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Why close SS? It's the only FB game I enjoy playing!!! crying crying crying crying
i don't want it to be closed too!! crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
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It's all a legal matter of a bigger company buying the smaller company.

So sadly no matter what It's not staying.
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I'm not sure how much good a petition could do, but maybe after the game shuts down someone (or I) could make a thread where people can share stories of playing it and it could just be a place for the people of this forum to go once this play inevitably closes down too. I think it should be in the Gaia Gaming forum.
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It kind of sucks that it has to go away, it's really the only thing that keeps me in facebook anyway. Such a piety confused
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A lot of people are saying that SS is shutting down is because it's being bought out. I saw Lanzer's post, but I still suspect that's not the real reason. I think that they were not making enough money to keep the game running...I mean how much can they possibly make when they were giving away free cash on a weekly basis?
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Why close SS? It's the only FB game I enjoy playing!!! crying crying crying crying

Yes sad

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