top section. Also they discover a secret entrance. They return to town to recruit more meatshields.

Male Human Ranger (w/ whip) (PC)
Zert: Male Human Fighter (NPC)
Furnok: Male Human Rogue (NPC)
Spugnoir: Male Human Wizard (NPC)

Session 3:
The party enters the dungeon level and finds themselves by a door and a flight of stairs. Descending down the flight of stairs, they come up against a group of bugbears, then a group of gnolls. A bit hurt, they press on. The meet up with a group of armed men. An intense fight forces the party to escape. However only 3 make it back. Kobort (unconscious and carried), the druid (minus her companion), and the Spider.

Party 2 - Session 1:
At this time, I decide to replace a failing game with this campaign and gather about 6 other players. I decide to have each player roll up something random and end up with a party of evil characters who have been recruited to deal with some bandits who haven't been paying their dues.

The party makes it to Hommlet, attempt to burn down a barn next to a really busy Tavern, and get their respective bottoms handed to them.

Party 1 - Session 4:
The party gathers gear, some new PCs, and heads back. They investigate the remaining portions of the dungeon level, killing a green slime, a dozen or so zombies, and an Ogre.

Party 2 - Session 2:
They investigate a random simple dungeon, return to Hommlet, get taught a lesson by a number of Clerics. and are sent to the moathouse.

On the way there, they get ambushed and knocked out by a group of random bandits.

They charm the crocodile outside the moathouse. Courtyard encounter goes well. The Corner Room, claims the life of all but an archery Ranger who runs like hell. Game ends as no one shows up for following sessions.

Party 3
Feeling bored, I begin a play-by-post game.

PC1/PC2 gather in the Gnarley Forest and head to Hommlet. PC3/PC4 gather in the main town, Verbobonc, and head to Hommlet. PC3/PC4 stay at a tavern and in the morning, it blows up (roll 100 on something random happening; meteor exploding was actual cause). They help those unable to help themselves. Then they head to Hommlet. Game falls apart.

Party 1 - Session 5
Clearing out the remaining sections; killed group of ghouls and another crocodile, they prep for the armed guards that claimed a number of the party in the previous encounter. A long fight later, they emerge victorious.

Party 1 - Session 6
Receiving praise in Hommlet, the party travels to Nulb. There they get the assignment to deal with another pub stealing business from an equally shady tavern. They enter the place and cut down the populace inside. An epic fight involving 4 NPCs and 8 PCs (all played by 2 players). Party discovers the deed to the place and claim as it as their own.

Party 1 - Session 7
Getting a pass from the bartender, the party makes their way to the Temple Ruins and show their pass to the Tower Guards. They enter the Temple. They find a few empty rooms with various pieces of junk in them. They enter a room with columns and find themselves trapped (splitting the party) against a couple of Harpies and a contingent of Ghouls.

Party 1 - Session 8
They investigate the other side of the complex and find another set of ghouls, a large banquet hall and a large snake in the kitchen.

Party 1 - Session 9
Party travels down the middle section and fight a group of bugbears, humans and an ogre.

Party 1 - Session 10
Party fights another group of bugbears, a couple more ogres and a group of skeletons. Then discover a group of 40 humans armed to the teeth.

Party 1 - Session 11
Return to the armed humans and clear them. Then travel to a far corner and find a way down to level 2. Fight a minotaur. Return to level 1.

Party 1 - Session 12
Find a prison. Kill the jailer and his assistant. Free a group of prisoners. Kill a group of zombies posing as prisoners. Find random prison guards. Discover a random place guarded by earth elementals.

Party 1 - Session 13
Explore the last remaining corner. Find a 'magic 8-ball' location that tells them random stuff. Go to level 2. Camp out in room. Ambushed by Humans. Fight a group of bugbears. Darkness gets casted. PCs flee. Party exits Temple.
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That sounds like a pretty entertaining campaign witha lot of long stories behind it.
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Party 4.0 - Session 1
4th group is D&D 4.0 group. Party 1 is nicknamed Advanced Party.

