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ninja Packers just got luckyy!
eff you guyss!!
Stealerrs all the way!!

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Football is just so pointless. OMG one set of sweaty men just got the ability to get on top of other sweaty men....... No thanks
l Got_Pocky I
RIP Hugging Master
l Got_Pocky I
RIP Hugging Master

Sure I've Been On Gaia For Four Years, My Brothers Shoes Are Worth More Than Your Whole Avi. & My Sister, So Shut The ******** Up. & No I Don't Only Add Poeple For Money, & Your A ******** Stalker Looking Up My Items & Saying I'm a Noob.

Okay, those better be some ******** bunny/chicky slippers b/c other slippers don't cost as much as me lol XD
Uh, 4 years and you're still going around calling people a noob and don't know what s**t cost?
okay then....
Uh, i can look at your items with out stalking you dude ~.~
It's a special feature that's been on gaia for the longest time....
Anyways, idc if they cost more than me lol XD
I'm not on here to look good, i'm here to make friends unlike you XD

Holy s**t, You Have No Life, Look How Long You Typed That. ^

Okay, Cool Dude, You Have A Special Feature, Big Whoopty Dee Doo. I Do Know What Stuff Cost, You Some Broke Back Ghetto a** Piece Of s**t Who Gets Internet Next Door From Your Neighbors, You Found You Computer & Acceesories In A Dumpster At Aarons.
Only took me like ten to 20 seconds lol XD
Not everyone types super slow like you XD
What if i did....
lol XD
lol XD

I Don't Type Slow Dipshit.

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