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A blockbuster isn't referring to the store in this case. A blockbuster is referring to a major film that has come out or that will be coming out soon
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Most of the Block Busters in my state, if not most than all. I live in Hawaii.
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blockbuster went out of bussiness where I live. thought they all died.
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sweatdrop blockbuster refers to movie sell outs.....also blockbuster movie rentals went out in 2010 when the new red boxes came out, and they all closed down, there might be one or two open in the south, but on the east cost at least we're stuck with using the red boxes that are found in the local grocery stores near by

hope i helped shed some light on this subject
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Man, I miss going to Blockbusters. I was so mad when the one that was near my house had turned into a bank mad Now all I see is Redbox everywhere, and only my brother gets Netflix in his room (He doesn't share the love crying ). The only Blockbuster I know that is still in existence (hopefully) is in Hollywood.
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I thought blockbuster went out of business and we were all referring to movies we've seen in theaters? Maybe my blockbusters just left and never came back... good movie deals that last week they were open though biggrin
If you go to Movie4k.to you can watch almost any movie you want to. You can watch movies that just came out. Its a good website to go to for movies. I love it!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin
I do not know if I have a blockbusters by my house. I never paid any attention. biggrin
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All the Blockbusters in my town were replaced with Redbox and Blubox.
Then Blubox went under and Redbox stuck around, but Redbox now only carries crappy B-movies that no one wants to watch.

I never liked them.

I liked walking around and choosing my movie that came out ages ago, running my hands down the torn and faded corners of a plastic box. Staring at the cute cashier boy with my friends, his face full of acne and discontent for his summer job. Nostalgia.
I thought they went out of business? eek At least there aren't Block Busters around me
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oh woah! they are still in business?? thats so cool. all closed here
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. . . -scurries back to CB-
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Blockbuster here closed down, but I never used it anyway. I would generally use Hastings, but then I realized I spend so much more on Hastings for rentals than I did Netflix in the past so I just got Netflix again....a lot cheaper.

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