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Is there anyway to exit out of that little popup that occurs every few minutes from Lena saying Summer Springs would be more fun with more friends? I realize that you can just click invite and then don't invite anyone, but I just find it so irritating to not be able to just say no right off the bat. It almost feels like Summer Springs is trying to force me into recruiting more people, and what can I say, I'm the kind of girl who resists the more she's pushed.

And speaking of invites, why are my friends who are already playing summer springs capable of inviting me to play summer springs? When I clearly already do? That just seems silly if you ask me :/
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I already invited the people in my friend list who are interested in playing. It's getting annoying, imo.

I really wish they wouldn't make it appear every now and then, interrupting me in the middle of planting crops or arranging some things. sweatdrop
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I don't use the invite feature. I'm part of a sharing group and I get friend adds that way. Helps to know who's active in the game.
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I agree. That gets so entirely annoying.
That and all of the things that pop up when you get a bonus crop. I'm not one for posting that stuff, anyway. But it does this weird thing where the post would jump up and down the page a couple times before I can exit out of it... I don't know how to explain it... As a bonus, it makes the screen scroll all the way up, so I have to scroll back down some to see the game again. Although minor inconveniences, they're inconvenient all the same...
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I agree, too. I hope they'll change that back again. gonk
There's no one on my friends list I'd add other than my girlfriend anyway, so all the stuff that requires friends is pointless to me xD
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It's starting to get pretty annoying.
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I haven't seen it at all today, so I believe they fixed it.
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I don't use the invite feature. I'm part of a sharing group and I get friend adds that way. Helps to know who's active in the game.

How are you apart of a sharing group? I mean, I've listed a link to my profile and have added people that have shared their's through this forum but although I have added them for some reason they are not showing up in my friends list or allowing me to invite them. Obviously I know that this isn't your deal but hey, if you know what's up, let me know wink

Oh and my link is here- anyone Add Me biggrin
Im getting REALLY tired of the "additional crop" popups o_o... I get it, I got an extra crop, very nice of you but, NO I DO NOT WANT TO POST IT!!

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