NPC (cleric merchant from a nearby country) played by an AP member recruits the party at the big city, Verbobonc. Party is made up of sewer rat killers.
Task: Go to Hommlet. Eliminate the Bandit Problem.

On the way there, the party stays at the Walking Duck Inn. A female cleric decides to go duck hunting. Finds a duck on a lake. Shoots it. Critical Success. Duck Explodes. In the morning, the Inn explodes. Group hereby declares that killing a duck will explode buildings. Also a group of passing bandits takes advantage of the current situation.
Still on the way there, the party comes across a group of bandits after an attack on a wagon. Easy mop up operation. Then they come across a group of bandits in the middle of an attack. Ram the wagon, catching a couple bandits between the two wagons. Another easy mop up operation.
Party reaches Hommlet. A quick visit to the Church of Saint Cuthbert gives the players some clues as does a visit to the Inn of the Welcome Wench. They get a quest to recover an artifact from a 10 yr old battlefield. A hexblade dies due to a critical failure in the search. Party gathers itself and travels down the run down path to the Moathouse. Bandits launch an ambush operation.

Advanced Party - Session 14
Find several storage areas. Fight some weird creatures. Fight an Ogre jailer and his Bugbear sidekick. Free a group of Elves. Major Quest completed. Find the Water Room. Fight a couple of disguised zombies. Go down a long hallway. Get blasted out of dungeon level 2.

Party 4.0 - Session 2
The group reaches the Moathouse. Party faces off against a group of crocodiles. Party encounters bandits dragging people (PCs) into the inner parts of the Moathouse. Major encounter begins. 5 rounds in, those kidnapped are awake and making a break to freedom. This attracts a giant snake and a group of small snakes. 10 rounds in, a couple of large spiders make their move from the ruined tower. Round 20, most of the little snakes are dead and the big one has taken a hexblade (PC) and left combat. One spider dies and the other has another hexblade back to the top of the ruined tower. That hexblade, on his what could be his last turn, kills the Spider, and saves against Dazed (after 10 rounds). He fails to climb down and dies.

Advanced Party - Session 15
Return to the Earth Room. Do a dance with the Elementals. Back to level 2. Owlbear. Troll caretaker. Troll leader. Troll Soldiers. Hydra. Take on a group of Bugbears. Fight against some Human soldiers. Find a randomly movable object that connects to the Fire Room. End up in a Major Fight against the Priests. Party flees.

Party 4.0 - Session 3
The party returns to Hommlet. Bury the hexblade that fell off the tower. Recruit another hexblade. Gather some other stuff and head back to the moathouse. Taking some time to view the surroundings, PCs notice a small spider on top of the ruined tower. The NPC cleric throws a rock at it. Miss. Spider shoots a web, catches the guy and drags him 20 ft to the tower before the party succeeds in freeing him. Spider does a little taunt on the tower.

Squiik - AP PC Spider (webs)

Party finds the snakes in one wing, lizards in another wing, and bandits in the Center Room. Massive fight breaks out, resulting in the snakes coming from one side and the bandits from another. A stirge joins the fight. Party decides to run. Splits in two. One group heads to through the front door and finds the main entrance webbed. The other heads to the kitchen and finds the window boarded up.
Moving a large object in front of the door, they focus on the window. Takes them a bit to remove the boards. Once out, the party gathers in the courtyard before exiting the structure. The Spider is doing cartwheels on the tower. The NPC cleric uses foul language at the Spider. The Spider uses another set of foul language at the cleric before attacking the party. Party ends up entangled in web.
Immediate decision is made to escape the moathouse ASAP. On the way out, a warlord insults the small spider. Gets strung up, 15 ft up the tower and dangled. The recruited hexblade makes a "you ain't much of a man up there" comment. A huge Spider stands from within the tower and replies "lets see you come up here if you're man enough". Hexblade runs.

