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We've got some sad news to all of our devoted and supportive players. Unfortunately, Summer Springs had a tough time retaining enough players to keep Summer Springs going. We will be closing down the game on December 17, 2012.

Go to our fan page at www.facebook.com/SummerSpringsFans to get 5 Million FREE Gold & Cash! (Note: The "Free Cash and Gold" being given away are ONLY for use in Summer Springs on Facebook, and are NOT Gaia cash and Gaia gold)

We had a wonderful time working with Fever Studio to bring Summer Springs to Facebook, and it's with a heavy heart that we say farewell to a truly special game. We'd like to thank the Summer Springs community for all your support and hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

-The Summer Springs Team

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Timid Gaian

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this is so sad...
had some fun memories... and i hope the next game does better...
^^ thanks for the fun gaia, it's been a great game~! emotion_bigheart
The Magnificent  Unsu's avatar

Toothsome Treasure

Oh wow, I didn't think it'd actually be shut down. But at least it wasn't kept strung along for months into years before anything definitive was said. Something was learned from the last few games.
TIME L0RD's avatar

Super Grabber

RIP really loved playing it...going to mad with my 5mil gold and cash until dec 17th xd thanks gaia
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Demonic Kitten

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:< only game I was playing in FB... sad sad u,u
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Manly Sex Symbol

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i am so sad. sad this was the only game i played on facebook.. i guess i just won't play anything anymore.
Sage Feathers's avatar

Angelic Kitten

I don't think Summer Springs should necessarily go to waste and be closed down. If there was a more even ratio of gold/cash items, it would have added a lot more value to the overall game play for a lot of people, including myself. The inventory could have used some more organization, and the quests were close to nonexistent after a while. The daily chance was nice, but not enough. I only wish we could have received this 5 mil sooner to enjoy more of the game's promising features, because it is one of the more beautiful games on Facebook. I feel sad for those who spent money on the game, only to have it ripped away from them. My mother loves to play Summer Springs. She doesn't get out much anymore and has her physical limitations because of an injured back. She plays this as an escape. I'm sure she isn't alone. Not that I'm trying to tell you what to do with your money and resources... but I'd like to see it given a second chance with revamped features. Or, maybe you could offer it as, say, a Nintendo DS game, or a variation. I think that would be fun. Please don't take Summer Springs away forever.
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Supportive Mage

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Kinda had a feeling this was coming, even though I love this game. Though, I am with Katrina. I think closing the game is a bit of an overkill. It needed a bit more work to it. More quests and such. Thank you so much for the gift, though. smile Think I'll buy the items I always wanted to get before it goes. Make my farm look nice. smile
RAPsody Ltd's avatar

Inquisitive Spirit

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Aww too bad sad Fare thee well!
no, y must this be happening. I really loved this game and i didn't want to play FarmVille, but this is life and i guess people didn't really want it. crying gonk
cremebrule's avatar

Bashful Gawker

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I wish that there were more updates...I feel like sometimes the team just forgot about the game, or just was like "ugh too busy, we'll email everybody later or whatever," and it was frustrating as a player. I only have a finite amount of time to kill each day, and I don't want to kill it doing something futile! I'm glad I started playing the korean version a few months ago, because now I have somewhere to go. Also thanks for the money, it's fun spending it all on cute things!
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Versatile Gaian

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If this game goes, my heart will brake. I hate playing some of my facebook games and I did get rid of some of them to PLAY summer springs longer. I am SO close to leveling up and now that I got the farm the way I want it, I need to get to the next house level and it will not be until Christmas until that happens....

Please don't get rid of it. Make it better.
Please don't kill Summer Springs! There are so many people who enjoy playing it, and there isn't another game quite like it on all of Facebook... sad
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Mega Noob

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Could it be brought to Gaia?
livimidnight1's avatar

Angelic Miko

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this is so sad it was my favorite game on facebook. Usually start playing and later drop it but summer springs I just keep playing I really loved the game, I will be very sad to see it go. It will be a long time to find another game like this if ever. I know many others who will be just upset as I.

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