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treak treatz
You dont say...I wasted so much time on my farm too, every night after work until it was the way I always dream it...and now i am saying good bye to sad cat_crying
Your farm is very pretty btw

I'm still contemplating trying the Korean version, but I just don't have the time and I'd probably get lost and frustrated too easily sweatdrop It's such a shame they couldn't (or wouldn't) pull together more resources to keep it going. *sigh* At least I have my pretty screenshot to fondly remember it by.

Can't wait to see your screenshots too 3nodding I love how you put together your avatar emotion_kirakira

I was also thinking of entering the Korean version, but I was afraid to give my mobile number and do not understand anything in Korean ...
Well it was good while it lasted, I was a little upset because I had spent so much time playing summer springs ... they could have tried a little more, I think I'll never play anything that gaia launch again.
I also took a lot of pictures to remember my farm. I wanted to put the bunny on it but could not reach the level to unlock it ... If you want to see my farm, I've fixed the link.
Thank you. Your avatar is also pretty cool. I love making avatars, is the only thing that keeps me here in gaia ... heart