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I think it should have been LMFAO, those guys r beasts!
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It's going to be suck...................................BIG TIME.
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You'd think that someone like Madonna would have performed there a long time ago,when she was in her musical 'prime',per say. It feels just a little late now..
Oh,and LMFAO is going to be there as backup for Madonna,along with Cee Lo Green,M.I.A and Nicki Minaj. I don't care for any of them,but I figured you'd like to know.
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Hopefully no wardrobe malfunctions this year. rolleyes
Its going to be awful. Already heard the song shes performing.... And wow. stare
that sh#t was live!!!! razz razz razz razz razz
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I think she is going to do an amazing job!! If she masters the lip singing first
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I think it should have been LMFAO, those guys r beasts!
when you are in your fifties, that is when LMFAO will play superbowl half time.
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Its gonna suck having Madonna do the half-time show. They REALLY shouldve gotten someone else. stare
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cat_rolleyes It's just another one of dozens of excellent reasons why I never bothered giving a damn about the sport.
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Yeeeah...I don't think I'll be watching half time.
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She is great but someone else would be better....
I think they could have done better...
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She is a skeleton sad
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What song will she be using? Regardless, the halftime shows have sucked ever since the Americans got traumatized over a single accidentally exposed boob. cat_rolleyes The poor dearies won't ever recover from that horrible wardrobe malfunction.[/sarcasm] I like Madonna and I would laugh so hard if she did her original performance of "Like a Virgin" for the halftime show. XD

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