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S P I D E R M A N is my favorite Avenger heart
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Lol no but seriously , Captain America heart
My favorite avenger is Captain America!
Iron Man!!! Tony Stark is such a lovable jerkface. heart
I luv Ironman biggrin biggrin
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Dapper Fatcat

Well hmm from the avengers i like Thor, the most and Hawkeye.
but yeah im a diehard Loki fanboy.
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Iron Man & Hulk.
Yup, Ironman. Not just 'cause he's sexy, but his suit is badass too. Plus he's a rich genius~ What more could you want? xd heart
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Hygienic Genius

Hulk because he punches things.
The power of defeating evil is my favorite but Black widow then Thor, Captain America.. I think I have a list lol xp xp whee whee dramallama dramallama heart heart rofl rofl xd xd
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HULK for all the funny things he did in the movie including bringing iron man back to life
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Ironman...because he had some of the best lines in the movie!
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Iron Man all the way

Uhhh, probably Thor. Or Black Widow. She's a badass.

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