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Ok I so had to do this.

Ok This is a place to talk about the upcomming paizos D20 OGL Game called Pathfinder. Loosely based on D20 D&D using their open gaming license.

From my first look it seems like a pretty interesting system. They changed around races slightly and are working on classes. They are currently in Alpha testing.

You can find the alpha version of the book Here

Come talk about how it plays out and what you think of changes and what might need to be changed.
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Gaia Table-Top sub-forum thread dedicated to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

was released Thursday August 13, 2009 and was sold out days before it actually hit shelves. As Paizo put it in their advertisement — 3.5 Survives 3.5 Thrives! Fully based on the 3.5 Open Gaming License, Paizo continues to contribute to Open Content. The whopping 576 page book contains everything you need to get playing the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from the start*. Unlike most major roleplaying game products the digital PDF is small fraction of the hard copy's cost and makes a nice supplementary reference book for primarily digital gaming groups.

*This does not include monster entires found in the Pathfinder Bestiary. However it is possible to play the game based solely around PC and NPCs created from the standard player races presented in the Core Book without any truly monstrous creatures.

Paizo has gone above and beyond with the quality support for this product. Available on their website are variety of resources and extras that make it an even sweeter deal. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Resource Page is your one stop spot for all the goodies. Not least of which is the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document which incorporates all of the core rules for future development under the OGL, along with many supplement products. The only thing the PFRD lacks is all of the stunning contextual fantasy artwork that you will be missing if you don't at least pick up a digital PDF copy of the Core Rulebook.

Come on in and join the discussion here or on Paizo's own board (preferably here wink ). Don't be shy, you're only one click away from the rules we all know. Just jump to the last page in this thread and maybe back track a bit to pick up the current rambling discussion, or post your own questions if you have them. Also don't forget to click the User Image Button at the bottom of the page so you never lose track of this thread. biggrin

If You Are New to User Image

And roleplaying in general, the Beginner Box Set (October 26, 2011) is a great place to begin. Don't take my word for it. Take Erik Mona's, Publisher at Paizo.

If getting the hardcopy box is too much, consider the $10 USD PDF copy that are also available. We welcome any question you have.

If even that's too much for you right now, we can begin at the beginning:

1.) Start by downloading the Hero's Handbook four-page preview. This will give you the most basic information on the game is played. Become familiar with the vocabulary. (available on the Beginner Box product page.)

2.) Download a Blank Character Sheet (available on the Resources page.)

3.) Read the Getting Started section of the Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD). I suggest writing down the steps for Generating a Character as you will need to refer back to these during the process.

4.) Your first attempt at a character should be a Human Fighter. This will let you experience many of the most basic character creation decisions without having to deal with other sub-systems.
___4a.) Roll your 4d6 as outlined in Hero's Handbook preview, placing your highest score into Strength, second highest scores into Dexterity or Constitution.
___4b.) Add 2 to your character's Strength for being Human.
___4c.) Use the table 5B in Hero's Handbook preview to calculate your Ability Score Modifiers
___4d.) Go to the Fighter class entry and look at the 1st level column. Find the Base Attack Bonus (BAB), Fort, Ref, and Will Saves. Write those numbers down in the appropriate boxes on your character sheet.
___4e.) Follow the formulas on the character sheet to calculate the total. Be sure to include the appropriate Ability Score Modifier.
___4f.) Read the Using Skills section. Your Human Fighter has a number of Skill Ranks equal to 2 + Intelligence Modifier + 1 for being human. Do not worry about the Favored Class bonus. Pick a number of Fighter Class Skills equal to the number of ranks you have.
___4g.) Read the Feats section. You may now pick 1 feat which you get for being 1st level, 1 bonus feat for being Human, and 1 bonus Combat Feat for being a 1st level Fighter. A total of 3 Feats you can pick. Please keep the Perquisites in mind. Here are two lists of example Fighters, Melee (Sword and Shield Fighter, Two-Handed Fighter)

5.) If you get stuck do not hesitate to ask questions.

For 3.5 D&D Veterans

Begin by downloading and reading the 3.5 Conversion Guide. This will be your quickest way to get caught up on the changes Paizo has made between the 3.5 rules and Pathfinder. Paizo has updated most of the core 3.5 excluding Epic, Psionic, Divine rules you'd find in the SRD. Currently there are no plans to revise any of these rules in the near future.

