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Oddly, I have claimed no rewards ofr over the past 48 hours, and I have not played Summer Springs for over the past 48 hours, and it won't let me have the free bike, it says I reached my reward limit, I am somewhat angry.
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Grab a Sweet Blue Bicycle by clicking below:
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Link expires 5/18/2012 @ 11:59PM Pacific Time.


Hi Gaia!

Please read and check the expiration date of ALL links on the FB fan page or here on Gaia smile

As of June 6th, the links shared through the game expire after 24 hours but are available to an unlimited number of individuals -- however, each individual is only able to claim 60 rewards.

Hope this helps!

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Play the game!: http://playsummersprings.com/
Visit the fan page!: http://www.facebook.com/SummerSpringsFans
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I'm kind of outraged by this, I can't even get the stupid bike. I'm a new player to the game and I find it rather appalling that this limit was implemented. Why can't you do what you set out to do to begin with, unlimited clicks for 24 hours. Did you even sop to think how this might make NEW players fell? Quite frankly most of us can't be online 24/7 just to get a LIMITED giveaway that will only last for 5, 10 minutes tops. Totally makes me not want to play this super fun game. =w=
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Your blue bicycle link doesn't work. :C
But thanks for the update. <3 I hope that the message center gets all the bugs worked out and that things can be resolved soon.
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Oh whoops, the bike expired a long time ago, I thought it said June 18th, sorry xD
My qusteion is wil you get the Items
I agree, only because botting has caused so much problems in the past that Gaia does get a bit touchy where the gold is concerned. sweatdrop
where or when can i get a hen house?? rolleyes
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Hm I'd rather have the limit just be a 40 click limit and not let it be a 24 hour thing, or at least 48 hours.
what is this?

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