Hi there,


Remember the adorable bunny and chick duo from the sneak peek last week? Course you do! Now here's your chance to get them-- that is, if you follow the instructions. smile

Between now throughout the end of April, we will be holding a Pip vs. Hopsy Feed-a-thon!
Both the young chick and bunny have tremendous appetites and we need help feeding them!
Careful, though, they grow quite attached to their owners and are likely to stick around town for a very long time.

Trade in as many wheat (for Pip) or carrots (for Hopsy) or both (for Pip and Hopsy) as you can!
The 10 individuals who donate the most carrots and the most wheat will receive additional prizes!

Here’s how you can donate:
1) Harvest (or buy) 1000+ wheat or 250+ carrots.
2) Post your donations on the Fan Page HERE:example: “1025 wheat” or “302 carrots”
3) Wait for someone very cute to appear.

MINIMUM required donation for ...
Pip: 1000 wheat
Hopsy: 250 carrots

Event ends on April 30, 2012 Pacific Time. Must possess the minimum crops in the Storage and post in this message to unlock Pip or Hopsy. Individuals may make multiple donation posts. A maximum of one Pip and one Hopsy per user.

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Send us a private message by using the [MESSAGE] button on the Fan Page HERE