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So sad sad This is the only game my bf and I play together online! </3
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I'll miss this game a lot. ;<
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I hope Gaia actually learns from this because I'm tired of having these games put out and I get hooked on them only to have them taken away. I still miss Ocean Party.

This whole having to close it down thing could have been avoided if the users had been listened to and things done about their requests. Why ask for user feedback and have forums for it if no one is going to implement any of them? Players got frustrated and that could have been helped by at least keeping up with the weekly rewards (the last one was in August). There was a talk of overhauling the game to make the cash to gold ratio more fair but that never really came about and it was only mentioned once. There needed to be more updates on the bugs and what was going on with the game (like the water ways that never happened) right along so players felt informed and more willing to keep playing.

As a regular cash user I would have liked to have seen a cash option for everything! There were so many oportunities for more cash, for example the rainbow house in the begining could have been offered as a very expensive cash item later on in the game for users who didn't have it to begin with. The water features that everyone was looking forward to but never came? They could have been a cash item. It's not that enough people weren't playing, it's the the game stoped being profitable enough to maintain, and that could have been fixed with more deals, like speacial items for buying cash (like the monthly collectables on here)

Instead of giving up on the game I think you should just fix it and make people want to come back. This huge 5mil thing will get players to come flocking back, why didn't this happen before as an encentive to stick around while you worked on the game to make them stay? What good does it do to give all this stuff and then close the game in like a month? Everyone is going to be trying to spend all this cash/gold before the game goes away, so take Novemeber to work on the game and impelent user feedback so they stay!

If the game really is going away it would be nice to have all the level requiements taken away so we can TRUELY enjoy the last month and a half of the game and get to all our dream towns without having to try and make levels so fast since it takes such a long time at the higher levels. I need level 6 house to get the rest of the animals (which was my original goal playing the game) and that's still 7 levels away.
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Social Jackie

Would it be possible to return the old cash shop items that were removed?
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User Image RIP Summer Springs (TAT)

It's like SuperPoke Pets all over again to me Dx User Image
I'm not thanking Gaia for anything. It might sound rude, but the ONLY reason I got a Facebook account was to play Summer Springs! Will you be returning the countless hours I've spent trying to level up, as well as all of the time and effort I've put into this game? And I don't understand why they say they don't have enough players. I've seen games with less than 10thousand people still up and running. I'm going to assume that the 60k+ likes means about that many people are playing (why would you like if you weren't?). The fact that there were so many bugs that weren't fixed, the fact that there was so much feedback that was ignored adds insult to injury. It's like, "hey let's give you this game so you can get hooked on it, ignore your suggestions, piss players off, have some of them leave, and then shut down the game completely because we don't have enough players! Sorry guys, better luck next time!" There won't be a next time for me, I'm done with Gaia games and all their crap. Instead of putting out a new tester game every two months, why don't you guys take the time to make one game its absolute best before going into another?
gonk gonk gonk
Someone said ony Fan page: It wasn't about that at all. Fever was bought out by a larger company and as a part of the deal they were told they couldn't do anymore Facebook partnered games. It had nothing to do with lack of support and keeping players.
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i wish it didnt have to end i like the game so much
for me, not really useful as my level is not high enough to upgrade the house and play, unlock the quest....
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i am so sad. sad this was the only game i played on facebook.. i guess i just won't play anything anymore.

me too emotion_0A0
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So sad, but the consolation e-money is great though..
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treak treatz
Pugnacious Banana
i am so sad. sad this was the only game i played on facebook.. i guess i just won't play anything anymore.

me too emotion_0A0

same same...
This is breaking my heart, Gaia! I loved that game! It was the only game I actually played on Facebook. I think with some work it would've been a great success. Rather than shutting it down completely, some tweaks should have been made based on user feedback.

I love this site, but seriously, Gaia, can you please just STOP releasing games and then after a while shutting them down? Either stop making them, or take the time to work on them.

Also, as someone else said there were what seemed to have been a lot of players on Summer Springs, so I don't understand why it's being shut down when several other less popular games aren't. If it's a contract issue, then say it, don't make up some c**k and bull story about not having enough players.

However, in the end I must say, thank you for your "compensation." It won't fix the fact that this shouldn't have been the way to deal with this issue, nor replace the countless amount of time and effort people spent, but at least we're getting something for this.
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Even though I was on the edge of giving up this game, I'm still sad to see it go. I had so much hope for this game and worked so hard on it.

As much as I am disappointed, I still want to thank Gaia for introducing me to this game.
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Is it just me or is the game having connection issues? I'm getting this message that et.gaiainteractivegames.com is taking too long to respond. :/ Anyway, this is the only game I've ever played on fb and it'll probably be the last.

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