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.....well, here's a win for me and anyone else who is a Papa John's Rewards member: we get free pizza because the coin toss came up heads! *does happy dance*

...you see, Papa John's has been doing a poll on Facebook for a month, and the consensus was heads. The deal was that if the coin toss tonight also came up heads, all Rewards members would get enough points for a free pizza. Now you see why I'm happy?

.....and someone go tell Jay Leno that he has to find some other way to predict the Super Bowl...... cat_xd
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ad for new NBC Sports network......
....and local ads.....
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Good Game! Whoo~! Now time to go eat the rest of the bean dip! Plus Papa Johns doesn't sound bad either right now. =w=
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Now that the show's over... we can put this thread in the can for another year.

Hope y'all enjoyed the commercials!

Wins (IMHO) : Pepsi, Coca-cola, Oinko yogurt, and the Samsung commercial.... that I remember.

Losers: Doritos, beer ads (mainly because I don't care for beer).

Have a nice night, y'all!
The dog and doritos commercial. HAHA
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best one was the M&M's commercial lol "oh so its that kinda party...~rips off coating, im sexy & i know it comes on~" lmfaooo priceless ^_^
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The Doritos one was good. Little twit got what he was asking for.
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...and it's a Coca-cola commerical with the Polar Bears!
followed by.......a truck commercial based on the Mayan calendar.

The polar bears were the cutest ever. I love polar bears. <3
I told my dad he needed to get a GMC now so he could live through the world ending. Twinkies last too! I lol'd that whole commercial. >.<
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The dog racing one was funny too. Frenchies don't run fast because they have short legs. XD
I thought the little boy kicking the football was funny too. They were making fun of the cannonball incident that happened when they decided to test it on the Mythbusters. Lol. Priceless.
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My Superbowl Winners:

Chevy - Apocalypse
Pepsi - Elton John
Kia - Mr. Sandman
MetLife - Cartoons
Honda - Ferris Beueller
Dannon - Greek Yogurt
The Voice - Kill Bill
Sketchers - Mr. Quiggly
VW - Star Wars
Dorritos - Missing Kitteh
Budweiser- End of Prohibition

My Superbowl Losers:

Go Daddy
Bud Light Platinum
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Clint Eastwood.

His voice, what he said... He could've been selling anything and I would want all of it.
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Vampires cool -- But both Doritos were great again this year!

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