Skree - AP PC Spider (jump)

NPC cleric apologizes and gets sent on an errand to get some fine wine. Warlord released. Party returns to Hommlet, recruit a couple low level NPC wizards, and come back. PC cleric constructs and places a 'new' bridge to easily cross the small river. Once inside, a Spellblade and a Ranger take a couple pitons and nail the Center Room shut. (double nat 20's to seal it)
They kill a couple Huge Snakes and the rest flee. They do not find the 'eaten' hexblade. They explore the dungeon level. A row of jail cells and an Ogre.

Advanced Party - Session 16
2nd Major fight against the Priests. Samurai (PC) and Lasher (PC ranger) captured. Flee Temple. Return with support. Find a randomly movable object that connects to the Water Room. Investigate a Triangle Area in the Corner. Fierce fight against Bugbears. Flee after Elmo (NPC ranger) and Heavy Arms (NPC ranger) go down.

Party 4.0 - Session 4
Party gets split. Return to the jail cells to find missing members along with a group of zombies. Thief dies. Resurrected by a passing Druid (AP PC) with ties to the Spiders. Find a secret corridor. Fight ghouls at the bottom. Warlord decides to investigate a random crypt. Gets trapped and separated. Party decides to abandon the PC once they determine there's nothing they can do.
Take on a giant crayfish at a pool of water. Nearly lose the thief again. Warlord figures out how to return to the Party. Encounter a group of Heavily Armed Men. With more backing them up.

Advanced Party - Session 17
Kobort goes on vacation. (left his CS at home along with the other NPCs) Return to the Triangle Area. Find no trace of the Bugbears. Return to the Earth Room. Do another dance. Check out the Fire Room. Check out the Wind Room. Investigate the randomly moving object in the Water Room. Major Fight in the Water Room. Effects Wizard lost. Party flees. Get job to deal with a group of adventurers in a local tomb.

Party 4.0 - Session 5
Party encounters the Gnolls. A 5-minute staring contest until the Hexblade decides to attack. After a fierce fight, they pay 100gp for their lives. The Hexblade decides to try diplomacy on the Heavily Armed Guards. Are told to report to the Temple. They head to the Church of Saint Cuthbert and do a number of small tasks.
They go back in and find a group of Bugbears. Give livestock for their lives. Head back to Hommlet.
Head to Nulb for better opportunities. Get in trouble at the Waterside Inn. Wat, Waterside Inn bartender, tells them to clear out the Boatman's Tavern to prove worth.

Advanced Party - Session 18
Party clears the random Adventurer's sidequest. Cursed items abound. Kobort returns with 3 other NPCs (Princess, Juffer, and Kanor). Head back into the Temple and clear out the remaining areas. Attempts the Water Room again.
2nd Major Fight in the Water Room. Near TPK. Squiik (little one) drags Skree (big one) out, then Kobort out, then the Druid (PC). Princess (NPC), Chuck (PC fighter), and Ozzy (PC wizard) are captured. Party gets a job from the Waterside Tavern to deal with a random dungeon suspected to be a bandit hideout. Find a celestial being living in a 10x20 ft room. Fight an Ice Demon. Kobort dies for the first time. Resurrected by the Celestial Being.

Party 4.0 - Session 6
The party sets out to burn the Boatman's Tavern to the ground. Squiik says no. Party sets a trap off to the side. Encounter goes off map. A couple of NPCs seems different as one strikes a wizard from afar and lots of damage. Another gets close and trips the front line. Party flees. Wizard dies killing a bear.
Party goes on a croc hunt for some extra XP.

Heavy Arms - AP PC ranger (archery)
Lasher - AP PC ranger (whips)

Advanced Party - Session 19
Party finishes up the dungeon. Find a book of Strength. Kobort exits party to read. Party recruited to raid an Elven outpost that has been taken over by a group of bandits before an Elven contigent arrives to reclaim it. They take a bunch of 'raw' recruits (including a 3rd Spider) and clear the top level.

