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My favorite is Iron Man ^^
Iron man was always so chill. And, he managed to keep a sense of humor even at the most undesirable moments.
He's the best emotion_awesome
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Thor's been a favorite of mine for a long time, but I have to say I didn't really like his movie so much. The Iron Man movies were way better, and Robert Downey Jones is freaking incredible, and I just love the visual of the Iron Man armor. So overall, I've got to say I'm more looking forward to seeing Iron Man in the Avengers.

Each Avenger brings something great to the team! I hope this new film does them justice!

Mhm. It sure did 3nodding
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Mine was Thor before. But after I watched the movie..."HOLLY F**K! Captain America is so hot!"
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Hawkeye and Hulk
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I'm not much of an American Comic Book Fan, but Iron Man is a bit of a favorite. Most of the stuff I know about the Avengers I learn from fanfiction, and a movie I got about the Avengers kids.
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R a i n b o o h
My friend & I before watching the movie...

"Who's your favorite avenger? emotion_kirakira " - Moi
"Nanana Batman!" - My friendd Jane.
emotion_0A0 dafuqqq?!


|| Your friend does not know their comic brands!

I love Iron Man, but I really prefer the comic version. He's like, awesome.
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That's like choosing which child you love more!

I just couldn't!

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I'm fond of Iron Man. biggrin
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In no order

Iron man

Captain America


They are all amazing!!!
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Kawaii Phantom



I'd have to say Iron Man mainly cause of his humor.
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Thor! I like his fighting style.
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ironman for the win! heart Tony Stark biggrin

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