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Which one is the best series ?

Harry Potter 0.75091003640146 75.1% [ 1444 ]
Twilight 0.24908996359854 24.9% [ 479 ]
Total Votes:[ 1923 ]
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Harry Potter no contest. Harry potter has magic and wizards hand down. I don't know if any else has noticed but every time a new twilight movie comes out the previews look exactly the same as the first one.

Harry Potter has more diversity. Ware wolves, demons, but most importantly WIZARDS!!

you got that right!
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I prefer Harry Potter. The storyline is much more intricately made. Characters aren't so shallow and stereotypical *coughbellagasp*. Plus, Harry Potter has much more EPIC effects in the movies. talk2hand Twilight's alright; I'm not a hater.
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Oh my god, Harry Potter. I can not stand Twilight, because Twihards make it impossible to take a neutral stance on the thing. They think that you have to love it, or you are evil and the devil incarnate and that you deserve to be attacked.
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Harry Potter, cause i love the Adventure story line stuff.
Twilight is just another love story.
heart Which one do you prefer: heart

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)
Twilight (S. Meyer) ?

whee And tell us WHY ? whee
i choose harry potter cause twilight is gay
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harry potter is and always will be better than twilight. twilight was a load of crap and i don't know why anyone would ever like it. harry potter was more than just some stupid love triangle that went no where. harry potter brought you into the world of Hogwarts and it was almost real. the way the characters grow and learn more and go through harder problems really brought you into their life and it was cool. in twilight all it ever was is a teenage girl who wants to get pregnant with some guy that left her for a year and her ex boyfriend falls in love with her baby that should have never been born. scream
Harry Potter because it has been going on longer and I'm more interested in wizards than sparkling vampires.
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Harry potter all the freaking way! twilight got the wrong concept of vampires and has become way overrated.
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I like both but Harry Potter is better. Wizards kick vampire a** anyday! And I can't wait for the last movie even though my friend read the last book and totally ruined it for me...hahaha sweatdrop
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Harry Potter is hands down better than Twilight because VAMPIRES. DON'T. SPARKLE!!!!!!!! scream scream
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i liked harry potter when i was yung but the 6 book piss me of so my sis gav me twilight and i can't put it down

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