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I really don't see how people thought it was bad.
Overall it was an awesome movie.
Yes, I will admit it was a little uptight.
I was hoping for more comedy.
But with things like this, you have to remember, Hollywood is trying to draw in more people.
More of a variety.

And yes, they pronounced things wrong, but M.Knight is trying to get everyone to pronounce them the RIGHT way.
The sound odd because A:TLA is an AMERICAN show with ASIAN names.
In Asia, that's how you're supposed to pronounce them.

Yes, Iro was a bit differant, and Zuko's scar wasn't as nasty as it should have been.
But A.) You can't make everyone perfect.
And B.) Sometimes burns arn't as teribble as the show depicts them.

Boomy wasn't there, and neither was Suki.
But book two, is the EARTH book.
It won't be that difficult to include then in THAT book.

Overall, if you'd like to go see it, go.
It's a good movie.
Don't let some stuck up 12 year olds that think everything needs to be perfect ruin your opinion.
It was a good movie.
I'm going to state my opinion on this film.

I am not twelve.

I know a good movie when I see it and this was just not the case. They put a bunch of scenes that were just useless. There was also no character development and some (if not all) of the characters had their personalities changes. The "chinese" characters weren't even Chinese. In the show, if you have knowledge of those characters, you can actually read them. The acting was terrible. Flat out terrible. Also, If they didn't include Suki ( A major character in later seasons) in this movies how are they going to fit her into the next movies. The first book is meant to be light with undertones of seriousness. It's an introduction to the problems in that world, but this movie took itself way to seriously.

My opinion. M. Night is not a good director. If it's not a thriller he kills it and even then he doesn't do that great of a job. Hollywood needs to it's head out of it's a** and not distort something just for the sake of money.

If there even is a second movie I hope they have enough sense to hire a different writer and director. Or better yet remake it...

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