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i thought id bring up the conversation for the best cards in draft and sealed. commons uncommons rares and mythics.
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In current or past?
i meant with avacyn restored. mrgreen
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Jitte. It'd be the best card in majority of draft formats
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Bombs, removal evasion, advantage, dirt.
i've always refused to look at spoilers for sets until i've at least seen them first hand at the pre-release, so i can't say specific cards for the upcoming hellvault, but...
i'll be looking for removal, cheap flyers, wipes, and win-cons, as usual.
i can't freaking wait.
any specific cards in particular if you have seen them ?
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Honestly, if you are asking this question, you won't win whatever draft it is you are going to.
i wasnt asking for my own personal gain. i will figure it out after i play around with the cards. i was just wondering what everyones elses opinions were.
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The 3/3 human for ww2 with vigilance is total win if you're white. He is a bomb, spot removal is hard to come by. Black is kinda super good.
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Removal is super shallow, Its there but the dumb bombs are insane. Decree of angels was a beating, X=2, (Miracled obv). 5/5 for 5 kitchen sink angel actually turns off a relevent number of cards. Play enough lands. Games drag out but if you miss land drops into your fatties you can get crushed. Flash wolf is really good at mugging dudes but really doesn't stack up to anything with flying well.
i think red blue humans is a pretty good deck to make in limited. especially with all the soulbound.
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I can say with full conviction that Nightshade Peddler is the #1 green common in the set for limited. He turns ALL of your creatures into removal in a format that is light on it.

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