Party 4.0 - Session 7
Party regroups after their fishing trip. New assault against the Boatman's Tavern. Warlock makes sure that the previous two guys aren't at the Tavern, just in case. 3 'new' guys there.

Korgoth - AP PC barbarian
Furnok - NPC rogue
Spugnoir - NPC wizard

Korgoth comes out strong and knocks the party around a lot. Furnok makes it to the front line before killing the patron and Spugnoir teleports the Warlord into a group of boxes surround a shadow that was placed there due to the Hexblade. A Spider shows up and webs the boxes together. Party survives due to this 'betrayal'.

Advanced Party - Session 20
Journey into the dungeon level of the Elven Fotress. Tine (PC rogue) and Squish'ms (PC spider) are killed. Find lots and lots of random magical items. Finish the Dungeon.
Party decides to take on the Water Room one more time. 12 person party (2 players). 3 NPCS. 6 characters per player. 3 round combat.
20 Rounds later, the Party makes it the Fire Room with their buffs still up. 3 Round Combat. 3 go down before clearing the room. Kanor (NPC barbarian), the Druid (PC), and Epyon (PC fighter).
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well- if you're ever looking to either add another 3.5 player to a skype game or start another skype game with this campaign, you're piqued my interest and you have my Skype (Gem0Knight [though I should show as Doom of the Destiny at the moment])
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Jun Valson
well- if you're ever looking to either add another 3.5 player to a skype game or start another skype game with this campaign, you're piqued my interest and you have my Skype (Gem0Knight [though I should show as Doom of the Destiny at the moment])

I am looking to start to start a new skype game soon. Been discussing this with Tralk for a while.
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So yeah the Spiders...

Back Story
Thats the Main Spider. Skree. Built to Jump like a Mile. Gets this ring that makes him 'stop' growing. Started out as a Tiny Spider. Then 'grew' to Huge. Ring kept him at Medium. As got 'cursed' with a ring that allowed him to speak Common. Campaign few through after a few months when the DM disappeared. I got bored so I started my own.

Party 1
Skree joins with a Samurai (i think). During the Armed Guard fight in the Moathouse, he builds a few web traps. Does a lot with the Main Party. Gains a sidekick, Squiik, during his time in Dungeon Level 2. 2nd Major Water Room Fight. Looks like a TPK. Squiik, being there as a XP leech, drags Skree out of the Dungeon, then goes back and drags Kobort out of the Dungeon, then returns yet again for another person, the Druid. There were 3 others with them but these were the only ones he 'found' in the Water Room. Gained a level for that.
Squiik's Purpose: Webs
Fast forward a bit, and the party has cleared Dungeon Level Two. A new spider, Squish'ms, joins. More of a brute/biter. Random sidequest. He sees a guard. Party needs to lure them into a building. He jumps on a window and does a face sucker impression. Guard doesn't move. Leaps off and 'plays' in a puddle of blood (of other guards killed). Leaps back onto the glass and slides down. Party does a "OMFG!!" as does the guards and they run in. Later in the same place in an underground dungeon. Squish'ms, has a one-on-one fight with a random guard that lasts about 7 rounds. These two went toe-to-toe just taking swings at one another.

