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The best Super bowl Commercial is the one with the yogurt. rofl
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I like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzCQdcilMuM emotion_awesome
Cheetahs aren't stupid
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i live in canada and i canada if u watch the superbowl u do not get to see the comercials
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Doritos - Man's Best Friend
Webpage Title
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Soggy Springrole
i live in canada and i canada if u watch the superbowl u do not get to see the comercials
omg sucks big time u wont get to see All the funny commerical D:
The M&M commercial!!! heart heart
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The one where the sandman trips and dumps his bag all over the dude, where he proceeds to dream about driving a fast car around a track...and the stadium is filled with bikini clad women mrgreen and, the guy who's riding a Rhino....I want to ride a Rhino!
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I loved that Cheetah,................... he was probably think'n "heck with that guy,.............. Oh,............................ well heeeeeyyyyyyyy there."
I love the M&M one, that was so hilarious!! rofl
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The Chevy Apocalypse heart
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I liked, The Voice commercial ...but you know what...

Just look here if you haven't seen any of them..or got up during them to do something...

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