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My brother loves this game. He has won almost every trophy unlocked all the secret stages and drove all of his sisters crazy with this game LOL. My favorite version of this game is the newest version for Gamecube, Super Smash Brothers Melee. My favorite character for the game is Zelda. I love the fact that you can play either Zelda or Skeik. Plus the mini games are kinda fun too biggrin
I'd prefer it if Zelda and Sheik were seperate characters...that way, they could both have decent Down+B moves. mad
i love this game, but, i dont like the tiers, it doesnt matter if its a high level tier or a low level tier character, as long as you are good with the character, then you make that char. good
My two personal favourite characters are Ganondorf And Link. Followed by Jigglypuff.
You can link Rest after an up or down throw (depending on damage), if you're quick enough and I think some normals can link into it, although that could be just SSB1. If you're fast enough, you can jump in and get them after a whiffed smash attack during their recovery time. Remember, rest is almost instantanious.

Remember, you can redirect rollout, and connect on little/no charge if you turn fast enough but I don't like using it as a move, and prefer to use normals. Rollout doesn't see much use with me though, because it has bad recovery and doesn't do much for you.

I have never tried using rest after my throws, mostly because I don't get many chances to use throws, and also on the fact that you have to be in the center of an opponent to use rest. The timing has to be perfect. Also on that smash attack idea, it would never work with my friends. They use L-canceling th thwart recovery and on a side note I don't get many chances to smash (mostly likely it would miss as my friends constantly use dodging, shielding, jumping etc.) Plus if I miss the rest (most likely because, once again, my friends are CONSTANTLY moving) it gives them a chance to do a charge attack, combo, or smash attack. The only time I use Rest is if I have Screw Ball (screw ball jump them then down b fast enouhg and it works), or if I'm over a part of a stage that can be destroyed (blocks in Mario's level, or blocks in kirby's level) you can down throw them then quickly press down B

Er, I'm sure L-Cancelling only effects aerial moves.
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Wowee, SSBM is freakin' popular. There's 11 pages... o_o But that's not exactly a suprise. Very nice game. Er, yeah. *smacks self for sounding like an idiot... again* Anyway, if you simply despise Pikachu in SSBM, then here's what you could do.

Start a Super Sudden Death match with three CPU Pikachus. I recommend you put them at 1 for the handicap, but whatever. I chose Roy as my character and went to Hyrule Temple. (The really big place, for those of you who don't know. stare ) Then, I started to whack them all over the place! They scream and they fly off into the distance and it's funny. Yet cruel. Although for me it was only fun for a little while...

Note: I don't promote animal (or Pokemon) cruelty. Pikachu just annoys the crap outta meh.

sweatdrop sweatdrop Sorry... about my random rambling.
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Super Smash Bros. Melee is definitely better than Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. my thumb would get sore from the Control stick, but it's fine in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


What's your favorite character to beat up in SSBM?
Not that I hate pokemon, just him.
Which is better: Super Smash Brothers or Super Smash Brothers Melee? I've only played SSBM, so I have no idea.
Is SSB/SSBM really a fighting game? Yes.
What's your favourite character? What character are you best with? How good are you? Sheik is my favourite, I'm best with him/her (have no idea which XD) and.. um.. I'm a little above average, I think.
What's the best unlockable character? Um... Marth.
What's your favourite special boss? Don't know..
What's your favourite stage? What's your favourite item? Favourite stage - Hyrulean Temple. Favourite item - Bobomb and Pokeball.
What characters should be in the next game? Which console should it be on? Um, all of the characters... And it should be on GameCube. n_n
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Which is better: Super Smash Brothers or Super Smash Brothers Melee? I'll have to say SSBM, because there's more of a variety in characters, and the graphics are better
Is SSB/SSBM really a fighting game? Yes.
What's your favourite character? Roy, Adult Link, Zelda
What character are you best with? Roy
How good are you? I'm pretty good. It's been a while since I last played it, so I might have lost some touch
What's the best unlockable character? ROY!!
What's your favourite special boss? Don't know
What's your favourite stage? Hyrule Temple and Venom
What's your favourite item? Poke Ball and the Home Run Bat
What characters should be in the next game?
If they do make a 3rd SSBM, I'll have to say Banjo-Kazooie, Wario, Twinrova, Mew, Vyse, Aika, and Ramirez
Which is better SSB or SSBM?: SSBM of course!
Is SSBM a Fighting Game?: Yes definately. most people just think of it as some kiddy game. But it actually can get very complex. Each and every cahracter is designed different. they all have different running speeds. some pick up items faster and some throw further. You have to know what attacks overrule others to win sometimes.

Who is your Favorite Character?: LINK...nuf said

Who are you the Best with?: LINK, Marth and Dr. Mario are my 2nd and 3rd. But i can play Very decent with all the characters.

How good are you?: I'm reallly good. I play with alot of people and i can play for 5 hours straight and never lose 1rst place. And these people are pretty good themselves. i have every move and design of links down pretty well. U'd have to be really good to beat me.

Whos the Best Unlocked Character?:

Whos your Favorite Special Boss?: Giga Bowser

Favorite Stage and Favorite Items: Hyrule and Final Destination Pwn all!

Who Should be in the Next Game and for what System?: i duno who should be in the next game, as long as link is there i will Pwn them all. but i do wish they had a secret Oni-Link costume, ya know like the one in majoras mask?

<img src="http://img77.photobucket.com/albums/v234/AlucardXI/onilinks.jpg">
I'd have to say the i think ssb melee is the better of the two.
Ithe graphics are better plus there are more characters to choose from.
My best character i would say is a tie between pickachu and D.K.
I like pickachu because hes fast and acrobatic, but D.K involves both starong and acrobatic. Iwould consider myesle a good player. i have been playing it since i bought it wich was when it came out. sweatdrop
I'd prefer it if Zelda and Sheik were seperate characters...that way, they could both have decent Down+B moves. mad

I would have preferred that Zelda/Shiek had two taunts. One normal taunt, and the other would be the transformation move.
Roy is the best!
To the person who talks about Jiggly Puff...forgot your name. One of the simple ways to get the sleep in is by tilt attacking upward, if the opponent is close, say for example: If you roll behind an opponent, and you tilt upward to attack, you can send the opponent in the air, this works on characters who have poor aerial recovery, or even average aerial recovery(it won't work on characters like Samus, Peach, Marth, and others who recover quickly) jump up and sleep, timing between characters is a must, because some may only require you to short hop, or baby hop into the sleep, it should be a guarantee sleep hit, even if the opponent tries to tilt, they can't get away.

However, this tatic should only be used at low percentages, say 0-25%, it's an almost guarantee kill. Even on a stage such as Final Destination, they will die from it. Sleep attacks can work in many different ways, the way to use the sleep attack, is to not just "use" it by itself, for by doing that, you will definetly be vulnerable, it is however not impossible, for I've experienced it first hand by Jiggly Puff players who has almost mastered the rest attack by itself, however if your timing is not mastered yet, learn to utilize it in combos. There are many ways to use it, go to www.smashboards.com and find a video on Jiggly, there should be some combos in there that involve rest combos with Jiggly, particularly one is on there DDC server, which has Tetsuya doing some very nasty combos and aerial combos into the rest.

As for me, my favorite characters in the original SSB was Ness, and Link, while in SSBM for the GC, it's Link*, Sheik, Marth, and Peach wink . I've been in tournies for this game...infact in alot of tournies for other fighting games already, great game, true this game is supposed to be a party game, but it can be a competetive fighting game.

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