Party 4.0
Party sees a small spider watching them from afar on a ruined tower that they recently cleared in the previous encounter. A Cleric throws a rock at it. It misses. The Spider webs the cleric and drags him about 20ft before his party frees him. Later, in the next encounter, he (Squiik, though this was actually Skree's doing) webs the entire entrance which proves to be a problem when the party has to make a hasty escape. On the way out, the Cleric directs some harsh language at the small spider only to have it reply back in a similar fashion.
Party immediately tries diplomacy with the Spider. Only to have it fail. A Warlord ends up 10ft in the air. A Warlock runs for his life when he finds out there's a bigger (Skree, the Huge Spider) one thats been 'sleeping' in the tower ruins. Party is sent for wine. Cleric buys and delivers said item to the Spiders. Later Skree is seen inside the Moathouse, after he creates a few cocoons out of some Lizards, after the Party deals with a group of Giant Snakes.
Down in the Moathouse Dungeons, the Party ends up with a few missing members and have to deal with a group of undead zombies. Members were kidnapped by the Spiders and used as bait to get the Party to deal with the zombies. Also of note, it took the Party about 5 minutes to realize that said members were missing in the first place. Later, the party decides to do a few prayers to random gods in order to figure out what to do next. The Warlock prays to the Raven Queen and gets bitten hard by one of the Squiik. It was like 30+ damage with 50 Ongoing Poison.
After some quick emergency treatment to said Warlock, the party is 'hired' by the Spider to help 'deal' with the Temple of Elemental Evil. They get sent to Nulb to find a base of operations. In Nulb, they get a job to deal with the Boatman's Tavern. Initial plan is to burn the place down. Squiik disagrees and the party begins combat. In the encounter the party is defeated and runs away. A Spellblade (being the last one out) yells wildly for the Spider to help. A Medium-sized Spider shows up and talks to a few NPCs as the party runs blindly into the night. They lose a man during this flight.
In the next attempt at the Boatman's Tavern, the same Medium-sized spider shows up after a group of NPCs turns traitor on the residents of the warehouse. He kills a few NPCs. Then webs a series of barrels that have been used to seal a shadow (that the PC Warlock created) when the Warlord gets teleported inside by a NPC wizard.
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Been about a month or so since the last gathering. Couldn't be available to DM. Then players weren't able to show due to work, social responsibilities, etc.

ToEE v4.0 - Session 8
Off the 7 initial players, 3 showed up. 1 had moved away. 1 had work. 1 was doing who knows what. 1 had joined another game. Then one of the Advanced Party showed up so we began.
Party gathers inside the spider's "newly acquired" base of operations. Meanwhile another spider (the one that was in combat), jumps into the barrels that he webbed and screams could be heard from within. Squiik (the spider) gives the party a run down of his basic plan and a brief history lesson. Tells them that the Cult of Elemental Evil stands in his way and to aid him in getting rid of them. While he's telling him this, a group of hardy adventurers arrive (basically the Advanced Party members) and a few are recognized being from Hommlet (Elmo and some randoms from the Inn) or from the randomly disappearing group at the Moathouse.
The spider informs the party that these men will be the main force of his plan and will be dealing with the more overt operations and that they (the party) will be dealing with the installations (ie bases of operations) of the Cult of Elemental Evil, namely the Moathouse and the Temple of Elemental Evil. The party is quite adamant to not return to the Moathouse and elects to defeat the forces within the Temple of Elemental Evil. Upon exiting the building, they notice that the spider had killed the warlord, dragged his body to the front and made a nest out his remains. Covered in blood, he jumped onto the side of the building leaving a huge blood stain in the shape of his body.
At the main door, they find themselves basically stumped as they bash against it for a good hour trying to get it open. Then their hired hand (the advanced party member) does a simple, "I go around the building to locate another entrance and finds a side door with a simple lock. He immediately breaks it open.
Party ventures downstairs and takes a bunch of lefts ending up in a locked room (again opened by the hired hand) that holds over a dozen naked prisoners (only 2 being female). As they begin to free the prisoners they get ambushed by a group of Ghouls (who heard the door being forcibly opened). Party fights and gets most of the ghouls before one escapes and gathers reinforcements. The party is able to exit the prisoner room and engage the new group. Halfway done with this group, a couple of ghasts are brought into the melee, only to be stopped by random tentacles. They circle around and find most of the ghouls dead and are held back by a shadow. A new group of ghasts joins in and does a pincer movement after the tentacles disappear while the previous group escapes the grasps of the shadow.
The Crew exits through a 3rd door in this endeavor. Seals it with Pitons (being adept at this from the Moathouse) and runs as fast as they can. Two ghasts try to break the door down while the other two circle around. They catch the party in the middle (moved the ghasts slowly) and fight them. Out of everything except basic attacks the party barely makes it through and runs away.

