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Which one is the best series ?

Harry Potter 0.75091003640146 75.1% [ 1444 ]
Twilight 0.24908996359854 24.9% [ 479 ]
Total Votes:[ 1923 ]
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Harry Potter. Why? It has a plot. All Twilight is is a bunch of "Edward, Bella Edward, Bella, Jacob..." and it has no depth. Then, Harry Potter has created a whole new world with history and government and something that makes it seem sort of real, even though it's fantasy. Twilight is just a bunch of crap that doesn't make sense.
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I have to say Harry Potter FTW!!!!......To me it is "far" more creative and whimsical. I also prefer the descriptive writing style. For me it was like "being" at Hogwarts while I read all the books.....

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I think Harry Potter by far is a million times better then Twilight you can't even compare those two movies to each other or there books. Harry Potter was better written then the Twilight books. I read the Twilight book and found it boring. I read a lot of science fiction and that book can't compare to a lot of books. I thought it was so funny when people where saying it was the best book ever. They must of not read a lot of books or series. There are lots of books out there that are better written then Twilight. I like the fist movie but after that it became to commercial and facky.

Harry Potter the first two movies were great but after that they started to get bad too much left out and way to much focus on Harry even though its about Harry it was like he was doing the movie on his own. So both movies are going down the drain. I will just wait for them to come to video to see them even though I went to the last Harry Potter in theaters and the last Twilight in theaters I find its just not worth it anymore.
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Harry Potter.
To me there is so much wrong with Twilight, I would get fired up if I started in on it ....
    Personally, I think Harry Potter is the better series. It's not only about romance, true Twilight has some action, but you'd be a liar if you said it wasn't mainly romance. In Harry Potter, you get to see the characters develop and progress, get more personality and change due to their surroundings and things that have happened.

    You get to see Harry, an unsure boy trying to grasp the new thrilling wizarding world, grow up into a strong and courageous soul who's willing to take on the world for the greater good. Harry Potter has more depth, character development, more realistic situations of life (meaning not love twenty-four seven), adventures, riddles, and mysteries.

    All in all, Harry Potter is a far better series. And much more enchanting and fun to read. At least that's my opinion on the two of them.
I'd have to say Harry Potter. I couldn't even get past the first few pages of Twilight because it was so boring, so dull; there was nothing engaging about it at all. Then I asked my friend what it was all about, and she told me it was a romance between a girl and a sparkly vampire. It didn't sound very original to me, so I gave up on Twilight completely.
Harry Potter, on the other hand, when I started reading the first book, I couldn't stop; I was gripped by this fantasy world, curious to know more. I loved reading about Harry, and his friends, and how they go through all these adventures and grow up together; each character changing, growing, like real people do. Although Harry Potter was a fantasy, it felt believable, because the characters seem so real. J.K. Rowling is a truly talented writer.

As for the movies, I only saw part of the first one for Twilight; the wooden acting annoyed me, but at least Edward didn't sparkle. The Harry Potter ones are pretty good, though I am rather disappointed they left many things out... They were fun to watch all the same.
Harry Potter. Do I need an explanation?
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Ok Course Twilight.'Cause Jacob Is Supah Dupah Cute.
harry potter! so much intresting and no one sparkles smile
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Harry Potter

Cuz its longer xD

And I love the adventures...

Very detailed...

Ahh sweet bliss...

      Harry Potter. It's much more entertaining than the other books, you get to see whole new concepts and interesting plots brought into play. Along with that, JK Rowling created interesting characters, both antagonists and protagonists, and some of her creatures really are fascinating.

      The only thing that Meyer seems to do is introduce dull characters and sparkling vampires. And in all honesty - that's just wrong.
Harry Potter because 1. It's not gay. 2. The story makes much more since. 3. The male characters are actually hot. 4. I love witches and wizards and vampires are gay! 5. Save a broom ride a Wizard!
Harry Potter because wizards are cooler than ugly sparkly vampires.
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twighlight is a bit to girly for my taste, but harry potter has something for everyone. the books are also kickass.
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HP, the books actually had substance. Twilight did not.

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