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Who would you marry?

Tom 0.27450980392157 27.5% [ 14 ]
Lena 0.07843137254902 7.8% [ 4 ]
Sophie 0.07843137254902 7.8% [ 4 ]
Wylie 0.098039215686275 9.8% [ 5 ]
Joanne 0.019607843137255 2.0% [ 1 ]
Rich 0.15686274509804 15.7% [ 8 ]
Other 0.03921568627451 3.9% [ 2 ]
I'd date them all 0.25490196078431 25.5% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 51 ]
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Handsome Shounen

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So, one thing I happen to like about this game is that the art is pretty nice. Actually, if there was a dating option, the dating choices in this game are much better than what's normally in any Harvest Moon game (especially the guys... why does Harvest Moon suck at making guy characters?).

*cough* Anyway, that being said... I'd probably go for Tom. Shy and quiet guys are the best. emotion_kirakira
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Angelic Kitten

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Wylie is pretty cute, I'd probably go after him 3nodding
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Elden for sure. <3 He's so quirky. And good at DIY stuff...and I'm terrible at those sorta "use your hands to make something" projects, ehehehe...
Pikameu's avatar

Romantic Fatcat

I haven't gotten far, but Tom so far. >v<
I LOVE Harvest Moon and the game totally reminds me of it!
Elden emotion_drool
That guy it's just redface you know
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fudaykjnura7's Husband

Kawaii Loverboy

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rich, probably~
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Newbie Explorer


No, uh, I haven't gotten that far yet.
So out of the three guys I do have, excluding Buzz, probably Wylie.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
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Rosie would be nice...but...something is wrong with her,I just don't know where.
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I would marry Tom heart he has no one to love at this point and he is so sweet it is sad yet adorable XD I love him!
Tom for sure heart I love the shy types smile
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In a relationship with a harem full of bishounen

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Tom, he's very cute. Might find someone else later on though, since I'm not too far into the game.

ELDEN. Oh my god! Marry me! emotion_kirakira
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Friendly Sex Symbol

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I haven't met everyone quite yet... but Lena and Sophie are both kind of cute emotion_kirakira
Kovva's avatar

Hot Nerd

probably wylie except every time i say his name i feel like a four-year-old trying to pronounce "Riley". worst name ever.
I'd pick Lena. She's cute and I like her outfit. I always find it hard in dating sims where you can be either gender to play as the girl and choose a guy. I grew up on Harvest Moon 64 and upwards, and wasn't one for Gameboy, so I got used to only picking girls. Now I just find girls more attractive in general! heart
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Ruthless Lover

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from the boys, absolutely Elden <3! and I'm seriously hoping they'll release some "fan-service" or just some different pictures of the guys...

out of the girls is kinda of hard since all of them are cute (e& Sophie smokin' hot) but no one really ....I dunno.

and I'm officially going to ship Elden&Olga right now. biggrin

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