I do enjoy how much I am able to make these 4.0 PCs run.
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Advanced Party - Session 21

Been a problem getting the 2nd player until last week. Then suddenly I have four players. Leader of the 4.0 group joins as well as another friend who's been looking to game. A rogue is built with the hope to make it to level 2 (the other two died in their first fights) and a wizard joins. Both are reequipped by the party to 'handle' a bit more than usual.
Party gets acquainted with their new members and head back into the Temple of Elemental Evil. Party at this time consists of:

Treehugger (official party head - elf druid) + 2 bears
Bullseye (archery ranger)
Epion (whip fighter)
Squish'ms (3rd spider)
Rogue (hiding)
Korbort (tank/dps fighter/barbarian/frenzy)

Heading down to level 3 of the Temple, they come across a Lamia tending a garden of fungi. Korbort immediately gets enspelled. Party gets a bit confused in the fight. Kill the Lamia and continue forward.
Come to a room with nine statues of different monsters. Destroy three of them and take their items. One explodes in the rogues face. Another is put on the spider, instantly killing him and being cursed onto his body. The third is stored. Party returns to town to refresh their numbers.

Treehugger + 2 bears

Next room is empty but filled with spider webs. Old webs and empty. They enter a triangle room and hit the first door on the left. Find two orcs. Engage. 6 orcs exit the first door on the right (on their way to patrol). Ogre exits another door a turn later. A Hill Giant (with a pet) a turn after that. New guys spend their time on the ground.
Skree delays the Hill Giant. Ogre's continue to come out of the same door (one per turn). Much of the team is hurt before felling the giants. Skree lost about 350+ hp. Wizard died. Rogue got pushed around on the floor, a lot. Walk away with some loot and lots of xp (rogue makes it to level 4).

Advanced Party - Session 22

Times are worked out and we begin. Two additional players join and we're at 5 players (friend from last week being the late 6th player). A bit of time is spent creating new characters and figuring things out.

Treehugger [lv11] (bears lost in previous fight)
Bullseye [lv9]
Epion [lv6]
Skree [lv10]
Shaman [lv1] (human) + rhino
Sir Juffer [lv9] (elf ranger/cleric)
Kurt [lv5] (human cleric)
Rogue [lv4]
Witch [lv1]

Explore rooms from previous fight. Find nothing of interest. Find a stairwell leading down. Enter an area with bright light from a sky like setting. Couple of humans being attacked by foxes, jackals and giant rats. Humans on a raised platform (10ft) that keeps the beasts away, for the most part. Several harpies on ledges (15ft) enjoying the scene. Party goes to aid the humans.
Skree leaps at one and being gnawing on its head. Rogue tries to be dashing and hits one of the creatures. Then several of the party members fall asleep.
Rogue is grabbed and tossed behind the creatures. Epion falls asleep and is dealt the same way. Wizard shows up and goes forward in the air, then falls asleep and falls. He gets tossed backwards by Treehugger (in bear form) and lands on a rhino who tosses him further back. Shaman is woken up and immediately casts obscuring mist. Then does it again further into the room.
Skree deals with one harpy and the others flee. Attempt to take wizard in the back, bleeding to death. Skree grabs the wizard. Secures him to himself and then gets a harpy. Others retreat back into the room and grab the humans and try to leave. Treehugger gets ahold of one of them. One makes it out of the room and down a hallway before being stopped by Skree.
Meanwhile, the creatures who can't see past the Mist, attack the sleeping and helpless guys they tossed behind them. The others surge forward and dispatch them. Treehugger pins the harpy to the rock and gets hit by the human beside her for more than half her health. Drops off the ledge. Skree kills the harpy he has grabbed and the human it had explodes, dropping the wizard to -8 health (again) and harming a few of the clerics in the process. The last harpy in the room is killed and the other human fades away.
The fourth harpy heads in an opposite direction from the spider and disappears in a room full of statues. The spider can't find her and returns to party.
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Advanced Party - Session 23

