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Which one is the best series ?

Harry Potter 0.75091003640146 75.1% [ 1444 ]
Twilight 0.24908996359854 24.9% [ 479 ]
Total Votes:[ 1923 ]
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Harry Potter, because it didn't make me throw up.
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Harry Potter series beats out Twilight hands-down. The storyline matures right along with the characters, and while it did create this whole Harry Potter craze thing, I think it has the potential to be a rather enduring series. Twilight just seems like a kind of fad; something to go crazy over, just because it's the thing to do. I liked vampires before Twilight was cool.. and it just doesn't impress me that much..
harry potter is the greatest!!!
because even ron weesley could distroy all the cullens and vultorri or whateverr tis called!
while he is throwing up slugs !!
mwahahha mirror of erised shows all twilight saga books and stupid movies being burnnedd whee
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Harry Potter is twenty thousand times better than Twatlight.
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Harry Potter, cuz I hate Twilight.
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wow...i just love romantic movies....
twilight is just awsome!!!
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I'm so glad Harry Potter is winning this poll. Would be positively blasphemous if Twilight was winning...

Read both, seen both. Safe to say, I prefer Harry Potter, cos I don't cringe when watching the movies. I really liked the Twilight books when I first read them... but I kinda got distracted while reading the last one & didn't finish it till earlier this year XD Very disappointing ending. Barely anyone died o.O
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Harry Potter because I've grown up with those movies when they started out I was 10 and they books even before then. I don't mind Twilight but Harry Potter will always be the favorite!

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Hated Twilight, New Moon saved it a little. Not great though. Harry Potter movies are epic.
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i like harrry potter better. although i don't watch it much, its got more of a magiced storyline then twilight... and i dont watch twilight....
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heart Which one do you prefer: heart

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)
Twilight (S. Meyer) ?

whee And tell us WHY ? whee

Harry Potter. The books are better and it has more meaning and isn't based off some cheesy love story.
Definitely Twilight because I love the romance of the books and movies...plus I absolutely love vampires and werewolves. I usually don't like it when vampires sparkle because I like the darkness that surrounds them; but for Twilight I make an exception. biggrin
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I have read and seen both, and I have to say that Harry Potter is better by far. The storyline is deeper and more interesting, it's more magical, more original, and I could go on and on.
I do like most of the characters in both books, though.
Twilight had potential, but I think the last book pretty much crushed any hope I had for it.
I prefer HP only because i dont like the idea of sparkly vampires, it just doesnt fit in with what i grew up watching, Blade and Buffy... stare
I've read and seen both books and I like Harry Potter better than Twilight . HP gives you that sense of of wonder about magic and such i guess .

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