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Im lvl 14 in this game. I have a hard time making money. Can anyone help?
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Im lvl 14 in this game. I have a hard time making money. Can anyone help?

probably just keep doing whats available for you to do until you earn a couple of golds and make sure to collect bonuses from neighbors once lvl 15 a good source for me is making honey comb if you have school or work. plating sunflower took around 8 hours and 5 hour for the honey until harvest.. 1 or 2 is fine when starting and just build it up to 4-6 if you want.
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It seems like the more time you spend directly planing and harvesting crops, the more gold you'll probably make from it. Some of the factories can be profitable, but the crops are really the big ticket to lots of gold. 3nodding I know I'm actually at a point now where I care less about gold and more about experience points, so don't feel like you need to rush into buying things for quests; there's currently a lull around level 27-31 where there are very few quests to keep you going.
Thank you for your advice, i will try it biggrin
You can also win some gold and cash from the giveaways through the Facebook Fan Page:

(but not enough people know about this...) whee
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You can post replies in forums! twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted
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Honestly, it depends greatly on what your gaming style is. Do spend a lot of time at the computer? Do you check only every couple hours, or just twice a day?

Next, you need to figure out which factories are more profitable (and disagreeing with what someone said above, I find that factories are always more profitable than just crops). There's a number of different ways you can go about it; for different guides and spreadsheets, check this forum, on pages 1 and 2 (and even more, if you're patient enough =P).

What I do is: take the profit from a factory (or crop), subtract the initial cost, divide by time in minutes and multiply by 60.

So, (Profit-Cost/Time)*60. You'll get a Gold/h rate, which is what I use to guide me.

At your level, Bread factory is still the best, but it has a very short cycle. Butter is the 2nd best, but again, short cycle. Cookie is the third best, and has a longer cycle (1h, or 1h30... I can't remember). Ketchup is 4th, but the good thing about it is that it only need a crop product, unlike the other factories, which need animals (Except Butter, that is.)

And keep planting crops, leaving spots unused is just a waste of potential XD

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