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Book the movie was TERRIBLE!!
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Book, the books are always better.
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Jennifer Lawrence did a good job in the movie, but the script and action wasn't great. I only really like the movie because I like the books.
Always books, sometimes the movie can come close to the book, but hands down the books will be better.
Especially for The Hunger Games, the movie just didn't do it for me as well as the book did.
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I actually liked the book. It described well as the movie did, but there were some things that were excluded from the movie. I guess I liked the book better than the movie.
There was just something missing..
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Personally I hated the books. I read them all to see what the big deal was but never thought they were amazing books. I much prefer the movies, I can actually stay awake and interested in those.
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I have read the book, but I like the films as well.
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but then I watched the movie and it was a completely different thing, that when compared to the book it falls short.

By itself, the movie's not so bad though.
I loved the books! But I think the movie did a good job as well and I'm really excited about catching fire.
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Book was better, but the movie was astonishingly great. smile I think the last 2 books won't be as good tho. Which will, of course, suck.
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book but its always good to see how others view it xd
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love the books.

I thought being a book adaption; they didn't do too bad. It was actually pretty decent. I'm hoping they maintain this same integrity as they move on in the series. Catching Fire is my favorite out of the three hands down. I hope it lives up to it on screen. ><
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I prefer the book over the movie. I feel like if you didn't read the book, you won't really understand the movie. My friend and I watched the movie together and i had to explain everything to her the whole entire time because she didn't fully understand what was going on and what everything was (she didn't read the book)
I also feel like while the Hunger Games was indeed a decent book, i don't really believe it deserved all the hype that it got. It wasn't as great as i expected it to be. i guess my expectations were a little high.
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Is that even a question?

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