Party returns to home base. Collects a few new members. Skree heads off to Shasta with Treehugger to find a cure for Squish'ms and to locate a few more weapon makers. Party:

Witch (Beatrice)
Rogue (Winchester)
Ranger (Bullseye)
Paladin (Subzero)
Fighter (Epion)
Cleric (----)
---- (Tine)

Head back down to level 3 of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Find a sunken area made with polished brass. Go a different direction. Find an Ettin waiting for them. He swings and bloodies a few members. Takes out the Rogue. Enter Wizard (Jace).

Open one of four closed/locked doors. Find a prisoner room. Kill prisoners. Paladin dies between two ogre's who want to be free. Find another room full of prisoners. let them go.

Open another door. Find a dining room full of stuff untouched. Proceed further. Find a large room full of skeletons holding items. Locate one magical item. Take it. Set off alarm. 2 dozen shadows dart into the room and enfeeble Bullseye. Wizard summons Fire Elemental. Fire Elemental Dies. Party exits large room. Cleric sets up a Circle of Protection from Chaos. Bullseye dies above it and floats into the dining room. Epion gets trapped and killed by shadows. Jace grabs and takes Bullseye out of the room. Bullseye transforms into a Shadow. Nearly kills Jace (1 str). Cleric turns the Shadow.

Party gets to the top and Jace decides to make the journey back alone. Several large Crows decide to follow the prey. Cleric kills one making a few turn back. Birds kill and take the wizard back into the Temple. Cleric kills the bird carrying the wizard and a few giant Owls show up with some glowing lights and a blacksmith (Nulb). They take the dead bodies and everyone returns to town.

Party lacking high levels (for the time), decide to seek a new venture. Acquire a job from the Druid in Hommlet. Recover and destroy an artifact taken from the Temple of Elemental Evil. Party goes to the Waterside Tavern and tries to find info. One talks about the Herb Shop down a ways that has magical orbs. Old lady at the counter directs party to the Canoness Y'Dey of the Church of Saint Cuthbert in Hommlet. They get a weather forecast and return to the Tavern. The bartender informs them that an emissary from the Temple of Elemental Evil has arrived and is heading North towards Iuz. Ambush is planned and carried out.

Barbarian (Korgoth)
Paladin (Subzero)
Wizard (----)
Monk/Fighter (Natsu)
Fighter (----)
Cleric (Kyle)

Couple of Fireballs. Korgoth kills half of remainder. Couple Archers and a Gnome (who survived two fireballs while asleep) escape.
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Original Player

9,950 Points
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  • Wall Street 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Advanced Party - Session 24

Picked up the Legend of Drizzt board game from my local shop along with the new 4.0 book Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue for the new Encounters season. Played a game with 3 other players while waiting for the 4th.

Using the Tiles/Mini's provided by the board game, a random dungeon is created and the party ventures forward.

Subzero (Paladin) lv5
Bruce (Monk) lv4
Pack (Fighter) lv1
Humphrey (Fighter) lv3
Beatrice (Witch) lv3
Winchester (Rogue) lv4
Brock (Fighter) lv3

Party gets info about a random cave with stuff inside. Volcano vents inside present a problem to the group as they get pinged for 1d4 damage every so often. Goblins/Drow inhabit the area.

Party encounters a Hypnotic Spirit on both ends of the tunnel. Then a Water Elemental. Then a random small dinosaur. A drow shows up and searches for something while being stealthy. Paladin catches the aura and pursues. Several more drow and some goblins show up. Party gets bloodied and decides to try to escape (as do the remaining drow and goblin).

