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I thought the book was alot better than the movie. Buut i did like seeing how they turned the book into a movie. biggrin
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book and movie were almost the same except for small things like MADGE
so true then made the switch madge wasnt in the movie at all
Both were great! I wouldve loved to see madge and the red headed avox girl. The actual games were waaaaaay intense in the book, but the movie did a great job as well
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Yeah, the books are always better, but the movies are like we're given a glimpse into their world. mrgreen heart
i liked the book better because i got more out of the scene where in the areana they brought out the dog things with the eyes of the other tributes or whatever? but i still thought the movie was very well done
I'm all for the book, but the Rue scenes were captured perfectly, to me, in the movie.
The movie is perfect, but nothing can beat the even perfect book because it explains in detail more and can express feelings better smile
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i watched the movie and it was awesome
so the book will be perfect,dont uyou think?
you know when you get so excited to read and you're just so tired you sort of don't know what you just read?
That's how the 3rd book went for me.
more into the 50 shades series then? wink
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The book is the better version. The movie missed ALOT of good parts that happened in the book. Like when the tributes die, their bodies would be transformed into dogs. Made me reaaal sad to see the movie, but Katniss was looking good. xp
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Book! When I first watched the movie, I was disappointed
thought it was well done as a movie, but books always seem to keep yah going!!

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