Psionics was revised by a 3rd party well know for the dedication to 3.5 Expanded Psioncis rules. Dreamscarred Press has published Psionics Unleashed and will soon add Psionics Expanded to add support for options similar to those found in Paizo's Advanced Player's Guide. DSP's books and PDFs can also be found at Paizo's Store if that's simpler to view.


Additional Resources

This section contains a link list to various sites and resources you may find useful in playing and running Pathfinder.

d20pfsrd.com is 3rd party maintained site updated by dedicated folks who have been using the Open Gaming License to reprint rules from Paizo's supplement products. If you're broke or a just a natural freeloader this site is for you. Even if you have the original content it is handy to find it all in one spot. It also contains many additional resources of its own, including a GoogleSites template for organizing a campaign and GoogleDocs based autofilling Character Sheet (New Play Aid).

Pathfinder Wikia.com contains basic setting overview information for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. A handy guide for those who are unsure of difference between Paizo's setting and their RPG of a similar name.


PFRPG Play Tests

This section contains links to currently ongoing play test documents being offered by Paizo. I will try to keep this section up to date. Play test links will be removed as the books they are related to are published.

Advanced Races
- Blog Post
- Custom Race Rules
- Testing Message Board
I'll say that I think the Wayne Reynolds art is awesome. Of course, I think all Wayne Reynolds art is awesome and he's hardly exclusive.
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Very true. However I find an interesting contrast between that early 4e PHB fighter lady (with the fleshy gaps) and the character art for the Paladin Seelah (seen above). Even with a shared artists there is a noticeable difference between 4es style and Pathfinders. True 4e has no gone with a hulking flesh exposed Dragonborn and the typical lightly dressed Wizard (even Pathfinder has one) but art sets the tone for a game, and Pathfinder as some good artwork.
yeah, not a huge fan of the cleavage armor

I mean on some level I am, but . . .yeah
hehe my thread is catching on. And thanks for the banner brasten. Also where can i look into more of the art i really like his style so far.
Most 3e books are full of it. Specifically all the 3.0 class books were exclusively WAR art, and a lot of the redone pictures in the 3.5 MM were also Wayne Reynolds. He does the cover for every Eberron book, and the covers for the core 4e books.
Nice. I like that style. biggrin
His real strength is dynamic poses, which makes it perfect for Eberron covers.
yeah i like those covers just could never get an ebberon game going. Then all my friends refused to play D&D
Thoughts on the Pathfinder skills?

I like how related skills have been grouped but some of the groupings seem a little off.

Sense Motive should not be a part of Deception. I was thinking it should be part of Perception maybe (picking up on something thats not right). As stated before, Open Lock (and maybe use rope) should be part of disable device. I'd like to see Knowledge: Religion be a free skill for Clerics, Spellcraft be free for Wizards, Knowledge: Nature free for Druids, and so on. Its something that is an integral part of their respective classes and a player should not be forced to burn a skill selection on it from the start to do something that the class was designed to do.
Yeah a lot of the skill groupings didnt make much sense. Yeah its a nice idea but it just doesn't work.
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Some thought (keeping skill points) on changing the classes skill allotments by level.
No x4 at 1st level.

Also since examples are important I'm starting to put together some example level builds, from 1st to 20th. This is the same format I've been using to Mix/Max in 3e for several years now. The first one I'm doing is "Crazy Human" a Cleric/Fighter/Rogue/Wizard/Arcane Trickster/Eldritch Knight/Mystic Theurge.


It'll update as I add to it. But now I need to get the Pathfinder game going over at Rustmonster.net
Who else is playtesting?

What HP method are you using?
What Level Characters?
What kind of Characters are in the group?
Is it fun? (for you)
What do you think of the new Domain Powers and Specialization Powers?

Lets get some talk going on!
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I'm planing on doing some playtesting in a few months, but all of my groups have just started new campaigns in systems we've been looking forward to playing for months in the last few weeks. Also, since I'm the designated D&D DM, and I'm fraking burned out on DMing at the moment, I need some time to recover. Maybe when part two hits I'll be ready again. Maybe.

However, just from observations, I'm really liking the new turning rules. I'm on the fence about the new fighter features. Anyone have any feedback on that yet?

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