Natsu (Fighter) lv3 joins

Second Trip down (after a stay at the base), proves more successful. A water elemental attacks at water bridge crossing. Some goblins get destroyed at an advanced guard post. A drow wizard gets a few PCs with a slow spell. Party proceeds through a 100ft corridor. Lots of goblins show up as does a drow duelist. The group eventually gets the upper hand and defeat the wizard and his minions. Humphrey succeeds in a bull rush against the duelist in order to push him into a volcanic vent.
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Original Player

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  • Wall Street 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Advanced Party - Session 25

New Day / New Time / New Location

Main party leader (guy who's been in the game since session 1) got a new job so I had to change a few things around after Labor Day weekend. Due to school, a player dropped out.

Session goes as previous with numerous low levels fighting in a random dungeon against goblins and drow using the Dungeon Tiles from the board game and my own painted mini's.

ToEE v4.0 - Session 9

Two members show up and a couple other randoms join in. The Moathouse is attempted again. This time with a measure of success. The Gnolls demand the head of the New Master for their departure and the Party agrees.

Elven Ranger (archery?)
Human Cleric (templar)
Goblin Rogue (thief)
Human Fighter (weaponmaster)

Party fights its way into the horde of troops and though bloodied by the battle, win the day proper.

Advanced Party - Session 26

Rinse / Repeat with a group of low levels grinding towards being able to make it through the Temple.

Advanced Party - Session 27

Same as before. Except that a couple of kids are invited to play. One seems to have ADD and can't keep into the game. One is confused and disorderly. The last simply doesn't know how to effectively play his PC but keeps to it.

ToEE v4.0 - Session 10

The Elven Ranger and the Human Cleric show up along with a new Sorcerer and a Warlord. They present the Gnolls with the head of the New Master, collect some items from the battle and proceed to fight against the last inhabitants of the Moathouse, Bugbears. A long fight later, they emerge victorious.

Advanced Party - Session 28

The kid who doesn't know how to play a rogue properly is invited back to the campaign. Player 2 from session 1 is back in town (military) and joins in. Party considers going down into the Temple to finish the 3rd level but decide to keep at the grinding. Party is able to make it past the first encounter (which had always caused them to return) and finish a second before I have to leave.

Sidenote: The Spiders have begun to fund the building of their own castle.
so much death xD
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Original Player

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  • Wall Street 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Advanced Party Session 29 & 30

Use the Legend of Drizzt's tiles to construct a random dungeon. PC's play in it for a while.

Advanced Party Sessions 31

Bring out a 'new' dungeon for the PCs to play around in. Basically its a temple like structure. The Grand Entrance to the place is guarded by a group of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears. The initial encounter proves too much. Two tries at it.

Squish'ms (3rd spider) gets an overhaul as i break out the 'new' spider template.

Advanced Party Sessions 32

PCs continue to try to make it past the Grand Entrance of the temple. Still proves too much for the PCs.

Errow (4th Spider) is introduced using a 'new' spider class: Spiderlord (my homebrew)

Advanced Party Sessions 33

A 4th Player shows up (from the 4.0 group) and another attempt is made to get past the Grand Entrance.

Advanced Party Sessions 34

5 Players, 6 PCs.

Bullseye (lv 6 Archer: Original Player)
Scorpion (lv 5 Figher: Original Player)
Kobort (lv 12 Fighter: NPC played by the other Original Player - left his character sheet with a player who didn't show)
Kanor (lv 6 Fighter: NPC played by the kid - left his character sheet at home)
Carnille (lv 2 Paladin: played by a guy who joined up about 3 months ago)
Zander (lv 1 Wizard: played by the new guy to the group)

Journey back down into the Temple of Elemental Evil. Bullseye leads the party to find his missing friend, Epion. The shadows prove beyond the party's ability and they flee. Scorpion is saved by Kobort after he dies to the shadows. A shadow grows out him as well.

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